tagRomanceKnight Owl and Black Hawk

Knight Owl and Black Hawk

byLord Ranger©

It was a night like any other winter night in the City of Brockton. The snow was falling gently, the wind was light almost non-existent as two vigilantes keep a silent watch together over their fair city.

Brockton used to be a nice city, it was once the "Shoe Capitol of the World". The City of Champions, as its downtrodden citizens called it. Brockton was the birthplace of boxing champions Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler. It seemed to everyone living in the towns adjacent to Brockton that fighting was all Brockton was good for.

Times change, no matter where you go, and times changed for the worst for the pathetic city of Brockton. Once, shoes were the biggest means of making money, now it was drugs and prostitution. The citizens had no relief from gang wars, because most of the city's police force was on the payroll of one major syndicate or another.

The citizens cried out for someone of something to make their city good again, their call was answered by two young people. The Knight Owl and Black Hawk.

The Knight Owl, was a strong and mysterious man, clad in a black cloak and a master of the Martial Arts discipline known as Ninjitsu. The only noticeable feature were his piercing sky blue eyes, cold and unforgiving. His weapon of choice was a retractable pole that he could shrink to the size of his palm and store in his cloak. The only thing deadlier than his skills with a bow staff, were his skills unarmed.

Black Hawk, a woman who would sooner kill you than look at you. Wearing tight leather that complimented her athletic form, and a black mask that shielded her face. Her long brown hair flowing freely behind her. She was as tough as nails, and her eyesight was top notch. She could make out the fine print on a contract from one hundred yards. She was faster than greased lightning, not someone you'd want to run into in a dark ally. Her weapon of choice were her own hands. Her fingers were tipped with razor sharp talons. Her costume was equipped with a set of wings that she could activate and glide gracefully through the sky simply by reaching behind her and gripping the handles. The Knight Owl had a similar device built into his cloak.

On this particular night, our two heroes had stationed themselves atop city hall, the tallest building in the city. From here, they could oversee the activity of every person or foul creature still awake within Brockton.

Suddenly, Black Hawk spotted a rather suspicious group of young gang members approaching a liquor store. Pointing it out to The Knight Owl the two leapt off the building and within moments, they were atop this liquor store.

The Knight Owl listened closely and heard shouting and the sounds of displays being knocked over. The Knight Owl, having heard enough jumped down ten feet in front of the entrance. Just as the thugs were running out of the store, they spotted him. One of them called out, "Hey Freak, get out of the way, we don't want to hurt nobody."

he Knight Owl didn't move. One of the thugs approached him, a young Hispanic boy, about the age of seventeen, "Hey homes, didn't you hear what I said? Get out of he..." The gang member didn't get to finish the sentence because The Knight Owl had chopped him in the neck with his hand, rendering him unconscious.

This left four gang members still standing, and they watched their comrade fall, then looked back up at The Knight Owl, and saw his cold blue eyes reflected in the light from the store. Suddenly, they all rushed him and in a flash The Knight Owl had his metal bow staff out.

Two of the gang members were suddenly hurled back into the wall, they looked up and saw a second shadowy figure standing before them.

It was obviously a female, "Man, let's get this bitch." Said one of the two gang members as he got up to rush her.

She swiftly dropped to the ground and kicked him square in the balls. The young man fell onto the snow-covered sidewalk like a ton of bricks. The second thug got up, pulled out a switchblade, and charged at her. Spinning herself around, Black Hawk kicked the knife out of his hand, then quickly recovered to do a high kick straight to his jaw. This man, also fell like a ton of bricks. Black Hawk turned around to see three unconscious piles of trash lying at The Knight Owl's feet.

The duo tied up the gang and disappeared into the night.

* * * * *

Our two heroes were sneaking in through the window of a rather modest house. Modest on the outside, that is, for beneath this ranch style home was a basement, and this basement had a secret door that lead into an expansive room filled with gadgets and toys the likes of which can only be seen in comic books and cartoons.

The Knight Owl removed the hood from his cloak, in truth he was Sean Carrington, a young college student. Very handsome by standard, champion fencer and three time martial arts tournament champion.

"Well that was fun," said Sean as he hung up his cloak.

Black Hawk removed her mask as well and put it away, she was actually Samantha Lovejoy, high school senior and best friend of Sean. She was the most popular girl in school, eighteen years old, and every high school boy's wet dream. Her breasts were nothing special, she was a small B cup. But what she lacked in breast size, she more than made up for with her perfect figure, excellent style, and simply irresistible face.

She smiled at him and said, "Yeah, that was fun, well I'm going to go change now." She began to walk into the changing room when suddenly, she collapsed.

