Konnar and The Ball of Valary


"By all the gods, girl," he said with a big grin, "you are the dirtiest, horniest virgin I have ever met. You're no stranger to the taste of your own ass on a man's cock, are you?" he laughed with admiration.

Kloe simply purred, cramming as much of his cock into her mouth as she could.


Later, dressed again, they stole out of the prayer room and into the quiet temple, Konnar waiting behind a pillar as Kloe, dressed as a priestess, approached the crystal ball. Confidently, she stepped up to the dais and picked up the ball, quickly wrapping it in a cloth bag.

"Where are you going with that?" a guard asked as he rushed over to her.

"I've been charged by the temple priest to move the ball to a safe place. There are rumours that someone will try to steal it." Kloe said.

"Who are you? I've not seen you here before." the guard said.

"Who are you to question a priestess of Valary?" Kloe replied, bluffing it out.

"I think you need to come with me, miss," the guard said, reaching out to take her hand.

Konnar rushed out from behind the pillar, sword in hand, and plunged it into the man's chest. The guard yelled in pain and surprise before dropping dead. As Konnar and Kloe turned, heading to the back of the temple, three more guards appeared in front of them.

Konnar pulled Kloe behind him and approached all three, sword swinging. He parried their blows with little effort and as Kloe watched in amazement, the big barbarian killed all three of them.

"Hurry," he said to her, pulling her passed the corpses and further into the temple. They reached a small chamber with a large door that led to the back of the building but as they walked in, four more guards arrived. As Konnar advanced, his sword dripping the blood of their comrades, a woman's voice cried out "Stop!"

From behind the guards came a tall woman holding a sword and wearing thigh high boots, a short pleated leather skirt, gauntlets and a leather bodice that laced up the front and exposed a large, deep cleavage between her huge tits. Pitch black hair rolled in curls down her back and as she approached, her beautiful features were lit up by a blinding smile.

"Little brother!" she cried, rushing to Konnar and hugging him, the guards behind her looking confused.

"Big sister!" Konnar said, wrapping his large arms around her.

"What are you doing here?" she whispered into his ear.

"Stealing the Ball of Valary and becoming filthy rich." he whispered back. "Care to join me?"

The woman turned back to her men. "Leave us," she commanded. "I will deal with this."

The men turned to one another before looking back at her.

"Sorry, ma'am, but we can't let you help them escape," one of them said, bringing his sword up.

The woman turned back to Konnar and shrugged.

"I tried little brother," she said. As one, the pair of them ran to the guards, swords flashing in the candlelight, each of them taking two guards apiece. They laughed as they fought, the speed of their swords evenly matched as within seconds the guards lay dead at their feet.

They hugged again before Konnar turned back to Kloe who had watched the whole thing with confusion.

"Kloe, this is my sister Deneese. She'll be joining us on our ride back to your father."

"Very pleased to meet you," Kloe said, her hungry look at Deneese's cleavage not missed by the siblings.

"We need to get out of here," Konnar said, opening the door and walking out to where their horses were tethered. "Deneese, take Kloe's horse; Kloe, you'll ride with me. Just make sure you keep that ball wrapped up so I don't touch it accidentally."

Quickly mounting their horses, they rode as fast as they could from the town.


Around the camp-fire they made later that night, Deneese and Konnar caught up with what the other had been doing since they'd last seen each other a year before. During a quiet period, Deneese had ended up working as a mercenary commander guarding the temple but that held no loyalty compared with what she felt for her brother.

Sat on a log next to Konnar, Deneese looked over at Kloe who still wore the priestess's robe.

"You handled the Ball of Valary," she said. "That must mean you're a virgin."

"That's right," Kloe said with a smile.

Deneese turned to Konnar. "Never thought I'd find you riding with a virgin, little brother," she teased. "Especially one so good looking."

"She's only a virgin in a technical sense," Konnar said with a laugh. "Young Kloe here is a better fuck than many women I've had."

Deneese laughed kindly as Kloe blushed at the compliment. Slowly, watching Kloe all the while, Deneese reached over to Konnar's breeches and unbuttoned them. She reached in and drew out his heavy prick, feeling it stiffen in her hand.

