tagRomanceLacie Ch. 03

Lacie Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Lacie Owned

Lacie stepped through the metal door, closing her eyes and tilting her head back, basking in the burgeoning feeling that she felt growing in her chest. She felt a new sensation of warmth in the growing feeling of hope that her life might just end up being a happy one. Lacie slowly exhaled, opening her eyes to greet the new life before her. When she did, Lacie beheld... another door. Giggling, Heather and Claire swept past her.

"This is the loading dock, cutie." The rocker chick winked as she passed. "The house is up ahead. Come on."

Blushing slightly at her slip up, Lacie grinned and forged ahead, following the two other women. Pushing through the door at the other end, Lacie saw a short hallway with several more doors. The floors were polished hardwood, and the walls were made of dark colored chestnut, carved and fluted, the expensive building material was tastefully decorated and kept very clean. An old grandfather clock sat at one end of the hallway, it's coppery pendulum slowly swinging as it ticked off the passing seconds. Small busts and marble statues sat in alcoves along the walls, paintings hanging along the walls between some of the doors.

"Ok, girls, does anyone know where Master is?" Bridget spoke, "We want to stay out of his way today. Lacie, we'll all be helping you settle in, I just want to make sure nothing gets forgotten."

"I know where is Master." Tatiana answered, looking slightly surly. "He are to kicking me out of kitchens today. Wanted of making something 'special' for new girl."

The other girls murmured at each other, delighted expectation lighting up their faces.

"It's ok, Ana," Lacie responded, trying to soothe the foreign girl's obviously ruffled feathers. "I'd rather have you help show me around today."

Ana grinned back at her.

"Besides," Heather chimed in, "Master is just as good a cook, and he hasn't been able to find time lately. If he wants to do something special, I say we let him do what he wants."

"Well, that's settled then. We avoid the kitchens, but we can help her settle in a bit. First things first though. Lets get you some actual clothing. Those robes are nice, but I hardly want you wandering the mansion in that all day."

Callie leaped forward with Lindsey, and the two girls started giggling as they grabbed Lacie and began dragging her through the mansion, passing hallway after hallway, twisting and turning through doors and up staircases. Lacie was thoroughly lost in less than a minute. The other girls managed to keep up though, laughing and talking to each other excitedly. Lacie was beginning to feel like a spectacle at a fair, making her a little uncomfortable. She looked over at Lindsey and saw the happy look of expectation on her face. Lacie realized that the girls probably didn't get a lot of excitement in the mansion. It would definitely be a horrible, not to mention dangerous, idea for any of the women (being as attractive as they were) to leave. Which meant that, despite the obvious number of freedoms that Master (Lacie had yet to hear his actual name) allowed his girls, they were still trapped on the grounds of his home. So, because of that, new and exciting things had to be brought to the girls, instead of the girls going anywhere.

Given everything that the girls seemed so giddy about, and all that they had already done for her, Lacie understood that, despite her discomfort, this whole situation was a rare treat for the other girls. Lacie decided to simply enjoy it. A grin spread across her face, and soon Lacie found her expectation was matching her escort's excitement. Looking around her as she was rushed through the house, Lacie was astounded by the tasteful wealth she saw displayed everywhere. She passed room after room, but most of the doors were closed, mysteries for Lacie to solve later. Finally, the group of women reached the fourth floor corridor. Over a dozen doors adorned the carved wooden walls, and a thick, fluffy red carpet tickled Lacie's feet. One door, larger than the rest, sat at the end of the hallway. The first four rooms had nothing on the doors, but each door after that had a name gilded onto dark, beautifully decorated wooden ovals that hung at eye level, each name written in beautiful calligraphy.

"We all chose rooms for ourselves, mostly picking ones as close to the Master's bedroom as possible. That's his on the end. Now, we don't have many rules here, but Master's few rules are inviolate. The first rule is, never enter his bedroom without permission. Emergencies are the only exception, like a fire or if someone is hurt. We've broken some of his rules a few times each. The punishments are... severe." Bridget spoke sternly. As she mentioned breaking rules, a pall seemed to settle over the women, and each of them seemed to shrink into herself. Somehow, all of the women seemed slightly diminished. "He won't hurt you physically, ever." Bridget choked out, a look of pure, infinite sadness on her face. "What he does do though, hurts more than anything your body could survive. The horrible thing is, when he punishes us, he doesn't ever want to. He just knows he has to. He protects us. We take care of him. When we fail... just... don't ever fail him, Lacie. You don't want to know how terrible you'll feel."

Lacie could feel the waves of pained emotion coming off the assembled women, making her heart ache for the friendly group of women.