"Samantha!" Sean cried as he rushed over to her. Her leg was bleeding, badly. He knew that he had to help her, so he took her to her bedroom, they lived together in the house, and put pressure on the wound. It wouldn't stop bleeding. Seeing no other option he quickly undressed her, it was actually the first time he'd seen her naked and oh was it a sight to see, but times was of the essence. He covered her with a blanket except for her leg. He inspected the wound, it was a gash caused by a knife.

Sean always kept seuchers and medical stitch on hand. He quickly patched her up, closing the wound and wrapping it in bandages with antibiotics. The wound was now clean and closed, but she had lost a lot of blood, and her own body could not generate enough heat to keep her warm. Sean undressed himself down to his boxers and climbed into bed with her, using his own body heat to keep her warm. It had been a long night, and it didn't take long for him to fall asleep.

Samantha woke up several hours later, she nearly went into shock when she remembered that she fainted with an untreated wound and flung the covers off of her. She inspected her leg and found it stitched and dressed, and herself naked. She looked over and found Sean almost naked, sleeping besides her. It didn't take her long to figure out what he had done for her. She rubbed his cheek thankfully, and got up and put on her night gown. As she sat down on the bed, Sean gently woke and saw her.

"Sam...? How are you feeling?"

Samantha smiled down at him, "I feel better Sean. Thank you." She lied down next to him.

As she lay down Sean began to get up, "Well then I guess my job here is done, I'll see you in the morning Sam."

He started to walk out.

She stopped him, "Uh Sean... you don't have to sleep in your room you know..." She blushed, which surprised Sean, because this girl never got embarrassed, ever.

Sean walked back to the bed.

"Would you prefer I sleep here tonight?" he asked as he sat back on the bed.

She nodded and opened the covers for him. He slipped underneath them and tucked himself in. Suddenly, he felt a pair of lips upon his own. It was Samantha kissing him, caught in the moment he returned the kiss with passion. His hand slid up her nightgown to her breast and gently fondled it, whilst her hand slid down to his boxers and rubbed his growing member through the fabric.

Sean held Samantha close with one hand and used the other to travel under her nightgown to her shaven pussy. Gently, but expertly stroking her clit she gasped out a moan as she broke the kiss.

Sean took this opportunity to start kissing along her neck. Samantha pulled down his boxers, and Sean finished by kicking them off, then stopped rubbing her clit long enough to sit her up and pull off her night gown. Laying her down gently on the bed, Sean got between her legs.

"Be gentle." She said, "Its my first time."

Sean smirked and slowly inserted himself into her, she gasped and clenched her eyes shut at the pain as he pushed through her virginal barrier. He bent down and kissed her on the lips stopping only to say, "Let me know when it stops hurting."

They kissed each other for a few minutes when she broke the kiss and said, "It doesn't hurt anymore."

Sean nodded and began kissing her again, and slowly moved himself out of her only to slowly push himself back in. He sucked her nipples while slowly moving in and out. Suddenly he heard her softly moan and her breathing became quicker. He then began to pick up his pace moving faster than before.

As her moans increased so did his pace, soon he was moving smoothly in and out of her, licking up from between her breasts to her chin. Her body tightened as Samantha felt her first explosive orgasm, it wracked her body for about five minutes. Sean just smiled and kept thrusting in and out of her.

When her orgasm faded, she felt him pull out of her and something wet hit her stomach, then another something wet hit her breasts, and another drop hit her neck. She looked up at him panting and asked, "Why didn't you cum inside me?"

Sean smiled, and said, "If you got pregnant, then who would be there to help me protect the city?" With that, he lay down beside her and pulled her to him. "So what does this mean for us?"

Samantha thought a moment about this, "Sean, you've been my best friend since I was a Freshman in high school, I've always found you attractive, and always hoped we could be more than friends. So I guess its up to you." She lay there waiting for him to respond.

Sean also thought about this and in truth, had felt the same way for Samantha.

"Well I guess I have no choice..."

Samantha displayed a face of sadness. "I'll have to turn one of our rooms into a den or something." And with that, he kissed her and pulled the covers over them.

From then on, the dark duo would fight crime by night and show their love for each other after wards.

Some years later, Sean became a scientist for a local research and development company. Samantha went off to a local college, got her degree in Engineering and went to work for the same company.

They were married in 2008, and continued to fight crime together until Samantha got pregnant. The Knight Owl was still talked about for years to come. Black Hawk disappeared for fifteen years, when she returned with a third hero. A young woman who went by the name of The Falcon. And the citizens of Brockton have never been happier.

The End

Or is it?

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