tagInterracial LoveKylee's Story Ch. 06

Kylee's Story Ch. 06


The truth was, Kylee was honored and glad to have been proposed to. But while Thomas was a good man, he was not the man she could see herself growing old with. He could give her a life of ease, and bliss. He could give her something that many would not consider giving; and one that Aden could not give.

Since she had accepted his proposal, Thomas has been showering Kylee with gifts and attention. Everything he had was hers, and he made sure she knew it. He had started drawing up a guest list, and she was going to all the dress makers in town to find the perfect gown. She would only be married once, and "only the very best gown would do," Thomas would say. She smiled at the thought of him, and then frowned as she looked into the mirror and saw the women looking at her strangely.

Kylee quickly found that everyone knew her past. It did not matter that she was kind, or funny, or beautiful. To the women of Wimshire, she was a whore. Living that down would be difficult.

"You would think she would be embarrassed. You'd think she would not go out in public! But here she is, marrying OUR Earl?" The women whispered, but it wasn't really a whisper at all. It was like the yell of a sick person- because while their voices were low, they were still very loud. Kylee told the woman fitting her that she would come back another time, and left right away.



Aden charged at his opponent. He had gone three rounds and lost each one today. He was falling apart at the seams. Each day that Kylee was gone, he felt more useless. He had originally thought she would come right back, but she was proving him wrong. And proving him weak.

He finished the round, barely pulling his first win of the day, and headed to the library. Lately, he was there all the time. He would try to find the book she was reading on the night they first met. He had looked at nearly every book with a blue spine in the library, but to no avail. He walked in and sat in the chair she always sat in. He looked out the window, watching the birds fly by. She was just like them; never staying, always flying away.

His pride had gotten the better of him. Normally he would have gone after her. He would have brought her home, to his bed. It is, after all, where she belonged. But now, he had so many things to consider. He had to worry about his image, the needs of the people, his responsibility to serve them. There was no room for the love he felt for Kylee. Yes... Love.

Had he forgotten the way she cried out for him? Or the way their bodies seemed to light on fire when they touched one another? Had he forgotten the way the moon hugged her curves, and the sun kissed her face? In everything she did, she was good. She was pure. And she was everything he wanted.

His father had not understood that to him, Kylee was not just another servant girl. She wasn't a play thing for him to use and send away. He had fallen for her. And now, he only wished that his father had understood; because he felt completely alone. No parents with whom to discuss his troubles, no friends.. He had only Analeigh. But he did not love her. He did not want her.


"We must do something, Quincy. This will not solve itself! They are both so stubborn, and so proud. She will never just come back to him, knowing he will not marry her. And he will not go groveling at her feet for her return!"

Mira paced back and forth, a plot scheming in her mind. Quincy just sat and watched his adorable wife. When they were not eating, sleeping, or fucking, she would talk only of her best friend and the king.

"Darling, you must let this go." His voice was very deep, and it boomed so, that Mira jumped in surprise. She had forgotten he was there for a moment; her thoughts going a mile a minute. "What is meant to be will be. We should not meddle in the affairs of others. Least so, the king."

Mira stopped pacing and looked up at him. Slowly, a smile spread across her face. "I know what to do."

While they had only been married a couple of months, Quincy had come to know her very well. Once Mira set her mind to something, it would be done. Now, he just had to figure out how much trouble this would get him into.


Kylee sat by the pond, thinking about everything she had experienced in the last couple of years. She had lost her mother and her home. She had been forced to serve the queen, then forced to lay with the prince. She had lost her virginity to a man that had stolen it away, only to fall in love with him.

Aden. She hadn't been giving him much thought with everything going on, but she had heard from Mira that he was very unhappy lately. She was sad to hear that he was sulking; she had the feeling it was her fault. She hadn't even the courage to say goodbye. She knew he would look at her with those stormy eyes and she would fall apart.

She had to marry Thomas. She wanted a life that was good- a life without pain, fear, and shame. And although Thomas could give her these things, she could not shake the thoughts of Aden; kissing her, touching her, taking her...


"Oh, did I tell you? Kylee is feeling rather lonely as of late. She said that Thomas ignores her. He leaves her alone for the bulk of the day, and speaks to her only when he is not busy about town performing his political duties." Mira spoke to her husband, loudly enough that Aden could hear her. She knew he was listening, because the second she said Kylee's name, he dropped something the room.

Aden moved closer to the door, listening intently. Thomas was avoiding her? He probably only asked her to marry him to be some sort of prize winner.

Aden thought back to the night of the ball. Kylee had danced with many men, and was never without company through the night. He watched as she gracefully moved about, the women staring in jealousy, the men staring in lust. She had looked so beautiful that night. He wanted so badly to speak to her; to tell her that she was the most lovely woman in the room.

If Thomas was not spending his every moment thinking of Kylee and holding her in his arms, he was doing himself a disservice. Hearing this news lightened Aden's heart. Maybe, if she became bored enough, she would call on him? Or come home? Home...

"I should be receiving a letter from her tomorrow. I will update you then." Mira smiled knowingly, and kissed her husband. As she swayed joyously back down the hall Quincy smiled. He knew what he would do if he were in Aden's shoes, in love with a woman who was betrothed to another man. He would take her back.


Aden sat waiting in the library, overlooking the garden where Mira and Quincey sat. He was always in this place at this time of day. It was peaceful, and he was able to watch others enjoy the outdoors.

