Kosmo: Is Bigger Really Better?


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Her hips were now almost two feet above the sofa cushion. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! TURN IT OFF!" She yelled.

Blue quickly pushed the off button on the remote. Maggie's body dropped lifelessly on the sofa.

Blue was panting as much as Maggie when the girl's eyes opened and she smiled.

"Your turn."

"Oh no. I can't." Blue said, quickly sitting the remote on the table like it was a hot potato. She had never even masturbated in front of Jake before.

"Don't you even want to know how great it feels or how much you can even take inside of you?" Maggie asked. Her robe was still opened and her legs were still spread wide. Only the base of Enrique showed. "It won't be really cheating on your husband."

Blue's mind bounced back and forth between grabbing the dildo and running out the door. She really wanted to try it out but was too conservative and too shy to do it in front of this strange woman. But, her pussy was throbbing wanting release. She was about to say no when Maggie pulled the slippery penis slowly out. It kept coming, coming, coming until finally the mushroom head appeared. "Do you want me to clean it off for you?" Maggie again was not taking no for an answer.

"Maybe I can just borrow it?" Blue said blushing.

"Nonsense." Maggie laughed. "We are both women. Come over here and lie down next to me."

Blue's heart was pounding as she crossed the line for the second time. Her knees trembled as she rose and stumbled to sit next to the young woman.

Maggie giggled. "I think your dress is too tight. Let's take it off." Maggie quickly pulled down the back zipper and pulled the dress off Blue's shoulders and down her arms. Blue's lifted her hips to allow Maggie to pull the dress under her hips and down her legs. She sat back in her lacey white panties and matching bra.

"Wow, you have a beautiful body." Maggie commented as she released Blue's bra. Blue's fingers grabbed the cups before they fell from her naked breasts.

"I don't need to remove the bra." She said wonder if Maggie had more plans for her body than just pushing Enrique up her pussy.

"Believe me it's much better." Maggie laughed as she pulled the bra from Blue's trembling fingers. "Nice." Maggie said seeing her long hard nipples and firm mounds.

Blue lifted her hips to allow Maggie to pull her last remaining article of clothing off. She was embarrassed knowing Maggie would see how excited she was as the damp crotch of the panties was removed.

"Cute." Maggie giggled as she dropped the panties and moved her fingers up to gently touch the tiny patch of blonde pubic hair resting at the top of Blue's slit. Her lips were shaven. "Open up."

Blue closed her eyes and leaned back against the sofa. She slowly opened her legs as wide as she could. Maggie took a hold of one leg and guided it up until Blue was now lying on her back with Maggie between her thighs.

"I don't think we are going to need any lubricant with you either." Maggie giggled seeing the dripping pussy before her eyes.

Blue jumped when she felt something touch her vagina. She opened her eyes expecting to see the huge dildo but saw Maggie's hand resting between her thighs. "What?"

"I just want to make sure you can take Enrique. I don't want to hurt you." Her fingers moved down until her middle finger pushed gently inside. She definitely was tight. "You haven't had any children have you?" Maggie asked as she pushed another finger into the woman's tight box.

Blue shook her head no and again closed her eyes as the woman explored her tightness. Suddenly Maggie touched her hard clitoris. "Ahhh." Blue moaned and lifted her hips.

"God, you really need this don't you?" Maggie giggled as her thumb pressed against the hard lump of flesh. "I've only did this once before." She announced as she moved her head downward until her lips pressed against Blue's clit.

"OH GOD!" Blue moaned. She had never thought another woman could make her feel this way but right now she was as hot as she had ever been. Her fingers moved down to pull Maggie's head tighter as the woman's tongue flicked against her clit.

"Don't stop. Please don't stop." Blue moaned. She had to come.

Maggie gave up the thought of using Enrique as she used all of her memory to bring this woman to a shattering climax. Blue's screams and moans filled the house as her hands and legs trapped Maggie's head against her dripping pussy.

"NOW! NOW! NOW!" Blue's voice shattered the air as she exploded.

They both lay in that position for almost a minute until Maggie forced her head from Blue's grasp. "You still want to try Enrique?"

"No. I don't think I have anything left right now." Blue laughed. "That was unbelievable. Thank you."

"My pleasure." Maggie smiled

"What about your agreement with Mark about getting permission ahead of time?" Blue asked as she sat up and pulled up her damp panties.