"Come and show me, Kloe," she said. "Show me what you did with my brother's big cock."

Kloe quickly walked over to them and knelt between Konnar's outstretched legs. As Deneese stroked its growing length, Kloe eagerly slipped the bulbous knob head between her lips, looking up at the brother and sister all the while. She bobbed her head back and forth along his prick as Deneese continued gently wanking it.

"You like that, Kloe? You like sucking my brother's big dick?" Deneese asked.

"Mmmm-hmm," the young girl managed, her mouth full of cock.

"Well guess what? So do I."

Konnar spread his legs as wide as he could to allow his sister to kneel next to Kloe, grinning as he watched both women lick and suck on the shaft of his prick at the same time. They both mouthed the sides of his dick, working from the bottom up, until they met at the flared knob head. Their tongues darted around each other and his cock for a moment before the women moved together, sharing a deep open mouthed kiss.

Kloe moved back after a moment and breathlessly said "I want to see your brother fuck you."

Deneese smiled and stood up, letting Kloe return to sucking Konnar's cock. In moments her skirt, bodice and gauntlets lay on the floor, leaving her naked except for her thigh high boots. Both Konnar and Kloe watched as the busty beauty put one foot up on the log where Konnar sat before reaching between her legs, rubbing at the hairless slit of her pussy.

"Want to get that big fucker up my pussy, little brother?" she asked, sliding a couple of fingers into her sopping twat. Not bothering to wait for an answer, she moved over and straddled him, spreading her legs wide. "Hold his cock up for me, Kloe," she commanded, lowering herself down.

Kloe did as she was told, guiding the big head of Konnar's cock between the plump folds of his sister's pussy, watching intently as it slipped inside her.

"Gods that feels good," Deneese sighed, inching herself lower and lower. She felt Kloe's hand at the base of Konnar's shaft and moved lower still, forcing the young girl to move out of the way, until she had his whole length inside her twat.

"I've missed you, Deneese," Konnar said with genuine affection, taking hold of her huge tits and sucking on first one then the other.

"And I've missed you, little brother," Deneese replied, kissing him, their tongues darting into each others mouths. "Now fuck me . . . fuck me hard and make me cum," she demanded.

Konnar took hold of her hips and lifted her slightly, giving him room to thrust his prick deep into her pussy before sliding back out and doing the same again and again.

Behind Deneese, Kloe slid her hand between them, coating her fingers in the copious pussy juices that coated Konnar's prick. She then moved her hand back along Deneese's ass crack, probing gently at the puckered hole of her butt. She pushed one slender finger into her ass, smiling as Deneese moaned in pleasure and reached behind herself to pull her ass cheeks apart. Encouraged, Kloe pushed a second and then a third finger into her asshole, feeling Konnar's thick cock through the membrane that separated her two holes.

"Ahhhh, gods that's good . . . your little friend . . . is finger fucking . . . my ass, Konnar," Deneese panted. "Can you feel her?"

"Oh yes, sister," Konnar grunted, still fucking her. "Young Kloe . . . knows all about ass fucking."

"Oh fuck . . . fucking cumming . . . making me fucking cum!" Deneese moaned, the pleasure of her brother's prick and the teenage girl's fingers sending her over the edge. Konnar held her tight and thrust as hard as he could into her pussy, Kloe jamming her fingers into her asshole at the same time. Deneese moaned and shook as she came hard, panting on to Konnar's shoulder as she was fucked through her orgasm.

"Oh gods . . . fuck that's so fucking good," she panted as Konnar slowed his thrusts, Kloe following his lead. She looked back over her shoulder at Kloe. "Take that robe off," she said. "I want to watch my brother fuck your ass."

Kloe gently pulled her finger's from Deneese's butthole and stood up, pulling her robe off, leaving her naked in the camp-fire light. Deneese gasped at the young girl's beauty, her big, high tits and tiny waist. Slowly, she pulled herself off Konnar's big prick and stepped to one side, letting Kloe take her place.

"No," Deneese said, stopping her. "Put your back to him, your feet on his knees, legs spread wide."

