tagGroup SexLa Playa Ch. 07

La Playa Ch. 07


edited by Susurrus


By one that afternoon, John, Carolyn, David, and Lisa were once again ensconced at the poolside bar. This time, they were at a booth in a raised corner that looked out over an arm of the tubing river and inward to command a view of the main seating area.

The booth was lined with thick cushions covered in an artificial leather that was both easy on bare skin and stain resistant: perfect for upholstery in this setting. After their long morning jog, the quartet had come back and splashed in the pool for a while, then gone back to their rooms to prepare for lunch. The epiphany that occurred in the bar the day before had opened a new world of kinky bisexual fun for the group, and they had spent the previous evening exploring many of the variations of positions, pairings, and groupings available to four people with no boundaries. David had even ass fucked John, breaking down that last barrier, though somehow John had never gotten around to reciprocating. Lisa was hoping that oversight would be addressed that afternoon.

Today, Lisa and Carolyn, joined enthusiastically by David (who was fast becoming a cum slut) and less so by John, planned to try some even more extreme exhibitionism than they had practiced before. Lisa had even stopped by the bar to check out the large booth, ensure that the table would stand up to what she had in mind, double check with the bartender that such an event would be okay, and asked him to reserve the table. Then she and David retired to their room, where they gave each other enemas, showered, and adorned themselves with jewelry in the fashion they had seen some of the other nude swingers display.

David wore a short sarong around his waist and Lisa tied a small pareo just above her tits, so that the hem barely covered her pussy when she stood still, and not at all when she walked. Just before they left their room, Lisa inserted a butt plug into David to make sure he was good and loose later.

John and Carolyn followed a similar routine in their suite, only Carolyn also wore a butt plug, as she wanted at least one of the guys to take her anal cherry in public today. The foursome were not inexperienced swingers, but La Playa had stripped away some of their deepest remaining inhibitions, and they were fast transforming into true sexual hedonists. John had been in a state of shock after David sucked him off in the bar the day before, mainly because he didn’t know how Carolyn would react. After seeing her enthusiasm and hearing her low whispered and loudly shouted encouragements when they played after that episode, he had no more doubts and was ready to allow himself to get fully into the “swing” of the bisexual lifestyle.

He was smart enough to know that they were playing with emotional fire in terms of their relationship, and had mentioned it to Carolyn. She also reassured him on this point. While she wasn’t naïve enough to think that what was happening at the resort would entirely stay there, she suggested to John that they spend their time on the return flight and for a couple weeks after they got home, reflecting on what happened, writing down their likes, dislikes, limits, and non-starters, comparing lists, and discussing it like adults.

But while at La Playa, they decided to do their best to suspend all judgment and jealousy and simply enjoy themselves to the fullest. John readily agreed to this proposal, as it set his mind at ease that their emotions weren’t entirely taking over their lives.

After the waitress delivered their margaritas and tapas, Carolyn looked at her three lovers and giggled. The giggle became a laugh that infected Lisa, and the two women leaned in and kissed their men. David and John, who at this point were entirely guided by the impulses of their lower brains, were bewildered as to what was so funny.

“Oh, guys, I just started giggling from the sheer joy and freedom of this place and what we're doing. I think Lisa couldn't help but join in,” explained Carolyn.

“That’s right,” Lisa chimed in. “It’s kind of like when we were little kids, seven or eight years old, running around the playground. Only this is a much bigger and nicer playground, with even more playmates.”

“So you were giggling because you’re happy?” asked David.

“Of course, silly,” replied Carolyn. “How often do we get to be completely carefree as adults? When can we truly put aside all our inhibitions and baggage and pretend to be whoever we want?” Carolyn was on something of a roll. “Lisa and I play act all the time online. We cyber and have phone sex with people and that’s all pretend as long as we keep it in perspective. This place is exactly the same, only we get to have the sex for real.”

“That’s my sweetheart!” said John with a chuckle. “Always finding a silver lining in every situation.”

The group all laughed and dug in to the tapas. Their morning exercise had left them with more than just sexual hunger.

