tagErotic Poetry"Knights Honor" (Part "two")

"Knights Honor" (Part "two")


Come my lady.
My hearts desire.
My Little one.
Who inspires,
Great deeds.
Know that I love thee.
Need thee.
Will have thee.
Show thee,
My hearts,
True blood.
As your,
Moist lips.

Ride upon,
This brave steed,
With me.
Feel his power,
Within your,
Virgin loins.
As he fly's us,
As if the wind,
To our place,
Amongst the bowers.
Let your flaxen,
Flow as a brook,
Within the breeze.
Trust and believe,
That I am he,
Who covets thee,
With an honorable heart.
A wise tongue.
A Passionate soul.
He, who has always,
Been the spectre,
Within your,
Erotic virgin dreams.

Know that I,
Am your knight.
True of heart,
And deeds.
That I hold thee,
In my palm,
Even as I,
Build your pedestal.
Know that,
No azure sky,
Can compete,
With thine eyes.
No spun gold,
With thy silken hair.
No flower,
With thy true scent.
No fruit,
With the lush,
Nor the blush.
Of thy lips.
No velvet royal,
With thy skin.
No confection,
Nor nectar,
With thy taste.
That thou,
Is perfection,
To me.

Come my Heart.
My lady of the moon.
Full with promise.
We have arrived,
At your destiny.
Here below,
The flowered branches,
Where I,
Will give thee gifts,
Of bliss,
My deep kiss,
Will gently,
Bring thee there.
See how my steed,
Bows for thee,
As I help thee alight.
He knows,
Thy pure heart too.

Trust in me.
Thy true knight.
Know my love is thine.
That no other,
Has its key,
But thee.
As I,
Hold the one,
To thy chastity.
Know, my love.
These shackles,
Will not chafe.
This whip,
This fire,
That is my body,
Will not burn.
But, be the instrument,
That will churn,
Your secrete desire.

Know, my love,
Of my fond intent.
To take you where,
Satres flutes,
Will spend,
Sweet notes,
Upon thy soul.
Heat your loins.
And make woodsprites,
Laugh in carnal glee.

Trust in me,
As I shackle thee,
Upon this bower.
Feel earths power,
As it soothes,
Your trembling senses.

Know my sweet,
As my sword,
Cuts deft, not deep
Thy gown,
From such exquisite form.
That my intent,
Is noble,
Not greed.
That I will,
Turn thee into fire.
Take thee higher,
Then dragons soar.
And more,
I will,
Give thee,
Sweet ecstasy.

Be as patient,
As this,
Ancient tree.
Our love,
has only,
Just begun.
Just begun,
My heart.
Only just,

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