tagNonHumanKnight in Shining... Ch. 01

Knight in Shining... Ch. 01


Author's Note: This is my very first submission to Literotica.com! Please be gentle with me! I have read a lot of stories on this site and I have always felt there was something missing from them. They either went too fast, didn't have enough detail, or was unrealistic. It is a non-human story about a boy who is a werewolf in high school. He is in love with a girl, but she has no idea. This chapter doesn't have any sex in it, but there will be some in later chapters, I promise. P.S. All characters in this story are either 18 or older than 18!


Kasen watched her from across the room. He watched as she flicked her gorgeous hair over her shoulder, as she tapped her pencil while reading a question in the physics book, as her lips moved from side to side while she wrote her answer. He loved how her head would unconsciously tilt every few seconds from one side to the other while she wrote, like she was trying to see her answer from a different side.

She didn't know it yet, but he was in love with the redhead at the front of the class. He had been for years.

Living in a small town meant that you knew all the kids in your class first, middle, and last name. So, she knew who he was and she was always nice to him, but they had never really had a conversation.

As, he sat watching her from his seat she turned around and caught his eye. She smiled and his heart stopped.

She had the most beautiful smile in the world. Her teeth were all straight and white. Her mouth wasn't too big, with lips that made him want to leap across the three rows between them and kiss her until the end of the world.

He realized he was staring when she flicked her eyes to the girl beside him and back again, before turning around to face her book again.

Macy Jones, the girl beside him, was the best friend. He always saw the two girls together.

"Stop drooling, Kasen." He heard Macy say beside him. He looked over at her and saw the giant grin on her face. He couldn't help but to smile back. He liked Macy. She was strong and stubborn. She was the kind of girl that could knock your head off without thinking twice. Yet, she was always quick to smile and slow to judge. If you landed Macy as a friend, she would be loyal forever.

Macy and Kasen had grown up next door to each other. Over the summer though, Macy and her family had moved a few blocks over. They weren't what you would call friends, but Kasen never got the feeling that Macy didn't like him.

About 7 years ago, in fifth grade, some kids got into the habit of following Macy home, teasing her about her weight. They would call her mean names during the whole walk.

Kasen's mother had always driven him to school so he had never witnessed this.

One day, Kasen was home sick and heard them coming down the street. Looking out his window, he watched Macy run into her house with tears in her eyes, and the boys laughed as they continued past.

The next day, Kasen told his mother not to pick him up from school. That he wanted to walk with a friend. That afternoon, he followed Macy at a distance. About two blocks from her house, they boys came out of a side street. They immediately began yelling names and calling her a cry baby when she turned and yelled at them to leave her alone.

One boy got cute and pinched her sides, telling her how much he loved her fat. Kasen didn't even hesitate. He wasn't far behind so it only took a second to run up, grab the kid by his wrist as he went to pinch Macy again, and yank him away from her.

The entire group stopped, including Macy, at the sound of the boy screaming as his shoulder popped out of place. Kasen had been shocked, but he didn't let it show. He yelled at the boys to leave Macy alone. They quickly left.

After that, Macy had looked at Kasen with a new level of respect. She grew out of her baby fat, and into a very pretty blond that most of the guys would be glad to be with.

They never talked about that day, but Kasen had walked her home for the rest of the year. The boys never messed with her again, and surprisingly Kasen never got in trouble for hurting that boy.

Now, sitting in the back of the room, smiling at each other, Kasen felt that old respect floating back up. He turned back to his book and tried to concentrate for the rest of the hour.

When the bell rang Kasen packed his books up, and kept his head down on his way out the door. Kasen was not very popular in school. Sure, people were nice to him, but he mostly kept to himself.

When he had learned what he was in the eighth grade, Kasen had promptly distanced himself from everyone. He didn't want anyone to find out that he wasn't like them.

It had hit during puberty. His first changed was on a Saturday night, and when he woke up in his back yard, naked, his parents had explained everything. They had been very excited.

