tagGroup SexLabor Day Party Ch. 03

Labor Day Party Ch. 03


This story is the culmination of a long erotic dream I had one morning. I fleshed it out and added more details to make it longer. None of the people are real, but are loosely based on people in my life. If cuckolding isn't your thing...well, you can always click away. Or keep reading. You may find something you like...

Donna stands in the doorway, softly applauding us. Her dark hair hangs off her shoulders and almost points out to her hard nipples poking through her top. Her juicy thighs are framed by her little boyshorts panties. "Holy fuck I haven't seen anything that hot since college. Maria, remember those two guys we picked up at McGrady's on St Patty's Day weekend?" Donna smiles widely at the site of the two of us kneeling naked on the floor, sharing someone's cum.

"How could I forget that weekend," Maria says, her eyes open wide as she remembers the events from some weekend she never told me about. "God damn I couldn't walk for a day after that. Then again..." Maria reaches out and grasps Derek's fat cock, "...they weren't this big. Oh, and this time? I go first!" Maria stands up and walks over to the bed, pushing Marcus onto his back. I watch his erection stand up proudly. Maria slings her leg over Marcus' body and squats down over his midsection. I watch her grasp his cock between her hands, rubbing it against her freshly waxed pussy.

"Master Marcus, may I guide you into my wife?" I ask from my position kneeling on the floor. He says 'Sure,' and I move over to the bed. I wrap my hand around his hard cock, feeling its girth. I start working it in a slow circle against my wife's lips and clit. She moans slightly as it rubs against her post-orgasm clit, then she spreads her lips until the head pops inside her vagina. I watch her slowly slide down on it, taking it deep. Donna smiles and lies down on the bed next to them.

"What about Sal?" I ask Donna, wondering how he didn't wake up from all the talk coming from our room for the last hour.

"He's out cold. Why, do you want to suck his cock too?" Donna asks, giggling. My face blanches as a look of panic appears. "Don't worry, your little cocksucking secret is safe with me...for now." Donna winks at me, then I watch her rub her breasts through her shirt as she watches my wife slowly start to ride Marcus. I look up at Maria and see a look of sheer ecstasy on her face from the giant penis stretching her pussy. Maria takes him a little deeper each time, getting used to him. She moans with each plunge down on his cock until he is fully impaling her.

"God you have a tight pussy," Marcus says to Maria. "I'm gonna enjoy fucking you." Marcus says as he grabs her hips, thrusting up into her. Maria squeals as he pumps her from below and starts riding him a little faster. Derek, meanwhile, has walked around to the other side of the bed to where Donna is laying. She looks over to his big cock, then up at the handsome black stud standing next to her. I watch her reach out and start stroking him, while Derek leans down and pulls the front of Donna's top open, exposing her breasts. I watch as he leans down and sucks Donna's hard nipples. It is both tough to watch and extremely hot seeing both my wife riding a black stud and my best friend's wife getting her tits sucked as she slowly jerks another guy – the same guy who 5 minutes ago was blowing his load in my eager mouth.

Marcus slides his hand around onto my wife's ass, his finger playing with her asshole. "Put a finger in me," Maria says, and I watch as he slips a finger in her ass. Her back arches as she moans, then leans forward and presses her breasts into Marcus' face. Donna is lifting her ass off the bed as Derek pulls her panties off. She looks down at me and smiles as she spreads her legs. I see that she also has a hairless pussy, and a very pretty one at that too.

"So is he a good pussy eater?" Donna asks of Maria. She looks back at me, and smiles.

"He's really good," my wife says as she turns around and starts riding Marcus in reverse cowgirl.

"Mind if he gets me wet?" Donna asks. "I want to be nice and juicy if we are going to be fucking all night."

"Sure. He deserves a reward for being suck a good cocksucker." I can't believe my wife just gave me permission to eat her friend's pussy. I slide up the bed, and I see Derek looking down at me.

"Is it alright with Master Derek if I eat her pussy? I can get her ready for you," I ask of the bull standing with his hand on Donna's head.

"Go ahead," he says. "Your cuck is learning quick," Derek says to Maria, who is lost in cock riding.