Mira mimed a shocked face and stood up. She pulled a second letter from the envelope and read the first. "Kylee says I should give this letter to the prince.. Do you think it would be wrong to read it?"

Quincey looked up at his wife, shocked at her newfound theatrical abilities. "No darling, if the letter is for him, then you should give it to him. Do not read it." She smiled down at him. She knew Aden was sitting in the window. She could see him from the corner of her eye.

Aden stood, unsure of whether or not he heard her correctly. The window pane had blocked most of the sound, and he did not want to assume. He was stone still, watching as the couple stood in the garden below. Mira's eyes drifted to the window, as if she was naturally looking about, and her gaze met Aden's cold blue one.

Mira looked up at him for just a couple of seconds, then excused herself from Quincey. As she made her way to Aden, he made his way to her. When they met at the grand staircase, she curtsied and he made his way down. When he reached the bottom step, she reached out her hand to him, and he took the letter from her. She bowed again, then turned to walk away.

'The things friends do for one another,' she thought.



I have missed you since I left weeks ago. It is more than I can bare.

I miss your lips pressed against mine, and the smell of your skin. We have hurt each other, but more than that, we have hurt ourselves. I know I cannot leave Thomas, and you cannot leave Analeigh. But I beg of you, come to meet with me tonight. I will be standing under the bridge on the River Quell at midnight. Please. Just let me look upon you, if maybe for the last time..



As Aden read the letter, he pressed his back harder into the door. He had barely made it to his room before he pulled the paper open. As he read each word, he imagined them coming from her sweet lips. There was no way he would allow her to stand under that bridge without his arms wrapped tightly around her. He would go there tonight, and he would tell her that he loved her for the first time. Not by the way he touched her, or by his kiss.. This time, he would say the words his heart had been screaming since the moment he first saw her.


Mira quickly made her way to Wimshire. Thomas was to be away all weekend, until Sunday when they were to be married, which meant that starting this night, Kylee would be alone. Since Kylee left, Mira had only corresponded with her through a couple of letters, but when she pulled up outside the large home, Kylee stood, a wide smile across her face. Mira jumped out of the carriage, and ran to her. They had become such close friends, and Mira had really missed her. Kylee was all she really had, other than Quincey, and it was difficult to carry on without seeing her each day.

The two caught up with one another, talking about this and that. Kylee was happy to hear that marriage was fun- she had never really known anyone who was married, and she had many questions about what to expect. "We just spend our time together holding one another. And when we are tired of that, we sleep. And when we make love, it's as if we haven't seen each other for weeks, even when we have seen each other only moments ago!!" Mira went on and on, telling Kylee how happy she was. By the end of the night, after dinner and a long walk, it was very late.

"Let us walk to the river," Mira said. "I would love to sit by the water and enjoy the cool weather."

The two made their way to the river, which was only a short walk from the home. Mira sat, and Kylee sat next to her. They were silent, both trying to avoid the conversation that was inevitable. Aden.

"How is he?" Kylee looked at her friend, trying to gauge her response from the look on her face. Mira sat, a bit uncomfortable.

"He misses you," she spoke, "very much. It is painful to see."

Just then, the sound of footsteps came nearer. Mira had hoped that he would not get there so soon, as she wanted to really to get Kylee to admit to missing him too.

Kylee looked up, and saw Aden, his face a mixture of uncertainty and agony. He had missed her indeed. The strength that used to be ever present seemed to have dripped away, leaving only the shell of a man. "Aden."

His heart leapt in his chest to hear her speak his name, and he held his hand out to her. She took it, and he helped her to stand, all the while her eyes never left his. "I did not think I would ever see you again. I have missed you so much."

Mira watched, still sitting there in the grass. She expected that soon they would forgive one another. She thought for sure that just seeing each other again would reignite the love in their hearts, and they would forget everything else.

"...How did you know I would be here?"

Aden looked at her, his confusion soon turning to frustration. "I got your letter.. You said you would be here." upon seeing the lack of recognition in her eyes, he looked down to Mira, who was beginning to grow nervous. Kylee's eyes then drifted to her as well, and Mira understood that she would need to explain.

"You love each other! Why.. Why are you pushing each other away? Kylee. I know you love him. And I can see it in his eyes that he loves you too!"

Kylee took her hands from Aden, and looked at him. "You did not come because you wanted to? Only because of a letter you thought I wrote?"

"What difference does it make? Does it not still mean the same thing? I came here, because I wanted to tell you that I l-"

Kylee raised her voice. "DIFFERENCE?! You had to be asked to come here. I had to write to you. To appeal to you. What did you think would happen, Aden? Did you think I would just run off with you? Did you think our problems would disappear?"

"I THOUGHT you would hear what I had to say." He yelled, "I thought you would come home!"

Kylee turned to run, but Mira grabbed her by the arm. "You should not have done this. You should have stayed out of it, Mira."

Mira let her go, and stood as she and Aden watched Kylee run away. Mira looked at Aden, and saw the sadness in his eyes.

"Why did you do this?"

"Because people who are in love should not settle for second best. And because... Even though you both want each other, you are both so very strong.. And it is keeping you apart."

Instead of being angry, Aden put his arm around Mira. She was growing cold, and he saw her shivering. "Well then I suppose I will have to grow some weakness."

Mira rode back to the palace with Aden, all the while talking about Kylee. He was going to appeal to her in a way he never had before. He was going to ask her to be his wife.

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