Kasen was a werewolf. He was originally laughed at his parents when they told him. However, as they showed him and explained to him, his smile quickly dropped.

For the next few years, his parents and family had helped him get through the hard stages of the changing. He had eventually learned how to control it, and no longer needed his parents help.

He knew that as soon as his sister went through it too, that his family would move back to their pack. Right now though, they would teach her without the bombardment of everyone else.

Kasen had visited the pack a few times in the last couple of years, just to get an idea of how they lived.

He immediately felt at home when he was there. He couldn't wait for his sister to finish her change so they could move to the place where his wolf could run free with others like him.

After working his locker code, Kasen pulled open the door and got the books for his next class. This was always his hardest class. Not because the class itself was challenging, but rather because he sat right next to HER.

He constantly had to fight his wolf from jumping up and making love to her on the table.

Kasen walked down the hall and turned into the Biology lab right behind Stephen Corliss. Kasen rolled his eyes.

Stephen was what most would call the "stud" of Thurston High. He was the reason there wasn't a top popular girl at school. When you dated Stephen you were the most popular, but when he dumped you, everyone forgot about it.

Kasen walked to his seat and watched the door, waiting for her. He didn't have to wait long. A few minutes after he sat down a small smile graced his face. She walked into the room, the picture of perfection.

She had curly, deep red hair, long lashes, a heart shaped mouth, high cheek bones, a long neck, and bright green eyes that occasionally flashed like they're electrically charged.

"Kasen?..." She had obviously tried calling his name a couple of times. Her voice was melodious! He loved the way his name sounded on her lips. He sighed as his imagination ran wild. "Kasen!"

Kasen snapped back to reality, and blushed deeply as she looked at him with a slightly annoyed look.

"What? Sorry."

"You OK?" She asked, sitting down in the seat beside him.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He mumbled, ducking his head. He was always so shy around her. He cursed himself for being such a coward.

"OK.. "

"Did you need something?"

"Oh, I just said hi." She smiled a little. Kasen couldn't help but to smile slightly, too.

"Hi." He replied, quietly.

The rest of the class went by agonizingly slowly. Kasen tried not to stare too openly. He didn't think he was doing a very good job. She kept turning to him before he had a chance to really look at her. He thought he saw a tiny smile on her face a couple of times, but he thought that might just be wishful thinking on his part.

She never called him on it, and for that he was grateful. He didn't know what he would do if she asked him to stop. Probably die of embarrassment.

Finally, the bell rang! As Kasen began stacking his books up to carry them easier, he felt a small hand on his arm. He immediately froze.

"Hey, what are you doing tonight?" He heard her voice float through his mind.

He looked at her in shock. Big mistake. She was very close. Her eyes looked especially big, and she was smiling at him. He thought he might faint.

"Uh..." He was at a loss for words. What had she said? Had she asked him something? Yes! She had asked him something. What was it?

He heard her giggle a little before she grabbed his hand. Her fingers were so small as they wrapped them around his wrist and pulled it closer to her body. He watched as she wrote something down on his hand with her bright blue pen.

"This is my address. My brother is having a party tonight. My parents are gone. You should come by." She smiled up at him. Kasen thought he might die of shock. She was touching him! He should say something.

"Er, I-I mean, OK. Sure?" Smooth.

Her smile brightened slightly. "Come by around 8:00, OK?" Kasen managed to nod slightly. And then she was gone. She dropped his wrist before picking up her books and skipping lightly out of the room. Kasen realized he was alone in the room. He looked down at his hand and smiled. A smile slowly crept across his face. By the time he had exchanged his books and was heading to his last class of the day, he had an all out grin that stayed for the rest of the afternoon.

He was going to a party. HER party! Kasen floated on air all the rest of the day. Finally, he was getting somewhere! He chuckled to himself at one point. Maybe tonight was a turning point for him. Kasen had no way of knowing just how much tonight would change the rest of his life. He was in for a few surprises that would send his head spinning, but he was right about one thing. Tonight was a huge turning point for the dark haired, dark eyed boy.

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