tagGroup SexLa Playa Ch. 05

La Playa Ch. 05


La Playa 5: A Private Dinner

edited by Susurrus

Sunset was coming on fast as Jonathan and Sarah were admitted through the gate into Steve's private retreat. They were the last of Steve's guests to arrive that evening, and Julie, the resort's Activities Director, greeted them with a smile.

"Hi, guys! Welcome!" she greeted, giving each a hug and kiss. Julie was topless, with a pareo draped around her hips and a beautiful shell necklace hanging heavily on her perfectly tanned breasts. "Everyone else is around at the patio bar to watch the sunset. Come on!"

She led her guests around the curve of the hill. On the left was a long, low structure with a palm roof that seemed to be built right into the hillside. To their right was a steep hill leading down to the sea. They walked all the way around the northern tip of the island (actually only a couple hundred feet, but the path was landscaped to meander, so it seemed longer) to a sprawling patio which dominated the view to the northwest, toward a neighboring island and the setting sun.

Julie often partnered with Steve in hosting parties for high rollers. Whenever Steve's wife was away, she filled in, and also sometimes even when Deana was present, since Deana was only an occasional swinger, and didn't want to inhibit her husband's lifestyle.

The pair following her to the bar were actually the lowest of the high rollers present. They were minor investors in the resort, who Steve allowed to buy in after a particularly memorable dungeon session at a BDSM club in San Francisco.

Jonathan was 42, 5'9" with dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. His Hawaiian shirt was only buttoned in the two lowest holes, and he wore a G-string thong and sandals. The thong was particularly stretched, as he was wearing a weighted ball stretcher and a small rubber cock ring. He had worked up quite a hard-on as they climbed the steps up the hill, and the tiny bit of fabric covering it all made it especially confining, as Jonathan sported an impressive 9½ inch erection.

Sarah wore a very sexy net beach cover. Through it, it was clear that she wore nothing underneath. Both she and her husband wore matching nipple clamps connected by leather thongs, and displayed the two blue/two pink armbands of the true bisexual, supplemented by purple, indicating a sexual bottom, on their wrists.

As they approached the group on the patio, Julie took the lead in introductions.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet Sarah and Jonathan. Sarah, Jonathan, this is Herb and Roxanne," she gestured to a gorgeous black couple.

"Meet Randy and Scarlett," Julie continued, indicating a short man wearing loads of jewelry and a tall platinum blonde who looked like a porn star.

"This is Katherine and Cary," a couple who looked to be in their fifties but very fit, smiled and nodded.

"And I think you may already know Penny and Jeff." Jeff reached to shake Jonathan's hand and Penny hugged Sarah.

"Steve will be joining us in just a moment," said Julie, "he's reviewing the preliminary numbers from our opening financials so he can share them with you. In the meantime, have a drink, enjoy the sunset, and get to know one another."

Julie gestured Sarah and Jonathan to the bar where a beautiful Hispanic girl was making a frozen drink for Cary.

These guests were all handpicked to be there that evening. This was intended as a celebration of the opening success of La Playa, and everyone present had contributed in some way.

Herb and Roxanne were long time partners - both in business and sex - with Steve. Though Steve could have obtained the financing for the resort without partners, he felt that the organization would be stronger with a broader interest base and Herb was the first person he had approached on the subject - right after Herb had cum in Steve's ass at a party.

Herb and Roxanne were a visually stunning pair, with mocha, hairless skin (both were nude, with a variety of piercings, bracelets, necklaces, and other decorations on their bodies) and ripped muscles that testified to many hours in the gym. They were not married, but were longtime life partners who had a child at home.

Randy was a porn producer who had met Steve at an industry convention. At 5'5", slightly balding, hairy, and flabby he was not the physical type Steve usually invited to parties where sex was on the menu, but Randy was also an investor in the resort and handled promotions, thanks to his many contacts in various aspects of the sex industry. He wore a Speedo and an open Hawaiian shirt.

