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Korean Massage Girl Special Treat


I was in Philadelphia for a business trip, and I found an ad in one of the weekly newspapers for an Oriental massage parlor. I checked online and saw that it got good reviews, and so I phoned and made an appointment. I asked what the price was for a massage and "extra service" and the mama-san on the phone said $160. The place was only two blocks from the hotel I was staying at, so I said I would be over in fifteen minutes.

I had been travelling all day and hadn't showered yet, but decided that I would go straight over even though I was sweaty and a bit ripe from sitting in an airplane seat all day. Why waste time, I thought, and wasn't part of the service of a massage parlor the personal bathing done by the girls?

The door to the street was unmarked except the address, and led up a flight of stairs to another unmarked door. I knocked and a middle aged Asian woman answered and invited me into a living room. I told her that I had just called and she smiled and nodded, speaking in a heavy Korean accent. She shouted something in Korean towards a hallway that led to the back of the apartment, and a young Asian girl came running into the room. She was thin and surprisingly tall for an Asian. I had been used to little tiny Oriental girls in Japan and Thailand, usually no more than 100 lbs, and so this girl, who was probably at least 5'8, was unusually tall.

She wasn't beautiful, marred by the usual bad teeth that so many girls growing up in the Orient have, but she had a happy smile and seemed genuinely enthusiastic. She led me to one of the rooms down the hallway, and asked me with a voice just as heavily accented as her boss to take my clothes off. She wore a silk robe and slippers, and bowed after each sentence she spoke, exhibiting an alluring shyness. She asked if I wanted a bath and a massage, and I said I wanted full service tonight. She nodded and I passed her the money. She discretely pocketed the bills and folded my clothes on the chair as I stripped.

She then led me to another room with a vinyl bench, asking me to lie down on my stomach. Using a wooden bucket, she rinsed my body with warm water, rubbing me down with soap and giving me a vigorous light massage with both hands, before rinsing me off again with the bucket.

She then asked me to roll over and did the same on the other side, paying special attention to my cock. She soaped up my half hard member, stroking it using the soap as a lubricant, but before I was fully hard she rinsed me off and led me by the hand back to the other room. Signaling for me to lie down on the massage table, I climbed on and lay face down. She poured warm oil onto my back and gave me a hand massage, kneading my shoulders and rubbing my back down to my buttocks. She asked where I was from and my name. I lied, and then asked her where she was from. She said South Korea, and in response to my next question about how long she had been in the U.S., she said 6 months.

She signalled for me to roll over, and after a cursory massage of my chest, highlighted by her suckling on each of my nipples for several minutes, she used her mouth to roll a condom onto my erect cock and began bobbing her head up and down on my shaft. Her mouth was warm, and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of wonderful friction as her lips stroked me. She used her tongue to swirl around my shaft, and I thought to myself that I wanted this to last, and so I began to concentrate on keeping my desire at a low boil.

She climbed up and mounted me, giving me a quick smile as I entered her pussy. I got a quick whiff of her musky smell as she opened her legs to climb on top, and I was surprised to smell her sex. Usually massage girls have to wet themselves with their saliva or with some lubricant and rarely have I smelled the tangy musk of wet Asian pussy. This girl must naturally get horny enough to lubricate herself, otherwise I would never have caught such a strong sniff of that unmistakable scent. You can't fake that smell, and I was suddenly extremely horny for this young girl.

After several minutes of pumping my hips up into her wonderfully tight pussy, my hands on her slim hips pulling her up and down in rhythm with my thrusts upwards, the occasional scent of her wet cunt had become ubiqitous and filled the room. She was genuinely getting wet, enough that I could feel her juices coating my balls and inner thighs, and I could tell that her breathing had become quick and shallow. She was panting, and as I reached between her legs to finger her, I was stunned how wet the whole area of our mingling genitals was. As I fingered her swollen lips, I felt the hard bud of her clit and realized that she was genuinely horny.

Her clit was one of the biggest I had ever felt, the size of a hard pea, and so slick with her wetness that rubbing it with my thumb felt like flicking an oily light switch. She moaned and asked me a question. I didn't understand her at first, but after she repeated herself twice, I realized that she was asking me "doggy?" She crawled off me and got on all fours on the massage table, pointing her ass upwards like a bitch in heat. I could now see just how wet she was, and how swollen her cunt lips were. Her pussy was gaping and red, with her long black pubic hair (she wasn't shaved, which surprised me) glistening in the light. I waited several seconds, lingering on the sight, and then guided my cock towards the beckoning hole. I saw that her pretty asshole was also wet and inviting, slick with her juices and slightly open, and I thought about asking her if I could fuck her ass.

