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L'Ecole Pour Des Femmes

This story is fictional and the names of people, organizations, businesses, etc. have no basis in reality and any resemblance to any real person or business is purely coincidental. If group sex bothers you then I suggest you read another story. I also recommend to those interested in group sex and swinging reading my other stories on this site. The author welcomes comments and feedback via Literotica email. The Present:

"I didn't mean to do it again.....but I was in Neiman Marcus and the Memorial Day sales were just too good to be true," Dana said to her angry husband Pierce.

Another $5,000 dollars on the credit card this month was too much for the older man to ignore without taken further action.

"You have spent $20,000 in the past six months on clothes, shoes, purses and all sorts of other nonsense. You have taken advantage of me and my good nature for the last time. I have warned you repeatedly and now I am going to take action. I'm filing for divorce in the morning and with the pre-nup in place you'll be back waiting on tables again next month," the husband said in a huff as he turned around and headed out of the room.

Dana was stunned....divorce? She was about to lose the man she loved more than anything. She had been planning a long life together.

They had met five years earlier at the restaurant she was working and at the time struggling to make ends meet working part time and attending college. There was an instantaneous attraction between the two as she served a martini to the early forties, handsome and tall man at a table to the right of the bar. He was waiting for a dinner date to show up but she could tell by his eyes and his lingering looks that he was immediately smitten with her.

She loved miniskirts and the black tight one she was wearing that night did not allow her to bend over much since it was so short. She knew she was very attractive with great boobs and sexy style and she tried to have great personality and happy demeanor to match. Pierce could not stop staring at her legs and skirt.

He returned the next night and asked for her but she was off that night. He came in every night for a week thereafter trying to get her attention in any way possible....even bribing the hostess to give him a table in her serving section.

She was flattered by his persistence and eventually they started dating. Dana was somewhat attracted to older men (she was 22 y/o) at the time and he was so worldly and experienced that their age difference was inconsequential to her. She moved in with him three months later and three years later were married on a beach on a Greek island in a dream wedding. Dana quit working after she moved into his home and Pierce financed her way through college for her final three semesters. She started living a lifestyle that she could never have envisioned while growing up in a small town with parents working very hard to support their three children. He was the type of man every girl dreamed about...............

All of a sudden it was collapsing in front of her eyes and she could not believe it was close to ending already after only two years of marriage. Her life with Pierce felt like a fairytale dream and she was about to wake up. She had to beg him to give her one last chance. She ran out of the room and followed him into their large bedroom. Tears were streaming down her face but he just ignored her presence, loud sighs and sobbing.

"Pierce....my Sweetheart; please give me one more chance. I'll do or be anything you want me to be but I don't want to divorce. I still love you more than anything," wailed Dana as her husband continued to ignore her presence.

He turned around and looked at her sitting of the bed with her head in her hands obscured by mane of long blond hair highlighted to perfection by her very gay friend Luigi.

Her skirt had ridden up her tanned legs and he looked deep down her low cut blouse at her enormous natural chest heaving with the all crying. She had actually improved on her looks in the past 5 years if that was possible and you could see the effects of the private trainer, personal chef and weekly masseuse.

He had her exactly where he wanted her after five years. It was a plan he had in mind after the first six months together – the perfect wife did not just happen by luck but needed to be carefully molded over time. Physically, Dana was almost there – achieving perfection is a constant process especially when pitted against the aging process – but now he needed to mold her mind and will completely to his own once and for all. Pierce was of the old school – a woman should conform to husband's desires and wants and not vice-versa. American women couldn't help themselves and given enough rope they eventually hang themselves hence the modern phenomena of 'irreconcilable differences'. Feminism and affluence is a deadly combination to a marriage. Given his past relationships and experiences, Pierce knew it would only be a matter of time before complacency and rebellion would become part of their relationship. As a matter of fact, he surreptitiously allowed it to happen. The sex was still good but much more irregular than in the past and Dana stopped being the wild and crazy girl in bed who would try anything without hesitation. He let her spending habits be the snare for the trap he had set for her – she was given an unlimited budget she usually exceeded it!

