L.I.T. World Ch. 01


Steve Nolan walked into the conference room for the second time that day. This time he was butt ass naked. Head down, he was too ashamed to look anybody in the eye, he followed his new master. Less then forty minutes ago he had strode across the room to take command of the podium, now he slunk across the room, naked and harmless.

Karen Bates ignored the astonished looks of the men seated around the table. The lone woman gave her a wink and a smile. Karen pointed to a point behind and to the side of the podium and Nolan hastened to stand there. The Vice President in Charge of Planetary Seeding, tapped the podium with another one of the metal suppositories. When all eyes were on the device, she asked, "How many of you are familiar with the term SCM?" No one said anything.

Karen walked around the podium and placed the metal object on the table, she then returned to where she had stood behind the podium. She began to speak. "An SCM, or Shape Changing Machine, is a fairly new invention. It is a machine that in this case is powered by the body it lives in, drawing energy from the blood and the body's natural temperature, needing no outside power to live." She stopped and watched the faces in the room, as she picked up the SCM and attached a power supply module machine. "I know and you know it is not alive but watch this demonstration. Mr. Nolan has decided to have one just like this in his ass as we speak. In his case it is a well deserved and self administered punishment for an act he committed against my family and this company."

Nolan could hardly believe his ears, he had never met this woman or anybody in her family. He didn't have much time to dwell on the problem though as the thing in his ass began to move. He felt the thing doing the same actions as the one on the table. He could both watch and feel what the damn thing was doing to him.

Karen was an expert with mind control, having been one of its inventors some forty years earlier. She was able to control the devices and talk at the same time, something most people couldn't do. "I'll anchor the machine in place with studs," as she talked the people in the room watched in fascination as four rounded tipped studs grew from the metal shape on the table until they protruded nearly a centimeter on each side. "Now, that we are secure we can do all sorts of things with a SCM. We can change its shape from a harmless suppository into a huge dick, which can then fuck just like a real one."

Nolan could feel the studs as they stabbed into the walls of his colon. He watched in absolute horror as the machine on the table grew into a long thick cock like shape. He could feel the thing growing inside of him. Panic began to lick around the edges of his mind, and then the fucking began. He shifted from foot to foot, he squirmed around and danced but the thing kept making those long slow strokes. Nolan was free as a bird, totally unbound but he was helpless against the thing inside of him.

The group around the table was torn between watching the shape on the table stretching and thrusting as it lay untouched on the table, and the man being invisibly fucked in front of them.

Seemingly oblivious, to the squirmy dance taking place behind her, Karen Bates continued with her speech, "Mr. Nolan likes rough sex, I've seen movies of him in action and believe me he likes it rough." The machine on the table started to jump as it jerked into such violent thrusting motions. She heard Nolan have the air knocked out of him by the violence of the fucking he was taking now. She turned to watch, the memory of the other video fresh in her mind. Nolan started to plead with his eyes and then with his mouth begging openly for her to stop. She let the machine drop back to its original speed, but the memory of her grandchild's misery made her enlarge it ten percent.

"But Mr. Nolan and I will have the rest of his life to figure out what he likes, and what he dislikes. Won't we Mister Nolan?" she looked Nolan in the eye, "especially what he dislikes." Karen Bates gave her attention back to the group around the table, once again pushing the image of the naked, slow fucked, man from her mind. "A SCM is made up of over a million nano-bots each one independent from the others yet all able to unite to perform tasks. So it can become a flexible thin walled tube that can line the insides of a man's or woman's guts. Allowing for it to breathe, allowing blood to flow through, and waste to pass, it becomes a part of the person. It was designed to be a self contained prison to be permanent for the worst of the worst offenders. But it was deemed inhumane and was discontinued."

Vice President Bates turned to look at Nolan. "We were studying how to make a population of prisoners behave in a controlled manner, so we needed thousands of the SCMs. The program lasted through six years of testing after development, so there were possibly as many as forty thousand of the units made. Nolan here got hold of a few and used them to control and rape women who worked for the company under him." Karen's eyes raked the man, her anger making the machine go faster, and then for the moment she was able to push the hate back. She allowed the SCM to go back to its slow fucking speed. The SCM on the table looked like a huge dildo as it lay on its side thrusting like a cock fucking.

