tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKristina's New Life

Kristina's New Life


This story is a true story of a friend of mine. She told me this story in confidence. She told me I could write her story but not to use her or any of her family’s names. So names have been changed but not the facts.

I grew up in a small town in Carolinas. My parents were very religious and strict. I was one of seven children. We were not rich but we weren’t poor either. I grew up very conservative in my behavior, my way of dressing, and what I thought I knew of sex. I wasn’t allowed to date until I turned 16 and then I had an early curfew. I graduated high school and went to a Baptist College. That’s were I meet my now husband, Ed.

I meet him at a school baseball game. He went to the other school, but he was from a nearby town. We started to date regularly and I finally kissed him on our fourth date. I usually wore a large loose blouse and loose jeans on our dates. If I wore a dress it was below the knee and always had sleeves and a collar. Ed was very gentle and never pushed me to do anything. After about a month and a half, Ed asked me if I would like to go boating with him and his bother and sister-in-law this weekend. I agreed and he told me to be sure I wore shorts and a swimsuit. I told him I didn’t have any shorts and that my swimsuit was 3 yrs. old and didn’t fit anymore. Ed said no problem that tomorrow he would take me into town and a swimsuit and a couple pair of shorts.

Ed showed up about ten the next morning and we went to Walmart. First we got some shorts, the ones I picked up first came to my knees. Ed said that they too big and found a pair of jean short-shorts that he said would look good on me. I was hesitant at first but I loved Ed and tried then on. They did fit me good but I had never worn a pair of shorts this short. About that time Ed asked if I had them on yet. I told him I did and he said that he would like to see them. I slowly opened the door for him to look. He said I looked great in them and he asked me to slowly turn around. I felt a tingle all over my body as Ed stared at me slowly displaying myself to him. He told me to wait as he went to the rack and brought back a pair of light gray stretch shorts to try. I put them on; they molded to my body but they felt good and comfortable on me. I asked if he was ready to see. He said that was a silly question, of course he was. He liked them and told me to leave them on as we looked for s swimsuit. I felt a bit nervous wearing those shorts. I felt like everybody was looking at my behind as we walked around. I kept looking around to see if anyone was watching me, but no one seemed to care. I started to be more relaxed. Ed picked up a bikini; I told him that there was no way I would wear one those. I said I wanted a one-piece suit. We looked around and all the one-pieces were too small for my taste but I knew I needed one and picked out a black one. Ed said I really needed a lighter color because the sun would be warm on the boat and I would get too hot in black. I finally picked out a medium blue one. I tried it on and if fit perfectly. A bit high on the hips for my taste, but I guess I could get use to it. I also noticed that my bush hair needed to be trimmed before anyone could see me in this suit. Ed said he wanted to see but I told him no way, not today anyway. Ed had also found a short white top to wear over the suit so we got it too.

Saturday came, I had my suit, top, and jean shorts on when Ed picked me up at 8 am. By 9 am we were cruising up the river. Ed’s brother Larry and his wife Laura were real nice. We had barely pulled away from the dock when Laura removed her sundress to reveal a little side tie bikini. Ed and Larry quickly removed their shirts. I had never seen Ed without his shirt until now and I liked what I saw. I felt overdress for the first time in my life so I removed my shirt and shorts. Even with my suit on I felt almost naked and got that tingle filling again. Ed gave me a wolf-whistle it embarrassed me but I liked it too. Ed noticed how white I was, because I never got out in the sun, and offered to put some sunscreen on me. Ed hadn’t rubbed his hands on me before this and it felt good. I got that tingle felling again and was enjoying it when I noticed that my nipples were hard as rocks. They were sticking out the front of my suit almost a quarter inch. I saw Ed looking right at them. Again I felt myself get embarrassed but from somewhere I was enjoying Ed’s stare and didn’t try to hide them. Then I saw Larry looking at them and got another tingle and swear my nipples got harder. Ed had been putting lotion on my arms and back, and asked if I wanted him to do my legs too. I was only too happy to let him. Larry watched Ed rubbing the lotion in on my legs and as he got higher and higher on my legs, I knew I shouldn’t but I spread my legs so he could reach my inner thighs. When he first bumped my crotch, it felt like fire went up my spine and right back to my crotch. I actually jumped a little and Ed pulled his hands away smiling. That when I noticed the bulge in his shorts. I had never really looked at a man’s crotch before and now I was staring at his. He looked down to see where I was staring and noticed his bulge and turn away. He came back later and told me he was sorry and hoped he hadn’t embarrassed me. I told him it was OK and that I didn’t get embarrassed. I don’t know where I got the guts but I told him that, in fact I was happy to know that I was the cause of it. Ed seemed a bit taken back by my answer but responded by kissing me. And when I kissed him back, he gave me tongue for my first time. Then he reached behind me and grabbed my ass. Ed was the first man to ever put his hands on my ass and I liked it. We flirted and teased each other the rest of the day.

