Krystal Ch. 02


{I was surprised by the feedback on this one calling for more. After all, this is more of a love story than a sex story. As I've mentioned before, it's also "based on a true story," of a friend of mine. That being said, reality is sometimes unpredictable and unpleasant, filled with highs and lows. I guess this is a warning that this isn't a typical "LaceAndHumiliation" type story.}


Best. Night. Ever. That's how I felt about my night with Krystal. I'd introduced her to some public exhibition at a drive through. She had given me head on the way home. Once home, I'd licked and tongued her to a number of orgasms. I went to sleep with the taste of her on me. I swear it was honey. It was the absolute nectar of the gods as far as I was concerned. We hadn't even fucked. I think we both had planned on it, but after fooling around for awhile like we did, we took a break and had some wine. It was late, she fell asleep naked, on my chest. We hadn't even made it off the couch.

I awoke to see Krystal, already dressed. She was sitting in a chair and looking out the window. She was smoking a cigarette, something I rarely see her do.

"Hey," I said sleepily. I felt my heart surge when I saw her. I realized it was real, not some fevered and vivid dream I'd had.

"Hey," she said softly without looking at me.

I have a background in psychology and even though I might not be the smartest guy in the world I knew something was wrong.

"Krystal, are you all right?" I asked as I tried to get up while still retaining some modesty under cover.

"Fine," she said without real emotion. "I just need to get home."

"Ok," I said. I got dressed in the bathroom. I pretty much had expected or maybe just feared Krystal's reaction. It was remorse. The idea of an older man introducing her to some things she had previously thought was kinky worked when it was nighttime. However, in the cold light of day she no doubt saw the other side. She'd just let a man twice her age and nowhere near half her damned beauty do things with her she now regretted. We barely spoke on the drive to her house. Finally, I just couldn't stand it.

"Krystal, I can see that you are regretting last night..." I saw her look at me with a look of pity.

"I understand this is all new to you. I get that. But, before you go, let me just say something. First, it was the best night of my life. I've graduated college, I've been married, so many things, this was the best. Last night was special, I'll remember this always."

I saw her look down in sadness, a tear was forming.

"All that happened last night was that two people who obviously trust each other, like each other, got to enjoy each other with no commitment. I would never take you where you didn't want to go. If we're done then at least I want you to understand that you are incredible to me. You are the most beautiful woman that's ever graced god's green earth."

"Wow," she joked while still wiping away a tear of regret.

"So what really is the problem?" I asked. "We had sex, sort of, and I still think the world of you. It's not like I'm going to tell anyone that you don't want to know. And, it's not like I'm going to try and coerce you to do anything again. I'd love to, it will be difficult for me now that I've felt you, seen you. But, I mean it, it is all up to you. I won't stalk you or pester you. If you want more of what we had last night you just let me know, otherwise I'll try to stay out of your hair."

I think my honesty, my forwardness in telling her exactly how it is, without the lies, the hidden agenda, disarmed her a bit.

"Well, thank you Devin. I have to admit that you have been nothing if you haven't been truthful. You've been nothing but a gentleman, even if you were making me expose myself in public and tonguing me glory," she kidded. "How in the world did you learn to do that, anyway? She asked before stopping herself. She giggled, "never mind, I'm pretty sure I can guess." We said goodbye in the car. She leaned over and kissed me. It was one of those kisses where it was just long enough to think that maybe there was a chance but just short enough to wonder if it was just her way of saying goodbye for good.

I left her alone to think things over. I stayed away for more than a week. I usually saw her several times a week at her bar (no, I'm not a big drinker, they have other games and things to do there). We did have each other's numbers still. I had to fight every minute of every single day to not text her and see how she was doing. I felt I'd pretty much laid it out already, anything more and I'd be crossing into the "stalking" territory.

Finally, I returned on a Friday night. She was working. I said hi, I wasn't going to ignore her. She just flashed that Krystal smile that makes me melt into my shoes. She waited on me, she didn't avoid me. It's a place where they have 3 or 4 wait staff and as a customer you pretty much pick and choose who you want to wait on you. She couldn't let one of the others do it. I tried to hold down my flirting which was hard because every time I saw her face I thought of what we did. I thought of those incredibly pert and wonderful breasts, her soft, sweet pussy, her sexy lips on my cock, the thoughts were overwhelming. I was driving myself crazy.