"I got the permission before Mark left this morning." She laughed. "Just in case you called."

"I feel used." Blue grinned. "But, I'm not complaining."

Blue quickly dressed and was ready to leave when Maggie came down the stair with another black box. "A present." She grinned.

Blue opened the box and saw Enrique's twin.

"Paulo." Maggie grinned.

"Thanks." Blue said as she leaned forward to kiss the woman on her cheek. But, Maggie quickly turned her head and placed her lips on Blue's. Before Blue could react Maggie's tongue invaded her lips and mouth. Nether woman pulled back and swapped tongues for almost two minutes. Finally Blue broke away and gasped. "Enough. I have to get used to this woman-woman thing." She giggled and she moved out the door with Paulo under her arm.


Jill was worried about her boss and had tried to call her cell phone but it was off. The phone rang but it was John.

"How about dinner at my house tonight?" John asked.

"Your house?" Jill repeated.

"Yes, I told my wife about your request to interview her and she is willing."

"Uh, OK. Send me the address and directions. What time?"


Jill hung up the phone and smiled. She was really beginning to like doing articles on sex.

Around 10:00AM Jill heard Blue opening her office door. She quickly jumped up and walked into Blue's office.

"Are you OK?" Jill asked.

"Yes." Blue smiled. "I.......uh....." She thought about telling Jill what had just happened but stopped. "I'll tell you later. We need something new like the big feet means big you know what. Check around the office without being obvious and let me know who has the biggest feet."

"OK boss." Jill smiled. She could see something was different with Blue but she couldn't put her finger on it. She did notice the large black box sitting on her desk.

Blue closed and locked her door. Her panties were still dripping wet so she reached under her dress and took them off. Now where can she put them to dry she thought. She looked around and put them behind the mini-blinds in her office. Since her office was on the sixth floor she didn't think anyone would notice them.


Jill sat in the break room looking like she was writing a report as the employees came and left. So far the man with the biggest shoes was Roy who worked in the computer department. He was one of the few black men working in their office. The smallest shoes belonged to Ron Chen who also worked in the computer group. It was almost lunch time as Jill picked up her papers when she saw two very large shoes walk in. Her eyes moved up his legs over his stomach to his chest. Her eyes widened when she saw the big boss, Jack Cross who smiled as he walked to the vending machine.

"Hi Jill." He said as he opened his candy bar. "How's the article going?"

"Fine, Mr. Cross." She said, giving him her cutest smile. She pushed back her chair enabling his eyes to scorch across her tan thighs which were uncovered almost to her passion purple thongs.

"Please call me Jack. Mr. Cross makes me feel so old." He laughed. He remembered the job interview he had with Jill and how he felt the sexual tension and chemistry between them. "So how is your boyfriend?"

"History." Jill smiled. "Would you be interested in doing an interview for the article?"

"Me?" Jack asked surprised. "Probably not. I don't like to be part of what is published in the magazine."

"It would just be for statistics. I won't use anything you say." She blushed. She basically wanted to know his shoe size and penis length.

"Statistics huh?" He smiled. "Let me think about it." He finished his candy and tossed the wrapper in the trash.


Blue tried to concentrate on her job but, Maggie's tongue kept coming back into her mind and between her legs. She opened the box, took out Paulo and tried to curl her fingers around it until they touched. "Jill." Blue said pushing her intercom button.

"Yes." Jill said. She didn't go to lunch.

"Come in and meet Paulo."


"Yes." Blue clicked off the intercom, put Paulo back in the box and moved over to unlock the door.

Jill knocked and walked in as Blue closed and locked the door behind her.

"So, where is this mystery man?" Jill laughed, looking around.

"Sit and I'll get him for you." Blue giggled. The young girl sat and Blue opened the box.

"Jill meet Paulo." Blue smiled as she held up the twelve inch dildo.

"Holy shit." Jill said, with her eyes wide open. "Where did you get that or should I say him?"

"Remember Mark from yesterday?"

"How could I forget 6 soft and 10 hard?" Jill giggled.

"I interviewed his girlfriend this morning on the way to the office."

Jill sat up in her seat. "And?"

"And she said sized definitely makes a difference."

"And?" Jill said knowing there was more to this story.