A man reached across the table and picked the SCM up using two fingers as if he didn't want to soil his hands, and disconnected the power lead. Realizing it was clean and dry he took it in both hands and held it up for the men sitting round the table to see. "You guys know me, I've been here for a while and I know what company policy will allow and what it won't." Wilburn Black looked at the naked man still grunting and moving sore from the fucking. "This isn't company policy, and I for one, am not going to be a party to it. I'm going to com center and let headquarters know what kind of shit is going on here." Black threw the metal object on the table and turned to leave the room. A rumble of discontent rose from the men at the table, several stood to leave with their new found leader.

"Gentlemen," Karen Bates' voice in a conversational tone continued, "I have a message for each of you in the case of this very situation." That stopped them dead, forcing them to listen to this witch of a woman. "You should each check your personal data port using your personal passcode. There will be a company memo there from your superior advising you what actions to take. But please gentlemen, let me save you some time and tell you what is happening."

The men reluctantly sat back down in their appointed places and waited for her report. Nolan, while not unaware of his nakedness was able to put it from his mind as he leaned forward to hear, the SCM grinding and pushing into his ass. Still he wanted to hear what Bates had to say. The other woman in the room listened as intently as the men, as if she had not heard the story before either.

Karen Bates spoke slowly each word clear and distinct. "As you now know our pods have arrived on target and on time. That is a great accomplishment in and of itself, and we should all be proud of the job we have done." She waved her arm in an arc as if saluting each of them. "Most of you have done an excellent job. You have a right to be proud. However right now we can't dwell on our past accomplishments; we face grave challenges in the next few years." The room was electric in anticipation; every eye trained on Karen every ear straining to hear her words. Karen resumed her report. "Twelve years and twenty-six days ago, one of our pods malfunctioned; it released its crew from deep cold sleep prematurely."

Every man in the room knew that was a death sentence on the crew. There was a general sharp intake of air as if all of the men found it hard to breathe at the same time. Wilburn Black stood again and said, "Ms. Bates, I cannot sit and listen to anything until I know what is going on with this man. Might I suggest that we take a short break and give us time to check that report from our superiors?"

Karen knew when to bend and Wilburn Black was a man of some conviction it seemed, she was impressed with his courage and she respected his tact. But she had to make the point that she was in charge here now. If Black was willing to call her on the treatment of Nolan then there is where she would make her point. "Nolan," the word came out almost like a bark.

Nolan quickly answered, "Yes, Ms. Bates?"

"While your fellow workers find out what a pervert you are, I want you to go get me a hot cup of coffee." Nolan thought that there was a gleam of pleasure in her eye when she finished. "By the way until I say different, you are wearing your uniform right now. You don't deserve to have any pride after what you did to those women. Now see how fast you can get your naked ass down to the canteen and back and get a low-grav lid on it too."

"Yes, Ms. Bates." Nolan turned and started to walk from the room.

Karen's thoughts made the dildo grow larger as it slow fucked him, watching her grand-daughter's rapist and murderer miss a step when the SCM started growing inside of him.

Nolan tried not to show what was happening, but the thing was so fucking big, and each step forced it to move in a different way inside him. He could see the woman and several of the men watching him intently. He wanted so bad to just fold up into a small enough ball that he could disappear. Instead he tried to walk as the cock that lived inside of him slow fucked him with deep long strokes.

Karen wanted to take all his pride from him like he had did to her grand daughter, she pictured in her head a large knot forming on the SCM so that it would rub against Nolan's prostate. Thinking, 'Vibrate,' she watched until Nolan started to get erect. "Nolan", she called his name forcing him to turn and face her, revealing to everyone his erection, "When I said hurry, I meant run."

Nolan had never felt so low in his life. He started off at a trot down the hallway, through the double air-lock doors and into the general public area. With the big dildo slow fucking him every step of the way while his own cock proclaimed how much he liked it. He had thought he could take this but now it had gotten so bad so fast that he was not sure anymore. Luckily it was a professional workplace and there were no children about but there were young girls working as sectaries and there were young men who did the work of maintaining the facilities and launching equipment. He kept his head down and tried to ignore the remarks made about him.

