tagGroup SexKrissy Pays Her Dues, Beautifully

Krissy Pays Her Dues, Beautifully


This story follows on from the first two Krissy stories, ‘Krissy shows her age' and ‘Krissy gets nasty with the boys'. While the others were based on partial happenings, this is one I would like to have done out of a sense of ‘decency'!

It was about a week after her night of discovery with Julia and the guys. Krissy had hooked up for a coffee with her ex boyfriend, Jake. Despite an initially traumatic split, the two had eventually made up after a few months, agreeing that in reality the relationship had run its course.

They had both found new partners, and in going back to being friends, they had discovered that they were able to discuss even their most intimate of moments with each other. Both would admit if they were ever to be pushed that there was a certain voyeuristic element to this. Quite simply, the dirty stories were a turn on to each other, but none to date could compare to Krissy's recent adventures.

Over coffee she knew the conversation would swing to matters of the bed. She knew the story of the night and her foursome would be a well received tale, but she had decided to keep the guys bi experiences to herself. Jake's opinion of Jon was low and far from being a turn on, it would just lead to scorn being poured on her for her choice of men since their split.

Krissy initiated this most interesting part of their chat. ‘You seeing anyone special right now?' she asked.

Grinning slightly Jake admitted ‘You know what it is, I'm 38 and I can't pull a 30 year old to save my life. They seem to all have so much baggage that they insist on hauling around - a bunch of frigging man haters. That said, the 25 year olds seem to be throwing themselves at me – unreal.'

‘Young guys might have a stamina advantage in the sack, but novelty only goes so far. I spent my twenties getting fucked by older guys – at least they can afford to take you for dinner afterwards!' joked Krissy by means of explanation.

‘Anyway, don't condemn me, but there are a couple of young things that I'm involved with. I'm pretty keen on Laura. She is slim and pretty, got her own business, so she is no mug, but trouble is, she just won't go all the way.'

‘Tell me more…' urged Kris. ‘What does she look like?'

‘She is really cute, milky white skin, almost skinny. No tits, but you of all people should know I don't mind that. She has lovely long hair that looks like a brunette from a distance but is a dark red when you get close. She's a natural red, and I should know having seen her rather luxuriant privates.'

‘Sounds lovely, but I thought you said she doesn't put out?' said Krissy picturing what she could do to this divine sounding creature.

Jake shrugged. ‘I just haven't screwed her yet. Everything else, but just no actual penetration - I've had my finger up her arse, my tongue up her soaking cunt and last week I just about blew her head off when I came in her mouth. She gagged so much it left her in no doubt as to her ability to turn me on…'

‘I quite fancy corrupting her myself', Krissy commented, not joking, but knowing Jake would miss how serious she was. ‘You said there were a couple of them didn't you?' corrected Krissy, seeing Jake drifting away slightly. ‘Go on…'

‘Lynsey on the other hand is well up for it – she took me to bed the first time. By the third fuck I had tied her to the bed, oiled right up, a candle up her backside and my cock in her mouth. If you met her on the street, you were never guess, just an office girl that lets go in the sack. She's pretty enough, but is going to be real mumsy when she gets older, but at 25 they are just curves' he confessed.

He continued with the proof of Lynsey's looser morals. ‘If I have to go out when she stays over, she gets me to spark up the computer so she can surf porn on the net. Perhaps explains her fantasies.'

‘Which are what exactly?' asked Krissy, sensing there was a twist coming. Unconsciously she was rubbing her thighs together already.

‘It sounds really corny, but she is pretty submissive and really wants to be part of a threesome with another experienced woman. But the stipulation is she wants to watch me fuck the other woman first. She was telling me this while straddling me in bed the other night and I can tell you it was all I could do not to cum on the spot!!'

Jake was as yet unaware of Krissy's exploration of her own bi side with Julia. He was utterly taken aback when she said ‘If you don't have anyone else in mind, I wouldn't mind being part of that.' Krissy lifted her eyebrows and looked over the top of her café latte cup to gauge Jake's reaction. It was somewhere between confusion and disbelief. She told him the edited version of her adventure.

Afterwards she added ‘Listen Jake, I'm not getting back with you and I don't want any falling in love again, but I guess I owe you one for the way I walked out on you. I know you always fancied a threesome, so if I do this, just think of it as me evening things up.'