Kloe did as she said, grinning as she watched Deneese kneel back down between her brother's spread legs. Konnar took hold of her round ass cheeks, spreading them as he lowered her down, his strength more than enough to steady the small girl. Deneese took hold of his prick and aimed it at Kloe's asshole, watching as it pushed against the tight ring of muscle for just a moment before slipping inside.

"Oh fuck . . . oh fuck that's big," Kloe moaned. "Feels so big in my ass!"

As Konnar lowered her, easing more and more of his thick shaft into her tight ass, Deneese moved forward and began licking at Kloe's sopping wet pussy, gently strumming her clit.

"Oh gods yes!" she cried. "Fuck me! Both of you . . . fuck me!" she moaned.

The brother and sister team did as she asked, Konnar shoving more and more of his length into her asshole as Deneese thrust her tongue into her pussy.

"You like this don't you, Kloe?" Konnar asked with a laugh. "Tell my sister what you like."

"Oh gods . . . I love it . . . love getting . . . fucked in the ass!"

Deneese looked up at her and smiled, her lips coated with the other girl's juices.

"Trust me, Kloe, when you finally get a cock in your pussy, you'll love that too."

"And when we deliver that damn crystal ball back to your father," Konnar said, "I will gladly fuck your little pussy for you."

The brother and sister went back to fucking Kloe, Konnar looking over her shoulder, watching her huge tits bounce as he shoved his cock deep up her ass while Deneese slurped and licked at her juicy twat.

"Fuck . . . I'm cumming . . . cumming!" Kloe cried out, Konnar and Deneese quickly bringing her to orgasm. She gasped and moaned, shaking as her ass clamped down on Konnar's huge prick.

"Damn . . . gonna cum as well!" Konnar groaned. With one last powerful thrust, he pushed his whole cock up Kloe's asshole and came, spurting out another huge wad of jism deep into the girl's butt. Time and again, his cock lurched, pumping thick ropes of semen into her ass, quickly filling it up, cum escaping out from the tight muscles of her ass to run down his prick.

With one hand, Deneese moved Kloe up and off her brother's still spurting cock, while using the other to hold his length upright so that she could more easily shove as much of it as possible into her mouth. She closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure, relishing the combined taste of her own pussy, Kloe's asshole and Konnar's cum. On shaky feet, Kloe clambered down beside her and the pair of them again shared his prick, licking and sucking it clean, swapping huge wads of thick spunk in a messy kiss around his knob head.

Konnar grinned down, watching both of them enjoy his thick cock.

"Damn, girls," he said. "I'm not sure life gets much better than this," he said with a laugh.


The ride back to Kloe's village the next day was uneventful and they easily made it back before evening, the deadline Aiden had given them. The man's eyes lit up when Kloe presented him with the Ball of Valary which he had her place on a small table he had readied.

"There's just the matter of the 5,000 crowns now," Konnar said.

"Ah yes . . . well I need to perform a rite with the Ball that has to be done immediately, you see," Aiden said. "If you'd care to wait in the inn, I'll bring you your money once I've finished."

"No," Konnar said. "I have done what you asked me to do and now I want my payment."

"If I know my daughter, you've likely had your payment already," Aiden said with a nervous laugh.

"As delightful as Kloe has been," Konnar said, his hand on his sword, "You still owe me 5,000 crowns."

Deneese stood beside her brother, her hand on her sword.

"But this rite has to be performed before I can get you your money," Aiden said.

"Then we'll wait here while you do it," Deneese said.

Aiden sighed. "Very well. Kloe? If you'd be so kind as to get me ready?" he asked, removing his robe and standing naked before them. With a smile at the big barbarian and his sister, Kloe slipped out of her own robe and knelt naked in front of her father. She took his cock in her hand and began sucking and licking at it, quickly bringing it to full stand.

Aiden grinned at the surprised look on Konnar and Deneese's faces.

"Who do you think taught her the ways of pleasure?" he asked with a smug smile. After a moment or two, Kloe stood and bent at the waist over the small table, clutching the Ball of Valary in both hands, her huge tits squashing against the smooth wood. She spread her legs as her father moved between them.

"Now as we've practised all these years, my daughter, I will recite the incantation while I fuck you, but rather than having your ass as I normally do, I shall have your pussy for the very first time."

