tagSci-Fi & FantasyKnights of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic


On board the Ebon Hawk, Mira sat in her usual seat at the game table. Her traditional leather jacket was folded on the bench behind her as she slouched back and closed her eyes. She was extremely horny, having had no sexual interaction for many days. The Hawk had just lifted from Nar Shadaa, running from bounty hunters that had been hunting Daynn relentlessly for a week. Now, safe in hyperspace, Mira turned her attention from worrying about who was going to shoot at them next and began to think of her own needs. Her nipples were hard, poking out from her 36C-cup tits and through the red cotton crop top that was tied in a knot between the two mounds. Her hands ran down her perfectly flat stomach, giving her a slight tingling between her legs.

The last cock she had had was...well she could barely remember it. It had been a guy she had picked up in the 081 cantina. He had been an average fuck, and having his wife walk into his apartment while she was bouncing up and down on his lap had not helped matters. She had knelt up quickly, letting his cock fall out of her, taking away the possibility of an orgasm she had really needed. He had no problems in that department though, as his stiff dick shot a creamy load up on his own stomach and chest while his wife watched Mira quickly wriggle into her tight leather pants and throw on her jacket. She left without exchanging words with either of them, although they surely were going to have words with each other! The fact that she had been wiping her dripping wet thong panties over his tongue right as they were interrupted meant that she had not walked out without leaving him a souvenir to remember her by, though.

This reminiscence only increased Mira's need for satisfaction. One hand drifted down to pressure her clitoris through her leather pants, while the other pinched at a nipple. There were only four other people on the ship at the moment. Daynn, the Jedi/leader of the group, was resting in the starboard bunkroom and probably wouldn't wake if a thermal detonator went off. He needed the rest badly after the rough time they had had on Nar Shadaa. Atton, an ex-warrior whose muscular physique provided material for her fantasizing, was piloting the ship. Brianna, the young Echani handmaiden, was practicing combat in the hold with a droid, HK-47, and Visas Marr was in deep meditation in the port bunkroom. None of the group had known each other for long and so, once on board, they all split up, valuing personal space.

Given the quiet atmosphere, the thought of somebody walking into the central area of the ship and catching her playing with herself seemed very small. A small moan passed her lips as she leaned the chair further back and spread her legs, putting her feet up on the gaming table in front of her. Her head lolled back, eyes closed, as she teased her senses with visions of Atton. She imagined what his muscular ass cheeks would look like, spreading and contracting as he pistoned in and out of her pussy, her tits rythmically shaking up and down on her chest. She undid her belt, then unzipped her pants, sliding them down slightly to allow better access to her quickly moistening cunt. By doing so, the black sidestrings of her thong rode up out of the pants while her hand stretched the thin triangle of material that covered her pussy. She slowly began to masturbate the hood over her clit with on finger, sliding it back and forth, enjoying the sexual energy that was released every time her clit was pressured. She imagined Atton bending her over the game table, with her legs spread, pumping her from behind and watching her ass cheeks jiggle as he drove her tits against the hard ceramic surface. She would be pumping back against him just as hard, until that badly needed orgasm washed over her. Her hand became a blur of motion beneath her now-soaking panties, giving her the pleasure she so badly needed. She groped at her own breast, mauling it through her crop top, feeling the material sliding against her flesh.

At this point, the Hawk had been in hyperspace a few hours and the route was finalized. It would be two days before they reached their destination of Taris, where they hoped to find the source of the price on Daynn's head. Atton took a final glance at the navigation computer, then leaned back in his seat. Thinking that he ought to check in on the crew, and knowing that nothing would change the trajectory of the ship now, short of an interdiction cruiser, he pulled up the camera console on his secondary screen. Shifting his muscular bulk so that he was facing this, he went through the menus, checking the crew. Visas was meditating in one of the bunkrooms. He took advantage of the view from the camera, digitally zooming in to examine her tight bodydress. Visas had amazing tits, and did nothing to hide them from the world. His cock began to stiffen at the sight. He changed to the next screen, which showed Daynn asleep in the other bunkroom. Poor guy, he needed the rest, Atton thought. He switched to the next screen, showing the gaming table in the central room, and felt his breath leave him at the sight. Mira was almost horizontal, leaning back in one of the gaming chairs with her feet propped against the gaming table, legs spread, with one hand in her pants and the other one playing with a tit through her shirt. Atton quickly zoomed in for a good look, enjoying the sight of the young redhead playing with herself.

