tagGroup SexLa Playa Ch. 03

La Playa Ch. 03


Monday Morning on the Isle of Eros

When Steve was conducting his due diligence to find the right island for his sex resort concept, the tiny two acre island a tenth of a mile out into the bay caught his eye for special attention. He had his biology team survey what was essentially a large bare rock for any plant or animal species of special concern, right down to the mosses and lichen.

Finding only common species was a bonus, because he was able to aggressively reform the island during the off-season for mating of the dominant species, a local tern, with confidence that the few mating pairs would be able to find new digs on some of the 20 or so other similar micro-islands of this archipelago.

Working creatively with high explosives his landscape team essentially knocked the top five feet off the entire rock, increasing the workable surface area by an extra acre and reducing slopes to make beach creation possible. Importing a few thousand tons of top soils and sands created the basis for planting a full range of locally native vegetation interspersed with trails, gazebos, and other amenities to create what was essentially a large adult outdoor playground. Environmental purists would decry such an extensive alteration of naturally occurring habitat, but species diversity advocates would applaud the fact that his investment was providing food and shelter for many more plants and animals than the barren rock.

In addition to the trail amenities Steve built a small dock to be served by a 25-foot electric motored launch, similar to the kind navies use to use to ferry people between ships, with lots of brass bright work and teak benches (carefully varnished to protect exposed flesh from splinters) and covered with a red and white candy-striped awning. He also installed a number of palapas along the new beach front which looked back into the bay and the main resort, and a large staging cabana with a bar and limited kitchen facilities to provide guests with beverages and light snacks during their island romp, as well as restrooms with outdoor showers for refreshment after swimming or sex. The boat ran back and forth continuously during daylight hours from the main dock just below the diving pool.

As they strolled toward the dock through the pool area Larry and Laura noticed a small crowd dispersing from surrounding three people who were obviously recovering from orgasms. Laura admired the firm breasts of the blond woman sitting astride a man whose face she could not see. See noted with interest the pink and blue single armbands on the woman, identical to her own and wondered what it would be like to explore the joys of Sapphic sex with her. She noticed Larry looking at the two men and knew he was having similar thoughts. He too was wearing one pink and one blue armband, and they had agreed before boarding the plane that neither of them would return to the mainland as a same-sex virgin.

She was proud of Larry's willingness to explore, they had some great fun together with straight swinging, and she thought that her handsome man shouldn't have too much trouble finding a stud here. She looked him up and down once more in an appraising fashion. He was 50, 6-feet tall and still had a full head of brown wavy hair. True he was sporting a few extra pounds around the middle, but was in much better shape than many of the swinger men they had played with. She slipped her arm through his and gave it a fond squeeze.

They walked arm in arm, each lost in their own thoughts down to the dock where they saw the launch just leaving the island for its return trip. They took a seat on a shaded bench as the sun was beginning to really warm the day, sending dazzling reflections off the water of the cove. Laura stretched out on the bench and her husband drank in her well proportioned form, enticingly but barely covered by the tiny Wicked Weasel bikini she wore.

She had ordered four from Australia for this trip, and he looked forward to seeing her come out of the water in this white one, which would become fully transparent when wet. He knew she would not be in the suit long, and she confirmed this by sitting up and removing her top as another couple joined them at the dock.

The couple openly admired Laura's 36c breasts. The woman of the pair noticed the very professional job the stylist had done on Laura's highlights and how well the cut framed a very pretty face. For her own part, Laura arched a little as she noticed the attention and practically drooled at the sight of the other woman.

In her late 40s Laura guessed, but in great shape with what had to be 38d titties. The woman had obviously had them enlarged; as they had that not-quite-natural shape that Laura now realized actually enhanced their mouth watering allure. The woman was about her own height with blonde hair about as natural as her breasts. She was wearing a see-through beach cover up and bikini bottoms, a combination which Laura found even sexier than if the woman had been nude. What really set the woman apart was the dangling nipple jewelry she wore on those melon-like orbs. Laura knew she shouldn't let her imagine run away, but this was a sex resort and they were going to the kind of cornily named "Isle of Eros." Her head was spinning with sexy visions.

