tagLoving WivesKosmo: Is Bigger Really Better?

Kosmo: Is Bigger Really Better?


Note from Slickman: I've created a new and exciting character, Blue McKenzie, who writes sexy stories for a woman's magazine. Her first big story will try to answer what many of the stories on Literotica have addressed. Make sure you are at least 18 years old and do not reuse this story without the permission of the author. Have fun...

Blue McKenzie had been with the KOSMO woman's magazine for almost five years when her boss and chief editor, Jack Cross, walked into her office.

"Blue, the magazine needs a real attention getter on the September cover and I think I know what it is." He said smiling. His lean body and handsome face just didn't go with his age of 55 years.

"I already have it." Blue said, smiling. "THE CARB DIET DEFLATES YOUR LIBIDO."

"Not bad, but I want a real attention getter." He grinned. "How about, "IS BIGGER REALLY BETTER?"

Blue just looked at him to see if he was really serious or was pulling her leg. She didn't say anything as she waited.

"I'm serious." He said. "Do what ever you can to get the data." He turned and walked out before she could say, "You're shitting me right?"

She quickly called in her assistant, Jill, who was fresh out of college and had started working for her about a month before.

"Yes?" Jill said as she hurried into her boss's office. She smoothed down her silk blouse over her plentiful mounds and pushed down her skirt which had rose high upon her smooth tan thighs.

"You're not going to believe what our next special sex article is about." Blue said smiling.


"IS BIGGER REALLY BETTER?" Blue announced.

"You mean?" Jill giggled.

"Yep. I guess Jack thinks it will sell a lot of magazines."

"I'm sure it will." Jill smiled. "Just how do we get the information?"

"See what you can find in our databases and on the internet." Blue answered. "I'll see what the Washington Library has. After that I guess we call Playboy." She laughed.

Jill smiled as she turned to walk out of the office. "What is your opinion?" She asked her boss. Blue gave her a blank stare. "I really wouldn't know. Jake is the only man I've been with."

Jill remembered Jake was Blue's husband. "Actually I've only been with two men and they were both about the same size." Jill smiled and sat back down in the seat.

"There's got to be some statistics on penis sizes. I guess they are measured in the erect state right?" Blue blushed.

"I'm sure the men would not let you measure them any other way." Jill laughed. "My first lover was about five inches hard and my last boyfriend Sam was pretty much the same." She relaxed for the first time while talking with her boss.

Blue realized Jill was waiting to hear how big Jake's penis was. "Yeah, about the same I guess. Maybe a little larger?" She said blushing. "Now don't use Jake's name in the article." She laughed.

"I won't." Jill responded. "How big do they get?"

"I saw a porn movie once in college and that one had to be at least a foot long." Blue grinned.

"Really?" Jill tried to imagine how one that big would feel inside of her.

"Go do your research." Blue said laughing. The conversation was making her body heat creep upward. "Let's meet at 4:00PM to see what you have."

Jill smiled and got up from the chair. Finally she got an assignment she would like. What she didn't know was that she was going to like it a whole lot.

Blue grabbed her purse and quickly left her office to go to the main library. She left so fast she had forgotten to grab her pen and notepad. The library was fairly busy as she pulled a chair up to the reference computer and typed in 'penis'. As the data came up, someone tapped her on her shoulder. She turned to see a young blonde haired man looking down at her.

"I think you may have dropped this." He said handing her a KOSMO identification card with her picture on it.

She took it from his hand and held up the side with her photo on it. "Are you sure it's mine?" She grinned. The young man looked to be in his mid-twenties, well built and had the cutest smile.

"Unless there is another beautiful woman that looks like you I'm sure it's yours." He grinned. His eyes moved down to the pink flesh of her legs resting above the bottom hem of her dress.

She realized he was flirting with her. "I think I may be too old for you." She giggled. Blue had just passed her thirty-sixth birthday. "And, I'm married as well." She said holding up her wedding ring.

"Shucks. The sexy ones are always taken. My name is Mark." He said holding out his large hand.

Blue blushed as she touched her hand to his. She suddenly remembered the old wife's tale that foot size is directly related to penis size. She glanced down to his very large shoes. "Blue." She whispered looking up at him with her baby blue eyes.

