tagInterracial LoveKylee's Story Ch. 03

Kylee's Story Ch. 03


Hey guys, I know it's been a while, but here is the latest installment of Kylee's Story. I hope you enjoy, and I want you to know that I will be publishing chapter 4 in a week, as it is already finished. This will probably be a six part series.

The next day seemed like a fairy tale. No longer was she expected to clean and serve the royal family. When she woke in the Prince's bed, she was greeted by none other than Mira. "The Prince says I should tend to your every need...", she said, ".. Kylee, what have you done?!" A smile covered her face, making it clear that Mira, her once servant turned friend, was having far too much fun with this situation.

"There was nothing I could do. This was forced upon me." Kylee said the words, but felt as though she was telling a lie. To be fair, it was only somewhat untrue. While she had not wanted to lose her virginity, she was becoming more and more aware of how she felt for the Prince. "The Prince.. He will bore of me, and then I will be left to suffer the life of a used whore." Tears came to her eyes.

Mira went and closed the door,then returned and hugged her friend. "It's alright, I'm sure everything will work out. There are many rich men who would die to marry you. You are amazing. And being with the Prince will help guarantee you a suitable mate."

"What if I only want him?"

The girls sat there, looking into each other's eyes. The words had simply slipped from her mouth. There was no reclaiming them now.


After getting herself bathed and eating some breakfast, Kylee decided to wait for the Prince in his chambers. Royalty or not, he had no right to take her innocence. She would ask him to find her a husband and allow her to leave the palace. She wanted no more of this game they had been playing.


"Hello my sweet."

He walked into the room with a strut about him. His pride was unbelievable. And he obviously was in a very good mood, judging from that silly grin about his face.

"Your highness, I wish to strike a deal with you. I would like you to find me a husband, and allow me to leave the palace. Now that you have taken what you want of me, I see no reason why I must stay."

His face slowly drifted from a smile to a grimace. "Husband...? I think you lack understanding in our relationship dear girl. I will not hand you off to a other man."

"What more could you want of me, that I should stay? I would rather spend my life in the dungeons, locked away, than in bed with you." Her voice became louder and louder as she spoke, and she was unable to stop herself before saying, "I would rather die."

The Prince closed the space between them instantly, closing his hands about her neck, pulling her into a kiss. She remained hard against him, her mouth unmoving, her hands by her side. He broke the kiss and said, "You would rather die than lie in my bed? Have you forgotten the pleasure I have given you? Do you dare to lie and say you did not enjoy yourself? In the same bed you look upon with such hatred?"

"Enjoyment would be a massive overstatement, my Prince." She did not mean it, she just wanted him to let go. No, there were far better words than enjoyment to describe the pleasure he had bestowed upon her. He had given her such immense satisfaction.. She was growing warm at just the thought. "No sire, I did not enjoy my time in your bed."

"You test me, Kylee." His voice became softer, and she could sense that perhaps she had hurt him. "You will learn not to test me. I will have you again. Now. And if you do not enjoy it, I will do as you wish."

Her heart leapt to hear it, and without being prompted, she removed her clothes. The sooner it was over, the sooner she could be free of him.

The prince watched as the gown fell to the floor. His grey eyes looked over every inch of her as her body became exposed. Her beautiful caramel colored skin, her pert round breasts tipped with brown peaks, her flat tummy, and her adorable little treasure. He brought her over to the bed, and lie her on her back.

Kylee tried to imagine this weren't happening. She decided to take her mind to another place, to daydream until the episode had ended. The prince saw on her face that she was not mentally there with him. But he knew how to get her attention.

The prince spread her thighs, and lowered himself until his face was merely inches from her wet heat. He inhaled the smell of her, and began kissing her inner thighs. Starting close to her knees, he made his way up, kissing, licking, and nibbling at her flesh. When he had almost met the place where her thighs ended, he moved to the next. Kylee sighed, for now she could not think of anything but what he would do next.

As he once again reached her apex, it was dripping now, with great anticipation. He looked up and his eyes met with hers. He could see that she was very much liking this.

His tongue slowly played along her lips, licking near her hot entrance. Her breath hastened, but she did not moan. He kissed, and softly suckled at her nub, and chuckled as her back left the bed. She was pulling in air, trying to avoid the song of pleasure at her throat. As he continued his gentle performance, she lost her will to hide and soon her moans filled his ears.

After bringing her to orgasm, Aden removed his garments and lay beside her. His cock, so hard, stood waiting for her touch. "Touch me." With the tip of her finger, she followed the veins in his erection, as though they were the outline to a secret destination. Truth be told, she had never really looked upon it- let alone touch it. Soon she became exploratory.