We decided to head back in and all go to dinner that night. There was a shower at the boat dock so Laura and I decided to wash some of the sun block and sweat off before dinner. Without thinking ahead I got under the water and washed up. I got my swimsuit soaking wet. I then remembered I wore nothing under my shirt and shorts but this now wet swimsuit. Laura also got hers wet too, but it didn’t seem to concern her. I asked her if she was going to wear her wet suit under her dress. She said “No, I’m not wearing anything under my dress.” I wasn’t expecting her answer and was surprised by it. She asked me why I asked. I told her that my suit was wet and that I didn’t bring any underwear along to wear under my shorts or top. She said that was no problem. She told me to go without underwear. She said that she rarely wore underwear under her shorts or pants and that on special occasions would go pantyless under dresses. I had never even thought of not wearing underwear under my clothes. I had been taught that good girls always wore underwear, but somehow the idea of going pantyless intrigued me. I decided to do it. I dried off and slid my shorts over my naked ass. It felt weird but I liked it. I slid the short white top over my head. About 4 inches of my middle was bare. Another first today! Short top, braless and my midsection uncovered for anybody to see and pantyless. Again that tinglely feeling, I felt my breast, my nipples were hard again. I thought to myself, I was actually enjoying being a naughty girl. I decided then that I was going to be naughty more often. I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the girl looking back. The girl looking back was a woman wearing a short white top. I could see her areolas through the shirt. She was also wearing snug fitting short-shorts, her midsection was bear and she looked sexy.

Ed did a double take when he saw me. He said I looked so different from the girl he me two months ago. I said that I was a different person. I said I felt like a confident woman now instead of a shy girl. I asked him if he liked it. He said he did and gave me a kiss. Just before dinner arrived he said that he didn’t see me bring any other clothes to change into that morning and that he was curious as to what I had on underneath. I smiled and whispered in his ear as I put my hand on his upper thigh, nothing at all! He almost choked on his drink. Then on a wild impulse, I took his hand and slid it under my top to my breast. (Two more first; a man’s hand on my tit and in a public restaurant at that.) I looked over at Larry and Laura; they were both smiling and looking at us. That’s when dinner arrived. We all quickly ate and went to the car to leave. Ed leaned me against the car and started kissing me hard with one hand under my top squeezing my tits. I responded by reaching around and grabbing his ass and pulling him to me. Larry said for us to stop and go get a motel room. We just looked at Larry and smiled. We said bye to Larry and Laura saying that we would have to do this again soon. Ed got behind the steering wheel of his truck and I slid next to him.

As soon as we got on the rode Ed said, “Look what you’ve done to me.” He took my hand and placed it on his bulge. I gave it a little squeeze. Then I unzipped his shorts and pulled out his hard cock. (More first!) This was the first time I’ve ever seen a dick (except to change a baby) in my life and now I was holding one in my hand. I liked the way it felt, firm and warm. Ed put his hand on top of mine and started to move it up and down his shaft. In a couple of minutes he moaned and a thick white cream erupted from the end of his dick. I don’t know why but I bent over and licked the stuff off my hand and his dick. I then put his dick in my mouth and started to suck. He was hard again in a couple of minutes. I kept sucking on that dick until he shot another load in my mouth. I never once thought of taking my mouth off. Ed told me that I was a natural cocksucker. Ed asked me to show him my tits. I did more than that. I took my top off. Then he asked if he could see the rest of me. I trembled as I unsnapped, unzipped and removed my shorts. Now don’t forget, it was still around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. A few days ago I hadn’t even worn short-shorts in public. And here in the last 3 hours I had gone without bra and panties my first time, put a man’s hands on my tits, jerked and sucked a guy off and now am sitting naked in the front seat of a pick-up in broad daylight. The real strange thing is that I was enjoying it all. Ed told me to sit next to him and to spread my legs. I did and he started to rub my pussy, then he inserted a finger in me. It felt so good! I came in less than a minute but he kept it up. He brought me off two more times, then he pulled into a convenient store I remained naked while he was inside. I didn’t even think of covering up. Just as he returned to the truck, another truck pulled up next to us. The guy opened his door and seen me sitting there naked. I looked at him and smiled.

