tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKristen Saves Her Career

Kristen Saves Her Career


Kristen stepped into the director's outer office and hesitated a moment before taking off her overcoat. The light gray minidress she had chosen to wear for this interview was extremely thin and skintight so it clung to every contour of her young, lithe body.

She ran her hands down to smooth it over her ass and realized once again how it just barely covered the firm globes of her ass cheeks. In front it was just covering her upper thighs but that was about all. It was dangerously short.

Kristen had made a conscious choice not to wear panties today. It made it difficult for her to walk without flashing her smooth, hairless pussy at everyone but she knew that it gave her an edge in this meeting.

The dress was sleeveless and cut deep both in the back and front. Kristen had left her bra home deliberately and as she adjusted her firm tits to produce the best cleavage effect she was a bit surprised to see that her nipple were poking through the thin fabric of her silk dress.

Could this be turning her on? She wondered with amazement at her own body's reaction. How can something to demeaning turn me on? It's impossible!

Her perky nipple poking through the silk belied her last statement.

Kristen took a look at her 7" high heel mules that matched her dress perfectly and nodded to herself with satisfaction. She was ready.

Her heels click-clacked on the floor as he stepped forward to the receptionist's desk. She felt a bit reassured as she looked the well-made-up reception who was a girl about her own age, a beautiful blonde, wearing a skin-tight tube dress that showed more than half of the top of her tits, her nipples clearly poking through the thin fabric declaring to the world that she was also not wearing a bra.

The reception counter was mostly glass and the receptionist, who name was Sally Perkins according to a plaque in front of her, was either not aware of or not caring about the amount of leg she was showing. Though her legs were closed, Kristen knew the reputation of her employer well enough to guess, correctly, that Sally was as devoid of any panties as Kristen herself.

"Good morning, Miss Stalwart!" the girl looked at her "You are here to see Mr. Woodcock as per your appointment, I believe?"

"Good morning, Sally!" Kristen managed to flash a smile despite the butterflies in her stomach. "Yes I am. Would you let him know, please?"

"Sure thing. Miss Stalwart. You are 10 minutes early, would you mind taking a seat? I would let Sir know you are here. Would you like a drink or a sandwich?"

Kristen chose just to sit and wait. The wait was not long but Kristen felt every second of it as she kept rehearsing in her mind what she was going to say. She was worried he might not accept her offer. Then she worried what it would mean to her if he did accept it. The things she would have to do. She had heard a lot of rumours but surely they can't all be true.

For the outsiders Tony Woodcock was a super-mega-successful Hollywood director who was brilliant in direction, in finding new talent and in creating a worldwide buzz for every single one of his projects. But the Hollywood insiders knew what a wolf he was, a womanizer to end all womanizers.

Yet, there had been not a single case filed against him by any actresses even though everybody claimed that he was a casting-couch expert. On the other hand, all his heroines, new and old alike, went on to build a much successful career once they came into his hands.

Kristen's heart skipped a beat as she heard Sally calling her name "Miss Stalwart, please go in, Mr. W is ready for you!"

Even Sally's words sound double-meaning to Kristen's nervous mind. He is ready for me but am I ready for him?

She stood up, took a deep breath, smoothed her dress once more and walked to the door marked "Tony Woodcock - Private".

The door was opened by Tony himself as she approached it.

Tony was 6 feet tall and well-built. He was not a small man, nothing about him was small. He had a face that radiated joviality and good cheers but if you looked at his eyes you'd know the strength, the confidence and yes, the arrogance that the man exuded.

She gave him her best charming, seductive smile.

"Hi Tony"

"Hi Kristen. Come on in, sweetheart!" He placed his hand on the small of her back and ushered her in closing the door behind them.

As his hand touched her body she felt her stomach clench. It was an innocent enough gesture but her mind was taking it and anticipating where it would lead...

He led her to the conference area in his massive office and she sat down on a couch. It surprised her when he sat on the other couch opposite her. She had expected him to sit beside him and paw her like other directors and producers had done. But there was nothing of impatience or crass in Tony.

She crossed her legs slowly and adjusted her dress, making sure her pussy was covered but rest of her was enticingly visible to him.

When she said no for tea and coffee he got up and went to a bar built in a corner of the office. She tried to find a way to start the conversation but was unable to find the right opening.

He offered her a glass and she found that he was offering her her most favourite cocktail - Vodka and cranberry juice. She accepted and took a big swallow. It relaxed her a little.

"So how is Hollywood treating you?" Tony started with a big smile.

"Like it treats cheap whores!" She blurted out without thinking.

"Oh?" A note of concern came into his voice as he narrowed his eyes.

She blushed at her choice of words but decided to follow it up. A big gulp of her drink helped.

"Look, Tony, ever since I had that indiscretion with the Hunts director people think I am a floozy. Every two-bit director and producer wants me to spread my legs if I want to work in his movie."

Tony nodded sympathetically and didn't interrupt. She went on after a pause.

"My last film was 6 months ago. Since then I have had 39 auditions! Thirty-nine! And each sonofabitch wanted to lay me! Directors, producers, casting directors even every production manager wanted me to bend over his desk so they could fuck the Hollywood whore! Arrgh!"

