tagRomanceLacey's Cabin

Lacey's Cabin


(Many thanks to KittyKatBC, my editor on this one. I'm glad she was on board, it made the story easier to write.)


Lacey was my boss, I do emphasize the word was. The company I work for is a family owned and run architect business and since the only child the owner had was a daughter who had no interest in the company, we all knew that once he retired then the company would either close or be swallowed up by a bigger company, but we all liked it here. So we all stuck it out since the owner was a man who believed in running his company just as though it was a family, the atmosphere was great to work in, we all knew each other by first name and on many an occasion it was that closeness that saved us more than a couple of embarrassing mistakes.

I'm an architect by trade, geek by habit and sadly a loner through being a workaholic, and so one sunny spring Tuesday morning, in walked Lacey. All five foot six of her, her brown hair pulled back and set in a pony tail, sunglasses that hid her eyes, and a business suit that screamed 'take me on if you dare.' My boss introduced us both and I was asked to help design her summer retreat for her. First meetings are so difficult at the best of times but over the years I have worked out a series of questions for our clients and that helps me get to know what they want and help give them their dream. However Lacey wasn't going to be our average client. The boss stuck around for a few minutes, then left us to it.

I have a small area at the back of my work station that has a couple of comfortable seats in it. I talk to my clients there and get a feel of what they want incorporated into their designs. It's always worked until the day I met Lacey. I sat and pulled out a sketch pad and started asking her some general questions, amount of bedrooms, closed or open plan kitchen, split level day room, that sort of thing and rough sketch a drawing and take it from there. This system has worked for me for close to ten years now. But like I said, then I met my new boss. We had both been at this for close to two hours now; I had already gone through one sketch pad and was more than halfway through another when she said.

"Look, are you actually any good at this, I came here with a simple design in my head and you can't even get that down into a simple drawing." She stood and rummaged in her purse and pulled out a card. "Here's my number talk to my secretary and arrange a time I can have you to myself outside of this cupboard as I want to show you where the cabin will be located. Perhaps then you can actually do your job."

With that she strode off, and at that point I would have loved to have been able to add out of my life but a contract is a contract. I talked to my boss about being moved off the project, he said he would talk to Lacey and see whether a change of designer would help. A week later I got a call from a man telling me that he was Lacey's secretary and Lacy would be outside the office in ten minutes and I was to be on the steps waiting. He then promptly hung up. So much for my boss talking to her, I checked and he was out of the office at the time so I was left with a dreadful feeling this was going to be a long day.

Eleven minutes later I strolled out of the door, Lacey was waiting. Judging by the look on her face she wasn't ever kept waiting. I sat in the car and the seatbelt barely around me when the g-forces hit me, my only thoughts were if I had written my will properly and when was the last time I told my parents that I loved them.

"Why are your feet on my dashboard?"

"I'm bracing myself for impact." Was my only reply.

There was a screech of all four wheels locking, the car behind had to swerve to avoid rear ending us. Lacey got out the car a face like thunder, walked around to my side and said. "Well if you can do any better you drive."

So there we were, me being the chauffeur, while Lacey sat and boiled in the passenger seat, I swear if it wasn't for the fact she had to give me directions she would have sat in silence the whole three hour journey. I must say when we got there I could see why she had chosen this spot. Her plot had an acre of wooded land behind it set on a slight hill, that overlooked open fields, with a small brook running out of the woods and gently down the hill, even her mood changed as she got out the car and she set about telling me where everything was going to go and what directions she wanted the windows to encapsulate the view.

As she was striding around telling me all this, I was frantically drawing on my pad. I knew what would work here and got it all done in minutes. Lacey on the other hand wouldn't shut up now, this was a different Lacey to the one I knew and soon figured out why so far away from the city. This was her escape; this was where Lacey wanted to be Lacey, without the world being allowed to see her as the person I see now. She hadn't realized she had let her guard down, I don't know why I did it.