Finally, I was in the midst of one of games when Krystal came up and informed me that she was getting off soon. I fought the temptation to comment on the double entendre. I paid my bill but I wrote on it...."are you doing ok, I miss you already."

She walked away without looking at it and I didn't see her again for an hour. I saw her sitting at the bar, chatting with her coworkers. She was being plied with shots from her friends. I mustered up the courage and walked over to her. It felt weird, it always does. I'm more than twice her age and with her coworkers and friends around it's like I'm an intruder, the odd man out. Now, in my defense, I will say that most of these younger people like me and don't mind hanging out, it's just the feeling I get when I'm around them. I finally got up next to her.

She looked at me with a smile. "There you are!" She giggled. "I was thinking you were going to leave me by myself."

"I didn't know you wanted me or I'd have been here sooner."

"I know, I'm sorry. I'm just going through a lot. It is a lot to think of," she said, her voice emboldened by the alcohol.

I laughed softly. "I can't do anything but think about it, about you," I said. "It's like I've been touched by a goddess and now I'm enchanted."

"Aw, you are so sweet," she cooed.

I know she had to think all those things I told her were just lines. In total honesty, I believe every one of them, the woman is all of that. She's it. I was reluctant to get my hopes up but it did seem she was receptive. I stayed close. She went outside for air and motioned for me to follow along. Finally, I got her alone.

"I'm sorry about the last week," she said. "I've been going through a lot. My boyfriend and I have been on the outs for awhile."

I had heard she used to have a boyfriend but I had no idea that they were still dating.

"Are you two still dating?" I asked.

"No, well, yes. Well, yes and no," she said stammering. We broke up a few times and we hadn't dated for awhile, but then he came back and we did go out this week."

"So you two plan on trying to work things out?"

"I don't know," she said honestly. "We've dated a long time, it just doesn't seem right, you know. He just doesn't feel like "the one" but then again I've not sure."

"How does he treat you?" I asked.

"Fine, ok. He's all right," she said defensively.

"Is that what you want? You want fine? You want ok?" I wondered. "No, not really. Of course not," she countered. "I just don't know if it is me, or what."

I said, " you know, honestly people always say how love is hard and relationships are difficult. I think that's bullshit. How does that other person make you feel? Are you better off with that person or without. Are you willing to do the work that it would take in a relationship, Is the other person worth all of that? I've been in love twice. Two times in my long life I've loved someone in a way that I think is true love. Both times that other person was it. I knew it. I didn't wonder about it. Maybe it is just me, but if anyone can tell if he's the one, shouldn't that be you?

"I guess," she said with a long exhale. "I didn't mean to burden you with this," she said.

"You are not burdening me. I'm still enchanted, remember?" I joked.

"Ooo," she smiled. "Does that mean I can get you to do what I want?"

I looked deeply into the most beautiful blue eyes in existence and said, truthfully. "I think I'd pretty much do anything you'd ever ask."

"Gosh," she grinned. "That's a lot of responsibility."

"Then make sure you only ask what you really want," I replied.

She grabbed my shirt by the neckline and pulled me behind the building. She gave me a huge kiss. We basically devoured each other.

"Ok, wow," I said, as I stopped only to take a breath.

"You are such a good kisser," she said dreamily and kissed me again.

This time she pulled back. "If you are so enchanted then I want you to show me more of that stuff we talked about."

I could feel my cock stir. "Stuff, what stuff?" I asked with a mischievous grin. I knew, I just loved hearing her have to say it.

"The dirty stuff," she said bashfully. You and your ex, the things you did. Show me. You haven't even fucked me yet," she pouted.

"I don't know, my ex and I got kind of wild," I said as I gauged her reaction.

"I know," she hissed. "That's what I want, show me."

"You'd better be careful," I warned lustily. "You just might get it."

"Good," she said as she put her lips on me again.

I grabbed her nipples through her top and pinched them. I held them and tugged her into me. She groaned. "Yes, like that."

We barely made it to the car. We were stumbling, kissing, fondling on the way. I knew we were in front of the business, the alcohol must've lowered her inhibitions. I pointed that out to her once we were in the car.

