tagGroup SexLa Playa Ch. 04

La Playa Ch. 04


(edited by Susurrus)

Chapter 4: Monday at the Poolside Bar

The crowd started to break up after the impromptu blowjob exhibition by the pool. Lisa relaxed on David's abdomen while Steve slumped into a chair. Each member of the trio savored the afterglow of his or her own orgasm.

After resting a few moments Steve broke the spell.

"What a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you both very much."

"You're welcome," the husband and wife replied in unison. "It was our pleasure and honor to play with our host."

Steve continued, getting up from his lounge chair. "I'm glad you think so. Your names are David and Lisa, right?"

"That's right. Thanks for remembering," Lisa replied.

"Do you play with all your guests?" she asked with a coy smile, slowly rising with Steve's help.

"Well, we've only been open for 24 hours so give me a chance to build some experience!" Steve laughed. "I can say this much: my rules for having sex with guests will remain the same as those for a swinging scene. I will only play with people who fit my personal ideas of sensuality and give me the impression they enjoy physical love as much as I do." He then motioned the couple toward the outdoor showers for a little clean-up.

"Those are pretty much our standards too," said David, "glad we were a match."

"Me too," said Lisa, "though I knew we'd get along as soon as we met last night, when you still had cum dripping down your thighs."

Laughing, Steve turned on one shower then stepped aside to turn on the next and make room for the couple. "I have to admit, I'm pretty much an exhibitionist slut," he chuckled, "though you struck me along the same lines this morning, Lisa."

"Hmmm, you're right, I do get a thrill from showing off, and I think I came twice as hard just now, thanks to all the people who were watching!"

"And David, I could tell you were a bit unsure about getting a blowjob from a man," said Steve. "I'm glad you chose to join in. Part of the purpose of this resort is to provide a safe and sane place for people to try new things, relax their inhibitions, and find out just where their limits are."

"I have to admit, that was only my second blowjob from a man since at least high school," David answered. Lisa gave him an inquiring glance at his response, not having heard this before. "I can assure you that I intend to make up for lost time now, though."

"You lying prick!" Lisa teased her husband, "you told me John was the first time you'd ever been with a man. What else don't I know about your past?"

"Sorry, Babe, but technically, what I said was true. I wouldn't exactly call a few pubescent boys 'men', and I didn't want to give you the impression that I like 'em that young today."

"Well, I guess I forgive you," Lisa replied with a pout which transformed into a grin as she pirouetted under the shower spray, "but only if you promise to let me watch your other gay encounters here this week!"

"You're on, wench," David said with a wink to Steve.

The trio finished their rinses and stepped over to the pool hamper, took out some oversized towels and began drying each other. As they finished, Steve said, "Let's step over to the bar for just a sec, I have something I want to give you."

"Sure. Lead the way," said David as he slipped his arm around Lisa and they followed their host around the pool apron.

"How's your room?" Steve asked as they walked.

"It's fabulous!" said Lisa, "though we did have a bit of trouble getting in yesterday."

"Yes, I know," Steve replied with a slight frown. "We had a computer glitch that prevented some of our cardkeys from operating their doors properly. Hopefully the staff got you settled pretty quickly once we fixed the problem, and I hope you got the bottle of wine I ordered sent to all our guests who were inconvenienced."

"Yes, we did, thank you very much," replied David, "we're saving it to share with our friends John and Carolyn later this week."

"Great, I hope you all enjoy it," said Steve, "I've actually been quite pleased that we've had as few 'hiccups' as we have, this being our opening week. We took an extra month to try and ensure that everything would be as perfect as humanly possible."

"It's an outstanding resort, and I can't tell you how thrilled we are to be here," Lisa gushed, "especially after this morning!"

The bar was a rambling series of different amenities. There was the prerequisite swim-up bar, staffed this late morning by a pretty brunette in the standard uniform of shorts, tank-top, and walking shoes. This was only a small part of the building, however. Decks, tables, and adult playground equipment, under a high Polynesian-style roof, comprised the main bar, which included a short-order kitchen. The high roof, ceiling fans, and misters kept the interior cooler than the sun-drenched pool deck, but not too cool for nude comfort. Seating included large booths near the back of the structure, sit-down and stand-up tables between the bar and the pool deck, and low seating areas with couches, love seats, and coffee tables were also scattered about.