There was no way that Jake was going to turn this down, a chance to nail Krissy again and to see her with another girl. It was almost schoolboy fantasy realms. ‘Okay then, let's get it sorted, but one condition. If she bolts, and I don't think that she will for one second, you have to stay for the night. If this screws up my only regular fuck, then at least I want one souvenir of the night.'

Krissy nodded her approval. They began to hatch their plan. Neither really wanted the chance to slip by for lack of thinking it through.

Lynsey arrived at Jake's on Saturday as arranged, unaware that tonight she might get a fair bit more than the good fucking she craved from her older lover. He had been turning her on all week with filthy messages and lewd phone calls. She could hardly wait. The young woman knew that she was so turned on that she was his to do anything with that he wished tonight.

The last month had been fantastic, with Jake using his confidence and experience to give her the kind of physical satisfaction she had never had before. The first time in bed together he had made her cum three times with his fingers alone, before he started using his tongue and finally his cock. He was not massively endowed, just a regular size, nicely curved and circumcised. He kept himself clean and tidy, but it was just that confidence that did it for her.

Sure enough, after some wine and food, they had ended up watching a porn movie and getting heavy on the sofa. When Jake suggested that they adjourn to the bedroom, she practically sprinted upstairs. Within a couple of minutes of hitting the big ivory coloured duvet on his huge antique bed, she was naked with his cock in her mouth, the hands on the back of her head keeping her pace slow and easy.

Controlling himself admirably, Jake rolled Lynsey onto her front and began to oil her all over. Almost unfelt, she was tied spread eagled with cotton handkerchiefs to the bed frame. She knew this was going to be hot, and could feel herself letting go of the cloak of respectability that she wore all week.

Krissy had spent the whole day trying to contain the urge to relieve her excitement. Almost relentlessly she found the need to touch herself. Just the thought of how off the wall and kinky it was for her to be planning to fuck, not just her ex, but his young and unsuspecting girlfriend as well, was almost too much to take. How far had she come in such a short time? It was like years of suppressed desire were now rushing to the surface.

By the time she had reached the back door of Jake's house, she was well lubricated and breathing in short excited breaths. Krissy dressed really simply, a short light blue summer dress and, unusually for her, the tiniest of thongs. Her fingers had slipped under the string many times during the 20 minute drive to his house, just for a quick rub or dip into her electrified opening.

Jakes was a back door house, and as arranged she simply came in and locked the door quietly behind herself. Walking across the polished wood floor, the sound of her shoes would alert those in the house to her presence. ‘Jake, you home?' she called gently, already knowing the answer.

If Lynsey could have jumped, she would have. ‘Who the fuck is that Jake? – look at the state of me!' Sure enough it was a sight. Legs and arms spread, arse propped up by a pillow under her stomach, arse and cunt already reddening with the early exchanges and fingering, she was in no position to preserve her modesty, and now she could hear the steps of this woman coming up the stairs.

Jake had a slight laugh in his voice when he said, ‘Don't worry, think of this as a present for you from me. Go with it and I'm sure you will enjoy it, after all, didn't I say I'd see what I could do for your fantasy?'

By this time Krissy was at the top of the stairs and turning towards the bedroom she knew so well. Her breaths were shorter than ever. Even after last week the premeditation in these actions made it somehow more exciting. A what a sight greeted her, Lynsey's arse aimed straight at her, the young and indeed attractive girl, peered at her under a bent arm, a look of some horror on her face and her embarrassing predicament.

Krissy stepped forward in to the room. Jake did the introductions. ‘Krissy this is Lynsey, Lynsey this is Krissy. You have heard me mention her in the past, and yes it is my ex Krissy. I ran into her the other day and happened to mention your fantasies in passing. Krissy has kindly offered to help you fulfil them tonight'.

Krissy interrupted by running a finger right up the young girls sopping wet slit lewdly displayed at her. The finger went straight into her own mouth to be cleaned off. ‘Lynsey, it surely is nice to meet you. Listen, I know you are probably dying with embarrassment right now, but you will get over it. If Jake and I have read this wrong and you don't want to play, just shout up and you are free to go. Neither of us wants to be up on a charge. But before you let your middle class upbringing get in the way, remember this is a one off, just for fun. After tonight, Jake is all yours again. But for now, lie there and see how you feel after you watch him fuck me – I believe it formed a big part of your dream…'

Lynsey's head was in a spin. All her common sense screamed for her to get out, but her juices were in full flow and her curiosity burning. Krissy was undressing in front of her, the first time a sexually charged woman had done so.