"You know people at your work might be able to see you getting all hot and heavy with an old man," I teased.

"Fuck them," she panted. "Better yet, fuck me."

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Totally, I want you to fuck me like you've said, like you did with your ex."

"You mean rough?" I said in a lustful fog. "With spanking, bondage?"

"Don't ask me," she whined, "show me."

I whipped the car into gear and took off. We eyed each other on the way. Her hand rubbed at my crotch so I returned the favor. We were pawing at each other.

"Remember last week, at the drive thru?" I asked.

"God, yes," she said. "That was so hot."

I asked, "remember how you wished you'd shown more?"

"Yes," she said in an embarrassed peep.

"Hike your skirt up," I growled.

Her face flushed but she scootched up in her seat and soon her skirt was over her pretty pink panties. My god, the woman is so fucking cute and hot at the same time, I swear. I told her to take off her panties. She didn't hesitate. She avoided my gaze when she handed them to me. I had her lean back in her seat so that she was basically reclined.

"Play with yourself," I urged. I wanted to see it, hear it. I also wanted her to feel the control, to feel like she was made to do it.

She touched herself slowly at first. I had to be careful not to wreck. If you think texting and driving is bad, just think how distracting driving while observing masturbation is. I could smell her excitement, it just made my cock lurch. I've never wanted anything so badly in my life.

"Are you going to let someone see me like this?" She squeaked, half in fear, half in excitement.

"There's always that possibility," I grinned. "Think of those guys last week, at the drive thru, when your skirt was just an inch or two above your pussy. Think about how easy it would've been to just slide it up and let them see you like that."

"Yes," she groaned, her fingers were now slick with her juices. "I kind of wish I had," she said, before adding, "but I'd have died with embarrassment."

"No," I said. "That embarrassment would've just made you hotter."

She responded to that statement by sliding a finger deeper inside herself. Her moan nearly reached my core.

I really didn't play to display her like that. I had no plan, actually, other than to take her home and fuck the hell out of her. I thought about what she was asking for, what she wanted to learn. I knew she meant kinky. I'd told her about rough sex, bondage, spanking, exhibition, I didn't want to disappoint while still being careful not to lose her by asking too much. But, I still had to be different than all the guys she's known, it's what she wanted.

I took the highway home this time for that reason. I slipped her panties over her head. She was clearly embarrassed at having her own wetness so close to her own lips. I just wanted her not to see. I drove in the fast lane but allowed cars to pass on the right. Most didn't bother to look over in their anger at me not moving into the slower lane. Shame, they'd have seen an angel. However, one SUV pulled alongside, I think, originally to flip me off but once he saw Krystal, her legs spread wide, her fingers in her pussy, he slowed to match my speed.

"You have an admirer," I told her. She jerked her head as if to look at me and her hands went to cover her pussy, she didn't move to remove the panties from over her eyes, however.

"Krystal," I said sternly. "Open your legs back up. Someone wants to see your pretty pink pussy."

She just let out a groan, "Oh god." She opened her legs slowly. She went back to playing with herself. Her fingers were soaked.

The guy was driving next to us, very close. I had to make sure we didn't hit as he ogled her pussy. He honked a few times in appreciation before I slowed and let him go by.

"See, that wasn't so bad," I said. "You just showed a stranger your perfection. He'll never ever see one so beautiful again, I can guarantee that."

I could tell she was blushing. "I think I can cum, do you want me to?" She asked urgently.

"Did the thought of some random guy seeing your pussy turn you on so much that you have to cum like a dirty slut now?" I teased. "Yes!" She whined. She was still stroking herself.

A truck pulled up next to us. His vantage point was no doubt far better than the SUV's. He matched my speed. I had an idea.

"Take off your top, leave your eyes covered," I urged. "You have another admirer.

"Oh god," she whined again. "I'm so fucking wet, can't I just cum?"

"Yes, that's what I want. I want you to make yourself cum. It's just that you are going to do it for me and some other guy, can you do that?"

"Ohhh," she moaned. Her fingers never slowed down, they were a glistening blur.

I saw the guy's face. He looked like a thick, burly guy. He had a full beard. He could've passed for a lumberjack. I knew he'd never see anything so fine again.