I picked up my pad and drew Lacey as I see her now, her features had relaxed, and she smiled such a cute smile. It was at that moment I suddenly realized she had stopped talking, I looked up, and she was staring at me. A look of genuine hurt in those brown eyes of hers as she walked up to me and looked at the pad and her face stared back at her. She looked for a moment, closed the pad and tossed it onto the back seat, got into the car and started it. I thought it a good idea to get in quick before I was left here. We made it back to the office in two hours, the wheels of the car stopping just long enough for me to get out before she sped away again. Not a word was spoken the whole journey.

It was a month before the boss strode up to me and said that Lacey had agreed to the outline drawing I had made of the cabin. That was the good news, now he hit me with the bad news. He went on to say that Lacey would sign the contracts for the blueprints on condition that they were finished within two weeks and that I would be the project manager on the whole job. Then it got even better when my boss told me that Lacey wanted the whole project finished within three months and moved in within four.

"Not a chance, that cabin is a one off design, it would mean me working twelve hour shifts just to get the blueprints up to speck not to mention the planning permits and I won't even mention the men and materials. I won't have a life for three months; I would have to live there the entire time."

"You don't have a life at the moment as it is, Lacey has put aside two hours of an evening to be here to go over the specks with you. She won't take no for an answer and she has refused any other designer on this project. There is a lot of money involved here. It's just over three months of your life; you know I can't order you, so I'm asking you."

Now I knew the other reason why he likes to be more personal with his staff, he can use it as leverage when projects like this come up, none of us would ever let him down. My shoulders slumped as I nodded my head and agreed. So began my life in purgatory. Everyday Lacey would come in, hate what I had done and argue with me about what she wanted, reminding me that I had been there and she wasn't about to put this 'piece of shit' on her plot. By day two everyone in the office starting going home minutes before Lacey arrived. The shouting matches got even more heated when she didn't have an audience. Finishing up with me imagining the garbage can was her ass, it sure got kicked across the room.

The blue prints were accepted at the first request, which shocked the hell out of me until I found out Lacey went into the permit office with the drawings under her arm. She sure could move mountains. Things were just as bad when I moved into the hotel a few miles down the road from her plot. Most of the workmen kept there distance from her when she turned up and I seemed to get the sympathy vote from them that I was the one having to talk to her. It also gave them an incentive to get a move on with the cabin as well. The strangest thing was, the closer we came to completion the more shouting matches we were having.

We were now finished with month two; I had almost got through the day without needing to raise my voice, a landmark day indeed. Then Lacey walked in, I felt my shoulders instinctively slump as she started to tell me a list of things that were wrong today. I lasted for ten minutes, even wandering outside so I could breathe fresh air as I listened to her, it didn't work. Two months of twelve hour shifts today simply got the better of me, I was tired and when I'm tired I'm not at my best. By now I had been taken to the extreme of my patience and just a step or two beyond. In the end I told her to stand still and scraped a line in the dirt in front of her with my boot, I walked two paces forward and scraped another line. I then walked back to her. She looked on totally confused.

"You wanted me to design and be the project manager for your damn cabin even though our company told you we only design, yet at every turn you are in my face and changing things just for the sake of changing things. For some reason you have turned this into a pissing contest, well when you can piss as far as that line come let me know, because that's the day you will see me back on this site."

It was so unprofessional of me and I could hear my boss's voice in my head lecturing me about restraint already. I had lost it, there seemed little point me being there any longer so I left, went back to the hotel packed and went home. I even took the phone off the hook when I got there, the one thing I needed more than anything was sleep. I had managed a few hours at least so that helped. I was even brave enough to put the phone back on the hook. It rang. That sure spooked me, so I picked it up. Lacey was shouting down the phone at me, I didn't even bother to hear what she was saying, I put the phone down and unplugged it.

The next thing on my list was a shower and then something to eat. Still wrapped in a towel I searched the cupboards, 'darn nothing left,' I thought to myself looking at near empty cupboards. I moved into my bedroom and once dressed I walked out of the house and right into Lacey who was leaning against her car.