I slide between Donna's thick thighs and start kissing and licking my way up from her knees. I had fantasized for years about burrowing my face between this very pair of thighs, and here I am. I feel Donna's hand guide me upwards to her wetness. I lick the lips and taste her sweetness, then slowly slide my tongue inside her. I hear Donna moan, and then I feel her legs on top of my shoulders. My head is locked between her legs as I start to lick her clit. My tongue slides across her clit from side to side. I feel Donna's hips thrusting up to meet me. I look up at her and see her lips stretching around Derek's cock, watching him push deep in her mouth. Her hard nipples are standing up at attention as she slides her hand between his legs, pulling him closer.

I slide a wet finger into Donna's pussy as I lick and suck on her clit. I feel inside her for her G-spot and rub a circular motion around it. Donna starts bucking her hips harder into my face, her hand on my head. I hear her moan loudly, and then she says, "Put two fingers in me!" I quickly slide my middle finger in her as well, while my pinky slides against her asshole. I slide down and start licking her tight sphincter, tasting the juices that have run down from her pussy. I press my pinky against her asshole, and she relaxes against my finger working its way inside her. Once it is inside, I continue to rub her G-spot and resume sucking her clitoris. It doesn't take long for Donna's legs to spread wide as I feel her vagina and ass tightly squeeze my fingers. Her moans echo loudly, surpassing my wife's moaning.

Suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder, pulling me out of the way. I slip off the bottom of the bed, but then I look up and realize that Derek was the one who pulled me off her. I watch as he rubs his fat helmet against her juicy post-orgasm pussy and pushes in to her deep. He grabs her by the calves and starts to pump her with long deep strokes. Marcus takes that as a cue and picks Maria up by the waist and flips her over onto her back. He assumes the same position and starts to pummel my wife with similar deep strokes. From my position on the floor I have a perfect view of my wife and her best friend getting piledrive-fucked by two studs with immense black cocks. For a moment I wonder how Sal would feel seeing his wife getting pounded right next to mine.

Maria looks down at me and says, "Holy fuck...he's...so deep," between thrusts. I instinctively reach down for my cock, and she just says, "Not...yet," moaning between words as Marcus hits her deeper than I ever have. "Don't...you....cum....yet." Donna has her hands on Derek's ass as Maria wraps her arms around Marcus' broad back. I watch Derek spread Donna's legs wide, which makes Donna make an entirely new set of noises. Marcus decides to press my wife's long legs together, putting more pressure inside her as he fucks her.

"You ready for it?" Marcus asks Maria. I realize that he is close to blowing his load inside her.

"Give it to me! Fill me!" my wife yells, her mouth hanging open in ecstasy.

"Where do you want it?" Marcus asks, then leans down and kisses Maria deeply.

After they break the kiss, my wife shouts, "Fill my pussy with your hot cum! Shoot deep in my womb!" She is almost shrieking from the black cock stretching her pussy. "I want to feel you cum deep in me...," Maria looks down at me, then continues, "...cum deeper than my husband ever has."

Marcus lets go of her legs, and she quickly wraps them around his hips. I watch him start fucking her fast and hard. Her fingers drag down his back as he throws his head back and moans loudly. I watch his ass spasm as he cums inside my wife's pussy. He starts grunting as he pulls back far, then slams back into her. The sounds of his balls slapping against her ass echo through the room.

"Damn girl, that was impressive," Donna says between moans and deep breaths. She looks up at Derek and says, "You better fill my pussy up just like that. I want to feel your fat cock blow deep inside me." Donna's hands squeeze Derek's ass cheeks. I watch him push her legs up against her chest and start giving Donna similar long hard fast pumps. It doesn't take long for Derek to start moaning and cumming in my best friend's wife.

"Hey cuckie, you have some work to do," Marcus says as he slides his cum-covered cock out of my wife's freshly fucked pussy. I watch some cum dribble down her ass as her legs hang open. "Well? You're on cleanup duty. Get to sucking." Marcus grabs the back of my head and shoves his cock against my lips. I open my mouth and feel his semi-erect cock slide into my mouth. I start to lick the combined juices off his tool, savoring the taste of his cum mixed with my wife's nectar.