"Do it, Krystal," I urged. "Cum for us."

"Oh...oh...I can't believe this....oh....oh god," She shrieked as she came all over her fingers. Her body bucked and twitched which only made it hotter because her tits swung freely. I was tweaking her nipples as she came.

She sat in a pool of her own excitement. "God, that was so fucking powerful," she said in wonder. "Is he still watching?" She asked shyly, as she remembered the voyeur.

"Hell yes. Do something else that'll blow his mind," I said evilly.

"What?" she panted. I loved her eagerness to please.

"Lick your fingers. Turn your head to the window and lick your fingers clean for him."

She did so, tantalizingly slow. "Mmm," she grinned. "I don't know if you know this but I really like the taste of pussy too," she giggled.

"Good to know," I laughed. "Now, let's go home."

I didn't let her dress when I got home. We left her clothes in the car. I live in a quiet neighborhood, it's not as if most of my neighbors weren't already sound asleep, I just wanted her to feel the expose and the possibility of being seen.

I took her straight to bed. I held her hands over her head and played with her tits with the other. I then fingered and rubbed her pussy until she was thrashing around on the bed. She asked if I had condoms. Luckily I had, even though I've probably only used them twice in my life. I went back to making love to her wondrous body. Finally, I sank my cock into her wetness. Finally, after all this time, all this desire, I was inside her. It was the new "Best. Night. Ever."

I held her hands and fucked her pussy good and hard. We were both moaning and groaning, I'm not sure which noises were whose. She was so worked up, I knew she wanted something. I turned her over While still holding her hands together with one hand I then started to redden her ass with the other hand. I spanked her firmly, with purpose.

"IS this what you wanted you dirty slut? You want to show your pussy off to strangers just so that I'll take you home and spank your ass raw for it?"

"Yes!" She squealed.

I know this was unexpected for her, but I could tell it was just what she was seeking. I gave it to her good, though all the while holding back some, I didn't want to lose her to the moment. It was so fucking hot, that ass. That incredible soft, round, beautiful ass, full of my hand prints. I had to have it again. I took her pussy again, this time doggie style, over the edge of the bed. I was fucking her hard, lifting her up on her toes with my thrusts. I had let her hands free. I wanted to use mine to play. While one hand concentrated on her tits, my other hand played with her pussy and her clit. It sent her over the edge. She clamped her hand down on my hand, hard, and came while my fingers massaged her clit. The sounds of her pleasure just pushed me over the top. I plunged deeply into her and held her against me like that while I shot my load like that.

We were both panting and sweating. She turned around and pulled the condom off me and licked my cock clean.

"I'm sorry," she said, her eyes still glowing from pleasure, "I just wanted to be safe, you know."

"I know," I said. "Even though, I also know there's nothing I'd rather do in life than cum inside that pussy."

She smiled. Again, we fell asleep in each other's arms. We were awakened at 2am. Her phone was buzzing. She got up to answer it. She was naked, I watched her walk to her purse, convinced that there isn't a creature on earth more beautiful and that I'd fight anyone to the death who didn't agree.

She took the phone into the other room. I could hear her trying to be quiet and speak softly. I could tell she had concern in her voice. She came back to me.

"I've gotta go," she said abruptly.

"Go? Why?" I asked.

"I just do," don't make me explain," she said her eyes betraying her conflicted nature.

I got up and dressed. She sat in the living room in silence. I started to drive her home.

"Are you regretting this too?" I asked.

"No," she said. "That's not it, at all. No, definitely not," she said, each time more convinced of it.

"Then what is it?" I asked.

"It's my boyfriend." "What about him?" I asked.

"Like I said, it is complicated. I'm sorry I got you involved."

"I'm not," I said. "Let's just deal with it, I just have to know what it is."

"Look, last week we were broken up, then you and I went out. He came back in the middle of the week and wanted to get back together. Well, we'd been talking about it. Now, tonight, he decided to move back into our place. That's where he is now, at home, my apartment. He's moving stuff back in and wondering where the fuck I am."

"What did you tell him?" I asked.

"I told him I was out with Lena and the girls and that I'll come right home," she said, the regret in her voice was obvious.

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