Near one end of the bar was a stairwell which led down into a lower seating area. This was furnished like a long theater with love seats and coffee tables stretched out facing a large, Plexiglas window which afforded patrons a fish-eye view of cavorting swimmers in the pool.

Beyond the other end of the 100-foot long teak bar was a large dance floor and a stage. What the guests didn't know - and would not know until Wednesday night - was that the dance floor was actually retractable. It covered a large pit with padded walls equipped with nozzles for foam. A variety of spotlights, speakers, reflecting balls, and other dance-bar technology hung from the rafters in the ceiling.

Just beyond the dance floor was one of the most unique features of the bar, the "Pina Colada Slip-n-Slide." This was a 40-foot long platform, 3 feet wide, 18 inches high, padded and covered with several layers of plastic. The sides of the platform were bordered with six-inch pads, and hoses were stationed along the length. The far end of the platform emptied into a small lap pool. The hoses dispensed either water or a pina colada-flavored water-based gel, like a good anal lube. The idea was that guests could take a running start and fling themselves along the plastic, sliding and slipping along until they fell into the pool, hopefully along with other guests. Steve hoped that this would become a fun, signature amenity of the resort.

A third bar served the upper levels of the sundeck, and included a fun option for their patrons: every table included squirt guns served by huge pressurized tanks.

Each bar provided bowls of condoms, dental dams, and lube packets, and servers were trained to provide small assortments of these amenities to each table at their first approach.

Steve explained some of these features to David and Lisa as they walked up to the main bar. He called Duane, the Head Bartender, over and asked for "the reserve box." Taking the box he opened it and handed Lisa a calling card with his name and a four-digit number on it.

"This card has my private phone number," Steve explained. "Please don't share the number with anyone else. I would love to have you up to tour my home and get the 'eagle's eye' view of the resort. I think I met your traveling companions last evening as well. Please feel free to bring them along."

"Oh, wow, thanks!" Lisa responded enthusiastically, "I'm sure they'll love it, as will we. And will there be an opportunity for us to thank you properly in return?" she asked, pressing her tight body and firm tits up to Steve.

"No thanks are necessary, but if I get a chance to fuck that tight looking ass of yours I'd be willing to call us even," he said with a leer and a grab of Lisa's left ass cheek. "David, you're a lucky man to have such an insatiable and delectable piece of ass as a life companion," he grinned, reaching out with his free hand to fondle David's balls.

"You are so right," David agreed, "and I'm also lucky to have great friends to help keep her libido satisfied! I appreciate the sacrifice you made this morning."

"Not at all. What are hosts for?" Steve laughed. "I'm afraid I have to leave you now, though, and continue my morning rounds.

"Duane," he called to the bartender, "please take good care of David and Lisa and help them figure out what they want to do for the rest of the day."

"Actually, we're planning on meeting John and Carolyn right here after they get back from their morning run," Lisa explained, "and they are going to be green with envy when they find out about what they missed."

"Ah, that's right, I saw them jog by this morning as I walked to the pool. Well, Duane, make sure the group gets a bottle of Crystal with my compliments (while the resort was all-inclusive, super-premium wines were charged separately). Folks, have a great time and don't forget to call for that tour. Goodbye!" Steve gave each of them a peck on the cheek and let his hand slip one last time across Lisa's breasts as he excused himself and left.

Lisa and David looked at each other for a long moment, then they grinned, hugged and laughed together.

"Well the owner sure lives up to his billing," David chuckled. "How can he be so matter-of- fact about the kind of raw sex we just had?"

"I think his manner just shows how comfortable he is in his own skin, and reiterates the message in all the resort literature about this place 'liberating the true soul,'" Lisa replied. "I think he's just a purely sexual being who lives life on his own terms, and doesn't give a damn if he shocks anyone or if anyone disapproves."

"Maybe you're right, my love," said David, pulling her close. "I just want to tell you how proud I was seeing you go after that man, and what a thrill it was to join you in his seduction. Thank you!"