As the dress slipped to the floor Lynsey was struck by the sight of the almost flat chested older girls nipples. They were so unusual, quite large, but conical in shape, almost forming the breast themselves. Krissy's arousal was obvious from her rock hard nipples, but as the thong was discarded without ceremony, she was sure she could see that Krissy was soaking. How right she was.

Krissy crawled up the bed, looking straight into Lynsey's eyes. As she moved up she idly trailed her nails up the restrained girls back. Every hair on Lynsey's body stood on end, an involuntary gasp slipped from her. She gently bit her bottom lip to save further telltale signs escaping.

No matter, Krissy needed some relief and her attention had turned to Jake. His smooth cock was at attention and at the same level as Lynsey's face. Krissy gave Jake a peck on the lips then went straight down on his erection. She knew his girlfriend could see this clearly and glancing round a moment later, sure enough Lynsey was staring at her sucking his tool.

‘God, this tastes good, and so strangely familiar' quipped Krissy grinning at Lynsey. Jake was in ecstasy. She was so good at this. The illicit nature of this encounter just served to heighten his arousal, but he knew the best would come if he exercised as much self control as possible. He had made his mind up that Krissy would not run this show all by herself. He owed her a reminder of what she left behind.

Reaching down, he checked her cunt for its state of wetness. Krissy was soaking. Sneaking a glance at Lynsey, he knew she was not going anywhere tonight. His new girlfriend looked like she might burst with the excitement that was written all over her. Her skin was pink and red with the rush of blood; she was making slow dry humping motions within her binds. It would be kind to release her now, but Jake wanted to fuck Krissy uninterrupted first.

He was hard as hell and needed to change. He ordered Krissy onto her back. Laying the same way round as Lynsey, Krissy was separated from her by just six inches of bed. The two girls were of similar height, but different physiques. Where Krissy was slender and smooth with tiny A-cup tits, Lynsey was rounded, by no means overweight, but with a curvy arse and a B-cup bra size. Her cunt was a mass of dark curls, trimmed to the bikini line but no more. Despite all her porn watching, Lynsey clearly never thought to clean shave herself. As it was it served to show her wetness so much more, as the hairs matted together and darkened.

Jake slid up level and over Krissy. He kissed her briefly then pulled away. Easing down he roughly tweaked her nipples, then gently kissed around them. Krissy arched her back pushing their stomachs and groins together. She felt his cock rub her clit and the small patch of natural blond pubes above it. Jake noticed her actions and allowed himself a couple of hip thrusts up and down, sliding across the same areas and making her gasp for air. He knew she was as much into this as he was.

He loved the way her nipples were so reactive, but moved on, trailing his tongue across her stomach and down to Krissy's cunt. He nibbled her inner thighs so gently, making sure she could feel his breath on her clit. He let his tongue slip lower and gently rim her arse, poking it into this second opening as if to test her willingness to really let go. Nothing contradicted his perception. His tongue began to explore and swab her dripping cunt.

Lynsey was spell bound. Krissy eyes were screwed shut, but opened when Lynsey muttered almost to herself, ‘God he is going to fuck you right in front of me…'

Krissy turned to her and asked ‘You want him to? You want to see your boyfriend bury that hard cock in my cunt while you lie there unable to do a thing about it?'

‘Oh God yesssss!' came the hissed reply.

Krissy reached down and eased Jake up. Her hand dived between their bodies and grabbed his cock. Was it always this hard she wondered? A rough position would do, and with one firm thrust he was inside her. He held for a moment, pulled back, before pushing slowly back in. This slow grinding was soon hitting the spot for Krissy. Her cries and moans started almost immediately. This would be an easy and overdue orgasm if she wanted it.

