tagRomanceKyle's Porch Ch. 07

Kyle's Porch Ch. 07


These are not "Stand alone" Chapters. I suggest reading from the beginning.

Part seven of eight: Is this, the one?

This story is the product of a diseased and febrile mind. As such, it is fiction. Having said that; All my stories are true, even the ones I make up.

Copyright 2007 L_D_Darrow

I wish to thank Wolv_Project for taking the time to edit my offering. All mistakes are mine solely, whether planed or not.


The sun had been up for sometime when I woke up. I had to work at getting out from under the covers. I finally did, without waking her.

I made coffee and gathered the makings for breakfast, then put away the blankets on the couch. I took her jeans, bra and blouse in and set them on the chair by the bed.

I took my coffee on the porch and lay back.

A kiss on my forehead woke me up. She had filled my cup from the pot and brought it back. Then she relaxed on the lounge next to mine. We lay there for at least a half-hour, Silent.

The phone rang I answered the one on the porch.

"Hello?... Yes I know, the owner said it would be removed this morning... Quite alright, thanks for calling. Bye."

Bonnie said. "I guess I should get moving on that now." She sat up swinging her feet to the floor.

"I know a guy, he's reasonable."


I called a friend and arraigned for him to come out. I said. "We have enough time for breakfast and then we should wait out there."

"I am hungry." Her smile lit up my world.

We only sat there with the gate open for a few minutes for my friend to show. It took him only a few seconds to open the trunk, her keys were laying right there on the trunk floor. He only charged her $20, because she was a friend of mine. She had that in her purse. He took off, another call on down the road.

I had brought a socket set and in just a few minutes I had her spare on and everything put away. I made up a list of things she should do today, her tire fixed, a cross bar for the lug nuts, two magnetic key holders, and duplicate keys made. At the bottom I wrote my phone number.

She took off for town to get everything done. I closed the gate and went back, to sleep on the porch.

I was just thinking about lunch when the phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hi, Kyle?"

"Hi Bonnie. Good to hear your voice."

"Could I come over and use your shower?"

"Sure, come on over."

"What about the gate?"

"I left it unlocked."

"You knew I'd call didn't you?"

"I had hoped you'd call, or check the gate. Just close it when you come in, don't lock it unless you are staying past dark."

"Is that a specific invitation?"

"That's up to you, I won't pressure you."

"I'll be over. Bye."


I started lunch, just simple heat up stuff. She came in as I set two places and the food. She ate like she was hungry. I cleaned up while she took a shower. Then I took a shower. It was quite warm on the porch I wore shorts and a t-shirt, She had on slacks and a blouse. We lay there silent for a long time, then the phone rang.

"Hello?... Hi mom... Oh sure, I'll be over. Hang on a sec mom."

"Would you like to visit with my parents tomorrow for lunch Bonnie?"

"Well... Ok."

"Hey mom can I bring a friend?... No mom, just a friend... Ok I'll see you."

She laughed. "Moms are all the same, aren't they."

"If they are truly moms, they have to be." We both were looking out, but stealing glances at one an other.

"I'm having second thoughts now though." She said.

"About going?"


"Don't, they're good people, mom is a likable person."

After a few moments she said. "Well... Ok. Did you have anything planed for today?"

"Not really, I usually have a few beers and nap a little. There's the TV and a few movies on DVD. I have a selection of games in the hall. Then there's food."

"Sounds like a full day. Do you drink a lot?"

"No not usually, it comes and goes. I do have a tendency to drink more when its cooler."

She sighed. "I'd like to get drunk, really drunk, some place where it's safe." She was rubbing her hands palm to palm.

"Go home then." I said.

"No I'd like to get drunk here. I know you enough it won't matter. My 'sisters' have recommended you. May I please?"

"Ok. No promises though."

She brought out two beers, I figured I could at least start with her.

We drank several cans without saying much.

"What do you do for work Bonnie?" I really did want to know more about her. The outside was nice, really nice. But it's the inner person, the personality that's really important.

"I'm a substitute teacher, math, English and Phys Ed. I took the semester off."

"I thought you were in pretty good shape."

"Do you want to see?" Again that look of challenge.

"Maybe later, it's still cool out here." I deflected the challenge.

"Did you really sit out here with two naked females lying in front of you?" She was smiling, again a challenge, she had seen the pictures.