She wrapped her small hand around him, like warm marble, covered in the softest velvet. She looked into his eyes as she started to stroke him, and he groaned in satisfaction. His eyes closed, his head lay back, as he marveled in the splendor of his inexperienced lover's touch. She thought she could do no wrong, and so, brought her tongue to the tip of his manhood. Aden gave a loud growl, and thrust his hips forward. She began sucking him, tentatively at first, but became more aggressive as she started to taste his pleasure.

His eyes were wide now, watching his little library girl in amazement. He knew she was enjoying this. He also knew he would soon release if she kept this up.

"Come, sit on my lap." No sooner than the words were spoken, Kylee had found her way onto him, sitting so that his cock was resting under her. "Guide me inside of you."

She positioned his cock at her entrance and slowly sat, taking him in. It felt new, and although this was not her first time, she felt a shyness about it. They sat this way, joined, staring into each others eyes. His hands found her waist, and began guiding her, allowing her to find her own rhythm.

Soon her shyness was gone, and she was riding him as though her were one of her horses back home. He pulled her down on him and kissed her. She could taste herself on him, and that sent her over the edge. Her cunt gripped at him, and he held her still as he plundered her from below. She cried out in his ear, and he into hers, as they came together.

When their breathing had stilled, he rolled over on top of her. He kissed her forehead, her cheek, and then her lips. A smile rose upon his face, as they gazed into each other's eyes.

They made love until night fell, then fell into a deep sleep, cuddled together.


When Kylee woke in the morning, the prince holding her to him, she smiled through her sadness. She realized that she was a fool; for she could never be happy with anyone else, but would never be able to have Aden to herself. She began to cry, and when the prince woke he found that she had slipped out before he could see the way the morning graced her face.

His heart had dropped for he now was starting to see that this girl was changing him. He had never before allowed a maid to stay in his bed, but he had never felt what he felt for her. He prayed she would not refuse him, because he no longer could see his life without her in it. It was terrifying to think that perhaps, he had fallen in love.


That night, the prince summoned Kylee to his chambers. When she arrived, he went to her, bringing her near the fire. "I hope you have given it some thought, as I know I have. Kylee, I do not want to see you married off to another man. I fear you have captured a part of me, and to see you go would be to have my arm separated from my body."

She smiled, for she thought perhaps that her dreams were going to come true. "Aden, last night was amazing. And I now know that what I feel for you is more than just lust or childish attraction. You are the only man who has truly had me. My mind is clouded with thoughts of only you. My body yearns for your touch. And my heart, my heart is no longer my own."

"So you agree to stay and share my bed?"

"Aden, I want to share your life. I want to hold your heart just as you hold mine." Upon hearing this, Aden took a step back. Was he to understand her meaning..? That she wanted to be his wife?

He pulled her into him, and his hand found hers. He kissed her lips, and sighed deeply. "I cannot marry you. The woman I marry must be of noble blood. I cannot marry a servant any more than I could a rock, or a tree."

Kylee pulled away from him, her face now riddled in confusion. "But you want me to stay with you. As a slave? To be your whore? I'll not forever live as a mistress to the king... To always be second to another woman!"

He tried to step closer, but she moved further still. Her face began growing red, and he saw that soon her eyes, that only moments ago had been filled with hope, would soon be filled with tears.

"What would you have me do, give up my crown? There is no one else to run this kingdom once my father has passed. I have a responsibility to the people. I know this news is not what you wanted. But I swear to you, you would never be second in my mind. Yes, I would have my queen, but my mind would be possessed with thoughts of only you."

"You would have me settle for your mind when you have all of me?" By now the tears were flowing freely. Kylee knew what she must do. "I do not wish to stay with you, my prince. I hope you find it in your heart to find me a suitable match. Otherwise, I beg you- let me go. Let me be with someone who truly loves me." Kylee wiped her face clean, then delivered the stinging blow, "Someone who doesn't just want to fuck me in secret."

Aden's sadness turned quickly to anger. If she would not be with him, she would be alone. "You leave me no choice."

"No. I suppose not. I will continue to perform my duties until a match has been found. Until then, I hope you find it in your heart to not call upon me. I do not want to further soil myself before marriage."

"Kylee. I am sorry." Aden sighed as he walked her to the door. When he opened it, he motioned to the guard. The guard grabbed Kylee, and threw her over his shoulder. Kylee began to fight, and looked back at the prince.

"Aden! What is the meaning of this?"

"Wait." The guard stopped, and Aden came to her. He took her face in his hands, kissed her lips and turned away. As he made his way back into his room, he spoke again. "You said you would rather be imprisoned than be my lover." He stopped. "So to the dungeons you will go."

Kylee's jaw hung open, her eyes were wide. The guard started to walk again. She tried to fight him, to wiggle free, but it was no use. She would spend the rest of her life in the dungeon. And Aden hadn't even the courage to look her in the eye when he told her.

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