Thinking quickly, he threw on the comset and switched the audio channel to the camera pickup in the central room. He could barely hear slight moans and whispers from Mira as she fantasized, but they were too quiet. He brought up a secondary program that tuned the audio quality from the cameras, and found that he could turn up the gain on this pickup. In doing so, his cock went from half-flaccid to stiff as he hear Mira's erotic moans. Right in his ears, the headset echoed her sultry voice. "Oh yesssss...fuck me, Atton...slide that big dick in my cunt...yessssss!" Atton couldn't help but grasp at his engorged cock through his pants and masturbate as he listened to the Mira fantasize about him through his headphones.

Hell, he thought, he could probably go back there and fuck her right now. She obviously wanted it, and it seemed like the rest of the crew was otherwise occupied and wouldn't notice. Privacy was a hard thing to find on a small freighter like the Ebon Hawk, but urges like these wouldn't be denied. He stood up, readjusted his swollen penis, and slipped back past his pilot's chair, accidentally brushing the primary console keyboard. His thoughts preoccupied with visions of Mira's body, he failed to notice the screen shift to show the view from the camera in the cargo hold. The scene there would definitely have caught his attention otherwise...

Mira's frenzied cunt rub was almost to it's climax when she was startled by the fall of booted feet resounding on the Hawk's metal flooring. Shit! she thought, pulling her feet off of the game table and quickly zipping up her pants to redo her belt. Her erect nipples were trying to poke through her tight top and the air smelled definitively of her sex. The waist of her black leather pants were still mounted low around her hips, with the side strings of her thong looping up, out, and back in, giving Mira a teasing appearance. She stood up just as Atton rounded the bend from the cockpit and saw her. His gaze dropped to her breasts, looking at her stiff nips, and then to the visible thong strings.

"Uh...hello, Atton," Mira said, cocking a hip sideways, smirking just a little bit. She was disappointed that she hadn't gotten off a minute earlier but she also knew that if Atton wasn't preoccupied with piloting, she could probably get the real thing from him. "Doing anything?" she asked, innocently, presenting her thrust out chest to Atton while giving him a small teasing smile. She could see the slight bulge in the front of his pants and knew that he would be eager to join her.

Atton could see her almost blatant invitation, but he wasn't sure if it was his imagination jumping at conclusions based on what he had seen on the camera monitor. Only one way to find out, he thought. He pointed up at the camera, an unassuming black hemisphere on the ceiling. "Nope, was just tired of watching the show. Thought maybe I would participate instead?" The last was posed as a question, demanding a direct answer from Mira.

Mira looked Atton up and down, blushing with embarassment but not lost to the possibilities of the situation. "I suppose I forgot about the internal surveillance system...but maybe that was a good thing. What I really need right now is a big, stiff cock..." she trailed off, staring at Atton's crotch. Slowly she walked toward him, her hand immediately down, anticipating the thick manmeat. Her breath was ragged, and it was clear that she was currently horny enough to do anything right then just for the pleasure of it.

Atton was initially taken back by Mira's sudden sluttiness. Ever since they had picked her up on Telos, she had seemed pretty cold toward the world, although he thought he had caught her staring at him a few times. "Alright, alright!" he said, smiling. Atton was always one for a good fuckslut. His "divining rod" was pointing right at Mira, so why not? He stepped forward, his groin meeting with Mira's hand. She immediately let out a sigh upon feeling his turgid cock.

"Mmmm...so you liked the show, huh?" Mira asked. Her hands went to her waist, and she immediately drew Atton's well-fitted cotton t-shirt over his head, revealing a muscular torso. She leaned forward to suck on a nipple, as her hands began to roam, exploring that which she had so recently been fantasizing about.

"Oh yeah..." Atton's head rocked back, eyes closed, enjoying the younger woman's groping caresses. "It was a pretty good show. But this is better." He looked down at Mira's blaze of red hair as she kissed her way down his chest and stomach, exploring his muscular six-pack abs. She got down on her knees, tossing her hair back behind her head, which gave Atton a good view of her cleavage as she leaned forward to undo his belt and tug his boxers and pants down. The stiff nine inches she was presented with were larger around than any she had seen before. Her hand wrapped around it, sliding down toward the base, while she leaned forward to tease the circumcised head with her tongue. Atton, still under control, restrained himself from grabbing the hair on the back of her head and fucking her tight little mouth.

Mira, sensing his excitement, sunk her mouth down around the first four inches. Her cheeks sunk in as she applied suction and slowly raised her head, licking the bottom of his cock on the way out. He groaned as she quickened the pace, sucking hard and taking more length with every stroke. Atton, no longer able to hold himself back, started to thrust into her face, looking down to see her tits shake each time he hit the back of her throat. She could take almost 7 inches, and it was obvious how horny the blood-filled flesh was making her. Presently, Mira stopped sucking and stood up, wiping Atton's precum off her lips while returning Atton's lust-filled smile. As she turned around, his gaze dropped to her ass, watching the cheeks wink at him through the low-riding leather pants as she walked over to the table.