Duane handed each of them a hand towel to use as a seating pad: just another of the little amenities La Playa provided to make their guests comfortable, one Steve had picked up at Cap d'Agde, France.

"I'm not sure who seduced whom," Lisa laughed as they claimed a table, "but it was great. And you were incredible, the way you got into the bisex thing in public so easily. Way to go!"

"Sorry I've never told you about my earlier gay encounters, but I really had put them out of my mind until John grabbed my cock at that party a couple months ago. I hope you'll understand if I follow the thread a bit this week and see where it leads?"

"Honey, this is a sex resort, and we are swingers. Of course you can explore, just as I plan to. I just hope you won't worry about my approval and let yourself be you!"

"I will. I promise, and I think I'll start this morning by giving John a blowjob right here in the bar."

Lisa grinned because David jumped when Duane arrived at the table right as David made this declaration. As he placed the bucket of ice and displayed the champagne, Duane said, "I'm sorry, sir, I didn't mean to startle you. I was wondering if you would like a pitcher of fresh-squeezed orange juice to go along with the champagne.

"Also, will you be needing menus? It's nearly lunch time."

"Yes, thank you," Lisa told him, as her husband was still recovering from embarrassment at being overheard, "we'll be four for lunch. Our friends will be joining us as soon as they get back from their run."

"Of course, ma'am, I'll be right back with everything."

David and Lisa exchanged a look after Duane left, stuck their tongues out at each other, then playfully made up with a grin and a kiss.

"I sure love you," David said to his sexy companion, "and I especially love living life with you!"

It was this type of moment and these kinds of words that endeared David to Lisa above all other men, and she flushed a bit, smiled, and said, "Right back at at ya, sexy!

"Say, there's two of the sexiest folks I know," she pointed toward a nice-looking couple who were untying their running shoes and stepping into the showers they'd recently used.

Lisa shifted around to sit close to David and they both made themselves more comfortable to watch their friends and sexmates clean up. Her hand traced David's cock as Duane came back with menus and a large wooden bowl filled with a variety of condoms, lubes, and assorted other sex aids. A busgirl accompanied him, and she quickly and expertly set the table for four, placed a huge pitcher of orange juice next to the bowl, then set the requisite hand towels on the seats of the empty chairs. Duane opened the champagne and demonstrated the proper proportions for the perfect mimosa. All the while, Lisa was stroking David's cock, and he became more and more embarrassed. Then he remembered that less than an hour ago, twenty or more people watched him get a blowjob from a man out by the pool, and told himself to relax. Lisa noticed the tension leave his body and smiled to herself that her man was starting to really get the hang of the resort. She looked back at their lovers in the showers and felt a stirring in her belly.

At 5'10", John was the same height as David, but not as fit and trim despite the fact that he ran four times a week. Nevertheless, John was far from fat, and his blonde hair had natural highlight streaks from being out in the sun.

David watched his friend with a new appreciation, noticing how similar his cock was to his own. Neither man was hung like a horse, but both had a respectable seven inches with bushes they kept neatly trimmed and no tan lines. David was a bit surprised to actually feel his mouth water at the sight of his friend's cock. They had participated in some mutual masturbation at recent swingers' parties and when the two couples got together privately, but David wasn't quite sure about how John would react to a stronger come-on. They had discussed the bisexual nature of the resort a bit over lunch a couple of weeks ago, and had both been noncommittal at the time.

For her part, Lisa couldn't decide which of her lovers to watch. John had a nice body and a luscious cock just like David's. They even were both 'lefties' in the direction their cocks hung. However, Carolyn was a true stunner. Not statuesque, but very trim and with the classic 36-24-36 shape. Her neatly trimmed pussy protruded out slightly from her hips, and her C-cup breasts were topped with silver-dollar aureoles and flat nipples which stood up into hard little nubs when properly sucked.