Scarlett was indeed a porn starlet. A lesbian who could be bi for the camera when the need arose, she starred in several promotional videos Randy had produced to introduce the resort to various markets. She was basically a 5'10" product of modern cosmetic surgery, with impressive 38DD breasts, barely contained in the Wicked Weasel bikini she wore, sharp facial features, and the best hair money could buy.

Katherine looked taller than she was, carrying her 5'8" frame with an erect grace that highlighted her great physical proportions. Wearing a pareo like Julie, her 38C breasts sagged only slightly, and were decorated with starburst jewelry surrounding her nipples.

Cary was dressed in a long Hawaiian shirt, his hairless, tanned cock peeking below the hem. He too carried himself well, and obviously worked to keep in shape. He and Katherine were the only other investors in the resort. While Steve liked the concept of partnership, he knew that too many cooks in the kitchen could become unwieldy, so he had limited investment opportunities to the bare minimum.

Penny was a cute woman who looked like she loved to cuddle. While her 35-inch bust measurement suggested a petite frame, her D-cup orbs produced mouth watering shapes inside the tight Lycra cocktail dress she wore.

Jeff towered above her. He was the most dressed of anyone present, wearing peasant pants and a Mexican wedding shirt. He and Penny hosted the largest swingers' site on the web, and as such had been crucial to La Playa's marketing campaign.

Sarah and Jonathan gravitated to talking with Jeff and Penny, with whom they had shared more than a few torrid nights (and days). Jeff and Penny loved topping others, but didn't consider themselves truly dominant. Jeff wore the blue/blue/pink armbands of a bisexual with a hetero bias, and Penny wore the single blue and pink armbands of the bicurious, though her many experiences sawing a strap-on in and out of Sarah's ass should certainly have allowed her to make up her mind by now.

The guests matched up in various groupings, with Julie slowly circulating to ensure conversation flowed smoothly. Drinks and hors d'ouevres were served by four subs (two of each gender, dressed only in loincloths) from the Dungeon Staff.

It didn't take long for this group of experienced swingers to move from discussions such as their experiences getting to the island and other small talk, to serious and pointed conversations, proposals, negotiations, and fantasy-sharing about the sex they were about to enjoy together. Bodies pressed against each bodies. Breasts brushed shoulders, other breasts, or enjoyed being tweaked by playful fingers. Middle fingers stroked into the folds of pussies, and thumbs and forefingers rolled cockheads between them.

Steve watched all this through an upstairs window in his villa. He wasn't really working on numbers, his professional accounting staff had provided them in complete detail earlier in the day. He was simply using that as an excuse to heighten his guests' anticipation and to make something of a grand entrance to the party. When Julie called everyone's attention to the fact that the sun would set in about five minutes, and that she would lead a ceremony celebrating the day at that time, Steve turned from the window and made his way downstairs.

Steve took the stairs two at a time and hurried through the great room, giving it a final once-over as he passed. Large futons and cushions were scattered about, all tables were generously supplied with towels, jars, tubes, and bottles of various lubes, and a hot towel warmer was going in the corner. A variety of toys and neatly folded rubber sheets covered a long table against the window. This wasn't the only room of the villa that would see action tonight, but it would definitely be a central point as well as providing his guests with their first impressions. To aid those impressions, in addition to all the sex paraphernalia, the room was very tastefully decorated with hardwoods, fine fabrics and expensive art.

Steve was greeted with happy cries from all his guests as he bounced out through the French doors. He was dressed in a pareo matching Julie's, worn in the manner of a Polynesian chief. His nipple piercings were topped with diamond studs and he wore diamond studs in his ears.

Steve's pareo tented nicely in front thanks to the three-way gold cock rings Julie had helped him put on earlier, sucking him to hardness once they were in place. He quickly greeted each of his guests, exchanging plenty of tongue with everyone and groping cocks, breasts, pussies, and asses with equal gusto. He accepted a perfect margarita from a sub and joined Julie, who stood atop the low retaining wall overlooking the bluff. The lower curve of the sun was just touching the horizon.

At a nod from Julie, Steve turned and addressed his guests. "Welcome to my home here at La Playa. As you all know, Julie and I not only regard sex as the ultimate communication between people, we also try to help people connect on similar elemental levels with the world around them. Join us now as we bid farewell to another day to initiate tonight's affair. Julie?"