Lisa and Carolyn let the playfulness seep back into the scene as they devoured the fish, shrimp, and potato fritters. Lisa exaggerated sucking the meat from the tail of a shrimp, and Lisa pursed her lips, sliding a long, sweet, potato fritter into her mouth like a cock. Between bites, the women played grab ass with their men. Nipples were flicked, inside thighs were brushed and feet ran up and down legs.

The men quickly got into the mood, helped along by the biting cold impact of the tequila and Cointreau coursing through their veins. When Lisa stood up slightly to reach for a different tapas plate across the table, David slipped his hand down onto the bench so that she sat on his finger when she returned. John reached behind Carolyn and pinched her curvaceous rear.

Lisa “accidentally” dribbled some cocktail sauce on her tit, which David proceeded to lick off like an ice cream cone, loosening the knot in her pareo as he played. The table was large, and the two couples sat opposite each other, so John had to slip down almost off the bench to reach a foot into David’s crotch and tickle his dick with his toes. This light-hearted play went on until most of the plates of food were empty, and David signaled the waitress to clear the table and bring them another round.

With the table cleared and wiped down, Lisa climbed up on her hands and knees, crossed the table, and locked lips with John, who promptly reached up and began fondling her breasts through her pareo. David reached up and untied the knot of the pareo and pulled the flimsy garment aside, then stood on the sturdy bench, dropped his almost non-existent sarong, leaned forward slightly, and began running his cock up and down from Lisa’s clit to her asshole and back again.

Not to be left out, Carolyn made John turn toward her and went down on his rapidly hardening cock, which was sticking out the leg of the flimsy running shorts he wore.

After a couple minutes of teasing, Lisa was thoroughly wet, and David slipped his cock into her familiar cunt to the hilt. She moaned around John’s tongue as she felt David’s hard seven inches slide slowly out of her hole and then thrust just as slowly back in. Carolyn pulled her own bikini bottom off, lay on her back atop the table next to Lisa, and beckoned John to fuck her.

When the waitress returned with the drinks, she left them on a tray stand, in a safe place near the front of the booth. John reluctantly released his death grip on Lisa’s tits (somewhat to her relief) and climbed onto the table, shoving his cock into his wife with one easy stroke.

The two couples fucked side by side for several minutes, then John leaned over, still coupled with Carolyn, and began sucking David’s right nipple.

“Oh yeah man, suck that tit,” David moaned as he controlled his thrusting into Lisa to ensure John could reach.

Lisa supported herself on one hand and reached over with the other to take possession of Carolyn’s cunt. She spread her fingers like an inverted Vulcan salute from Star Trek and ran her hand down so that the palm covered Carolyn’s mound and clit and John’s cock was between the “V”. Then she slowly began closing her fingers tighter each time John pulled back. She wanted the cunt beneath her hand. She wanted it without a cock in it, and she wanted it now...

Finally, John took the hint, pulled out entirely and sat back on his haunches. Lisa dove for Carolyn’s crotch, breaking away from David, and cocked her leg to position her own pussy directly over Carolyn’s head. Lisa lowered her mouth and her pussy simultaneously to form an instant sixty-nine with her best friend and lover.

John shrugged off the way Lisa had taken Carolyn from him, and stood next to the table to take a sip from his drink. David joined him, also drinking, but molding his body against that of his buddy.

In an uncharacteristically feminine move, David lay his cheek on John’s shoulder, looked up into his eyes, and said, “Please fuck me, lover.”

John was surprised by the wave of passion that swept over him. He put his drink down, turned, took David into his arms and kissed him hard. The two men, identical in height, of roughly similar build and both with nice, seven inch cocks, thrust their hips together as their tongues wrestled back and forth from mouth to mouth.

Lisa was pleased when she lifted her head briefly from the succulent morsel below. In addition to really wanting to taste Carolyn’s pussy, she had hoped to instigate an intense male-male scene in the bar.

It was still early afternoon, and the bar was a little over half full. Some people remained from the lunch rush, while others had come in to get away from the heat at the pool. There was some making out going on, lots of kissing, and one girl giving a guy a blowjob on a bar stool, but nothing to compare to the scene unfolding in the back corner.