"No. I'm blue because you are married." He grinned. For someone so young he was very smooth with the women. He glanced over her shoulder at the computer screen. His eyes opened wide when he saw the listing of books. They each had the word 'PENIS' in the title. "If you need any help with your research let me know." He said smiling.

At first Blue did not know what he was talking about. She turned and saw the listing of books. "Err.....I'm-m-m..." She collected her wits. "I'm just doing some research on a story I'm writing." She blushed.

"Good topic." He laughed. "I'll be in room 204 if you need to do any one on one research." He chuckled, turned and walked to the elevator.

Blue's body was now on afterburners as she looked at the young man's cute butt. Although she had been writing about sexual topics the past year her own life was basically conservative and provided very little if any information. As she printed out the listing of book titles she kept thinking about his offer. Would he think she was coming on to him if she asked him some personal questions about his penis? Sure he would. For the first time in her life Blue stepped out of her conservative life, printed out the book listing and pushed the elevator button.

Mark was busy typing on his laptop when he heard a faint knock on the door to the private study room. He moved up, opened the door and stood back as Blue walked in. Neither said a word as they sat down across the small table from each other.

"First of all I'm only here for business reasons." Blue started. "My assistant and I are doing research as you are now aware on the size of a man's penis."

"Versus a woman's penis?" Mark laughed.

Blue laughed nervously. "I guess I didn't have to add the man part did I?"

"I'm sorry. Go ahead." Mark said sitting back in his chair.

"As part of the article we need to do some interviews with both women and men and I was wondering if you would let me interview you?" Her face was now a bright red.

"About my penis?" He asked not sure what he was getting into.

"Well yes but also about if you think size makes a difference?" Blue was now wiggling around in her seat.

"What do you think?" Mark quickly asked with a grin.

Blue blushed again. "Let's leave me out of this."

"I'll tell you if you tell me." He said enjoying the conversation. He could see she was uncomfortable asking him these questions and it made it even more exciting.

"OK, but you first." Blue said. She knew she had very "little" information to tell him.

"Shoot." Mark said grinning.

"Describe your penis to me." She said looking down. She did not have any paper or pen.

"Right now?" He asked.

"Well yes. Now and in the excit..ed...sta...ate." Her voice was starting to crack.

"Well when its not excited it is soft and when it's excited it is hard." He grinned. He was not going to make this easy on her.

"Thanks." She said, now smiling. "How about size?"

"Ah...I really don't know. I've never really measured it." He said seriously for the first time. "You don't have a ruler do you?"

"No." She laughed. She realized she was now feeling more relaxed. "Just give me as estimate."

"OK. Six and Ten." He said quickly.

Blue looked at him. "Repeat that please."

"Soft six and hard ten." He said proudly.

"Ten inches." She said making sure she heard him correctly.


"Can I borrow a piece of paper and your pen?" She asked.

"Sure." Mark handed them to her and watched as she wrote down his name with a 6 inch soft and 10 inch hard note next to it.

"Shoe size?" She asked this time not looking up.

"12 DD." He answered.

"I didn't know they made them that big." She grinned.

"Shoes or penis?" He laughed.

She was ready to say both but grinned and just said shoes. Blue stopped and thought about what other questions to ask.

"Would you say that you are able to satisfy women?"

Mark thought about it. "Yes in a big way."

"Seriously." She said. "Have women told you that being larger helps make them more satisfied or should I ask climax sooner and with more intensity?"

"I get that impression but that's not something that I ask a woman."

"How many women have you been with?"

"This week?" He asked smiling. She looked up at him.

"Only kidding." He laughed.

"Actually only two. I lived with one girl in college and have been with my present girlfriend for almost a year."

She wrote his reply. "Do you think she would mind answering some questions?"

"I don't think so but you will have to ask her that question."

"She won't be upset that I'm asking you these types of questions?" Blue asked realizing a partner may not want their love life spread around.

"Her name is Maggie. Here is her phone number."

"I guess that's all for today." Blue said. "I would like to ask you some more questions as we get more information."

"Sure. However now you have to tell me if you think size makes a difference." He quickly said as she stood up.