Her new found confidence in her ability to fuck again and again and enjoy each orgasm in turn allowed her to push herself through to an easy release. Clasping his arse hard, Krissy dragged Jake up and down her sensitised slit, her clit filling with unbelievable sensations, sending her stomach turning and every sinew in her body tensing to the max. Through it all she could hear Lynsey's low moans as the scent and sounds of climatic sex washed over her. There she was, watching her lover fuck his ex a hands width away from her, and it was as much as she could do not to scream encouragement to the couple in the throes of passion.

‘Please Krissy, cum on his cock, please cum, please' came the begging. Jake controlled himself immensely, knowing how to slightly alter the angle to protect himself. Within moments, Krissy did cum, in the process pushing herself hard into Jake's groin. Her stomach muscles contorted her middle, her arse clenched and unclenched in rapid order, her arms clung around Jake's neck as if her life depended on it.

Jake felt her juices slowly wash over him, soaking his balls and thighs. He slowly withdrew, still fully erect himself. Now to turn the tables a little he thought. Lifting himself off, he moved up the bed and knelt to one side of Lynsey's face. ‘Want to go or want to stay? Now is the time to choose.' He knew damn fine that there was no way Lynsey wanted to leave. The huge damp patch in front of her crotch was evidence enough of that…

He eased his cock towards her mouth, but rather than let her suck on it, he rubbed it all over her face. Krissy's cum was now smeared all over her face. ‘You wanted to try another girl; well there is a taste for you. See if you like it.' Lynsey couldn't believe the smell and flavour. It was gorgeous, almost fragrant, in a dirty but exciting way. She relished it on her lips.

Still tied up, Jake decided to have some fun and see how Krissy would take having to watch for a moment. He moved over her then lined himself up with Lynsey's sodden pussy. ‘I am now going to fuck you with my cock still covered in Krissy's cum. Do you like that thought, the juices of the two of you mixing together?' With little warning, he eased up her, knowing from experience that entry would be easy to this sodden hole.

Lynsey moaned her approval. By now she was so excited she would do almost anything she was asked. Jake's cock inside her was a blessed release, for at last she was taking part in this amazing tryst. The taste of Krissy, the fact that she was staring at this beautiful naked woman so sexually aroused, while being screwed by her boyfriend was an incredible rush. This was the sort of action she had desired for so long, it was almost like being in a dream.

Krissy too was taking in the nastiness of the scene. She was so turned on that she needed to be touched, in spite of her orgasm only moments earlier. Her middle finger wandered down and began to rub her clit ever so gently, occasionally sliding along her slit to moisten itself and dip into her pussy. She could see that Lynsey was looking right at her, studying her fingers movement, almost replicating the pushes and strokes with the movement of her own body pushing back onto Jake's cock.

Krissy untied Lynsey's hands from the bed, at the same time Jake knew that the restraints on her legs were pointless and momentarily withdrew to untie her. Needless to say, Lynsey went nowhere.

Easing her hips forward, Krissy offered her pussy right up to Lynsey's face. ‘I guess that it is time for the next part of your fantasy Lynsey – time to taste another girl straight from the source.' The younger woman was only too willing to take the offer.

Her hands outstretched and began to tentatively stroke Krissy's lips, revelling in their smoothness compared to her own. She noticed how Krissy gasped when a finger trailed across her clit, or when she dipped the end of a finger into the older girl.

Jake was finally seeing it, a threesome with Krissy. The girls were clearly well into the whole scene now. Krissy's hands ran through Lynsey's brown bobbed hair, gently urging her face forward. The blond needed what was coming next. Lynsey licked tentatively up the slit, rimmed around a couple of times before settling into giving Krissy's clit some real attention.

The reaction was immediate. Krissy threw her head back and gulped a huge lungful of air. She was so sensitive that Lynsey's novice status at pussy licking was of no matter. Jake was fucking Lynsey from behind again, not hard, but forcefully enough to push her hard onto Krissy, her tongue finding both clit and soaking slit at the same time. For her part Krissy held Lynsey's head in place, her hands mashed into her hair, her thighs gently squeezing either side of her head.

Lynsey was going at her job with gusto, years of dreaming what it would be like finally fulfilled. It exceeded all of her expectations. She had never really thought about what the other woman would look like this close up or the wetness that would wash deliciously across her face. At the same time she felt incredibly secure having Jake with her. She felt like he was guiding her and everything would be alright afterwards, that they would share the eroticism of the night without embarrassment or regret.

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