As they stepped out of the showers and dried off, John and Carolyn looked around the pool and drank in a sexy vista. Near the lap pool where Lisa swam earlier a stunning black couple was fucking like rabbits, the large man pounding the woman who had her legs splayed over his massive shoulders. On a nearby chaise a heavy-set couple were watching the black couple in awe and masturbating each other. Across the pool in one of the shallower lagoons a man was bent over a small padded island while another man sawed what looked to be at least a 10" dick in and out of his ass. And finally up on the sun deck five women were locked in a daisy chain on the overstuffed play platform, moaning and licking each other as if they were possessed. John and Carolyn exchanged a sexy smile and set off toward the bar where they saw David and Lisa watching them with looks that could only be described as hungry, and not the hunger from a lack of food.

"Hi guys," Carolyn cried as they neared the bar, "isn't this place incredible?"

"We had a fantastic run just now," added John, "We went the full length of the beach and then picked up a trail that snaked its way up the hill and around to the windward side. The views were awesome, and then on the way back we must have passed half a dozen couples and groups of people fucking in all different combinations, and now the show up here at the pool... awesome."

"This place is really living up to the advertising and our expectations," Carolyn continued. "Don't you guys think?"

David and Lisa exchanged a shit-eating grin and as Lisa turned to nod demurely, Carolyn's jaw dropped.

"No!" she exclaimed, "don't tell me you guys have already had an adventure, and without us?"

"We'll tell you all about it. Come, have a mimosa and pick out what you want for lunch, the waitress is coming," Lisa replied.

As David poured the drinks John noticed the type of champagne. "Crystal! Wow, you guys really splurged!"

"Actually, this is a gift from Steve, the owner, as a thanks for the blowjob my little slut here gave him this morning," said David. "I think I'll have the conch salad," he told the waitress when she arrived for their orders. "Don't want to get overfull on a burger with so much of the day ahead."

"That sounds good, Honey," said Lisa. "I think I'll join you."

"Wait a minute, back up and start from the beginning!" exclaimed Carolyn.

"Sweetie, the waitress is here, David ordered for us. Tell her what you want to eat and then I'll tell you everything," explained Lisa.

"I'm having a plate of the seafood fritters," said John. "Would you like to split them with me, Babe?" he asked his wife.

"Sure, that's fine, old shoe leather, whatever," said the impatient woman.

The waitress left and Lisa immediately launched into her part of the story. She told how she had stripped by the pool, loving the cool morning air on her skin and dove in the silky water for her laps. She was feeling very sexy, and was so pleased when she saw a man admiring her swimming that she put on a bit of a show. She was even more pleased to see it was the owner, Steve, and that he was more than just admiring her, he was joining her in a display of sexual heat.

David picked up the story at this point. "I came around a corner and there was my slut, coming on brazenly to some guy who was sitting there pulling his pud," he said. "I could tell I startled her a little because she got that guilty blush that I first saw during our first swing party a few years ago. She still hasn't quite gotten over the fact that I can handle seeing her with another man... or with another woman, for that matter."

Lisa and Carolyn exchanged a quick glance. They were becoming closer lovers every time they partied, and each knew it was only a matter of time and circumstance before they became full lesbian lovers whenever their men were away.

"Anyway, here she was polluting the pool with her drool while Steve stroked himself," David continued. "The guy loves to show off, and he's quite an inspiration for our little exhibitionist here. So I walked over and helped her out of the pool, and we joined our host. I gave her a push to give Steve's hand some help, and lowered my own thong to give myself some relief. It was then that we took things to the next gear."

"I was going down on Steve, there was a crowd growing around us, and the next thing I know this guy who is calling me 'slut' is jamming his cock down our host's throat!" Lisa chimed in.

John and Carolyn looked at David with varying mixtures of shock and lust. They had never known their friend to be so bold. John felt his cock springing to attention and Carolyn moved her hand to her breast to finger a nipple.

"John and I have fooled around a little, and I figured this is a sex resort, so I just went for it when Steve flashed me the invitation," David continued. "The next thing I know, he and Lisa have this incredible rhythm going. It's like she's sucking his cock and his whole body was undulating and translating all that suction and motion onto my shaft. Plus, there had to be nearly thirty people watching us by then. I couldn't stand it. I went off like the Fourth of July! I thought my legs would collapse under me. John, you can't imagine the things this guy was doing with his mouth and tongue!" David's enthusiasm was growing along with his organ.

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