Ed started the truck and backed out. He gave me a box of condoms. I smiled knowing that I was going to let him put them to good use. Ed told me to get dressed as he pulled into a motel. I had that cock in me within 5 min. of getting in that room. We had sex three more times before we left in the morning. I’ll always remember the day my life changed. (7-8-00)

The next few days I bought more shorts, thin shirts, short tops, and a couple of short dresses and skirts. I also bought a few sexy bras and panties, which I seldom wear anymore. I didn’t have a lot of money so I shorten a lot of my skirts and dresses myself. I also cut off and hemmed some of my pants. I even made some super short cut-off jean shorts. I liked the way my ass cheeks hung out the backside of those shorts. Since they weren’t tight and the inseam was so small, I also found out that bush could be seen if I sat un-lady like. Most of my clothes I either gave to ‘Goodwill’ or threw away. One of the changes I enjoyed making was what I slept in. I use to wear a long nightshirt and underwear to bed and now I sleep nude. I feel so free when I sleep nude and will never wear anything to bed again. Some of my friends on campus immediately noticed a change in my attire. I still had to be conservative in my attire on campus. This was a Baptist College. But off campus and out of town, watch out! As time went by, I had grew more accustom to wearing very little clothing and enjoyed being looked at. I started ‘accidentally’ exposing myself to men. I stared by wearing sexy little panties but by the end of the day I was so excited I usually removed them and put them in my purse. One of my favorite pastimes was wearing a short dress and to go riding on the escalators at the mall in a nearby town. I would usually drive between towns with my blouse open or completely off, and my skirt pulled way up. I usually would pull the skirt up and be sitting on my bare ass.

We did go boating again with Larry and Laura about a month later. I had on a very short skirt and short top outfit over my suit when I arrived but took it off as soon as we got under way, so did Laura. She had on her same side tie bikini. I was wearing my new white g-string. But not long, I removed my top a couple minutes later. Laura took off her top too. About fifteen minute later when nobody was looking, I took off my bottoms. It was 5 minutes before Larry noticed. I even got a chance to let Larry and Laura watch me fuck Ed. I started it all by playing with myself then Ed asked if he could do it. As Ed was fingering me, I spun around and started to suck him off. After a couple minutes of this, I put him on his back and lowered myself on him. As I rode Ed, I watched Laura go down on Larry. After Ed shot his load in me, I cleaned him up. As I licked him clean, I watched Larry pound away into a bent over Laura. We remained naked until just before we docked and then I put on just my top and very short skirt. It only took a little bending over it show my bare ass and pussy and I made sure to do it a few times before we left. A few other boaters got a free look. We went to eat at the same place again and Ed kept putting his hands under my top and up my skirt all during lunch. I know a few people seen what was going on and I enjoyed letting them watch.

Whenever we go out to eat or to a movie, I make sure I wear something Ed can get easy access to my tits or pussy. And when we got to a restaurant with waiters, I like to wear something very low cut. I also get a big kick of wearing a short dress or skirt when I go grocery shopping. I enjoy squatting down to get something off bottom shelf. I wear shades so I can see the stock boy’s face when he notices me squatting down with my knees apart and my pussy winking at him.

Ed and I have been married over a year now. He enjoys my flashing almost as much as I do. One of our favorites games is for Ed to bring home a co-worker. He always calls to let me know so I can get ready, but the other guy doesn’t know this. Ed will come in the house from the front and go upstairs to find me. He will tell his friend to go help himself to a beer in the refrigerator. The fridge is near the door to backyard and of course I’m lying nude out by the pool and he can’t help but see me. Whenever we go on a road trip, you can bet I’m going to be naked or close to it the entire trip. I love flashing those lonely, hardworking truckers. I always take my most revealing dresses, skirts, and tops with me. I’ve even tried amateur stripping a couple of times. That’s a blast! I also enjoy going to clubs to dance. I will dance with almost anybody and I loved to be felt-up by strangers. I’ve had many a finger in my pussy on the dance floor. I really enjoy it when I see someone watching me being fingered by a man I don’t even know. Ed is always close by incase somebody gets crazy. I made this one dress I like to wear dancing. It is a very short wrap halter dress. It is held together by one little piece of Velcro at the waist. The dress is deep ‘V’ to the waist, my breast are barely covered. It is only about 12 inches from bottom of the ‘V’ to the bottom of the dress. One little tug at the waist and the dress opens up completely, making it easy for someone to play with my tits or pussy. I’ve worn this dress dancing many times and it always seems to open at least a couple times a night.

