tagRomanceKnock Three Times on the Window

Knock Three Times on the Window


It was with only a hint of trepidation that the young woman slipped through the shadows of the darkened buildings around her, moving quickly toward the one window that she knew would have a candle in it. She heard a groan from an alleyway, and stopped a moment to listen, then resumed her journey as she heard a soft feminine moan. 'Not the only one with company tonight, Astrid,' she told herself, pale hands pulling her up to a low rooftop, and then knocking three times softly at a light window, to be let in a moment later.

Aidan lit the last candle in his bedroom, leaving his velvet king sized bed bathed in the soft light of pure white votives and tapers. He smiled as he heard the knocking at the window in the next room, then walked over to it and opened the window quietly, holding a hand out to the violet-eyed woman in velvet.

Astrid stepped in, and smiled at her would-be company, a young man in black with a taste for the dramatic. Her mousy-brown hair spiraled down around her with the ceasing of the wind blowing in from the window, and her pale violet eyes looked at him lovingly. This was the man who made her moan with pleasure, and whom she made groan in ecstasy.

Aidan was only a few inches taller than her, though he was two years older. His eyes were of a deep blue hue, the kind that Astrid wanted to lose herself in- and she often did. His hair was where he had gotten his name from, for Aidan meant flame, and his hair was the color of fire. His smile was soft, but mischievous, as he leaned down to kiss Astrid's lips gently, his mouth lingering only a breath from hers as he bid her his usual hello. "A fine evening for loving the most beautiful woman on earth."

Astrid blushed softly, crossing the distance between their lips to kiss Aidan deeply, then giggled as she felt him pick her up and carry her to the king sized bed that they often shared in the evenings when neither had work. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Astrid smiled as Aidan gently laid her down on their bed, joining her there a moment later.

Aidan slipped his hands beneath Astrid's blue velvet skirt, smiling at her as he reached the line of her panties, and with a gentle tug, he pulled them away. It was the work of a moment to slip off the skirt as well, and then Aidan slipped off Astrid's velvet shirt and satin bra. "Undress me," he whispered softly, tracing the shape of his lover's bosom, following his finger with his tongue, grinning as Astrid moaned softly before beginning to disrobe him, sending his shirt and pants to the floor.

Astrid smiled as she rolled Aidan beneath her, leaning down to circle his male nipple with her tongue as her left hand slid down his chest to take Aidan's already swollen manhood into her hand and caress it gently, causing the shaft to harden further. She heard Aidan's gasp of pleasure, and switched nipples, lavishing his left one as much as she had the right. "Someone's glad to see me…" she murmured, as Aidan pulled her head up and then covered her mouth with his, sending sparks through both of their bodies.

"As you are to see me, lovely one," Aidan replied when he could speak again, as he shifted above Astrid, slipping a finger into her warmth, grinning when he felt the moistness deep within. Slowly, his finger shifted in and out, adding a second as he explored her inner walls as if for the first time, his thumb gently rubbing that little bundle of nerves, as Aidan knew she liked it. When he had her arching beneath him and moaning, he stopped, sliding his fingers out and licking the musky liquid from his fingers seductively.

Astrid arched up and took Aidan's manhood into her hands, meeting his lips with hers as she slowly massaged his shaft and the sac beneath them. She had him writhing beneath her, and her fingers roughened, massaging and teasing more quickly until Astrid felt Aidan stiffen, close to his first climax. "Take it, love..." and with those words she leaned down, licking him harshly, suckling, until she felt him buck against her and clutch her close, spilling his seed into her mouth. Astrid only smiled as she slipped up to lay beside him, kissing him deeply after swallowing the precious seed.

Aidan gasped softly, grasping Astrid tightly as he slowly slipped his tongue along her neck, tracing shapes with the pinked muscle as one hand slowly caressed along the hardened nipple of his lover's right breast, and then he lowered his mouth to the tight bud, his arms around her again as his tongue worked its dark magic on her little globe. Astrid was already moaning and arching to him, her hips thrusting against his as a reminder that she had not been given the release that he had received a moment ago. "First you, and then together," Aidan whispered into her ear, his fingers again slipping inside of her caverns to rock within her, before he slid down her body and replaced them with his tongue, fingers draping to a surrounding caress, gently touching the folds of her most secret place, stirring the already flaming desire between them to a higher blaze as his tongue suckled her bundle of nerves. Aidan purred against her softly, his tongue delving within her, tasting of her willingly until he felt her contractions and heard her muffled scream as she climaxed beneath his mouth, sending a gush of musky fluids against his mouth.

Astrid could only breathe- and barely at that, as Aidan slipped up beside her, teasing her nether mouth gently with only his fingertips before kissing her more passionately than before, wordlessly showing her how deeply he wanted her by taking her hand and placing it on his fully hardened erection. When she smiled up at him and kissed his chin to give her assent and then gently pinched his manhood, Aidan groaned softly, then reached down with a pale hand to part her thighs, and slipped smoothly inside her, softly moaning when he felt Astrid's warmth sheath and cradle him.

They grasped hands as Aidan thrust deeply within Astrid's secret place, and moaned in unison as their desire was increased tenfold with the pleasurable feel of hot, wet flesh against flesh and bodies coming together and moving apart in a rhythm that was as old as time itself. Astrid smiled up at her lover as he moaned against her breast, and then kissed him deeply as she wrapped her legs around him and urged him to move more deeply within her, which Aidan did, buried to the base within her, and wanting to be even deeper.

"We go together, this time," Astrid whispered softly, arching up to meet him thrust for thrust, squeezing his hands convulsively as the pleasure built in sparks of fire and pleasure, and the world began to come apart.

Aidan thrust more deeply into her, looking into Astrid's eyes as he groaned, squeezing her hands in reply. He felt himself nearing, and let go of one of her hands to wrap his arm around her waist, pulling her close as Astrid's walls began to contract around him and she threw her arm around him to stay close as she screamed again, pulling Aidan into the orgasm with her as they writhed against each other and he spilled his seed deep within her body, then collapsed on the silken bed in a pile of useless, molten flesh.

When Astrid could breathe again, she looked up at Aidan quietly, then turned her head to kiss their joined hands. "You are…amazing," she whispered softly, smiling when Aidan held her closer and did not bother to remove himself from her body.

"As are you…every climax is like a blessing…because you know exactly what to do…and it is wonderful, my love," Aidan whispered gently, wrapping both of his arms around her.

Astrid smiled, then startled as she heard a knock on the wall, causing Aidan to start as well. "Aidan…?"

Aidan grinned and snuggled close. "It's just old man Morris…he always does that when you're over…he hates loud noises."

Astrid laughed softly, laying her head on Aidan's shoulder and drifting off slowly. "I love you."

Aidan smiled, turning to curl her against his body, kissing her cheek. "I love you too."

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