"I wish I could answer that. I haven't had enough experience to know." She said sharply.

"If you ever want to find out let me know." Mark said as she walked towards the door.

She started to say no thanks but heard the words, "I'll let you know" come out of her mouth. "Oh, I don't have your full name and phone number."

"Mark Brown and you have my number." He said smiling. The conversation had an obvious effect on his manhood which was now pushing out the front of his slacks.

Blue turned to shake his hand and saw the large tent. Her eyes froze on the sudden unbelieving view. She quickly released his hand and almost ran out the door. She was so shaken she forgot to check out the books.


Jill was excited as she surfed the internet for penis size. Her cubicle was out in the open office area and her monitor screen could be seen by anyone passing by. She tried to put her head in front of the monitor but it was only a short time when John, a young married guy, stopped by.

"Didn't anyone tell you looking at porn is against the rules?" John whispered. He had been flirting with her every chance he got. At first it was just a little fun but lately he was becoming obsessed with her. His two year marriage had hit some bumpy roads recently concerning money problems as well as sexual ones.

Jill jumped when he spoke and quickly clicked away from the large graph showing average penis sizes. "I'm doing some research for an upcoming article."

"Upcoming, huh?" He grinned.

"God, it that all you think about?" She smiled back at him. She knew he was married and enjoyed his joking around and he was a cute man with dark features extremely the opposite of Sam, her last boyfriend.

"Sorry." He said smiling. "What is the article on?"

She took a deep breath. "Penis size and is bigger better?"

"So what have you found out?" He asked very quietly.

"I'd rather not talk about this here." She whispered and smiled. The old lady, Emma, in the next cubicle had a bad habit of eavesdropping.

"I'm heading down to the break room if you are interested." He said smiling.

She looked at her watch and saw she had at least 30 minutes to spend with him. "OK. I'll meet you there in 5." She turned, saved the chart and turned off her computer.

Jill stopped by the restroom to make sure her hair and makeup was in good order. She felt her heart racing slightly as she moved into the break room looking for the handsome man.

"Over here." John said waving. "I bought you a Coke." He had noticed what she normally consumed at her desk.

"Thanks." She said smiling. She looked around and saw they were the only ones sitting at a table. Another woman was at the vending machines on the other side of the room.

Jill took a drink of Coke and smiled. "So, would you like to help me?

"About penis size?" John said not prepared for her question.

"No. I haven't got that far yet. I'm putting together a survey form and need some help with the questions." She giggled.

"OK." He said disappointed.

"What questions do you recommend concerning the subject about bigger being better?"

"Man or woman?"


"Well from a man's point of view I guess you will have to ask him how big he is." He took a quick drink and resumed his thoughts. "Erect."

"Yes, definitely erect." She said feeling the heat in her loins building. "How big is your penis when it is erect?" She wrote on the small notepad.

"About seven inches." John answered.

"What? Oh no, I wasn't really asking you." Jill said, noticeably embarrassed.

"It's OK. I don't mind. Actually seven and a quarter inches." He laughed.

"Gotta get that one quarter in huh?" She said as she wrote his name and 7 ¼ next to his name.

"And the girth?" She asked not looking at him.

"Girth?" He repeated not sure what she meant.

She smiled. "Circumference."

"Oh. I have no idea." He said feeling his bulge getting bigger and bigger. He also noticed her nipples were now more apparent on her round mounds. The conversation was getting to both of them.

"Soft?" She asked. Not that it mattered but she was just curious about how big they got from where they started.

He grinned and looked down at his lap. "Ask me some other time."

Jill blushed realizing he was hard as he answered her questions. "What other questions should I ask?"

"For women I guess is bigger better?" He asked.

She wrote it down.

"Well?" He asked.

Jill realized he was actually asking her. "Me?" She blushed again. "I guess its relative. Bigger than what you are used to or really big."

"So what are you used to?" He whispered. Another woman walked by their table.

She thought about telling him it was personal but realized she was asking him the same type of questions. "Smaller than you." She grinned. Suddenly their teasing and joking had taken a more serious path. "So I can't really say."

He thought about offering her a chance to find out but decided against it. He didn't want to scare her away. "Fair enough."