Konnar and Deneese watched as Aiden moved forward, guiding his prick into the tight folds of Kloe's virginal pussy. Kloe winced and moaned a little as her father gently began moving inside her, feeling a cock in her twat for the first time.

"Oh gods that feels good, father," she sighed as the pain began to fade. She looked over at Konnar. "I'd like you to be next," she said.

Taking hold of her hips, Aiden began thrusting more vigorously, at the same time beginning to chant in a language neither Konnar nor Deneese understood, though Kloe obviously did.

"Father? Father . . . ohhh fuck yes . . . that's the wrong chant . . . father?"

Aiden paid no attention to her but kept fucking her, his gaze fixed on the crystal ball in her hands that had begun to glow more brightly, the chant never ceasing.

"Father . . . no, don't . . . ahhhh fuck . . . Konnar? Help!"

"What? What is it girl?" the big barbarian asked. As he made to move forward to reach Aiden, he found his way blocked by an invisible barrier.

"The goddess Valary . . . she's imprisoned . . . ohhhh . . . imprisoned in the ball . . . ahhh gods . . . Father said he'd release her . . . we'd get rich but . . . ahhhh . . . fuck . . . he's changed the spell . . . he means to enslave her!"

Deneese attempted to reach Aiden but she too was stopped by the same barrier. Still the wizard kept fucking his daughter, chanting all the while, obviously unable to stop.

Kloe looked up at them, her face a mixture of pleasure and fear.

"Break the ball!" she cried.

Aiden shook his head, his eyes wide, the chant speeding up, desperate to finish it.

"Quickly!" Kloe shouted.

As one, both Deneese and Konnar drew their swords, bringing them down at the same time on to the crystal ball. Instead of shattering, it simply vanished and a split second later a woman stood in its place. She was naked, her figure like that of Kloe's own: a perfect, round ass, tiny waist, and huge yet firm tits. Her long blonde hair fell to the top of her ass and her face was the epitome of beauty.

Aiden cried out and fell back, throwing his hands up in fear.

The naked woman raised her hand and he instantly disappeared.

"Oh dead gods," Konnar whispered.

The woman turned to him and Deneese and despite the realisation that he was facing a goddess, Konnar could not help but gaze lustfully at her.

"You have freed me and I thank you for it," she said. "When you need me most, you may call on me for one favour each and I will save you."

Konnar and Deneese stared at her, awestruck.

"You had no part in your father's trickery," she said to Kloe. "I see that you are simply the victim of his plan. Do not mourn him as his plan was long and his betrayal of you was there from the start." She waved her hand and Kloe's sorrow at the loss of her father lessened. Valary stared at Kloe as she stood and to the surprise of all, licked her lips as she stared at the teenager. "As goddess of love and lust, I would be pleased if you would become my priestess. Travel to the capital and present yourself at my temple; I will protect you on your journey and ready my priests for your arrival. I think you will enjoy the delights on offer there."

And with that, she vanished, leaving the three of them in the room.


Some time later Konnar and Deneese sat in the inn together.

"Kloe's on her way to the capital to become a priestess," Konnar said, "and I'm as broke as I was when I started this whole thing."

"Plus you never got to fuck her pussy," Deneese said with a laugh.

"Thanks for reminding me," he said with a grin. "At least I met up with my big sister again."

"A big sister whose out of a job and as penniless as you," Deneese said.

They were interrupted by the arrival of Shannel, the whore Konnar had fucked a couple of days before. She put her hands on the table and leaned forward, showing off her deep cleavage.

"Have you come back to keep your promise to me, Konnar?" she asked. She smiled at Deneese, eyeing up her big tits. "For the right price, I'll let you and your friend do all sorts of things to me."

"Sorry, girl," Konnar said. "Things didn't work out as I hoped. I'm broke."

"Oh well, your loss," Shannel said with a shrug and walked off, both Konnar and Deneese watching her ass sway beneath her gown.

"Damn. I was going to fuck that ass all night," Konnar said.

Deneese reached across and fondled the large bulge in his breeches.

"Don't worry, little brother. You can fuck my asshole all night and it won't cost you a thing," she said with a big smile.

"Now that sounds like a plan," Konnar said with a laugh.

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