Kylee's Story


She could hardly breathe. She had been running for nearly an hour, pausing behind trees, stopping only to catch her breath here and there. She knew that eventually she would be caught. Her gowns were heavy, her shoes too thin for all this running. She was too tired to keep this up much longer.

She was breathing so heavily she was unable to hear the footsteps approaching. Before she could run, she was taken.

She had always had a difficult life. She was of mixed blood, and this complicated her daily life. Her father, a duke, had raped her mother one night in drunken lust, and from that unholy union she came. It was not that her mother was a slave; no, in fact she was from a respected family. This was quite a feat, as most Yorden families were still trapped in indentured servitude. But her Wendlar father, the duke of Grayle, had been a married man. And so, this made her not only a mixed race bastard child, but the result of adultery as well.

The duke was responsible for his actions. He gave Kylee's mother a private estate in the country, one with servants and and horses. And every year for her birthday, he came to visit with gifts of jewelry and dresses. It was not until her mother's death, when Kylee was only 17 that her father seemed to change. He sent a messenger to inform her that indeed, he would be selling her home, and he would no longer be able to pay for her living. He then informed her that he had found her a position in the king's home, and that she would be sent there in two months time.

When the carriages pulled up outside the home, she knew it was the king's men. She waited for the servants to greet them, and were surprised at what she saw. From the window, she watched as all the female servants were forced into the carriages. Then, the men made their way toward the house. Screaming ensued, as maids began running about the house, trying to get away. Kylee ran down the back stairwell and through the kitchen out into the garden in the rear of the home. Someone shouted "There! Grab that one!" she ran through the garden, into the forrest.

She had been running ever since, trying to get away, using her knowledge of the terrain to keep the king's men from being able to follow too closely with their horses. But in the end, she was put into a carriage like all the other women and the strong men. Next to her was her own chamber maid, Mira. They looked at one another and it was clear they both felt unimaginable fear.

Once she had arrived at the palace, she was shown about. Each of the three gardens, the libraries, the stables... the three wings of the palace were huge, and hard to remember. She was made a servant to the queen along with Mira.

That night she was called to the library. Upon entering, she fell into her deepest curtsy- recognizing the king and queen. The queen looked up and saw her, and said "Well, you must be my new lady. What, pray tell, is your name?". Kylee cleared her throat and while she knew she had spoken her name, she had not even heard it herself.

The queen and king welcomed her, and she was quickly dismissed. She shared a room with Mira, in the queens wing of the palace. While the room was not inadequate, it was certainly not what she was used to. The bed was too stiff, and the room was dark and sullen. The pain caused by her father only seemed to further darken the room. That night, and every night, she wished on a star to give her back the free life she once had.


Days passed, and turned into weeks. Her birthday had come and gone, with no celebration by anyone.

It was no secret that the queen had fallen ill, and now she formed new hope- as mean spirited as it may be- that with the queen's death she would be released. It was during this time that she was able to gain a large amount of free time. She would spend it reading in the library, listening to birds in the garden, and taking long walks about the palace.

One night, she could not sleep and headed to the library. As she huddled herself in the corner with a candle, she read a romantic story she had started earlier in the week. Soon she was completely engulfed in a hot scene of passion. Her face became flush and her body grew warm. She continued to read until she heard footsteps. Looking up, there was a man leaning against the bookcase, watching her as she read.

"You must be enjoying that book, girl." He spoke to her, and she knew she should retire back to her bed.

He had been watching her, taking note of her beautiful face as she became obviously aroused by the reading. Seeing her arousal built something in him as well, and he could not help but want her.

"Yes sir.. I could not sleep. I, I should go."

As she walked over to put away her book, the man reached out to grab her arm; seizing her. He looked into her eyes and saw the way the flecks of gold danced in the sea of brown. From the moment he saw her in the corner he was entranced by her. Her skin, the color of honey, so perfectly deep and sweet. Her hair, falling wonderfully over her shoulders in deep brown curls. Her lips, perfectly pink with a bottom lip that was full and looked so soft. With his free hand he pulled her closer by her waist.

"Why have I not seen you before? Surely it is not possible to look over such beauty. Where have you come from?" She tried to pull free, but found that his grip tightened on her.

"I have been here only a few weeks, sir. May I have my arm returned, or will I have to fight you for it?" She surprised herself with her own words, and quickly, she began to rethink them.

The man laughed, releasing her arm, but not the grip on her waist. Instead, he moved his hand to her face, and brought his lips down to kiss her gently. "Is that any way to talk to a man who holds you in such a position? I could take you, here in the library and no one would be able to stop me." A menacing smile formed on his lips as he started to lift her gown. "Will you try and stop me?"

She was shocked at this man's behavior, and would not tolerate it. Before she was able to rethink her actions, her hand had made contact with his face. She stormed off to her bedroom, ready to tell Mira all about this pig who dared to raise her skirts as if she were a common whore.


The next morning found her being called down with the rest of the girls to breakfast. She stood about, figuring there was an announcement to be made. She watched in amazement as the king, queen, and her offender came down the grand staircase. He was their son.

