tagMind ControlKyle Whisper Control Ch. 01

Kyle Whisper Control Ch. 01


It was just a regular summer day when Kyle called me and told me he was in town on business and wanted to stop by and visit. Understand, Kyle is very hypnotic type guys that can have anyone succumb to his thoughts in minutes. He is a little over 6 ft., 50 years old, very black and a large muscular build.

About an hour later, he showed up and we commenced to having several beers visiting about old times. I gave him a tour of my new house. Once we got upstairs, he had the privilege of meeting my very sexy wife Sheryl. She is 50 but looks 40 with red hair and a body to die for. Since it was summer, she was wearing a short green dress that really showed off her 36D gorgeous boobs. She has the kind that doesn't drop when she takes off her bra with hard; I mean hard ½' nipples that really show off thru material. Well, they started visiting and visiting just like old friends. I got a business call so I had to leave and ended up being on the phone for well over an hour.

So, Sheryl and Kyle became the best of buddies talking about everything from common interests to casual sex. Now, Cheryl isn't a prude in the bedroom but is pretty shy around new company. Kyle on the other hand had hypnotized to his charm and good looks. Within a short while, she was under his mind control and his for the taking.

As I was later to find out, she had a glass of her favorite wine and was completely opening up to his power and wises. She told me that she got an e-mail and was typing a response when Kyle walked behind her and started massaging her shoulder to put her further under his control. She told me she was helpless to move her arms when he moved to her ear and whispered how beautiful she was as he slid the straps off her shoulders and started massaging the top of her breasts. Within minutes, he pulled her top down to get his hands on those perfect nipples. His charm and whispering in her ear had Sheryl completely under his spell as she slipped into a state of total suggestive control. Next he spun her around in the chair, pulled her up to standing positions to tenderly kiss her.

Within minutes, Sheryl was pushing her tongue in Kyle's mouth and moaning about how sexy he was. Kiss after kiss led him to play with her cute ass and eventually push the green outfit to the floor leaving him to inspect and eventually own this outstanding body.

Sheryl later told me that he pulled their bodies apart, putting his hands on his hips and just gave her another whisper. She said her arms were not under her control and started massaging the outside of his pants while she started kissing him again. She thought to herself what's happening as she loves her husband very much. This thought lasted long enough for her to unzip his pants and pull out the only black dick she had ever seen coupled with being at least 3 ½" around and 10 " long. Being on 110lbs. she couldn't even fit one hand around it and was having trouble with both small white hands around that big black dick but she started massaging him up and down while kissing his neck for several minutes. As she go hotter, she started playing with his balls with one hand with rubbing his pre-cum over the head. She thought heavens this black dick is wet and wondered if all black dicks were this big and tastefully wet.

Kyle went back to kissing her and fondling her great breasts as he mover to her ear and started whispering again. I was later to find out that he was kissing her ear and said that she was to be his and she knew what to do next. Sheryl just shook her head and started unbuttoning his shirt. She began to chew on his nipples while she moved her hands up and down this wet black dick. As she got to his navel, the started tickling her finger right behind the ball sack slick spot to get a good groan from Kyle. Within a minute, she was on her knees naked in front of the most beautiful wet dick she had ever seen. As the pre-cum started leaking, she began kissing it into her lips. Kyle was in control heaven as he whispered, "It's yours, Sheryl."

With those words, she opened her mouth to accept the first black dick she had ever taken. It was too big for her tiny mouth but that didn't care as she pushed more and more black cock in her mouth. Here was my wife of 20 years on her knees playing with his balls and getting face fucked by a black man. She was determined to please her whispering man as she pushed hard to get all of it in her mouth. Kyle caught on by placing his hand on the red hair and pushing her further down on his cock. Sheryl figured the only way to please the man that controlled her was to tilt her head back and accept more black cock. He was really pumping the pre-cum by now and managed to push his hard manhood right into Sheryl's throat as he started moving his hips, hands on her head and face fucking her mouth again and again. She moaned as his cock hit her throat and slid in so easily from the pre-cum.

Placing with his balls and tickling behind his ball sack made Kyle moaned that she better get ready. Sheryl pulled off his black cock and looking into his eyes said "I want you to cum in my mouth, please cum." She went back to his black cock and started really working it now while swirling her tongue around his cock all the while taking it deeper into her throat. The sensation of her tongue sent him into a face fucking frenzy of pulling her head to him so hard that she was being tickled by his ball hairs. He held her there for a minute as he started cuming right down her throat. About ½ way through his black seed deposit, Sheryl moved her head back just enough to suck hard on his black tip to savor the taste of the man that controlled her mouth and body. She felt like it must have been forever before he quit coming.

She finally pulled his black cock out of her mouth and began kissing his dick, dick head and sucking his balls. Sheryl then moved her head under his ball sac and to run her tongue and kissing between his balls and ass moaning the she was his forever. All the while she was jacking this monster for all it was worth. Kyle managed to pull this slave off his balls and showed his black cock back in my red heads throat enough to come again. She was sucking like a wild woman now knowing that she was getting another deposit of black cum. She swallowed until there was nothing left and slid off his cock to kiss it a few more times saying that she loved his big black dick.

Gathering their composure she got off the floor to stand with him for a few more kisses and fondling of he breasts. Kyle looked at Sheryl, kissed her again and whispered in her ear that she was to invite him for dinner tonight and insist that he stays over after a few drinks. At 11:00pm, she was to tell her husband that she needed to be sure Kyle is ok and to tuck him in for a good nights sleep. Sheryl looked at Kyle, kissed him and said whatever you wish, is my command.

She then got dressed and found me to let me know Kyle is staying for dinner and drinks.

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