"Thanks, Buzzkill." Claire exclaimed, rolling her eyes. The joking tone broke the sudden dark mood that had fallen over the group. Grabbing Lacie's arm, Claire dragged the younger girl to her door. Pushing it open before Lacie, Claire revealed the insides of her room. Dirty clothes littered the floor and posters of old heavy metal bands were haphazardly tacked to the walls. A dresser stood to one side, a few of it's drawers hanging open. A walk-in closet sat just beyond a large four post bed, the sheets and comforter rumpled and tossed to the side. Lacie blushed when she noticed a pair of fuzzy black handcuffs dangling from the bed frame. A big bay window dominated one wall and the glass panes had been opened just a crack, allowing fresh air to flow into the room. The bench under the three angled windows was bare, save for a small easel with a half finished painting and a collection of paints and brushes. Ignoring the rest of her room, Claire dragged Lacie towards the closet. The rest of the girls shuffled in, Tara making exclamations of disgust when she saw the disarray and dirty clothes.

Dragging Lacie over to the hangars at the back, Claire began pulling shirt after shirt off the rack, holding them up before Lacie before either handing them to her, or tossing them back on the racks. Lacie wasn't surprised to see that the majority of Claire's clothing was either black or incorporated a little leather. Finally, Lacie's arms were full of over a dozen different shirts, and Claire grinned as she turned Lacie around, pointing her at several racks of shoes. Every kind of shoe imaginable decorated the shelves. Black sexy pumps, white tennis shoes, fuzzy animal slippers, sandals, thigh high pleather zip ups, buckled knee length platforms, leather cowboy boots, (one pair even had built in spurs) and more.

"Grab a few pairs of shoes. Most of them should fit you."

Lacie looked for a few minutes before settling on a pair of strappy sandals, some work sandals and a pair of black and silver sneakers.

"Nice. You'll look good in those, cutie." The bisexual goth girl winked at Lacie, her casual flirtation prompting a smile from the teen. "Now, across the hall. Lindsey can lend you a few bras. Speaking of which..." Claire leaned down, snagging a black satin corset off the ground. The corset was obviously designed for a bust much larger than Claire's A-cup chest. "this one ain't mine."

Sauntering back out into her room, Claire tossed the corset to it's owner. "You forgot this here Heth." Claire teased.

"Hey! I've been looking for that!" Heather exclaimed.

Lacie's jaw dropped. She had thought that the corset belonged to Lindsey, since it had looked like Lindsey and Claire were together.

Laughing at Lacie's confused expression, Lindsey came to her rescue. "It's ok, Lace. Can we call you Lace?" Seeing Lacie's absent nod, Lindsey continued. "We all share. We kind of have to. There are enough of us that sometimes we want to... play, and Master is a pretty busy person. So sometimes that means we have to try... new people. It's not like we have a lot of nice guys running around asking to take us to the movies."

"Just the one." Heather smiled, interrupting.

"So, sometimes we share each other. We don't own each other, Master owns us. Which means we have to get along as best we can. We're not always friends, but we try not to make enemies. So, sharing is sometimes one part of that. Now, come on, lets get you a few more clothes."

Still unsure how she felt about the girl's casual attitudes concerning "sharing". Lacie followed the submissive girl across the hall into her room. Lacie recognized the same layout in Lindsey's room as she had in Claire's room, only flipped end for end. Lacie wondered if all the girl's rooms were designed with the same floor plan. Lindsey's room was much cleaner, but hints of Claire's style had crept into her decorations. A lot of black decorated the walls, but Lindsey's bed was smaller than Claire's, cleaner as well. The room had splashes of pink everywhere, mixed with white and black. It was a dizzying mix of colors, but it fit with Lindsey's personality well. The seat under her window was festooned with pillows, and a small bookshelf sat at arms length from the nest of cushions, leaving no doubt as to the use that Lindsey put her window. There were a few children's toys strewn across the room, and a couple of black-light posters were taped to the ceiling. Lindsey opened a drawer in her dresser, and began pulling out bras.

Passing Lacie bra after bra, Lindsey would pull out a few, pick one and put the rest back, occasionally asking for Lacie's opinion or preference. Soon Lacie had a stack of half a dozen bras, from utilitarian white cotton, to black and lacy, even one that was a silky sapphire blue satin. Turning around, Lindsey giggled as she pushed Lacie back out of her room, just before Marie opened the door to her own room and beckoned for Lacie to follow.

Marie's room was radically different from Claire and Lindsey's rooms. The layout was the same, but one wall was dominated by a large mirrored dresser that sat next to a large book shelf that was completely stuffed full of multicolored candles. A blue vinyl topped massage table sat in the center of the room and a black, velvet covered bed was pushed into one corner. Her window space was full of flower pots and small patches of dirt in various odd objects. Lacie saw a beaten up, laceless leather boot, a cracked porcelain cup, and an old upturned Frisbee, all with small plants, flowers or vines growing from them.

"I love things that grow." Marie said quietly as Lacie stopped in her doorway. "Master is letting me take online courses in aromatherapy and massage too."