The queen spoke, "As you all know, my health as of late has been failing. This kingdom will need a ruler once the king and I are gone, and so it is time we prepare our son, Prince Aden, to take over the throne when the time comes. We know you will all welcome him home."

After breakfast was served, Kylee set about her daily tasks. Changing the queen's bedding, dusting, and readying her afternoon bath. Once the queen had taken her bath, Kylee had a couple of hours to do as she wished. She made her way to the kitchen and chatted with the women there, as they made her a plate for lunch. She had much to learn about this "Prince Aden".

As it turned out, the Prince was nearing his thirtieth birthday and had still yet to pick a wife. He instead enjoyed acquainting himself with all the women in the palace. There were more stories than could be counted- him, taking them in his bedroom, the screams of pleasure that could be heard all throughout his wing of the palace. It was said that he was an amazing lover; and far too lustful to settle down. Unfortunately for him, it seemed he might have to.

The prince would be learning about the ways of a king. Since he had been traveling abroad, he had become unfamiliar with his own people. The queen would see to it that he became familiar with all the eligible princesses in nearby lands, and the king was to teach him how to lead an army and command a kingdom.


That night, Kylee lay in bed when she heard a knock at the door. It opened suddenly, and a guard stepped into the room. "Prince Aden to see you".

How unlucky could she be, that Mira had been transferred to another room just earlier that day? The prince stepped into the room, looking about. The guard removed himself, closing the door behind him. Aden locked eyes with her, and a smile spread across his face. "My little library girl. I had a hard time finding you.. Have you missed me?"

She wrapped a cloak around her body, as her nightgown was terribly sheer and she feared he would see her all too clearly through it. "Your highness, certainly it is less than seemly to be seen in the bed chamber of a lowly maid. Is there something wrong? Does the queen need me?"

"No, but I fear that I may... May I sit?" His hand gestured toward the bed, and before Kylee could respond, he had seated himself there on the edge. "Please, I insist you join me."

She shook her head, mostly telling him no, and partly trying to get the smell of him from her nostrils. He smelled of pine needles and musk. He was quite charming, but there was no way she would fall victim to those charms. "What may I do for you, highness?" She asked, a bit too sarcastically.

Her cloak covered only her top half, and the light behind her shone through her gown, revealing the tiny triangle of space just between her thighs, highlighting her womanly beauty. He fought to reduce the arousal he felt, building steadily in his pants. He wanted to take her, to show her exactly what she could do for him.

"You may start by removing your garments."

Her mouth dropped open, and before her words of protest, "Do not think to deny me my rights to your body. Remove the gown or I will be forced to punish you."

As she felt the tears well up in her eyes, she dropped the cloak, then she released the gown, letting it fall from her shoulders. His eyes consumed her, and he stood, stepping closer as she slowly backed away. Soon, she was cornered, her back to the wall. She looked up at him, her eyes still dewy, and pleaded, "Please, your majesty. Don't do this. I.. I have never.."

His lips captured hers in a rough kiss, as his hand snaked around her pulling her tightly against him. Her luscious mounds crushed against his chest, and she could feel a dampness forming between her thighs. His other hand drifted down finding her pearl, and brushing it lightly with his thumb; coaxing a sigh so soft he would almost swear it hadn't happened if not for her eyes shut and her bottom lip being trapped between her teeth.

"Please, I'm begging you. I.. Oh.. I.. Ahh..."

He dipped his fingers lower into her heat, all the while kissing and licking a path from her ear down her neck, and over to her shoulder. His fingers found her entrance, now slippery with arousal, and he slipped a finger inside her wet heat. He groaned, feeling how her moist channel gripped at his finger. She was unbelievably tight, and her body was so responsive to his touch. He started to finger her, gently at first, until he became mad with lust. He wanted to watch her cum in his hands, then he would take her before she could recover from his assault on her body.

Her breathing became erratic, her pussy starting to pulse around his invading digit. She gripped at his arms and shoulders. Her hands, until now, had been at her sides, her palms resting on the stone wall behind her. She started to moan loudly now, begging him to finish it, to not stop what he was doing to her. She came in a violent burst of tremors, her scream filling the room.

As she came down from her high, the prince unlaced his britches and removed his aching cock. She didn't even see him, and had thought perhaps it was over until she felt him pick her up and the tip of his cock positioned at her entrance. She panicked, and tried to break free of his hold, pushing at his chest and raising her hand to slap him. He grabbed her wrist before saying, "You hit me once, already. You did not know me then, but you know now that I am your Prince. Do you dare to hit me again? Are you not enjoying my affections?"

"Your majesty, I cannot let you defile me..."

Without another word, he pushed into her heat. She was so tight, like a closed fist on his cock. And then he felt the barrier of her maidenhead. He then understood her fight, and removed himself from her. He placed her feet down on the floor and turned, heading for the door.

She stood and watched, as he stormed out, suddenly feeling cold and very much alone.

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