Turning around, she winked at him and quickly drew her shirt over her head, letting her c-cup tits bounce free. She held out her hand, making a 'come here' crook with her index finger. Atton obeyed, first stepping out of his pants, boxers, and boots, and then going to her, swollen cockhead leading the way. Mira, shoe-less from her earlier exhibition, stood topless before him. His hands went immediately to her breasts, squeezing and playing with them but not touching her still-erect nipples. Sliding his hands down under the strings of her thong, he reached around to squeeze her butt through her pants, which were becoming more and more in the way. Mira helped his anxious hands to undo her belt and pants, which quickly found themselves on the floor. Stepping back to admire his handiwork, Atton watched as Mira teasingly raised her hands above her head and twirled, showing off the string stretched in between her ass cheeks. Bending over the table, she looked back over her shoulder to see Atton's eyes fixated on her budding asshole, which was peeking out from both sides of the thin butt-floss. She had never figured that Atton was an ass man, but this fact didn't bother her in the slightest.

Stepping forward toward her bent-over figure, Atton grasped the strings of her thong and pulled them down, slowly peeling the damp fabric away from her exposed pussy. After he had slid the tiny undergarment down her legs, Atton poised his cock, ready for action. In anticipation, she looked back, just to see him thrust forward, sliding into her slowly until he bumped against her cervix. The undescribable pleasure she was feeling led her to brace herself more and push back on his meat. Atton's hands grasped her hips and began to control her as he thrust, pulling her onto him and then pushing her off. As their thrusting activity became more frenzied, Mira began to let out moans which became increasinly louder. Her jiggling ass cheeks reflected the shaking of her breasts as she finally neared her much needed climax.

"Ohhhhh...fuck...yesss..." Each moaned word escaped her mouth in a rhythm as Atton slammed home in her pussy, his engorged dick pressed down hard against her g-spot, applying friction with every thrust. Mira knew she only had to reach back and touch her clit and she would be in the throes of orgasm. As her fingers neared their dripping target, she was surprised by a strange sensation from behind. Atton, no longer able to take the tight little brown hole winking at him every time Mira's ass flesh rippled away from him, had reached down and inserted his thumb through the sweat soaked opening. The rest of his fingers curled around her right cheek, with the thumb swallowed up past the knuckle.

This new sensation set Mira off before her own masturbatory touch. She began to squirt viscous fluid back around Atton's thrusting unit, unable to control herself. Her entire body seemed to shake as her cum juices dripped down the inside of her thighs. She managed to mash her mouth against the table, so that her screams of pleasure were muffled, but was still struck by the fact that there was no way the rest of the crew could not hear the rowdy fucking taking place in the central room.

Atton was just as sexually stressed as Mira had been seconds before, ready to cum. Mira, bent over blissfully in front of him, had collapsed completely on the table, letting Atton use her sopping cunt for his own pleasure alone. His guttural grunts let her on to his impending finish. He pulled his throbbing cock out her pussy and his thumb from her contracting ass sphincter, leaving wanting vacuum inside of her. It came to her exactly how to thank him for the pleasurable experience. Pushing herself up off the table, she turned around and knelt in front of him, pushing her tits up and together. Her hair hung over her arched back as she thrust her chest out and looked up at his animal eyes, her face presented for his pleasure.

"Cum on me, Atton...remember me bent over in front of you, letting you use me. Cum on breasts," she pleaded, playing the slut for him. His hand was a blur of motion as he jacked off over her, his cock lubricated by their juices. She smiled, then opened her mouth, tongue out, still looking him in the eye. She knew exactly what to say to set him off.

"Remember my tight little asshole, Atton. Ohhhh...your thumb felt so good...maybe next time you'll use this on it," she suggested, glancing down at his cock, just in time to see, almost in slow motion, the little piss-hole enlarge slightly, followed by his white fuck-cream spewingout, hitting her forehead and hair first, while the rest of the shot splattered on her cheeks and lips, miraculously missing her eyes. Another stream followed, off to the side, landing in her hair and then on her shoulder. Finally, he pointed his dick down at the shelf she had made out of her tits, milking out two more respectable streams of cum onto them and then dribbling the rest out over her outstretched tongue. Mira smiled, enjoying the pure lust of the situation, leaned forward to clean his dick off with her mouth, her chin and nipples dripping with his cum. This had been exactly what she needed...


Please, comment or email me if you liked (or didn't like) this story. I plan on writing more unless the feedback is horrible!

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