"Hi" said the blonde, "my name is Diane and this is my husband Jack." It took Larry and Laura about five seconds each to make the connection to the song, and Diane waited for the understanding in their eyes to flash to continue. "No, we're not named after the song, but it did play a part in our meeting and hooking up." Larry was very conscious of trying to keep his mouth closed and his eyes focused above Diane's neck as she spoke. Laura apparently felt no such compunctions as she drank in the gorgeous breasts of their new acquaintance who took a seat on the bench on the opposite side of the dock.

Jack watched with amusement as his skilled sexual predator of a wife worked on this couple. She had obviously reached a snap decision and he had learned to follow her gut reactions, especially in sexual situations.

"We're Larry and Laura" Larry heard his voice say from far away. Looking to his right he realized that his wife was staring hungrily at Diane's breasts and nudged her foot to break the spell. "Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to stare" Laura said. "Your breasts are very beautiful and I absolutely adore your jewelry." "I'm flattered that you like them so much," Diane smiled warmly at her prey and lifted her beach cover over her head to fully expose her mounds.

Larry and Laura could now see that the dangling jewels were not clipped over the nipples as they had supposed, but were attached to barbell piercings. "I had the piercings done last year and Jack surprised me with the custom made attachments as we packed for this trip." The mention of Jack caused Larry and Laura to finally shift their attention and take a good look at the male half of this striking couple.

Jack was a handsome 5'9" man. He obviously spent a good deal of time outside as his sandy blonde hair showed the natural highlights of the sun and his light blue eyes were set in a deeply tanned face. Larry found himself admiring Jack's hairless chest almost as much as Diane's, and wondered if Jack's crotch was also kept so smooth. "Isn't he luscious?" Diane asked them as she reached up and tweaked Jack's left nipple a bit.

"I can't wait to get him to the island and out of those trunks" she continued, "don't you agree?" she asked playfully, running her hand down his firm belly and across his package. "Mmmm yess!!" Laura breathed, thrilled with this woman's openness and reeling at the possibilities the day offered.

Larry again broke the spell with a gentle nudge. "Well I'm not sure you have to wait at this resort, but that may be a moot point as the boat is just about here" he said, nodding as the launch nosed toward the dock. Laura slipped her bikini top into the bag Larry carried with their towels and sunscreen and stepped toward the barge's gangway which Herve, the bargeman was lowering to the dock. Diane joined her and they stepped aboard the craft arm in arm, each pressing her tits to the other's shoulder. Larry and Jack did their best Three Stooges imitation in trying to be polite and let the other go first, but figured it out with a mutual grin and rejoined their wives.

Laura sat down to Diane's left and casually reached up to examine Diane's piercing and jewelry at close range. "May I?" she asked. "Please do," Diane responded with a smile. Jack took the seat to Diane's right as he gave his wife a wicked grin only they could share. Larry sat opposite the two women, drinking in their loveliness and almost raw sexuality.

Diane leaned back on the comfortable cushions, giving Laura an approving smile to continue her explorations. "I had the enlargements done three years ago, and was very pleased with how sensitive my nipples remained after the operation," she said "then Jack encouraged me to consider the piercings, so I got drunk accidentally on purpose one night in Vegas and let him talk me in to a trip to the all night tattoo, piercing parlor, restaurant, and cat house down in the seedier end of the Strip. I felt so slutty letting the big guy with all the tats' and earrings feel me up that I jumped Jack in the cab back to the hotel."

She laughed at the memory then caught her breath as Laura brushed the backs of her fingers over Diane's right nipple. "As you can tell, the piercings seemed to enhance their sensitivity," Diane continued. "So much so that I decided to try piercings in another spot about six months ago." That revelation caught Laura a bit off guard as it sank in. "You mean you had your pussy lips pierced?!" Laura exclaimed. "No, I had my clit pierced, and now it is hardly ever NOT sticking up and begging to be licked," Diane explained.

Laura sucked in some breath, her eyes darting up and down and she bit her lip like a school girl afraid to ask the next question. "Don't worry, doll" said Diane with a chuckle as she leaned forward and brushed Laura's lips with her own, "you'll get to see it soon enough!"