I’ve only had sex with Ed so far and we have it often and in many different places. I like doing it outside with the slight chance of being caught by someone. We’ve had sex in the front seat of Ed’s pick-up truck in the parking lot of ‘K-mart’ during daylight. I’ve even sat in his lap naked, with him in me as we drove down the I-40. But by far the most daring was at ‘Six Flags over Georgia’ one day. I’d had worn a short white dress with only a pair of little white g-string panties that day. Ed had been playing with my ass all morning and I was getting horny so I told him I needed to fuck him. He snuck into one of the men’s restrooms and we got a stall near the far end. I put my feet on the seat faced away from him and squatted so he could take me from behind. We were done in a couple minutes and got out past three guys coming in as we left. I got that white dress, soaking wet on the water rapids ride a couple hours later. That was fun too, I got a lot of stares until that dress dried out. Just before it got dark I took off those sticky panties and put them in Ed pocket. Ed continued playing with my ass until we left. He even reached under the dress a few times to rub my bare ass and I know a few people saw him do it. But I like it that way. He has admitted a fantasy of watching me with another man. I’ve told Ed that sounds like fun and that I’d like to give it a try one day but that after he watches me have sex with another man, I would like for him to join in so I could do two guys at once. He smiled and said, “Sure thing baby.” I’ve never told Ed but I’ve also wondered what it would be like to have sex with 5 or 6 guys at once. Someday, maybe.

A couple months ago my youngest sister came to town and asked if I could spend a couple days. She and her husband had a fight and she walked out on him. I told her sure but after I hung up I thought of how much of a shock I was going to be to her. I didn’t dress the way mom wanted us to. I was naked when see called, (I am normally naked around the house), I put on a sports bra, bike shorts, and a t-shirt. Karen showed up about 15 min. later. Surprise, she was wearing an above knee length sundress. We gave each other a big hug and I noticed she was not wearing a bra. She asked me to excuse her dropping in like this and the dress she was wearing. She said she just grabbed a few things and left. I told her not to worry about her dress that I even wore conservative dresses like that once in a while. She gave me a strange look when I said conservative. She said that was her big problem. Her husband did not like her wearing, in his words, “slutty clothes.” I said that if he thought that was slutty, he would die at some of her clothing. I took Karen to my bedroom and showed her some of my clothes. I didn’t show her the real slutty dresses but some of my normal short dresses. Karen was about my size so I got her to try on a few things. She was wearing a black tube dress when I asked her if she would like to go grocery shopping with me. She said sure and started to remove the dress but I stopped her and told her to wear that dress. She said her husband would never let her out of the house dressed like that. I said, “Well, he not around and I want to see you wear that dress, because I’m going to wear one just like it.” I took off my tops and shorts and pulled on a red tube dress. After putting on my sandals, Karen said I had forgotten my underwear. Her eyes opened wide when I told her I didn’t wear them anymore. I said that I could see her panty line in the dress and that she should remove hers as well. She said that she had never worn a dress without underwear. I told her to try it, at least once, because she just might like it. She thought a second the said, “What the heck, won’t hurt to try it.” Karen said she felt so wicked. But that it was exciting at the same time. We finished shopping and when we got home Ed was there. I introduced him to Karen and then floored Karen when I told Ed that she was also pantyless. He looked at her, smiled and said, “Good girl.” Karen stayed a week. She talked with her husband every night, I think they got thing straighten out. She tried to convince him that she wasn’t going to cheat on him. She just liked looking good and like to dress sexy once in a while. Before Karen left she was walking around my house half naked. She even laid around the pool nude with Ed and me. When she left, she was wearing the same dress she arrived in but wore noting under it. Won’t her husband be surprised?

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