"I knew you had to come out sometime, get in I want to show you something."

She had already started to walk to the driver's side of the car, until she looked around and see me walking up the street. "Hey, where are you going?"

"You forget our deal? I'm hungry I'm going to the store to get some things since I'm home again."

Her car was crawling alongside the curb next to me. "Get in and I will take you to the store."

"You forget I'm not your beck and call boy anymore Lacey. If you want to join me get out of the car and walk with me because I'm not getting into your car."

Give her some credit, she did just that. We toured the store for a few minutes before I asked her what she wanted for dinner. When she shrugged her shoulders I did the same and set about grabbing tins and fresh food, dropping them into the cart I had her pushing. On the way back she eyed her car up, got in and I met her at the house. I could tell she wanted to talk about the cabin, when she tried I would change the subject, after a few tries she gave up and settled into helping me cook. Dinner was great and the company was actually pleasant as well, even down to the half bottle of wine she had that sure made her mellow out as well.

I got the guest bedroom ready for her, there was no way I was going to let her drive anywhere. Sitting her on the bed I run through the room with her. "The shower is that door, it's your own shower/bathroom so you won't need to go far if you feel the urge to use it, and the bedroom lock is your side of the door. I've given you one of my t-shirts so I suggest you get into it before you pass out and I will see you in the morning."

I closed the door and left her to it. I did the washing and put away the plates more for wasting time than anything else, just so I could listen in case I herd a thud of Lacey hitting the floor. More of relief than anything else, I didn't so I went to bed. It was the early hours when my door opened.

"Your bathroom is in your room Lacey."

There was a pause; I could only see her outline in the door. "I need sex."

"Then I suggest you find someone willing to give you some, I've never taken advantage of an alcohol fueled women yet and I don't plan on starting anytime soon."

"Can we compromise? Let me sleep with you and decide between ourselves in the morning, I promise to keep my hands to myself."

It was an intriguing offer, even from a woman like Lacey. As I pulled the covers back I did remind her that I was the sober one, so if even a hair comes on my side of the bed, I sleep in the guest room and I'm locking the door. That was when a naked Lacey crawled past me on her way to her side of the bed. I stalled, even in the dark she sure had a body on her, and she slid in and pulled the cover over her. I kept my distance and fully awake until I heard her breathing become more regular, even down to the odd snore and sniffle. I had to stifle a giggle in case I woke her back up again.

I woke with a start. One of confusion when for a second you are not sure were you are, the day was trying to come through the blinds, I felt Lacey stir next to me. Her breathing was regular and I could tell she was still asleep, so I gently turned and laid on my side just watching her, her hair was tangled and disheveled, her face was the most beautiful thing I had seen, her full lips parted slightly, and those lips.

My mind rushed back to that evening and I smiled remembering how much wine she had drank. Her lovely neck and shoulders were exposed and her arms were so long and slender, I could see a breast above the cover so small with a small almost delicate nipple rising and descending with her breathing. Her delicate features harden slightly and she winced when her head turned and the daylight lit her face and woke her, her eyes took a moment to focus and a part of me cursed myself for not pulling the blinds properly.

If I had perhaps I could have been able to just sit and watch her for awhile longer and wonder at the dreams that she dreamed but she see me laying there watching her and a smile as wide and as beautiful as anything I had seen before filled me with a warmth that made my heart pound in my chest and I could feel my loins stir. Only this woman could give me an erection with just a smile. She placed a hand on my cheek, her skin so warm to the touch, the cover moved further down and I could now see both breasts.

Her nipples now starting to go slightly hard with each rise and fall of her chest, she leaned over and kissed me, her tongue gently touching my lips and my tongue rose to meet hers. I moved to lie on my back and she followed, her lips never moving away from mine. Lacey's now hard nipples touching my chest then her breasts crushing themselves against me, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her even closer to me, she moved her leg over my body and laid on top of me, the cover now a tangled heap on the floor, my fully erect penis now firmly by Lacey's pubic bone.