"Diane's not the only one who is pierced" Jack chimed in. Larry's eyebrows raised a question as he glanced down at Jack's crotch. "I had a stud put in the same night Diane got hers. The guy wasn't quite as thrilled with me as he was with Diane," he explained with a leer at his wife. "Sounds like we might just get a couple of eyefuls on the beach, hon," Larry said to Laura as he reached down and adjusted his growing package.

All the sexual images and watching Laura's and Diane's mutual seduction were having a real effect. "In fact these trunks are getting so tight I think I'll just give you all an eyeful right now," he said, standing and slipping his trunks down his thighs to step out of them. "Oh, nice looking cock you've got there, Larry," Jack said as he checked to see if the bargeman was embarrassed. The training at the resort was obviously good, as the man continued to handle the boat in a professional and safe manner, but gave the engine a couple of revs and smiled a reassuring smile at his guests. This gave everyone a chuckle and Larry relaxed back on the seat, arching his back to show everyone his manhood after folding his trunks and stowing them in their bag.

"Why not?" Jack said. He stood up and with a bit of a flourish dropped his own shorts to the floor, revealing a plump eight inch cock with a large gold barbell stud piercing the top of his shaft at the base. Larry's earlier question about Jack's hair was answered as Jack was a true "smoothie," completely hairless on his entire body, which made his slowly rising and fully tanned cock stand out even more as Jack resumed his seat next to his wife.

Reaching out to stroke Jack's shaft Diane said "isn't it just the most luscious looking thing?" "Mmmm, yes!" replied Laura, "what do you think of it, honey?" Laura tossed this softball up in the air hoping Larry remembered their pact to both at least try a same-sex encounter during this trip. Larry's cock literally jumped at the thought and he answered "I think it's just about the sexiest looking cock I've ever seen. I'd love to wrap my lips around that bad boy!" Jack smiled at Larry and flexed his cock muscles in response to Larry's enthusiasm. "That just might be arranged, Larry, that just might be arranged," Jack said.

Laura was a little surprised at Larry's enthusiasm, as he had always pulled back from any male contact during their previous swinging encounters. "I guarantee it will be arranged," Diane said, smiling at her husband with pure lust and pride, "just as soon as possible!" And just like that the spell which had been descending on the four hedonists was broken as the boat kissed the dock with a light bump and the bargeman leapt up to secure the lines. Gathering their things the two couples made sure to bump into each other, brushing breasts against arms and hips to hips as they made their way off the barge and on to the Isle of Eros.

"Welcome!" a beautiful young brunette woman dressed in a gauze beach cover cut like a short Roman slave's toga and a white thong bikini bottom greeted them on the barge dock. "I'm Jacklyn the Beach Service Coordinator. I'm afraid all but one of our palapas are already taken this morning, so you will either have to share or one couple will be given some lounge chairs with a portable umbrella."

"That's ok, Jacklyn," said Jack "I think I can speak for the group and say we'll be more than happy to share." "Fine, then you'll have Palapa 12 at the far end of the beach. It's not too bad a walk and is actually our best location as the day heats up. There is a low bluff right behind the beach there and the trees provide ample opportunities for either shade or sun on that part of the beach after midday."

"I see you brought along beach bags with towels from your rooms. If you need extras or if you would like some refreshments from the Cabana just pull the yellow cord on the central pole of the palapa and a server will respond to the flag." Jacklyn was gesturing to show them around the island.

"The Island Trail Head is just next to the Cabana, you'll find a number of grassy areas, benches, and raised platforms with cushions for resting or play along the way. Each palapa has two double chaise lounges with cushions. You will also find a box attached to the central palapa pole that contains small bottles of lubricants, condoms, dental dams, and freshening wipes. If you need sunscreen, or someone to put sunscreen on, just raise the flag."

The four new friends exchanged glances at the mention of the sex aids available and Jacklyn could see from their eyes that she needed to cut her orientation short. "Restrooms and first aid at the Cabana, remember to use LOTS of sunscreen. Even though you all look pretty tan the tropical sun can still burn you. Remember if you need anything just raise the flag and one of us will come running. Have a great day and enjoy!" "Thanks, Jacklyn," said Larry, "we will!"

