tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKristin's Nightmare Ch. 02

Kristin's Nightmare Ch. 02


Kristin tried her best to avoid Charlie all day at work. The way he would smirk when he caught her eye caused her to blush with shame. She hoped that he would keep quiet about making her give him a blowjob the night before. She wished that her boyfriend was back, but he was in college and would not be back until Friday night; and tonight was only Wednesday.

At least she had Thursday off. She was scheduled off in case she was needed to go to court to testify about Leo’s shoplifting. But she learned that he had agreed to a plea—as if he had any chance of beating it—and paid a fine. So Thursday was her’s to do as she pleased. And after spending the day keeping her distance from Charlie she welcomed the reprieve.

About an hour before closing Charlie approached her. “Hey, Kristin, I have something over here that you need to see.”

Her heart sank. Afraid of how he would handle the situation if she refused she followed him over to the camera section of the store. There were no customers around and he directed her attention to a small camera with an LED display on the side. When he pressed the play button Kristin gasped, for there she was sucking on a cock.

“You bastard.” She said.

Charlie pulled the tape out. “This is just a copy. Plus I still have a copy of the one I gave you last night.”

Kristin stood there silently.

“Relax.” Charlie said. “I just want to have a little more fun.”

“No, I refuse to let you blackmail me.” She replied.

“No problem,” Charlie said. “I’ll just make sure that a nicely edited copy of these gets sent to your boyfriend. As well as the store manager. And if any show up around town I’m sure you won’t mind.”

He started walking away. Kristin was terrified at the prospect of what would happen. The humiliation of everyone seeing her sucking cock, as well as ass licking, and playing with herself, was mortifying. But she was also worried about the proof of her theft.

The primary reason Kristin had jumped on the opportunity to turn in Barry and Leo was that it provided a decent excuse to cover her own theft. Kristin had been taking things for some time. Mostly items that could easily be shoplifted. But she had managed to get a few, more secure, items as well. Things that, during the next inventory, would be more noticeable. Things that would have required inside help to steal. Now those things would be explained away as probably being taken by Barry. But if the manager saw the tape of her stealing, and bothered to check more closely into her, then she risked being charged as well.

“Wait.” Kristin called to him.

Charlie turned around. Kristin could see a bulge in the front of his trousers and knew what the answer to her next question was. But she asked it anyway.

“What do you want?”

“I want you to come home and spend the night with me. And let me do whatever I want to do with you.”

Kristin’s mouth went dry. She wanted to slap him, but felt hopeless. “Fine.” She said in defeat.

She returned to her tasks, doing everything half-assed until it was almost time to leave. She remembered that she was supposed to call her boyfriend. She wanted to skip it for tonight but thought that he would wonder why if she didn’t call. So she headed off for the office. Kristin was surprised when Charlie followed her.

“Going to make another call?” He asked.

Kristin didn’t say a word.

“Oh, don’t worry.” He said. “I just want to come in and watch.”

The couple entered the office and Charlie locked the door. She called her boyfriend, trying to pretend that she was alone. As expected, he wanted to engage in phone sex with her. Kristin tried to decline but Charlie motioned for her to do so.

Feeling her body blushing from head to toe she slid her hand into her pants. Charlie motioned for her to disrobe, and fearing him speaking up she began stripping. He was not satisfied until she was sitting on the desk completely naked. Her large, round breast dangled nicely off the front of her chest. Her nipples stiff. She tried to pretend that she was alone as she began fingering her clit, listening to her boyfriend speaking softly as he jerked off on the other end of the phone.

Charlie removed his pants and began stroking his own stiff organ while watching Kristin masturbate before him. She was forced to keep her eyes on Charlie while continuing to play with herself. Then Charlie came forward, kneeling on the floor before her. She wanted to push him away when he moved her hand and buried his face into her snatch. But she was not about to do or say anything that would give notice to her boyfriend that she wasn’t alone. She gasped as Charlie began licking her swollen clit. It didn’t take long before she was in the throws of an orgasm. Her boyfriend brought himself to an orgasm while listening to her moans of forced-pleasure.

Charlie stood and began playing with Kristin’s tits while she chatted quickly in effort to get off the phone. As soon as she hung up he said. “Looks like I’m the only one who hasn’t cum yet.”

Kristin was prepared to go down on him again, thinking that that was what he was expecting. But instead Charlie directed her to lie on the floor.

“I’ve always wanted to try tittie-fucking, but never dated anyone with the right equipment,” He said with a grin. “Look’s like you have more than enough.”

Kristin lay on the floor while Charlie straddled her chest. He lay his prick between her massive orbs and squeezed them together, surrounding his shaft. Then he began fucking her tits.

Kristin had done this before, but she found the act more degrading than pleasurable. And therefore avoided it as much as possible. Now she was forced to let someone she couldn’t stand to do this to her. She watched as his cock popped in and out over her cleavage, waiting for the inevitable moment when his cum would begin spewing up along her neck and face. When she made to turn away Charlie told her to keep looking. Not wanting to do anything to anger him she did as told.

Charlie mashed her tits together as he humped Kristin’s double-D boobs. He ignored her moans when he squeezed too tightly. This was something he had always wanted to try, and he had often watched Kristin’s tits bounce as she walked along and wondered what it would feel like to bury his cock between her tits. Now he was fulfilling that fantasy. And there would be many more before this night was over.

Kristin could see drops of precum on Charlie’s dick. That, and hearing the way his breathing increased, let her know that he was about to cum. She silently cussed when he twisted her tits, pushing them even more tightly together around his shaft as he pumped away. Then the first volley of cum launched, striking her just to the right of her nose and splattering up under her glasses into her right eye. Just as her eye began burning from the salty fluid she felt the next blast lob onto her chin. Followed by several smaller streams that hit her neck, then landed closer and closer to Charlie’s cock as his orgasm decreased in strength. He continued pumping away at her breast long after he had finished cuming. Then leaned forward, “Clean my cock.” He said, pressing his prick to her lips. Kristin opened her mouth and sucked his pecker until he pulled free, allowing her to clean her face and attempt to stop the burning in her eye.

“Well, that was certainly fun.” He said. “Now let’s get out of here and go somewhere where we can have a really good time.”

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