The timing was now perfect to spring his master plan on her. Everything was arranged and all he needed was her approval. He knew the timing of the credit card statement and he only waited for the right opportunity to confront and conquer her at her weakest moment – as she returned home from another extravagant shopping spree. The plan for the next two months for her improvement had to be 100% voluntary on her part and he was sure she would agree given the alternative of divorce and starting all over anew. He needed her to feel even more desperate and eager to please him and only then he would throw her the one lifeline to save their marriage.

As he stared lustily at his own sweet heartbroken wife, he felt a stirring in his pants. He wanted to fuck her right now - it had been two weeks since they last made love. The sight of her magnificent physical and sexual assets as she sat sobbing on the bed triggered memories of the wild night in St. Bart's in the Caribbean three years prior and a few months after their wedding. The activities on that hot and sultry night had been the first step of the master plan to mold Dana as his perfect wife for years to come.

Prior attempts with other women usually failed much earlier in the relationships given the other women's proclivities to infidelity, jealousy, drugs, drink or just plain laziness. Dana was different – her character was first rate, her sexuality boundless and he knew she loved him very much.

Pierce had met her when she was young and inexperienced but she had all the qualities to be the wife that Pierce desired. He also knew she wanted to have children but he wanted to wait until the next threshold in their relationship had been reached. Lately, Dana started to dress more conservatively stating she was getting older and needed to dress the part of a respectable and classy wife. 'Hogwash' he said to himself....it was time for Dana to gain a different attitude and outlook towards their life together after he allowed her to become accustomed to a lifestyle that would be extremely difficult to give up.

Helping Dana take that next big step in development however was outside his level of expertise or patience. He needed professional help and he knew that he had the right solution for Dana that would provide the desired results. The timing was now perfect as he looked down on her crying form again; he knew she would eagerly agree to his demands. She was now ready to for the formal training that would ignite their relationship once again and be his partner in the many adventures he had been planning since the beginning.

He remembered the first big step that was taken a few years ago in St. Barth's at the hotel's restaurant on the beach, Anse des Flamands. He had taken other beautiful and sexy women to the hotel in the past but it was the first time for Dana and himself. It was a weekday night in the Caribbean off-season and they were the only guests staying at the small hotel during the mid-week lull. The restaurant manager known by Pierce for a few years was asked not to take reservations after 9pm to ensure privacy for Dana and himself.

St. Barthelemy (St. Barths) – Three years earlier

It is a hot and sultry night in the Caribbean resort island. The boutique hotel only has six rooms but it has a renowned outdoors restaurant that is a few steps from the hotel's private beach and pool. It had been another hot day at the beach and Pierce and Dana walked only a few steps from their room to the outdoor restaurant. They had the restaurant pretty much to themselves with the only other couple leaving within a half hour of their arrival.

After dinner, they were sitting at their table having after dinner drinks as sexy French pop music played softly in the background. Gradually the remaining small staff - the manager, the chef and his wife - clustered around the small table ogling the scantily clad woman who had decided a few hours earlier that less clothing was more appropriate for a romantic quiet dinner in the tropics with the man she adored. In addition, since the restaurant was part of their small boutique hotel, she wouldn't be an object of attention walking the streets with Pierce in downtown Gustavia wearing very little clothing. The staff knew Pierce as a loyal customer over the years and they treated him like family. Dana wasn't the first woman he brought to the hotel over the years but this time the woman was his wife.

Dana's low corset top pushed her large breasts upward and squeezed them together. On a normal girl this would have been eye catching but Dana's 38D breasts actually looked like they were defying the law of gravity. A few days of topless bathing on the beach had them very tanned and combined with her bare stomach and navel piercing; micro skirt and heels; she was impossible not to desire. A string of pearls around her neck glowed against her dark skin in the dim candle light.