"I guess you can ask women what the biggest they have had and if they have had a big one if they will ever be satisfied with a smaller one." He injected.

"Hey, that's a good one." She smiled and wrote it down.

"So where do I stand?" He asked wondering what the average penis size was.

"Average wise you are above average especially for a Caucasian."

"But not for a black?" He smiled.

She smiled and shook her head yes he was correct. "Blacks average almost seven inches."

Jill took a final drink of Coke. "I've got to get back to my research. Thanks for helping me." She said standing next to the table and peering down at he large lump in his pants.

"I'm working late so if you want to ask more questions stop by my office." John said as she walked away. She just turned and smiled.


As Jill walked back to her cube she noticed Blue had returned to her office. "How did you do?" She asked, sticking her head in her doorway.

"Well good and bad." Blue said just sitting and staring at her desk. "I'll tell you about it later."

Blue took out her notes and looked at the '10' again. Up until today she had never really thought about how it would feel with a big penis inside her but after her conversation with Mark she could think of nothing else. The phone rang bringing her back to reality. It was her husband.

"Tonight?" Blue repeated. Jake had invited his brother Brad and his wife Tina over for a light dinner of pizza. The men would normally watch pro wrestling while the women sat in the kitchen talking about everything under the sun. "I should be home on time." She said hanging up the phone.

At 4:00PM sharp Jill came in and closed the door.

"Give it to me." Blue said waiting to hear what information Jill had found out.

Jill took out her notes and read:

1.The average penis size is around 6 inches long and 5 inches in girth. 2.Average size for Orientals is 4.5 inches, Caucasians 5.8 inches, and Africans 6.8 inches. 3.90% of men are unhappy with their penis size. 4.70% of men are at least 6 inches long. 5.Most males have reached maximum size by age 24.

She stopped and put her notes down. "There have been some studies like the new Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex but I couldn't obtain a copy on the web. Sorry I couldn't get anymore right now. I was thinking about working late to do some more searching. I don't think seeing penis photos and information on my computer is a good thing as others walk by." She laughed. "How did you do at the library?"

Blue laughed. "I had the same problem as you. I had a list of books about penis's on my computer screen when a nice looking young man came back to give me my ID card that I dropped. He saw the subject and of course had to comment."

"Men are so vile at times." Jill said.

"No actually he was quite nice and was actually coming on to me." Blue said. "I told him I was older and married but it didn't bother him. He offered to let me interview him so I did."

"Really?" Jill asked. She was thinking of her own interview of sorts with John. "What did you ask him?"

"I've been doing interviewing for many years but I've never been so nervous....." She hesitated. "and so excited before." Blue smiled. "I just asked him how big he was."

"You're kidding right?"

"Nope, and when he told me six and ten I had trouble writing it down."

"Six and ten." Jill repeated.

"Six soft and ten hard." Blue said watching the girl's reaction.


"That's what he said. I didn't measure it."

"Why didn't you call me?" Jill laughed.

"He's got a girlfriend." Blue added.

"And, I don't have a boyfriend." Jill quipped.

"I have his name, girlfriend's name and phone number." Blue said holding up the paper.

"Name your price." Jill joked.

"Sorry we can't get involved with our sources."

"I quit." Jill said looking serious.

"This conversation and topic is making me light headed." Blue smiled. "See what you can find out tonight and we can continue this in the morning." She took a deep breath while Jill walked out. Damn, she thought, her panties were soaking wet.


John hung around a little past five and walked out to see if Jill was still there. He had called his wife to tell her he was working late but she was not home. He left her a voice message. As he turned the corner to her cube he stopped. The office was completely empty and Jill was sitting on her chair Indian style with her feet curled up under her. Her thighs were exposed almost up to her crotch. Luckily for her she was facing the other way. John sneaked a peek at her computer screen and saw a photo of the largest penis he had ever seen on a man.

"Anyone I know?" He said moving closer. He tried to move around to her front to see what he could see up under her skirt.

Jill again jerked back not expecting anyone to still be in the office. She had forgotten what he had said about working late. "Oh, you scared me." She said embarrassed to be looking at the largest penis she could find on the net. "No, I'm still doing research. This one measures around 17 inches."

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