"And, she brought out Enrique to show me the size of a big penis."

"I thought his name was Paulo?"

"Her rubber man is Enrique. She gave me Paulo as a present."

"And, that was it?" Jill asked, suspiciously.

"No." Blue smiled and blushed. "She demonstrated that she could take the entire dildo while I watched."

"No shit?" Jill gasped. "You watched her!"

"All twelve inches. Push the power button and then the mode button."

Jill took Paulo and did what Blue said. She felt the vibrations.

"The little rubber knob is a clitty rub." Blue laughed.

"I've got to get me one of these." Jill said as she pushed the mode button again and it started to rotate. "Maybe I can borrow him?"

Blue blushed. "I'll let you know when I'm done." As Jill was handing Blue the dildo she dropped it on her desk and it rotated around and around on top of the walnut top.

"Stand back Paulo's performing." Blue laughed. She grabbed him and pushed the power button. He also generates his own heat.

"Tell me more about the demonstration. Did she climax?"

"Did she ever? I thought the house was coming down on us." Blue laughed.

"Wow. And that was it?" Jill asked wondering if Blue tried it out as well.

"Yes." Blue lied. She did not want to tell her about Maggie going down on her.

"Anything new on your end?" Blue asked as she put Paulo back in the box.

"Well, I discovered two men in the office so far with big feet."


"Roy from Computers and believe it or not Jack Cross."

"Really?" Blue asked. So, maybe her boss wanted her to do this article for personal reasons.

"I asked Mr. Cross if he would do an interview but he said he needed to think about it." Jill smiled.

"Keep looking around. I'll do Jack's interview if he agrees." Blue said firmly. If anyone was going to ask her boss how big his penis was it was going to be her. "Check back with me at 4:00PM today for an update."


After lunch Blue paid her boss a visit for her weekly update meeting.

"So how's the article doing?" Jack asked, smiling.

"Good. Jill has run up some stats and we have started doing some interviews."

"Any earth-shattering discoveries yet?"

"Not really but we want to bring out some new stuff like does penis size relate directly to shoe size?" Blue said watching his face.

"Good." He said smiling. So, that was why Jill wanted to interview him this morning he thought.

"Another angle is if a woman can be really satisfied if he had a large penis and went back to a smaller one."

"Good." He thought about his wife who was a virgin when they were married.

"Are there any limits on who we can interview in the office?" Blue asked.

"I'll run it by HR. As long as they agree, we don't use their name and if we keep everything confidential it should be OK. I'll let you know."

"If it's alright, your name is first on the list." Blue smiled, as she stood up and walked out of his office. He only grinned.


At 4:00PM Jill and Blue met.

"If it's OK with you I'm going to John's house tonight to interview him and his wife." Jill said. "John told me yesterday his penis was 7 and ¼ inches erect."

"Seven and one-quarter." Blue laughed.

"I know. Men have to get every fraction."

"Just be careful around married folks. Sometimes it might look OK but you just never know." Blue said.

"How about you?" Jill asked.

"We need to find out from a woman who has experienced a large penis and afterwards has a smaller one again. I'm lost trying to find someone like that." Blue thought out loud.

"How about the Maggie woman?" Jill asked.

"She said she has only been with Mark." Blue replied.

"I'd try to set her up with Sam but we are not really talking right now." Jill said.

"Yeah, I don't think Jake will go for it either." Blue laughed. "Especially, if I get to sample Mark at the same time.

"Have fun at John's." Blue said as she picked up Paula and toted him out the door.


Jan was anxious as she sat the dinner table for their special guest tonight. When John first told her about Jill wanting to interview them she was upset. She figured their sex life was their and only their business only. She knew her problem was in her head and maybe talking to this woman would help.

John walked into the house ten minutes early. "Hello beautiful." He said as he moved up behind her and pulled her round buttocks against his hard-on. He had been hard most of the afternoon thinking about Jill coming to the house.

"Don't, you will mess up my hair." She said, pulling away from his grasp.

"I thought you were going to try and loosen up?" John asked frustrated. As beautiful as Jan was she was even more reserved when it came to sex and even nudity. John was just the opposite.

"I'm trying." Jan said with sad eyes. "It might take a while to get rid of my entire mother's preaching about how sex and nudity is dirty and wrong.

