tagRomanceKrissy's New Man

Krissy's New Man


I hate the term BBW, but I guess it fits. I like to think that I've got a full figure with great curves. I've never been able to look at those rag mags and think that the models are beautiful. I cannot believe that anyone finds those girls attractive. Or maybe it is me being me, not finding acceptance in something that doesn't represent me or the millions of women who share my size. Is there men out there that can appreciate plus size women?

As Krissy sat staring at her computer screen, trying to find the will to continue her article, a smile graced her full lips. Well, she thought, that wasn't exactly true. She had found someone who appreciates her. They had been seeing each other for about a year now, and every time they were together, she wasn't sure it could get any better than the time before.

They had met thru an internet dating site and after a few months of chatting, she got the courage to finally meet him in person. The met at a local restaurant and ended up talking for hours. The talked of family and friends and things they had in common. They laughed as if no one could hear them and didn't care that people were watching them.

As they walked to their cars, she got nervous. Ok, Kris, this is where he blows you off now. Thank him for lunch and the nice afternoon and go home. As they reached his truck he turned to her and said, "Thank you for meeting me. I cannot remember the last time I had such a wonderful afternoon!" Now the line where he can't see me again is coming she thought.

"Can we see each other again?" He asked. Krissy was certain her mouth fell open at his request. "Absolutely, I would love to!" She replied. The next thing she knew, he had backed her back up to his truck and lowered his head. The first touch of his lips to hers were like a whisper, so gentle and oh so sweet. Her purse dropped to the ground as her hands came up to cradle his face.

He deepened the kiss as he slid his hands up her arms to her neck. His tongue stroked hers and she heard herself moan in response. He ran his hands faintly down her neck, sending a shiver up her spine. She tugged on the hair at the nape of his neck, pulling him in closer to deepen her kiss. She could feel herself get wet in response to him.

His lips left hers and ran down to the hollow between her neck and shoulders. Her head dropped back against the cab of his truck and her eyes fluttered closed. If he hadn't had her pinned against the side of the truck, she was sure she would have fallen. His lips worked their way back to hers, his tongue dueling with hers, making her cry out.

Her hands inched their way under his shirt. She could feel his arms shaking and she wanted him to know it was ok to let loose with her. He moved his hands from her waist and pushed her harder against the truck, grinding himself into her. With a groan, he pulled away from her. "Hun, we have to stop, otherwise someone is going to get a show." It took her a second to realize where they were, and when she remembered she flushed bright red and dropped her head on his shoulder.

"Oh my God! I cannot believe I just did that!" She was so embarrassed. What must he think of her damn near jumping his bones in the parking lot?!

"I believe we both just did that, and I have no regrets, other than we aren't alone." He tipped her chin up to look into her eyes. "In no way am I ashamed or embarrassed by what just happened. I want it to continue. Somewhere private though." He leaned in and kissed her slowly and gently.

She looked him in the eyes and could see that he meant what he said. "Let's take a drive." She replied.

He helped her into his truck and they headed to one of the local walking trails in the area. As they pulled out of the parking lot, he reached across the seat for her hand and grasped it tightly, bringing it to his lips and kissing her hand gently.

Within minutes they had reached their destination. He parked the truck and hopped out, running around to her door to open it for her. Damn, she thought, a man that opens doors for a woman! He's one of the good ones.

He helped her down from the truck and they headed for one of the trails. They talked about the weather, their jobs, their friends. They held hands as they walked and he made sure to help her over any rough patches. They reached the lookout spot within a few minutes.

"Oh my! It's beautiful up here. I've never been here before." She looked out over the lake and marveled at the beauty of it. "How did you know it was here?" She asked him.

"My buddies and I used to come up here as kids and do some hunting. Well, that's what we said we were doing. I don't think we did much hunting, to be honest with you." A smiled graced his face, almost sheepishly. He was really handsome when he smiled, she thought. Almost as if there is a glint of the devil in his eye.

They sat on the picnic table, side by side, and talked for awhile. Krissy found she was constantly touching him in some way. Bumping his leg with hers, running her hands on his arm, touching his face, brushing his hair from his eyes. He grabbed the hand that was touching his arm and brought her palm to his lips and kissed it, making her hand sizzle from the spark.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her forehead. "Krissy, I cannot remember the last time I spent a day like this. I cannot remember feeling like this. Thank you."

"I know. It's almost as if you're a dream. This day has been one of the best of my life." She replied.

He leaned into her and kissed her, snaking his tongue across her lips, causing her to gasp and allowing him entry. His tongue stroked her, causing a fire in her belly, making her moan into his mouth. She ran her hands thru his hair, down his neck, grabbing his forearms for support.