"Yes, this is where they were working, collecting data. It gets to 110F/43C out here early in the morning. Being naked is a requirement."

"It must have been quite a game for you." She half turned to me on her lounge.

"Bonnie, these girls were serious about their work, that came first. I felt honored when one of them would make time for me, and we were just as serious about sex as work."

"I didn't mean to imply anything, I'm a little jealous I guess."

"No need for that, they're history, you are here now. Ready for a refill?"

"I will be real soon."

I filled an ice chest with ice and beer, no real need to make a lot of trips. She didn't seem to need many bathroom trips.

"Oh, thanks. What do you do Kyle?" She was setting up again.

"I'm a machinist in Willcox." I moved my lounge upright too.

"Oh yeah. You make little parts so somebody can put them together to make bigger parts."

"Normally that's true, but I machine parts as big as this porch."

"Wow, are you talking solid parts?"

"No. These are just big and hollow."

"That's still a lot of metal, they are metal aren't they?"

"Cast steel about 50-grand raw, 135-grand out the door."

"Your talking money not pounds right?" She was on another can now.

"Yes, weight-wise they come in at around thirty tons, and leave at about twenty-five."

"So you remove 10,000 pounds of cast steel on each?"

"About that."

"Wow, m' dad's a machinist. He has a few 'chines at home, I used to help him out once 'nd a while."

"Then you know more about it then most people."

"I s'pose."


"Do you drink a lot, Bonnie?"

"No, My ex-friend liked ta though. He thought I had ta be 'alf drunk before he stuck it in me. Maybe he was right."


"So you felt used even before you knew he was married?"

"Yea, I think I knew from ta start, he was married. I just ing... inig... icknord it until he tol me. I gota pee."

I helped her up and watched her navigate into the house. She sat on the couch inside. So I went into see why. She was trying to take her shoes off.

"Why are you trying to take your shoes off just to pee?" I asked.

"Ahh... Oh, so I can git my pantsoff, you'd better do it."

She lay back on the couch, a happy buzz going inside. I took her shoes and socks off and then unbutton her slacks and slid them off.

"You gonna stick it in me now?" She said. Looking at me, a little cross eyed.

"Maybe in a bit, you need to pee don't you?" I said, trying to get her to stand.

"Better wait 'till I shit... sit on the can." She had no balance of her own, fell against me.

"Ok I'll help you in there." I held her one hand around her belly.

"You're a good guy to have 'round. Kina cute too."

I half carried her in, and pulled down her panties for her.

"You gona poke me now?" she asked.

"Not yet, you should pee first." I set her on the seat.

"Ok, take top off then." She said, it was becoming difficult to understand her.

I removed her blouse for her.

"Dis too."

I unhooked her bra and set it with her blouse. Then I got a t-shirt from my drawer.

"Here put this on. It's still a little cool outside." I really didn't need to be watching her boobs bounce.

"'k, where we goin'?"

"Out to the porch, did you pee?"

"Yea, where's m' panties?"

"Around your knees, stand up I'll slide them up for you."

"Aren't you gona poke me?" She asked as I worked the pad and panties up.

"You wanted another beer first, didn't you?"

"That's good idea. Hey, your kina cute."

"That's nice, just lean on me now."

She seemed a little more sober after laying down. I opened a can and handed it to her.

"Thanks Kyle. What were we talking about?"

"You were telling me about your dad's machine shop."

"Oh yeah. I useta make bolts there. I learned to pingl sort... simple poat... pimple speck." She looked at me helplessly.

"Single point?" I offered.

"Yeah! That, I learned to do ona machine. Hey you're kina cute, wana poke me?"

"Sure, in a moment. Here's an other can."

"Oh good, this one's fedective... detective... empty."

"Why didn't you stay with machining as a career?"

"I don' know, dad was pisadointed when I tol hin I wanted t' pech tids." She scrunched her face up trying to figure out what was wrong with what she had said. Shrugged her shoulders and said. "Hey! Yer coot. Poke me?"

She tried to take her panties down.

"Its ok Bonnie, I can work around them."

"'k. don' feel good."

I was prepared for that, I held her head over the bucket and kept her hair out of the way. She brought up a lot. When the dry heaves stopped I made her rinse her mouth out and spit it all out. Then I gave her a cold beer and made her drink it.