Once inside the canteen Nolan was pleased to see there were only two security guards present, he walked down the side of the room hoping that they might not notice his nudity. One of the guards got to his feet and started in a direction that would intersect Nolan at the coffee machine. "What is wrong with you? Mr. Nolan, you can't come in here like that. Now get yourself back to your quarters and get dressed." The guard was a man he recognized, Nolan had written him up for leaving his job early one afternoon. There had been an outburst on the guard's part and Nolan had had him suspended for two weeks without pay.

"I'm following orders, I have to remain naked," Nolan explained.

But the guard smelled blood in the water and saw his chance for evening the score with the chickenshit, arrogant, ass that caused him so much grief. He motioned for his friend to join him as he stepped closer his hand on his shock wand. "Well, I don't know about that but I know that you can't come out in the corridors naked. These are considered public areas and you are violating the law." The guard reached out to take him arm, his partner drawing his wand as he stood beside the first guard.

Nolan jerked his arm back from the guard and said. "Call the conference room ask for Karen Bates, you know who that is don't you? That's her picture hanging by the main entrance to this place," Nolan laughed, "but on the other hand, you just lock me up and explain to her where her coffee is when she asks you. You might be dressed like me before the day is over."

The guard was a little less sure of himself now but he really wanted to get this asshole. "If she wants you, she can come down to the jail and get you." He grabbed Nolan's arm again and this time Nolan could not pull away. When Nolan resisted the second guard hit him with the stun wand and Nolan hit the deck.

As Nolan came back to the land of the living, the first sensation he felt was the SCM still slow stroking, It was disturbing but it was also beginning to feel normal, it didn't hurt as it had at first. He lay there with his eyes closed until he felt alert and then opened them to see Karen Bates staring down at him. She had an expression on her face like she might have had if she had found shit on her shoes. "Sorry for any trouble Nolan might have caused you men." Bates leaned down over his face and said in his ear, "You got thirty minutes to talk one of these men into letting you give them a blow job. If you don't then I am going to burn your ass for two hours, starting in forty-five minutes."

Karen stood up and addressed the guards together. "Is it just you two working tonight?"

Both men nodded their head and muttered, "Yes ma'am."

"Let Nolan get his bearings a bit and then send him back to the conference room, thirty minutes should be enough. Leave the wrist restraints on, but put his hands behind his back." Karen took a certain satisfaction from knowing how embarrassing this was going to be for Nolan. 'Rita,' she thought, 'this is just the beginning of him paying for what he did to you.' She caused the SCM to go into dormant mode, then as an after thought she jacked the heat up to where Nolan would know she was not bluffing.

When Karen got back to the conference room all the other men had reclaimed their seats, setting silent and thoughtful. "Wilburn Black, did you get the information that you needed to allow this meeting to go on?"

Wilburn nodded his head never looking up from the table.

"Did Nolan have a girlfriend or sweetheart?" Karen asked. Nobody answered. "Listen people, I am going to earth tonight on a special flight, I'm taking Nolan back with me. If he has a girlfriend or special person in his life then I want that person to be here and know what is happening."

Wilburn said. "He has a girlfriend; she works over in legal, building sixty-one if I am not mistaken. I don't know her name but she is about thirty or so and has blonde hair."

"Call over there and have her sent here ASAP," Karen ordered, taking her place behind the podium. "Now where were we before we had to take the break? Oh yes, it was the contamination of the Dept Of Justice pods. As you may not be aware of this, I think you should know that Nolan was in charge of the northern section of the Florida camps."

Everybody looked up at her from the table now. She had their interest.

Wilburn said, "She will be right over. Her name is Linda Kinsey, she's a lawyer."

"Thank you Mr. Black, I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you that you will be taking over Nolan's position." Karen gave the table time to soak that up and then went on. "I made that decision on the way you showed leadership here today. You have my respect and I have great expectations for you. Congratulations on your promotion."