The mama-san had said on the phone that the "back door" was also open, which I had originally understood to mean that there was a second entrance to the massage parlor, but now I realized that there was only one entrance to the building, and that she was actually letting me know that anal sex was available with the girls. I thought about it as I slipped my cock into her waiting cunt, but I was afraid that fucking her tight asshole would very quickly make me come. I wanted to get my money's worth! I grabbed her hips and began thrusting upwards into her from behind. She grunted as I increased the pace and force of my fucking, the room filling with the loud wet slapping as I pounded into her.

"You fuck me so good," she muttered in her heavily accented English, and whether she meant it or not didn't matter to me at that moment. I was losing myself in the delicious feeling of fucking her, the smooth friction building in my shaft. Looking down, I could see the obscene stretching of her lips as the head of my cock opened her on each upstroke. I knew that I wanted to 69 with her before I was done. Pulling out, I heard her moan with disappointment. She looked back with plaintive eyes. "You no doggy fuck me?" she asked?

I laid down on the table and told her "69." She nodded and swung around over me, lowering her sweet musky cunt onto my face. I grabbed her tight cheeks and pulled her wet gaping lips to my mouth, reaching my tongue out.

I rarely "dine out at the Y" with massage girls, too many cocks having been there before me with god knows what diseases, but somehow I really wanted to eat out this whore. Knowing that she had fucked countless men made me even hornier for some reason, and I lapped up her slimy nectar. As she bobbed her head up and down the shaft of my distended cock, I slipped my right hand down and jacked up and down my shaft several times, feeling how incredibly hard being with this nasty Asian bitch was making me. Her wet mouth was right on the ring formed by my thumb and forefinger, and it was as if my whole shaft was still enveloped by her cunt.

On the fifth or sixth stroke I pulled the condom off my cock, waiting to see if she would protest my going bareback. I heard her spit out the rubber and resume her blowjob, except now the feeling was a hundred times better. I was so horny now I began licking her asshole, piercing the pink rosebed with my tongue and eagerly tongue fucking her ass. She groaned and sucked harder on my cock, deep throating all seven inches so that her nose was buried in my testicles. I dug my tongue as far as it could go into her asshole, flicking on her sphincter until it stayed open. I could feel her puffy cunt lips splitting over my chin, and the hard nub of her clit riding on the bottom of my jaw. She made a low rumbling moan as I continued to lick her asshole and rub her clit with my chin, and to my surprise her cunt began to spasm and convulse in what was obviously an orgasm.

Her moan turned into a load cry, muffled by the shaft of my cock in her throat, and as she paused to come, her throat muscles contracted around my cock as she involuntarily made a "unnngghhh" noise, bucking on my face as her thighs twitched. I used my right hand to grab the back of her head and violently pumped her head up and down on my now swelling erection, thrusting upwards with each downward stroke that I drove her head down.

As her orgasm began to lessen I increased the pace of my face fucking, listening to the obscene gurgling as she began to choke and the wet splashing as I jammed my cock into her mouth. I bit down on her lips as I began to come, not hard enough to break skin, but hard enough that she instantly tried to draw away, the skin of her lips stretching like rubber. I shot five six seven times, each spurt of come more intense than the last, and I was so far down her throat that she didn't even need to swallow for my sperm to go directly into her stomach.

As my orgasm subsided, I gently licked her cunt and asshole and she rubbed herself on my face, gliding her crotch in a slippery circular motion and moaning. She pulled her head off my shrinking cock, swallowing whatever sperm that still remained in her mouth, and then licking my shaft like a dog. After several moments of us cleaning each others genitals, she turned around and kissed me, catching me off guard. This had been the first time that any prostitute had ever kissed me after I had come in their mouth, and I could taste the metallic organic flavor of my come on her tongue.

She broke our kiss and whispered, "I know. You like taste my shit!"

I said "Yes, like your shit," and she kissed me again before laying her head on my chest.

"You like Ji-Yun give you more massage?"

I said no, that she had done enough, and she climbed off and grabbed a wet warm towel to wipe my face and then my crotch clean. She bent down and gave my now flaccid cock one last gentle kiss, smiling at me and giggling.

"You dress now. Ji-Yun make you happy?"

I nodded and said, "Yes, very happy." She pulled her robe on as I dressed, fixing her long black hair in a bun.

As I left the room, I slipped her a $50 tip, and she bowed in gratitude, saying "Please come back to see Ji-Yun..."

I didn't come back, having gotten my fill of her. I wanted to try some more Asian pussy before I left Philadelphia, but someone new, even though she had been fantastic, perhaps the best piece of Oriental ass I had ever had.

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by Anonymous09/25/17


I cannot possibly take this seriously. Please stop using "Oriental" to describe people. That's used for rugs and old maps. Nowadays only racist people and/or old people say that, because it's freakingmore...

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by Anonymous08/24/17

Very well-written!

Written with natural flair. The pace and the description are both excellent. And as a massage "with extras" connoisseur myself, i totally get the last part about not coming back even though the experiencemore...

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