I glance over at my wife, and she is just smiling at me. She raises a finger and points at me, then points to her vagina and licks her lips. "When you're done there, I have some work for you too. Take your time though – I'm enjoying this display of sissy cocksucking."

Marcus stands and lets me lick his cock clean. I lick and suck him until I can't taste the saltiness of his cum anymore, then drop down between my wife's thighs and slurp up the long trail of cum that dripped out of her pussy. "That's it baby, drink it all down." Maria moans as I work my tongue around her pussy lips. "Dig your fingers in me and scoop it out. Get it all. Get your tasty reward." Maria starts grinding her crotch against my face as I slip my fingers inside her. Inserting my fingers causes even more cum to spill out, which I lap up. "Mmmm, my cum-eating cuckold. When you're done there, Donna and Derek need cleaning too." I glance up at the couple next to us who are kissing deeply.

Donna breaks the kiss and looks down at me. "I can't wait to give you some more cum in exchange for some more of that wonderful tongue on my clit." Derek looks down at me and laughs, knowing that I have been reduced to a cum-eating, cocksucking cuckold who has let both his wife and his best friend's wife become black cock whores. My cock strains at the thought, and I start to rub against the bed as I finish cleaning out my wife.

"I think he should be allowed to cum after he finishes his clean up duties, don't you?" Donna asks Maria. I release my mouth from my wife's delicious pussy and move over to suck Derek's cock clean. As I clean Derek off, Maria tells Donna about some of the topics on the internet sites that I have been looking at – cuckolding, hot wives, cumeating, snowballing, pegging – and Donna listens intently, looking over at me and giggling at certain topics. "Who knew he was such a dirty little bitch?" Donna laughs, then pulls my head down between her thighs. "You like eating cum out of a pussy?" she asks me. "Yes...Mistress Donna. I enjoy licking pussy clean." Donna's eyes light up when I call her 'mistress'. "Mistress?" she asks, looking at Maria as my tongue slides into her not-as-tight pussy.

"I had him call Derek and Marcus 'Master', so I guess he just extended the courtesy to you too." Maria says. I watch Maria extend her hand and grasp Donna's hand, squeezing it. "God it's been so long since we did stuff like this," Maria says, looking lovingly at her best friend. I watch Donna lean in closer and pull Maria in to her. My finger slides into Donna's cum-filled cunny, causing a big load to gush out onto my tongue. Donna reaches a hand out and pulls Maria's face to hers, and I watch the two women kiss deeply.

"We need to figure out a way to keep doing this," Maria says, her hand cupping Donna's breast. "We just have one wild card in the deck..." Donna adds, and both women say 'Sal' at the same time. Donna looks down at me between her thighs.

"Do you know if Sal has this fantasy too?" she asks me.

"No idea" I say as I finish licking her clean. "I never brought it up around him. It's not something that you bring up in regular conversation..." I pretend to have a conversation between myself and Sal:

"Hey Sal, ever fantasize about seeing your wife get fucked by black guys with really big cocks?"

"Why yes, I often have that fantasy. Why do you ask?" The girls giggle at the scenario, but I can tell that the wheels are turning in both their heads.

"We need you to find out for us - tomorrow. We're all gonna go to the beach, so you find out then." Donna's eyes light up at the thought of her husband agreeing to be cuckolded too. "We need you to convince him how hot it is. Make him understand how fun it is." Donna lays out a quick plan with Maria, Derek, Marcus, and myself. We all agree on our parts in this conspiracy. "This will be soooo hot if you bring him over to the dark side for us" Donna says, looking down at Derek's cock as she puts the emphasis on 'dark'.

"Now, about that reward for being such a good cum-slurping cuckie..." Maria looks at Donna and asks "Do you still have that dildo you were telling me about?" Donna smiles and nods. "Go get it, and grab some lube. My poor hubby needs to release the load in his blue, blue balls."

To be continued...

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You should write more. We share the same fantasy! I have sucked cock, but never in front of my wife. Some day!

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