She lifted her head and moved her body slightly and my penis now moved freely between her open legs. My penis could feel the lips of Lacey's pussy and with a will power of its own trying to urge itself into her, it throbbed and twitched against her lips and her pussy responded, I could feel a wetness from that warm willing pussy against my penis and I could restrain myself know longer, I rolled Lacey onto her back I could hear a giggle from her and looked up in time to see her reaching for the headboard, she had read my mind and was bracing herself for what I was going to do to her next.

I gently sucked on her now very hard nipple as my hand wandered to her pussy, my palm felt the soft hairless skin of her pubic bone then touched the wetness around her clitoris, I moved my mouth and sucked and nibbled on the other nipple a lust slowly rising within me. I sank a finger into her pussy and Lacey's body stiffened and I heard her gasp, then there were two fingers inside of her and her body went rigid. She arched her back to accommodate so much of me in her, her juices poured from her as I moved my fingers inside her.

She opened her legs even more and I moved down her delicate tender glistening body, her fingers now locked around the headboard, I could hear a slow moan deep within her throat as I forced my fingers into her, deeper one second then back to the edge of her pussy lips the next. I was now on my knees by her waist, one hand on her breast slowly squeezing it and tweaking the nipple between my fingers and another inside her, the lips of her pussy moved in and out with the motion of my fingers.

A hand had now surrounded my penis and Lacey moved the skin up and down, slowly at first but soon picking up speed as the urges inside her gathered pace, I curled my fingers up inside and touched her button with the tips of my fingers. Her whole body arched and left the bed in one huge screaming orgasm, her cum now making it more difficult to keep control of her now franticly moving body so I pulled them out, her body now slumped to the bed after shocks from her orgasm would sneak up on her causing her body to occasionally convulse. I moved off of the bed, Lacey's fingers were reluctant to leave my penis. I grabbed hold of Lacey's legs.

Pulling her now panting body to the edge of the bed her hands now wrapped around her breasts, squashing them into her chest and pulling hard on the nipples with all her might, the sight of Lacey totally engulfed in her own pleasure just added fuel to my own lust. I pulled her legs to my chest and slowly buried my penis into her totally soaked pussy, it slid in so easy I just kept forcing it in as deep as it would go, hearing the slapping sounds of our bodies meeting as I to could feel that burning lust taking control of me and kept trying to force myself even further inside her.

Her back again arched as a smaller orgasm pushed through her body. Lacey moved her legs to try and wrap them around me going with the motions of my body she was using her own leg strength to try and force me even deeper inside her, her fingers still squeezing her breast and kneading them. I could hold back no longer and slammed into Lacey one last time and stayed there, feeling just a little light headed as I emptied so much of myself deep inside her. Lacey's legs now slumped to the floor, dead weights to her body.

Her hands now at rest beside her breasts heaving with her rapid breathing. I withdrew my now shrinking penis from Lacey's pussy, I could hear a whimper coming from her lips, she was spent, yet she still wanted more and felt cheated that I had stopped. I lay down next to her and she moved an arm across me and played with my chest, a smile played across her lips and a sparkle in her eyes. That was the face I saw when she was describing her cabin, this truly was a Lacey at ease with herself.

"I want you to come back and finish the cabin for me. I will give you free rein to finish the project."

"You know the deal. So therefore you know the answer."

"So if I do this deal, you will stand by your word."

I knew she had something up her sleeve, but I'm a man of my word. "I will as long as you leave me and the crew alone to finish the project then yes."

Lacey stopped talking then, I had one of those feelings. This time it was me who tried to talk about the cabin and Lacey was the one who changed the subject. We showered together and dressed, had breakfast and I made sure I drove us back to the cabin sight. Lacey phoned ahead and gave the crew the day off, all the way up to the site Lacey was drinking water. It wasn't until later I made the connection and of course by then I had already lost. The site was deserted when we got there. Lacey got out and stood by the marks I had made in the ground.

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