He stood up, pulling her with him and setting her on the edge of the picnic table. He pulled her legs apart and stood between them as he continued to devour her mouth with his.

She reached for the hem of his shirt so she could get her hands on his chest. He pulled back from her and yanked it over his head as her eyes widened. Dark hair matted his chest and ran down and disappeared into the waistline of his jeans.

"Oh God, a hairy chest!" She moaned as she reached out to touch him..

"You don't like?" he asked, almost hurt.

"No, I love!" She replied as she slid her fingers thru the hair on his chest. "My one weakness." She loved the feel of his hair running between her fingers. She couldn't wait to feel her nipples rubbing against it.

"You've seen mine, now show me yours" he replied. His fingers reached the hem of her sweater and raised it over her head. He found her favorite black bra overflowing with her creamy flesh.

"God woman, your beautiful!" She bent his head down to kiss the top of her breasts, running his hands down her sides to cup them. He peeled one strap down her arm to expose her nipple to his mouth. He ran his tongue lightly over the dark bud, causing her to gasp and arch her back.

"That's it baby, let me taste you." He sucked her hard bud into his mouth, causing her to cry out his name. He gently tweaked her nipple between his teeth.

"Oh God, yes, just like that!" She cried out as his hand found her other breast, making sure to lavish the same attention to that one.

She ran her hands over his chest down to his belt and fumbled with the latch. Next was the button and zipper on his fly. She groaned in frustration as the zipper finally released. She reached her hand into his boxers to feel the length of him against her palm.

He groaned into her chest as she stroked his hard cock in her hand, feeling him harden even more. She pushed her other hand against his chest and said, "I need to taste you, please!"

He stepped back, allowing her off the table and she quickly pushed him into the spot she just vacated. She shimmied his jeans and boxers down his hips and grabbed his cock in her hand. She gently squeezed him in her hand, causing him to ooze pre cum. She reached her tongue out to catch the first taste of him.

She watched his face as she took him into her mouth for the first time. His eyes met hers and she sank her mouth down his length. She twirled her tongue around his cock, gently stroking his length with her mouth while her hand cupped the weight of his balls in her hand.

She ran her mouth slowly up his cock to the head and kissed the tip of him. She ran her tongue on the underside of his cock then swallowing as much of him as she could. He grabbed her by the shoulders and yanked her up so they were eye to eye.

"Enough! I need to be inside you, now!" He reached for the snap on her jeans and quickly yanked them down her hips along with her panties. She flipped off her shoes and helped get her jeans off. He lifted her and placed her ass on the edge of the table.

"I'm sorry babe, it's gonna be fast and hard." He groaned as he rubbed his cock against the entrance of her pussy.

"Good, just the way I like it." She said as she grabbed his ass and pulled him into her.

They both groaned as he filled her. He could feel her muscles grasping his cock as he let her get accustomed to his size. They looked in each others eyes as he slowly pulled himself out only to ram himself deep inside her again.

He pushed her down on the table and pulled her hips to meet his. He watched her pussy take him in as he thrust his cock into her. He felt her pussy squeeze him tightly. His thumb stroked her clit causing her back to arch off the table and she screamed his name.

"Let go baby, cum for me." She leaned down and kissed her, watching her eyes darken as she closed in on her orgasm. "Yesssss, I'm cumming! Harder! Fuck me harder!" She cried out as the first wave of her orgasm hit her. He could feel her pussy spasm around his cock, milking him, causing him to reach the edge faster than he wanted to.

"You feel so good baby, I'm gonna cum inside you." He groaned at the thought of letting his seed loose inside her. He slammed his cock into her hard and relentless, watching her body convulse around him.

Their eyes met as he reached for her hands, clasping them in his. He groaned as he started cumming. Her pussy milked his cock as he continued pumping his seed into her. She watched his eyes darken as he filled her.

They stayed entwined after they came together, trying to catch their breath. She ran her hands up his chest, caressing his face and his lips.

"Are you ok?" He asked, kissing her forehead.

"Never better." She replied.

He helped her sit up and they both got dressed. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. She felt her body melt into his as his tongue stroked hers.

Her mind was racing a mile a minute. Never in her life, had anything come close to comparing with what just happened. It had never been that intense before.

"Wow. Just wow. " He said shaking his head. "What was that?! I'm not sure I will ever be the same again. "

"That good huh?" She asked with a chuckle, knowing what he meant. She was positive nothing would ever compare to what had just happened.

"That was as close to perfect as it can get baby." He said with a smile, leaning in to kiss her softly.

As Krissy's phone rang, she jerked back to reality. Damn, but that man can distract me, she thought. As she glanced at the caller id on her cell phone, she grinned. Hmmm, I wonder what he is doing of lunch today she thought.


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