During dinner as she walked passed the staff to use the restroom, the chef and his wife in the kitchen could not help but be mesmerized by the young blond with an impossibly tiny skirt barely covering her ass but low enough on her hips to expose a significant amount of skin below her pierced navel. Her corset was minimal and was really an undergarment and it displayed her bouncing breasts as she walked for maximum effect. Dana was still basking in the glow of their recent wedding during the summer and this trip was their first to a foreign destination since the wedding. Everyone could tell by her glow and demeanor that this was one happy and content woman.

The late thirties French chef of the restaurant and his new Paris-born wife had joined them at the table at the first opportunity after cleaning up. About twenty minutes later, the French born black restaurant manager pulled a chair up to the table bringing a bottle of Pastis from the bar. After three rounds of the strong drink from Provence in addition to the drinks and bottle of wine at dinner, Dana was feeling more than slightly buzzed. In addition, she noticed that the three others were very attractive and sexy also and their French accents only added to the allure and the growing sexual ache in her pussy.

She felt almost naked tonight as she self-consciously looked downward at her display of bare flesh although she spent the day topless and in a thong at the beach only 15 meters away. She caught the other men at the table staring at her body all evening at every opportunity throughout the night as they passed the table or as she went to the toilet. French men were so obvious and telegraphed their intentions with their eyes. She hadn't had sex in two days fighting jet lag and the long days at the beach. It appeared that Pierce was ignoring sex on purpose for the past two days but she wouldn't be denied tonight as her pussy was wet from thinking about sex all day.

Her hand rode up Pierce's thigh and squeezed his penis several times. She couldn't wait to get back to the room and suck his cock and maybe take him out to the oceans edge, get on her knees in the warm surf and spread her ass cheeks for his pleasure. Pierce loved it when she did that in bed and when he had his choice of orifices to penetrate. He usually used both if offered. As she was lost in this sexual fantasy in her own little erotic world, she looked over and saw Pierce and the restaurant manager Rene smiling and looking at her.

"What are you two talking about?" She asked the two leering men.

"Rene wants to know if your boobs are real or fake," said Pierce looking straight into her enormous cleavage and the two large boobs on display and chuckling he added, "He will not believe me that they are real and says he sees many women topless on the island and he knows what fake tits look like".

She looked down instinctively and noticed one of her dark brown areolas was starting to show above her corset and she immediately adjusted it causing the two breasts to jiggle to the group's further amusement.

This comment about her breasts and the eyes of all four people staring at her partially exposed breasts had the effect of sending a jolt of electricity straight to her pussy and clitoris on top of the sexual fantasy she had been just enjoying. She could feel the moisture and her tiny thong soaking between her legs. She again wanted to grab Pierce immediately and drag him into their hotel room only 50 feet away for mind blowing sex. She knew that dressing like a porn star would attract attention even in this small hotel but she also felt sexually empowered sitting so provocatively dressed in front of strangers. The feeling of sexual freedom was intoxicating as well as being viewed as a sexual object by a group of strangers, especially the black man sitting next to her husband. She had fantasized about having sex with a black man.....many had approached her over the years.........but she did not ever succumb to her fantasy.

"Well, come by the beach tomorrow....I'll be topless.... and you can judge for yourself," answered a sexily smiling Dana, feeling she had dodged a bullet for the time being while at the same time giving the sexy black man an open opportunity to see her virtually naked on the beach. She felt like such a tease......

Both Frenchmen at the table, the chef and manager, immediately said that they were away from the hotel during the daytime so they couldn't take advantage of the opportunity to see her topless and judge whether her well endowed chest was real.

Dana couldn't believe that the chef Arnaud had joined into the explicit sexual conversation especially with his extremely attractive wife, Claire, sitting next to him and smiling back at Dana.