"Let me add my welcome to Steve's. I genuinely hope I get the chance to fuck each and every one of you tonight, and that you find your experience both enjoyable and inspiring," the beautiful sexpert said.

By this time about half of the sun's disk was below the horizon.

"When I first met Steve, he and I were attendees at a tantric love seminar at a mountain retreat. He shared his personal philosophy with us at a sunrise session. He told us how he used visioning to set goals and achieve them, and how he had retaken control of his life from clocks and calendars by living according to the rhythms of nature: the tides, the rising and setting of the sun and the moon, and the seasons of the Earth," Julie said.

"In this way, each day and night becomes a celebration of life and of the many interlocking circles of spirit which make up our world. Some of you don't know the other guests here tonight, but know that you are all part of different circles that intersect here at this new place, in celebration of Eros, Gaia, and other concepts of love and sex, the most fundamental of human experiences," Steve added.

Julie completed the prepared speech. "Join us now in silent contemplation as the sun sinks and we move into that special time of day called twilight, a time of mystery and magic. May the blessings be."

And with that, both Julie and Steve took off their pareos and turned to face the west, opening their palms and spreading their arms to catch the last rays of the dying day on their perfectly tanned and oiled skin. The guests who could easily disrobe did so, and the subs removed their loincloths, arching their bodies to offer their genitalia to the orange glow of the sunset.

Everyone stood in silence with his or her own thoughts, though Randy and Scarlett shared their thoughts with each other with a joint rolling of the eyes at "this New Age shit" as Randy would call it later. However, as long as the gravy train continued to roll, they would worship a dried up cow turd if their sugar daddies and mommas said to.

Julie and Steve set the example, taking slow, deep breaths, humming quietly on the exhale and staring as the final orange ray slipped beneath the sea. The green flash, so well known at Key West but also visible and equally unexplainable in other places around the world, drew an audible gasp from the people on the patio, from hosts, to bartender, to guests. to slaves.

Steve smiled warmly as he turned to Julie and took her in his arms. She draped her arms elegantly around his neck and molded her naked body to his as they shared a deep soul kiss. The guests again followed their lead, turning to kiss and fondle the nearest convenient person.

When Julie broke the kiss with Steve, he turned once again to the assembly, announcing, "And now, my friends, we will have a light dinner in the great room, where I will report on our initial financials. We have a special surprise to really kick off the evening's festivities after we eat. Please join us inside."

Stepping off the wall, he offered a hand to Julie and admired the bounce of her perfect breasts. 'Only one set better on the planet,' he thought to himself as he drank in the shape of her nipples and let his hand settle on her right butt cheek as they led the way, their bodies pressed as tightly as walking would allow, to the huge mahogany table set next to a picture window, which commanded a magnificent view.

Chairs were already covered with towels of the finest Egyptian cotton as the men - most of them exhibiting what was once known as the "gallant reflex" - helped the various females take a seat, then took seats themselves.

Jeff felt overdressed. Though he had removed his Mexican wedding shirt for the sunset ceremony, he was still in his long-legged peasant pants. Penny had pulled her lycra dress down to expose her tits, and now did away with it entirely, pushing it down around her ankles and flicking it with her foot toward a nearby sub before kissing her lover lightly on the lips as a thank you for holding her chair. The sub retrieved her garment and took it to a cloak room, where it would be carefully hung with Jeff's shirt and the other guests' clothing until they wanted it again. Jeff finally stepped out of his pants and tossed those to a sub, also. Everyone at the table was now nude except for their various jewelry and other body decorations.

Tent cards directed people to assigned seats in a traditional boy/girl pattern around the table. For the most part, spouses and companions were slightly separated from each other.

Steve sat at the table's head, and Julie hosted the other end.

Service began immediately with a delicious crab ceviche and Sauvignon Blanc chilled to crisp perfection. Conversation quickly picked back up when Julie, the consummate hostess, said, "Steve, I understand you couldn't keep your hands off yourself at the pool this morning, you cum slut!"