An etiquette about voyeurism was evolving on its own at La Playa. The same unwritten and nearly unspoken rules were applying here as were followed on the beach at Cap D’Agde in France. If sex was occurring in public, it was okay to stop and watch openly. You could stand close, and even jack or jill as you watched, but you could not join in without an invitation. Here in the bar, that meant all the tables adjacent to the booth with the four lovers quickly filled.

John retrieved a small tube of lube from a basket by the wall while David crawled back up on the table and put on something of a show as he removed his butt plug, pumping it in and out several times, tweaking his own nipples, and exaggerating his facial expressions like a he’d seen folks do in several porn flicks.

He then assumed the doggy position next to Lisa and Carolyn - who were now deeply absorbed in each other - looked over his shoulder, and whined in an over-loud voice, “Hurry, lover. I need you!”

This was almost too “gay” for John, who liked cock but didn’t want to be labeled a “fag,” but he quickly realized what was happening as Carolyn snorted into Lisa’s pussy and Lisa laid her cheek on Carolyn’s mound, a huge grin across her face and her whole body shaking with laughter. David was into the spirit of play and pretend, and would be his same macho buddy tomorrow morning as they raced to see who could run up the hill the fastest.

John stepped up onto the table and knelt between David’s legs. This was to be the first time he had fucked a man, and he found that he was looking forward to the feeling with relish. He ripped the top off the disposable tube and squeezed a large dollop onto David’s ass. Using two fingers, he massaged the lube well into and around the sphincter, then firmly pushed the two fingers in to lubricate the tender side wall membranes of the muscle. This done, he squeezed the rest of the tube onto the top of his rock-hard dick, and added a bit of his own spirit of pretend to the proceedings.

“Does the little boy want Daddy to fuck his ass? Does that boy pussy need some of this great big cock?”

“Mmmmmm,” moaned David. “Yes, Daddy, fuck my butt!” he said in a little-boy voice.

Two men came nearer to table to watch this anal violation. They each had drinks in their left hands and cocks in their right, and they stared intently at David’s puckered hole. These were true voyeurs: people who were driven by the need to watch others, who could not find their own release unless seeing someone else in the throes of orgasm. Most often these people are men, and they also often need the thrill of watching surreptitiously, of taking the risk of getting caught peeping to achieve the heights of their passion.

Indeed, people could access some of the hotel’s security cameras - primarily those within the bar and around the pool - in their rooms for their viewing pleasure, and a review of this access would have revealed that three rooms were watching the proceedings in the bar.

“Hey, down in front!” a burly man sitting at one of the adjacent tables yelled, and the two men were startled out of the reveries and forced to move to the side.

By now John had rubbed his dick up and down David’s ass, pushing slightly against the sphincter at each pass. David knew that the best way to be penetrated was to truly want it, to relax his muscle to the max and bear down as the cock pushed past the opening. At least, that was what he had found in the many times Lisa had fucked him with her strap-on. He blew out his air and moved his rear backward when he felt John’s cock head press against his center. Both men, still relatively inexperienced with anal sex, were a bit surprised when John popped right into David’s willing ass.

Lisa heard the simultaneous gasps and following moans of the two men, and glanced out the corner of her eye at her husband’s face. The look of wonder mixed with pleasure written on those familiar features filled her with joy, and she erupted into an orgasm as Carolyn’s tongue lashed her clit. “MMMMMMoooooohhhhhh,” she moaned as her muscles spasmed and her hips shook.

Still moaning, she latched her lips around Carolyn’s bud and sucked hard, surprising her long time lover and sending her shooting over the edge into an orgasm of her own. Carolyn’s hips bucked up and Lisa lifted her head, never releasing the death grip her mouth had on Carolyn’s groin until Carolyn collapsed back down, the shock of the sudden release of her clit from the intense suction sending her into yet another wave of bliss.

David never felt the pain he had expected. The butt plug and thorough lube job had worked their magic, and his ass opened much like a flowering pussy to accept John’s lovely tool. John, sensing his friend’s comfort, pushed slowly but steadily right in to the hilt, his balls slapping against David’s taint and sending a thrill back up his spine.