Claire was tall and slender with a short bob hairstyle. She was very fashionable with a black halter top and a sheer knee length skirt with a short heel pumps....more European than American but very attractive. She was typical of the many French women on the island and appeared reserved but friendly.

Dana sensed an opportunity to divert the attention to someone else and asked the chef while smiling back at Claire, "Do people ask you about your wife's breasts and whether they are real or not"?

The chef laughed and said, "Have you been around many French women lately?"

Dana looked perplexed at the question and said no (not knowing that French women usually were not large busted nor inclined to have breast enhancement surgery.)

The chef looked at his wife and whispered in French into her ear and Claire smiled and stood up from the table.

The French woman lifted up her black halter top slowly, almost stripper-like, and gradually exposed her bra-less B sized tits for all to see. They were totally tanned and perfectly formed with large nipples. Larger breasts would not have improved her figure at all.

The chef stood up behind her and cupping both breasts said in a French accent to a blushing Dana, "These are very very real. Do you want to feel for yourself?"

Before she could answer, Pierce said laughing, "Go ahead honey and feel them for all of us and make sure they are real."

While he said this he let his hand slip higher on her thigh and immediately her legs spread open. He quickly inserted his finger into her wet pussy and she almost let out an audible sound of excitement.

The sexy and multiracial French people, the late hour, the tropical atmosphere and heat, the drinks and the finger in her pussy all combined to rob her of her normal thought processes. She felt a little out of control but was enjoying the sexual attention and overall fun of the group. I'm in control, she told herself, and we're just having a good time.

Before she could think of a quick response, the black manager, Rene, stood behind her and started to pull the chair out for her so she could stand up. Shakily, she instinctively arose from the table after removing Pierce's hand from her pussy and allowed the black man to help her stand with his offered hand as his other hand was wrapped around her lower naked waist....part of his hand was on her ass. He pulled her body close to him and the contact and sweat mixed with cologne almost numbed her more with sexual heat. She was precariously balanced on her 4 inch heels and walked swaying her hips into the black man for maximum effect for a few steps as they made their way around the table slowly to the French woman who was now totally topless and awaiting her inspection.

As the Claire stood facing the table, Dana went behind her and reached her hands around the woman's waist but hesitated to go any further. She has never been intimate with another woman although she had fantasized about it often - sometimes with Pierce - but most of the time in her masturbation fantasies when a particular sexy woman had attracted her attention.

The other woman grabbed Dana's manicured hands with the French tip long nails and pulled them up to her breasts and pressed her ass against Dana's pubic area at the same time while grinding her hips back and forth. After 30 seconds she reached back with her head to try to kiss Dana on the neck. Dana was feeling aroused touching another woman so intimately, having her pussy further stimulated by Claire's ass pushing against her. She felt her very low and skimpy skirt start to rise above her thighs given Claire's sexy gyrations. Before she could react and with her hands controlled by the other woman, she felt the back zipper of her corset being lowered.

She turned her head quickly to see who was unzipping her when she felt Pierce's lips on her neck saying in a low voice, "Relax....relax....we're just having some fun." Hearing his voice and reassurance, she relaxed and let him take control of the situation and where it might lead in the next few minutes. "Are they real, madam?" asked Arnaud about his wife's breasts thereby diverting her attention from Pierce who was pulling away her top completely.

Now her bare breasts were pressed against the back of the other woman and Pierce was grinding his hard penis into her ass from behind in unison with the woman in front of Dana. She felt her own nipples getting very hard from the two way grinding, being in the middle of a bi-sexual sandwich, the exposed night air and her own building sexual desire - she was starting to go into sexual overdrive.

"Yes, yes, they are very real and firm and soft," she replied feeling the woman's large nipples harden and swell to her touch as the other woman removed her hands. Dana couldn't resist and gently pulled on the woman's two erect nipples and the other woman groaned and reached backwards for Dana's hips.

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