I remember that day well. How can I not. It was the strangest and I now realize most important day of my life. I will now recount the events of that night and you will understand why:

I was driving to a bar occasionally glancing out my window at the female walkers I passed and already from just glances my dick was growing. It was autumn night and 68 degrees out, so in the more respectable neighborhood the women were dressed in long sleeves and pants and I found my thoughts wondering what they would look like naked. But as I progressed towards the bad part of town I saw more and more seductively clad women. Despite the cold you would find occasional women in short shorts, loose fitting tank tops and that sort of clothes, some were prostitutes showing their wares. Some were loose women and a few just dressed that way. I now found my thoughts wondering what they would look like bent over with my dick inside them.

I finally arrived at the bar, got out of my car and made my way towards the entrance when I passed a woman with long legs in fish net stalking's a short red leather skirt and vest that exposed her cleavage. "Interested?" she asked noticing my stare. "Maybe later" I said wanted to try my luck for a free fuck that night and only resort to dolling out the cash if all else failed.

After sitting at the bar for an hour and a half it looked like all else was failing. The few women their without a man's arm around their waist were not interested in sex that night. All three of them had turned me down.

There was one however that I had passed over on account of her appearing to be mentally ill.

"How much do I owe you bartender?" I asked

"Let's see you had four beers. That'll be a hundred dollars."

"What?" I spat out some of the pricey beer.

"You know our policy. At three weeks end all tabs must be paid in full."

"Oh... Oh well I guess I'll have to pony up the dough."

"I guess so" he said as I drew out my wallet and paid the man.

I looked in my wallet and found that after my tab all I had left was thirty bucks. Not enough for plan b prostitution. I looked again at the poor thing talking to herself at a corner table. She was cute. Pitiable but cute.

Her midnight black hair was curly and a bit disheveled, a stray hair sticking out here and there. She wore no makeup. Her pants were tattered with more than a dozen holes in them of varying sizes and the plain blue shirt she was wearing was a little too big for her and the neck was slightly stretched out to the side exposing part of her average size breasts, which made me a little horny.

So, crazy or not I thought I'd give her a try. I got up and started walking towards her table at the corner.

Midway there doubt started to grow in my mind on how good an idea this was, she was clearly deranged mumbling to herself and it felt wrong to have my mind stir towards sex with this poor woman. I was about to turn away when her eyes met mine. There was a strange look there, an alien look as if she knew something I didn't or something no one knew for that matter. Oh crap I thought to myself I was almost to her table and it was obvious I was walking over to her by now. So much for turning away. It would be too rude to her to walk over to her table and then just walk away. She might take that wrong. So I approached her and said "Do you mind if I have a seat with you?"

"Go right ahead." She said. I made small talk with her when she wasn't mumbling to herself. I could now hear what she was saying "Come on dead rock run" it was clear she wasn't talking to me but I asked anyways


"Nothing" she said nonchalantly as if she wasn't aware she was speaking nonsense to no one.

"Oh" I said and initiated the small talk I'd have to get through before I could leave politely. "So, do you come here often?"

"No" she said casually looking away.

"oh, well what brings you here today then?"

"Nothing" she said. There was a brief silence then she was mumbling again. "Run dead rock come on."

I tried to hide my sadness for her and extended my hand saying "My names Doug. And yours."

She took it and said "Kristina" I made small talk for a bit longer and was getting ready to say my goodbye's when all of a sudden she put her hand on my crotch, as if that was the normal thing to do. the sensation of her delicate hand touching me there, her attractiveness and the fact of me not having had sex for a month made me start getting hard quickly. This is wrong I thought. This woman is obviously mentally ill. I have to resist. This is shameful.

Then she started kneading my cock with her hand and the battle was lost. This was wrong but deliciously so. And my cock was soon at its full length bulging against my jeans. She took my hand with the same ease she had my cock and was leading me outside. I was lost in lust and could not help but follow.

As we made our way through the bar my eyes were drawn to her plump ass on an otherwise svelte body. I could see bits of red and white through the small holes in backside of her jeans. The red was obviously skimpy red underwear; it must have been skimpy because the white was her flesh, parts of her lust filling ass. We got outside and the deranged woman brought me to an empty alley behind the bar dimly lit by a light just around the corner.

Then she sunk to her knees and started to undo my pants. It was so wrong to let a mentally ill woman go down on me, but so caught up was I from her sexiness, that the evilness of it all only seemed to make my dick throb all the more. She pulled my pants down and my dick sprung out like a striking cobra. She for her part carried herself with the same nonchalant ease she had shown all night as she pulled her, out of shape shirt, up and over her head revealing a blood red lacy bra.

Then her mouth was upon me sucking with surprising earnest compared to the normal careless way of her. "Mphhh. Mphhh mphhh" she repeated with a mouth full of my cock in her cute mouth. After about ten minutes of enjoying her hand and mouth in tandem she slid her mouth off of my meat with a slurping pop. She got off of her knees slipped down her pants revealing underwear so skimpy it was almost a thong.

Then she bent over placing one hand on the ground of the alley and the other against the wall. She spoke for the first time since she went down on me "Now fuck my pussy." She said with strange authority "And fuck it hard, I want you to make me scream." One look at this mentally ill beauty with her pants around her ankles and her beautiful ass sticky out at me and I had no choice. So I immediately stepped out of my jeans and started plowing into her. Back and forth I went. In and out. "Such a sweet pussy" I moaned. She was moaning too, only softly at first. Then she said "faster, faster."

I sped up my tempo and her sounds of pleasure got louder "Unnh. Ahhh. Unhhh. Harder. Unhh harder." She commanded me and I obeyed jamming my dick to the hilt inside of her with all of my successive thrusts. She was screaming loudly now. "Ahhh Fuck!" she said her voice slightly distorted with vibration from the stuffing she was getting. "Ohh-oh-ohh yeah-a! Fuck me! Fuck me then cum on my face!" this sent me over the edge so I pulled out while she spun around, went to her knees and I jerked off all over her face.

"Ohh" I moaned as I looked down at her and saw that same strange look on her face I had seen earlier "Cum on." She said cum dripping all over her face.

Then I heard a door around the corner slam open and shortly after a man seething with anger was there. "Kristina!" he exclaimed when he saw his cum bathed girlfriend their on her knees. Then he turned on me. "You!" he said red in the face. Then slowly as if he was trying not to explode "I'll give you three seconds before I beat you to death." I noticed he was a big man and could make good on the threat easily.

"Run" Kristina said. No need to tell me twice I thought and pulled up my pants by the time the man had finished saying one, I was trying to run as fast as I could while holding up my unzipped pants.

Then I heard Kristina say "Rock" and in the dark true enough I tripped over a rock in my haste and slammed mightily onto the concrete, snapping my neck. Then Kristina was standing over me. "Dead" was all she said.

I am now in the after-life. You may ask how I wrote this. I tell you, I gave my account to Kristina the mystical. And she penned it for me. So if you see a strange girl talking to herself and asking you to cum on her, think twice. Or don't for I would do it all again if given the opportunity, it was the orgasm of my life. Or death that is.

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