tagErotic Poetry"Knights Honor" (Part "one")

"Knights Honor" (Part "one")


"Knights Honor"
(Part "one")

My fair one.
Like the snow,
Draped in sunshine.
Smooth as silk.
Eyes of sky.
So inviting,
Evoking my smile.
That beg my kiss.
How I love thee.
Need thee.
feel you,
Stirring in me.
Want you.
Beneath me.
Deep within thee.

Within my realm.
My castle walls,
Protect thee.
My armour,
Shields thee.
My sword,
Defends thee.
My arms surround thee.
In coiled heat.
My chains bind thee,
In your dreams.
My collar brands thee,
As mine.
I wait patiently,
Upon my throne.

Kneel to me.
For me.
Give all you are,
To me.
Trust me,
Desire me,
Above all others.
Your loins,
In heat,
for me.
You breath,
For me.
You only dream,
Of me.
Your body dies,
For me.
As I would,
And do,
For thee.

I am your,
Your Master.
The one,
Who holds,
the key.
Your hearts,
The one,
Who strokes your fire.
With my,
Salt sweet seed.

I am your Knight,
In Honor.
And I,
Complete thee.
As thee,
My heart.
Complete me.

Part "one" (c) 9/02 By: Bo AKA LovngStrength

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