Lacie closed her eyes and inhaled deeply though her nose, letting the various aromas of Marie's room suffuse her. Lacie was able to pick out the scent of thyme, lilac, freesia, lime, oranges, lilies, roses, peppers, cherry blossoms and apples. Other subtle scents from the unlit candles suffused the room, and Lacie felt adrift in a sea of aromas, calming and soothing her as she simply stood and breathed.

"They're wonderful." Lacie said gently, referring to the candles and plants that festooned the room.

"I know. I always feel so calm whenever I come back here." Marie smiled, a peaceful look on her tan face. "But, we're not here to smell the flowers. We're here to find something that can cover those long, pretty legs of yours.

Familiar with the routine by now, Lacie followed Marie into her closet while the Hispanic girl dove through dozens of pairs of pants. Marie tossed a few pairs of short shorts over her own shoulder, while sorting through even more skirts and jeans. Finally, she handed Lacie six or seven pairs of pants, and two skirts, one short, one long.

"Most of these are a bit too small for me to wear anymore. They should fit you pretty well. I have plenty more, so you can keep those. Tara should be able to take them in for you if they're a bit loose."

"Thanks! Really? I can keep them?" Lacie asked

"Sure. The jeans are too small for my butt now anyway, and the skirts never looked that good on me, but they'll look amazing on you."

Lacie set the pile of clothes down, and jumped up to hug the taller latina girl. Marie smiled and hugged her back, whispering a soft "Welcome home" in her ear as she did. That gesture alone almost made Lacie cry again. Wiping the moisture from her eyes with her hands, Lacie swept the pile of clothes off the floor before turning around and heading back out into the hall. Looking around, she saw most of the other girls standing outside Callie's open door, talking quietly to each other.

Lacie walked up and they shifted aside, letting her pass through. Callie's room almost made Lacie laugh outright, but the beautiful brunette had the good sense to stifle her laughter. Callie stood in the center of her room, picking up a few discarded odds and ends. Her bed was tiny, obviously built for only one person to sleep on, but that left the rest of the room with more space than the other girls had. Callie's walls were completely covered with posters, some of them looking like they'd been tacked on top of other layers of posters. The posters themselves were an incredibly odd mix of cartoon ponies dancing around rainbows with fairytale creatures, and several different types of cars and race tracks. Big posters of luxury SUVs were pasted over by pink ponies with little symbols on the horses flanks, and in other places horses were partially obscured by grand prix racetracks complete with speeding cars.

The soft carpet was short, allowing Callie to have a massive toy racetrack set up in the center of her room. Several stacks of multicolored panties were draped on one edge of Callie's bed, the blond girl having obviously set them out while Lacie was occupied in the other rooms. Various little pieces of what Lacie could only image were engine parts cluttered every available surface, and some were even set atop model cars and plastic ponies.

Turning to Lacie, Callie swept her arms out wide, forgetting her hands were full, while grinning at the new girl, exclaiming excitedly,

"What do you think? Ooop, oh, shit. Dropped my stuff. Hold on."

Unable to contain her giggles any more, Lacie burst out laughing at the quirky mechanic girl's antics. Grinning up at her, Callie shrugged.

"I know, weird isn't it? None of the other girls got it either. Sometimes I'm not sure that I get it." Tossing her hair, Callie waved it off. "It's okay though. They just don't understand my genius." Callie winked at Lacie then, letting the new girl know she was kidding. "I set out some clothes for you to look at. See what you like, and we can try some, and see what fits you. Tara's room has a few full length mirrors, so we might be able to use her room for fittings."

Tara peeked her head in around the frame.

"Kinda figured you'd need my room. Gimme two minutes." Lacie heard the small asian girl dash off down the hall.

"Got everything you need Lacie?" Bridget asked, stepping into Callie's room.

"Almost. I don't have any earrings or accessories though."

At that, a chorus of squeals and exclamations erupted from the gathered women, all of them dashing off to different rooms to grab their cutest accessories. Bridget looked tempted as well, but stayed behind, gently taking Lacie's shoulder and pulling her aside.

"Look, Lacie, you're being a great sport about this all so far. Please don't lose patience with us. These girls don't get a lot of new excitement these days, and the urge to show off, now that they have an opportunity, is pretty strong with some of them. We've all seen everything here a thousand times, so having someone new to dazzle is a rare treat for them. They all want to make you happy and comfortable, but don't feel put out if they start getting a bit competitive. It's just their nature."

"It's fine, actually, I wouldn't mind if someone else wanted the spotlight for a while. It's a little disconcerting going from no one truly important to a celebrity in the limelight." Lacie responded, honestly not caring about the attention.

"Well, Master gave us all a rare day off in celebration of your arrival, so I fully expect them all to get fancied up tonight. Especially due to the fact that Master is cooking. He never cooks 'casual' meals. So please don't be upset if they all get a bit dressy."

Lacie held up the first two fingers of her right hand, pointing them at the ceiling.

"Scout's honor." Lacie giggled.

Bridget smiled in response, tilting her head towards the door in an invitation.

"Shall we go and see what those look like on you?"

"Lead the way."

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