With that Larry and Jack shouldered their bags, now slightly heavier than when they started as various pieces of clothing had been added in the last few minutes, and followed their wives who were already strolling arm in arm down the beach. The two women were exaggerating the swing of their hips both for the enjoyment of the men they knew were following and to rub more skin against each other.

The first palapa they past sheltered a beautiful Hispanic woman from the sun. She was looking out to the beach where her companion, an equally beautiful Hispanic man, was talking to the couple from their neighboring shelter in the surf. Everyone was naked and seemed very comfortable in their various shades of skin. "Isn't she the girl from Desperate Housewives?" Laura whispered to Diane as they passed the large grass umbrella-shaped shelter. "I think so. I heard she is bisexual and a swinger" Diane replied. "God she's gorgeous!" Laura said. "I hope I get a chance to meet her. Larry and I made a pact that we would each try some gay love this week, and I think it would be a kick to make it with a star."

"Do you mean you've never been with a woman at all?" asked Diane. "Not to any great degree. Just a little kissing and caressing when Larry and I play with other couples, and once in a swinger's club in Dallas I did a bar dance with two girls, but I've never tasted a woman and I'm just aching to try," Laura answered. Taking her new friends hand Diane picked up their pace very determinedly saying "honey, we are going to fix that right now!"

Jack and Larry had been distracted by the beautiful dark-skinned woman under the first palapa, and were caught by surprise when they realized their wives were practically running down the shore hand in hand. "Guess we better pick up the pace," Jack shrugged and stole a last glance over his shoulder as he stepped out to join Larry. "Wonder what the rush is about?" mused Larry. "I think I can guess," said Jack.

"Diane is feeling pretty frisky today. She had two cums from her fingers while I was in the shower this morning, and practically attacked me as I dried my hair. She's randy and ready and I can tell she really digs your wife, and I can certainly see why, she's one hot babe." "Yes she is," agreed Larry, "but so is Diane, and I hope you don't mind that I expressed my appreciation for you on the boat as well." "Not at all," Jack assured him. "In fact, if my hunch is right you and I are going to have to find something to do to entertain ourselves while those two get acquainted. You seem enthusiastic, but my 'bidar' is telling me you don't have a lot of experience with men. Am I right?"

"You are right on," agreed Larry with a slightly breathless chuckle. "Why don't we slow down and let them get going before we arrive?" "Good idea," agreed Jack, who switched his beach bag to the opposite shoulder, leaving the side of his body closest to Larry free. Larry mirrored Jack's move and angled closer to the shorter man as they relaxed back into a stroll. Both men resumed allowing their gazes to wander over the many different bodies in various stages of beach dress and undress both in the water and under the shade of the huge tropical grass umbrellas.

"Laura and I have been swingers for about six years," Larry volunteered, "and I guess you could call us pretty typical." "We've always found ourselves in situations where it was fine for the women to touch and even make love, though Laura has never outright fucked another woman, but we men were too scared, too uptight, or too dumb to ever share with each other. Laura and I hope to overcome some of our inhibitions here this week, and I think I read the signals correctly from you and Diane, not just because of your armbands, that you might like to swing with us, no holds or holes barred?"

Jack saw their wives arrive at Palapa 12 about a hundred yards ahead and watched as they each shed their bikini bottoms and ran into the crystal clear Caribbean water hand in hand before answering. "There's your answer," Jack told Larry, nodding down the beach as Diane and Laura moved into each other's arms. "Diane and I are mostly heterosexual, but are open to the right circumstances. We were thrilled with the description of this resort as a truly bisexual place, and the show Steve and his staff put on last night left no doubts. I'm open to anything you want to try, once we get rid of these bags." As he said this, he moved very close to Larry and slipped his arm around the naked man's waist, letting his hand roam down to caress Larry's ass cheek.

At first Larry stiffened and began to move away, then remembered that he had been the aggressor thus far, and moved back, putting his own arm around Jack's shoulder and pulling their bodies even closer together. The contact of slightly sweaty skin (the day was warming rapidly under the tropical sun) caused both men's organs to once again stiffen. They walked the final 50 yards slowly, enjoying the contact and building their anticipation.

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