"What he really wanted was a piece of that fine white ass in the pool!" said Herb.

"You guys know me too well," laughed Steve, and launched into telling the story to Jeff, who sat to his left. Penny was on his right, but she was being distracted by Randy, who made sure she saw all his jewelry, all while moving his hand aggressively up and down her thigh as he told her how he was going to use the scene Steve was describing in his next movie.

The banter went on like that through the soup. Hands wandered, eyes flashed, wine flowed, and the sense of anticipation built in the assemblage of people who were about to become lovers or renew old passions. The soup was replaced with the light main course, a Caesar salad tossed with grilled shrimp. At this time, Steve took the opportunity of the relative break in conversation caused by the table service to rap his knife against his wine glass and call for attention.

"I promised to tell you all about our financial picture. As you know, La Playa is a huge and somewhat risky investment," he said. "This island and first class infrastructure have not come cheap, and it is vital that we have a highly trained and competent staff to maintain our standards. We were lucky to find an island in this archipelago, where two senior cabinet ministers are swingers Herb and I met at Cap d'Agde.

"If we maintain good order, ensure we don't get surprised by underage guests or overrun with truly disturbed perverts – Randy we're making an exception for you this week only - the local constabulary will pretty much leave us alone."

A chuckle rolled around the table as Penny scooted forward in her chair to allow Randy to insert a second finger in her rapidly loosening pussy.

"Of course, we are also building local good will with large gifts to schools, churches, and health services, and we're paying excellent wages to the many locals on staff," Steve continued. "That said, none of us expect La Playa to become an overnight cash cow. While individual investments make up almost 60 percent of our capital, the remaining 40 percent represents a large debt with a considerable monthly cash outlay to service."

"Of course, we all agreed that we would forgo a high return on our investments in order to have a place to play that attracts a constant and ever-changing supply of like-minded folks," Herb interjected. There was a murmur of agreement around the table.

Penny's faced was flushed as Randy inserted his third finger and thumbed her clit. Hands were actively rubbing tits, clits and cocks, either their own or their neighbor's, all around.

"In spite of all those caveats," Steve continued, "I'm happy to say we are already exceeding expectations. La Playa is booked solid, complete with deposits in the bank for the next two and a half years, with a six-month waiting list. We've already raised the price twice, with no let-up in the rate of reservations. Not only is this week a resounding success, even with the unusually high number of complimentary rooms we are providing, but we will be totally debt-free two years from today."

This last statement paused the casual play at the table. Everyone there knew Steve had sunk a huge portion of his personal fortune into the resort in order to keep the debt load unusually low for this type of project, but the forty percent of total debt capital still represented many tens of millions of dollars.

The prospectus and business plan had projected break-even at the ten year point. As the further implications of this news sank in, stunned silence was replaced with broad grins and a shout of joy.

Several of the people around the table realized that, even though their own investments were small compared to Steve's, they would be reaping huge rewards in the near future. Randy was already planning his break into legitimate films, and Herb would call his broker first thing in the morning to have him begin work on a significantly accelerated retirement strategy.

Katherine's pussy was literally gushing, soaking her towel as her nipples distended to a full one inch each. The news that she could now travel the world constantly pursuing sex as an avocation versus a hobby had excited her beyond words, and she quickly looked to Cary, who was beaming at her, knowing exactly what she was thinking.

Steve was pleased with the effect of his announcement. For his part, he was already planning a trip to French Polynesia to begin the search for a Pacific island on which to build a sister resort.

"Now, if you will all join me on the veranda, we have champagne waiting for a celebratory toast and our surprise dessert will be served there," their host invited.

The veranda faced northeast, as opposed to the westward facing patio. Several buckets of chilled champagne were scattered about, with two subs already pouring flutes for the group. A full moon rose above a line of squalls several miles away. There were no artificial lights on, just a few tiki torches added their light to the moon's to illuminate the scene. Soft reggae music drifted up from the bar.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Julie jumped in ahead of her boss, "I propose the first toast to Steve, who is both the brains and the passion behind this place. We owe our success 100% to him."

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