Karen gave the men a minute to congratulate their new boss, hoping that the Kinsey girl would show up before she had to restart the meeting. To her relief she saw the young lady walk through the door just as she had started to begin without her.

"Mr. Black, would you please escort Ms. Kinsey down to security and let her say good bye to Mr. Nolan. I will want to have a private chat with you before we leave tonight." Bates dismissed the matter of Black and Linda Kinsey. She turned to the table and began to speak, watching the two of them leave. "I will be leaving tonight on a company shuttle and will arrive on earth in two days, when I get there I will go to Florida and find out for myself what has gone on down there in the last few years." Bates scanned the table, there was a traitor here, she knew that, but the rest of the men sitting at the table were her team, the people she had to depend on to do the work up here while she went to Florida. She decided to level with them a bit more.

"We sent these pods out to seed the planets with human clones, we sent three people with each pod to help the three hundred clones learn how to survive. We didn't expect them to have time to build a culture. We expected them to build their domes and make two hundred different camps with three hundred people in each camp. We wanted a place where air and water would be waiting for us, as well as a labor force, when we got there in another fifty years. Our expectations were that they would welcome us with open arms. Instead after Mr. Nolan's mishandling of the camps, we may very well be facing an armed welcome. The thought that each pod was stocked with the same information, leads some of us to think that maybe each pod will know about the others. We don't know what their capabilities are because we don't know what books and teachings are on each pod." She was interrupted by loud sobbing and crying coming from the passage way.

Wilburn Black helped a sobbing Linda Kinsey to a chair and got her a glass of water, he then turned to Karen Bates, saying, "I don't think I have ever been so wrong about a man." Wilburn shook his head as though he had seen something he could not believe he saw. "I had always thought that Steve Nolan was an okay sort of guy; he did his job and he looked out for his people." He stood behind the chair that Linda was sitting in. "But to do something like that in front of your woman." He moved to take a chair himself like he needed to get off his feet before he fell.

"Mr. Black, since my meeting is completely disrupted maybe you could tell all of us what is going on?" Karen let him hear an edge to her voice.

"Ms. Bates, I took Ms. Kinsey down to security and when we walked in we saw Nolan, still naked, on his knees sucking the cock of the guard." Wilburn was uncomfortable talking about this kind of subject especially in front of the three women in the room.

"What?" Karen exclaimed, trying to act outraged and surprised, "That son of a bitch, I knew he was no good when he walked in the room this morning." She offered the sobbing girl some comfort. "I am so sorry for your loss, but you should be glad to learn what sort of man he is before you make the mistake of getting too involved with him."

Karen addressed Black again, "Did you know he was gay?"

"No, of course not." Black shook his head as though the thought that he would have condoned that sort of behavior was unheard of, "But according to the guards he was way beyond being gay. They both told me that he was begging to suck their dicks, and when they told him to go to hell he started to offer them money. The younger of the two finally relented and let he give him a blow job after he paid him nine hundred credits. The guard showed me the bank record on his phone." Black's anger was too great to allow him to sit still while he talked, he stood up and paced the room. "The asshole didn't even stop when we walked into the room; he kept sucking cock in front of this young woman. The man has no shame, I was wrong to ever defend a creature like him, he deserves what he gets, and maybe more."

"Rest assured that he will get what he deserves when we get back down to Florida. I am going to find out every secret that sorry excuse for a man has, when I am done we will know everything there is to know about what has happened. Then I am going to see him hanged until he is dead." She was ready now for the finial blow that would kill any allies Nolan might have had here. "This is a video of Nolan raping an employmate at one of the camps." As she talked she lay her phone on the table and started the video. "He also raped and murdered my grandchild, Rita Carlton. I suspect she was treated in a similar manner before he decided to kill her." Karen paused long enough for her sadness to show before she resumed. "He is the reason this whole mess got started, he has put the entire project in jeopardy, it is up to us to find out how serious the damage is. I, for one, feel that this is the most important work I have ever been involved in, with the future of humanity itself at stake." She had already become background noise as the men and women in the room were transfixed by the acts being committed on the screen.

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