Tony got up and freshened her drink. She took a big sip and continued "9 times I have been asked to strip in an audition. For a non-nude role! Can you imagine?"

Tony nodded "Yes, this town is crazy the way it stereotypes off-screen as well as on-screen. But darling, coming to me in a situation like this...I mean surely you must have heard of my reputation..."

Kristen nodded as she had anticipated this question "Well, mom said Kris if you have to use your ass to get work, it's better to be a fucktoy for one strong, successful man than be the town whore!"

Tony smiled at the dirty words pouring from the sweet-looking Hollywood star's mouth but she didn't blush. She looked right back into his eyes and slowly uncrossed her legs.

"So you are here because..." Tony stopped. "Yes, sir. I am here to be your fucktoy if you'd take me under your wing and help me salvage my career."

Tony looked into her eyes and saw that she was not bluffing. From where he was sitting he could see her pussy slit glistening with leaking juices.

He unzipped his pants and looked up at her. "Come here" he said, pulling out his thick, massive cock out of the pants.

Kristen immediately got up and went to stand before him. As he opened his legs she dropped to her knees on the floor and looked up at him.

He pushes his fingers into her soft, silky hair and took a firm. Thus keeping her in his control he looked down into her eyes and told her "You might say fucktoy lightly but I take it literally. You will be my slut, on set, off set, in my office, at my home or anywhere else in the world. When I say Spread you spread your legs and I will fuck you like a dirty little whore. Is that clear?"

She nodded quickly "Yes, Sir!"

Still holding her with his fist in her hair I pulled her face closer and started rubbing his, thick, meaty cock on her cheeks. She moaned and tried to control her breathing. Her heart was beating very fast and she was both terrified and excited thinking of what he might do to her!

He leaned down and kissed on the lips, briefly "Don't think it will be easy. I will use you hard, and rough, just as you'd be using me to rebuild your career. You cannot say no just because you think my order is too humiliating or degrading. And you would not get a chance to re-think once you make this choice."

Kirsten nodded again, "Yes, Sir! I understand, Sir!"

Tony smiled and tugged at her hair "Who is my whore, Kristen?" He asked with an arrogant smile on his face.

Kristen didn't hesitate "I am your whore, Sir!"

He pushed his massive, hard cock into her mouth.

Kristen was taken by surprise by the roughness of his first stroke but she opened her mouth wide and tried to take it as best as she could. Tony pushed both his hands into her silken locks and started fucking her face in the earnest. Kristen considered herself an expert cocksucker but she had never been facefucked this hard. She was now wondering if she had taken on too much!

Her reverie was broken by Tony's slap on her cheek. He jerked her hair and made her look up into his eyes. She stared at him with pleading eyes while he just pushed his massive cock into her throat, making her choke.

Kristen tried to recover quickly. From Tony's manner she knew he was not going to apologize for it, she was the one expected to cope with it. Kristen had sucked cock many times though never this hard. Her boyfriend was always gentle with her.

She tried to relax her throat and turned her face up he could slide in smoothly into her throat in a straight line. It worked to some extent. From his grunts it seemed that Tony was pleased with her technique. But she still couldn't breathe. She tried to breathe from her nose and massaged his balls with her soft, warm hand.

Gradually she was able to take some control of the thrusts and he let her as long as she took him deep into her throat. When she tried to do a shallow stroke, he pulled her hair and slammed his massive cock down into her throat forcefully!

Kristen learnt quickly. She continued to take him deep but timed the strokes so she could take a quick breath between them.

Suddenly she felt him pull her hair, but this time to do shallow strokes. She understood it a minute later when he exploded in her mouth. She could feel his creamy, thick cum sliding down over her tongue and down into her throat!

This was something she had done only once and then told her boyfriend strictly that there was no way she would taste that filthy liquid again! But when she tried to pull back, Tony simply held her by her hair, like an owner controls his bitch by the leash!

He made her drink it all! Kristen closed her eyes in shame and humiliation! He pulled his dick out and calmly but deliberately wiped it on her cheeks and lips. She could smell his cum on her! It made her stomach turn but she knew she had no choice but to accept it. She had made a deal, and he was collecting!

She tried to calm down and accept it. It was done.

A moment later, she was horrified as Tony's secretary entered the room without knocking! Kristen tried to hide her face but she knew the score. She came directly to her and offered her some tissues. She also placed a glass of juice in front of her.

"Would you like anything else, Miss Stalwart? Coffee, perhaps?" She asked casually without even the hint of a smirk.

Kristen wiped the cum off her face and tried to act natural as she got up and sat back down on the couch. She looked at the girl from the corner of her eye. She was stunning and she was dressed in a black micromini skirt and white formal shirt. The shirt had 3 top buttons open making it possible even at a casual glance that she was not wearing any bra. Nor did she need one. Her breasts were full and self-supporting.

And then Kristen stared. The girl simply walked to Tony and tucked his cock into his pants like it was a commonplace occurrence. For her, maybe it was!

She looked at Tony.

"Do you need anything else, sir?" "No, thank you, Nicole!" Tony smiled at her "Bring me that folder, will you?"

"Yes, sir!" And she left.

Kristen wondered what folder he meant and if it had anything to do with her.

If only she knew.

[Continued in further instalments.]

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