"Thanks... What's your name? Hey. Your cute, did you poke me?"

"Yes you were very good."

She felt her panties. "You better poke me again, I'm not usually this dry."

Then she pulled the front of her panties down and fished out the pad, it only had a few dry brown spots on it. She tossed it in with the cans. It ended up on the floor.

"That's why I was so dry. You'd better poke me again, I like to be wet. It makes me feel good in the morning."

"Okay, I just need to rest up, you wore me out."

"Oh good, my ex all ways said I was dead in bed. It worried me."

"He was wrong, you're spectacular."

She was going to say something more, but her eyes glazed over and she went limp.

I was surprised because her speech was almost sober. I patted the side of her face but she was truly out. I rearranged her limbs and pulled down the shirt. It was plenty warm enough for her out here now. I rinsed the bucket out and disposed of the pad. Then I washed her face off. I took a nap, glad I wouldn't have her hangover.

When it got dark I moved her in on the couch. The movement caused her to heave again. I had the bucket ready. There wasn't much this time. She wasn't conscious at all during that episode. So I only washed her face, and rinsed the bucket.

Around 9 pm she started thrashing. I took the wash cloth, put her head in my lap and washed it again. She stopped thrashing then. She grabbed my hand and crushed it to her breast. Her eyes opened and she groaned. "Git your hand off me." She said.

"Let go of my hand and I will." I said quietly.

"Oh." She said, but didn't let go.

She looked at my face for a while then asked. "Kyle?"

"Yes Bonnie?"

"Yer kina cute."

"And you are beautiful, Bonnie."

Then she was gone again.

When I couldn't see the computer any more for all the Yawning. I took Bonnie to bed with me. I wasn't about to leave her alone in case she heaved again. First I pulled her panties down and sat her on the can and rubbed her lower stomach, it took a little while but she peed without waking up. I had the bucket there by the bed, in case, and I put her on the outside. I lay on top of the sheet that covered her and wrapped my arms around her.

It was still dark when she started fighting the sheet and me. "Steady girl. Its Kyle. I've got you."

She stopped fighting. "Kyle?"

"Yes you're ok." But she was sleeping.

The next time I woke, she was turned to me, watching, she had my free hand between her breasts, my fingers around one of them. Her legs were intertwined with mine and my erection was pushing hard against her pubic bone.

"Morning Kyle." She said softly.

"Morning Bonnie."

"You're beautiful while you sleep." She whispered.

"You kept saying I was cute yesterday, usually just before you asked, if I was going to poke you."

"Oh God. Did I?" She blushed and hid her head on me.

"I didn't, in case you were wondering."

"I - I checked I was pretty dry. I was wearing a pad, what happened?"

She had pulled back to see me. "On the porch you pulled it out and threw it."

"Oh God." She hid again.

"Hey, stop it. Only I was there to watch you, you were funny, not pitiful."

"My head really hurts and I need to pee and poop. But I really don't want to move either."

"If I don't move soon. You will be very wet."

"Ok I'll stay here a while." She let go my hand to feel what was pushing against her.

She said. "Are you sure you aren't going to poke me?"

"Yeah, you have a headache remember? Ask me again later."

"I might."

I got moving, glad she wasn't upset at letting loose with me. Some girls ran after doing that and I never heard from them again, except, for me to open the gate to let them out.

I had breakfast ready when she came out, I heard her take a shower. She had a clean t-shirt on, mine.

"How could you stand me the way I stank?"

"Your are my friend."

"I looked for clean panties, I read the note."

"Oh... I forgot they were there. I'm sorry, I should put them away somewhere."

"NO! I mean it's a part of you, your history. It didn't offend me. I just hated the thought of putting on my dirty ones."

"You could go without, or there's mine."

"Your's wouldn't stay on me. I wasn't sure about going without, but I did."

"I'll serve breakfast on the porch, it stayed warm last night... Relax, only I will be there to look."

We sat out there for several hours. Just talking, getting to know each other. She had relaxed, I couldn't really see her crotch from where I was.



"I need to go home and get some clothes to wear to your parents. What would you suggest?"

"They're just home people, don't try to be something you're not. Mom's good at spotting a phony. Thirty seconds after meeting her you'll feel you've known her a long time. Other than that it should be pleasantly warm today."

"Ok I know just what I'll wear. Will you let me out?"

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