“Oh god lover,” David yelled, “fuck me hard!”

John responded instantly, pulling back and thrusting forward hard, so that the skin of his thighs slapped against David’s ass.

“God this feels so great,” David enthused, losing himself in the moment of his defloration by his best friend’s cock. The two men quickly settled into a rhythm of thrust and pull, and did not realize that they also settled into a rhythm of animal grunting as they fucked.

Their audience was enthralled. Two beautiful women were eating each other’s pussy like there was no tomorrow, and two handsome men fucked like animals, with all four of them on an elevated table for the entire world to see. Unconsciously, the masturbating voyeurs adjusted the speed of their hands to match John and David's motions. The rest of the room was similarly entranced, with several people beginning a clap to the beat of John’s thighs against David’s ass.

One woman rushed over to a man she had never met, turned around, and bent over, begging him to fuck her as they both watched the action. Other men began to mutually jack each other, and two women climbed up on the bar in imitation of Lisa and Carolyn.

The room was awash with sex. All table service had stopped as even the wait staff were mesmerized by the wave of mob consciousness which swept through the room. Every mind in the place was focused on one thing: sex with the nearest warm body. Every cock was rock hard. Every pussy was swollen and soaked.

The clapping took on a life of its own, setting the beat for a long, steady fuck for the two men in their gay abandon, as well as for the other pairings that were springing up around the room. One waitress calmly set her tray down, stepped out of her uniform, walked behind the bar, and attacked the bartender. There would be hell to pay with management later, but the staff was just as caught up in the tidal wave of group sexual hysteria as were the guests.

David couldn't believe how good John’s cock felt in his ass. He had taken Lisa’s strap-on often and loved it, but the feel of even the best imitation cock paled in comparison to the real thing. He reached up and took his own cock in hand as he and John fucked to the steadily increasing beat of the clapping of their audience.

John was amazed at how easily his friend was taking his cock, and when he realized the size of their audience his mind boggled. The sensation of his cock sliding steadily in and out of David’s warm, tight ass, combined with the surrealism of the situation removed any hope of orgasmic control from the picture. With a loud cry, John felt the wave of his orgasm sweep through his body. He felt the muscles in his thighs and groin practically cramp, then release as his cock exploded huge jets of cum deep into his lover’s bowels.

David, feeling the power of John’s thrusts suddenly increase and hearing his friend’s delirious yell, was nonetheless astounded as he felt the ropes of cum lash his insides, and John’s pulsing member rub again and again against his prostate. He too quickly lost all control, pumping his dick in a lust-driven frenzy, and gushing out his cum all over the table top, with some splashing up to hit and stick to his own chest.

Similar to the waves of orgasmic pleasure that had rushed through them at the opening reception Sunday evening, the entire group of bar patrons indulging in all varieties of fucking came within moments of each other, triggered by the cries and convulsions of the men who had begun the chain.

Moans, cries, yells, and screams of pleasure filled the room with the sound of rapture, startling the guests lounging by the pool. Cum flew through the air, splattering wherever it landed. Bodies shook in uncontrolled lust. Fingernails dug into writhing flesh, and at the head of it all were David and John, locked together and wracked with some of the most powerful orgasms either had ever experienced.

Lisa and Carolyn watched in awe. They had cum first, and their attention quickly shifted from the luscious cunts beneath their lips to their two men immersed in gay sex. Carolyn couldn’t believe her eyes as her normally staid and reserved husband pounded his best friend. Lisa was so proud of David and the tremendous growth in sexual maturity he had shown in the past two days that she felt her heart would burst. When the two men erupted into orgasm, both Lisa and Carolyn joined them in their own mini-cums, brought on just by watching the incredible eroticism of the moment.

As the whole room settled down from their sexual high, John and David collapsed onto the table top. A hush passed over the room as everyone’s attention refocused on the two men.

John rolled off David, and grabbing him by the shoulder, jerked him over onto his back. He took David in his arms and completed the scene saying loudly, “How was that little boy? Now give Daddy a kiss!”

With that he shoved his tongue down David’s throat as the entire room, including their two wives, burst into spontaneous applause.

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