"Promise me tonight you will be loose and just let it out." John asked as he kissed her lightly on her forehead.

"I promise." Jan said. Actually her body was already on fire thinking about doing a sex interview but her conservative upbringing was holding her back.

It was five after when Jill rang the doorbell. John greeted her and led her into the kitchen to meet Jan.

"John never told me what a beautiful wife he had." Jill commented, seeing the short dark haired woman with full breasts and nice round hips.

"He never told me you were so young either." Jan said, glaring over at her husband.

"I can't remember everything." John said, pulling the chair out for Jill to sit.

Dinner was fantastic and the conversation went from tense to loose. John made sure both women's wine glass stayed full and pretty soon they were both giggling and laughing. After desert Jan insisted John take Jill into the den while she cleaned up the dishes.

"She's lovely." Jill smiled as she sat down on the sofa next to John.

"On the outside but not on the inside, especially in the bedroom." John whispered. He wanted Jill to know that Jan was as close to being frigid as you can get.

Jill was taken back by the comment. She wanted to do a survey but not get involved in a couples sexual problems. "Does it have to do with the topic of our article?"

John smiled. "I don't think so. Jan had a very conservative up-bringing and has had trouble shaking some of her hang-ups. I was hoping we could address some of them tonight."

"I don't know......." Jill started to say as Jan walked into the room.

"What don't you know?" Jan asked as she sat down next to John putting him in the middle.

"We were discussing the article and were kicking around the questions." Jill answered, nervously.

"I promised my husband I would be open for any question and will answer them to the best of my knowledge. Embarrassing or not." She smiled.

John leaned back in the sofa anxious to start the discussion. He did not know how the evening would progress but he was ready for anything and everything.

Jill pretended she did not know how big John was.

"Well the article is about bigger penises being better than smaller ones. The average size is around 6 inches erect. I guess the first question is how big John's penis is." Jill said as she pulled her notepad on top of her lap. She now wished her skirt was a little longer because from the way she was sitting she knew she was exposing a lot of thigh.

"You want to answer or should I?" John asked his wife who was smiling from the wine.

"I think it's bigger than six inches." She giggled. "It sure feels a lot bigger than six inches. But, I'm not sure."

John didn't reply and only smiled at Jill. That shit head. She thought. He knew she needed the size.

"Well how about approximate size?" Jill asked giving John an evil eye.

"Don't know. Never measured it." John grinned.

"Me neither." Jan giggled again. "Why don't we measure it?"

Both Jill and John were shocked by Jan's suggestion. Neither really expected it.

"Oh no that's OK." Jill said feeling she was loosing control of the interview.

"He's been hard since he came home." Jan smiled. Her hand moved over to pull his pleated slack tight against his bulge. "See."

All eyes were on the subject as it jerked slightly upward under his loose boxers and slacks.

"I have a ruler in the kitchen." Jan said, as she jumped up and ran into the other room.

"What are you doing?" Jill asked John.

"Nothing, just letting whatever happens happen."

"Yeah right." Jill said, as Jan flew back into the room with the ruler. She pushed it down onto John's bulge and read the numbers.

"Six inches." She announced.

"Wait." John said upset with the judges ruling. "You can't read it accurately in my pants."

"Well take it out." Jan giggled as she quickly pulled down his fly and reached deep under his boxers to grab the slippery el.

"No don't." Jill said too late. John's pink one-eyed rod was now on display.

Jan again grabbed the ruler and this time pushed the end to the base and guided the wooden rod up against the fleshy pole. She leaned close to read the numbers. "SEVEN INCHES!" She cried.

Jill knew what was coming next. John took the ruler from his wife's hand and measured it himself. "No, he smiled. It's seven and ¾ inches." A new high for him.

"OK." Jill said as she wrote the numbers on the pad. She was going to ask how big it was soft but decided to skirt that question at the moment.

"Girth?" She asked now excited to see such a big penis.

"Circumference." John explained to his wife.

"I know." Jan said. "How do we measure that?"

"Got a string?" Jill asked. Again Jan ran back into the kitchen.

"I can't believe you let her pull it out like that." Jill said to John.

"You don't seem to mind." He grinned. He had let go of his prick and it was standing up proudly waiting for the string.

"Here." Jan said holding out the string to Jill.

"Me? No please you do it." Jill said pulling her hands back.

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