tagRomanceLacie Ch. 15

Lacie Ch. 15


(A/N Again, I will warn of dark content. For those who may say that this story does not belong in the 'romance' section, I say this. I. Don't. Care. What. You. Think. I did not write this story to please you. Arrogance aside, I wrote this story to please ME. This is, admittedly very much not a 'standard' or 'normal' romance story, true. But, that being said, as the author, I reserve the right to do what I damn well please with it. While I adore and cherish positive feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, I have no need for unappreciative comments and will simply dismiss them out of hand. I'll not censor you if you wish to comment negatively, as it's always good to know what readers like as well as what they DON'T like. But, please, if you wish to comment negatively, I implore you, tell me HOW I can improve my next story, since I'm damn well not gonna change this one. That being said, please be aware, my personal view of reality is not so skewed that I would ever condone real life acts in any capacity as they've been told in this story. Torture and slavery are truly abhorrent and should never be practiced on a living person, and I do not endorse, support or condone them in any way shape or form. This is fiction, and fiction alone. Dancingwizard)


Chapter 15: Lacie's Prison

"Wake up pet." A soft voice whispered into Lacie's ear. Whimpering, Lacie tried to turn away, some part of her mind knowing that wakefulness only brought pain. Something hard pressed into Lacie's back, and a second later, Lacie's eyes flew open with a shriek, a sharp snap of electric current slashing though her.

"I told you to get up, bitch. Next time, do as you're told." Clarissa's voice echoed throughout Lacie's white cell. "Are you ready to give up yet?" Moaning, Lacie rolled over, pushing herself off the tiny cot. Levering herself up, Lacie shook her head, trembling as she waited for Clarissa to hit her. Every morning Clarissa asked the same question, wanting Lacie to give up, to stop fighting. Lacie knew that the moment she did, she would truly lose. Thus far, the siblings had only tortured her with pain devices, but Lacie knew that the moment she gave in, her innocence would be torn away, robbed from her by the insidious, evil, sexual torture devices the siblings made.

Lacie had no idea how long she had been prisoner of the sadistic pair, but Clarissa's face still had dark bruises under her eyes from when Lacie had broken her nose. Lacie hated to admit it, but Tyler had been right. Clarissa was never careless again. Lacie was kept drugged almost all of the time, her muscles weak and barely responsive. Clarissa never entered Lacie's cell unarmed.

Every morning (or what Lacie assumed was morning, there were no windows or clocks in her cell) Clarissa woke Lacie, getting her 'morning workout' before Clarissa left for the day. It always started the same way. Clarissa would wake Lacie with pain, get her to sit up, then slap Lacie, knocking her to the floor. Clarissa would kick at Lacie, getting the beleaguered captive to crawl across the cold tiles, trying to escape the punishment. Clarissa would herd Lacie towards one of their machines, finally pouncing on her when she was close enough, quickly shackling the exhausted brunette to the device of the day. Lacie was forced to rotate between the torture machines that crowded the floor of her cell. There was one black shrouded machine though, that Clarissa said she was saving for Lacie, saying she was 'waiting' for Lacie to want it. To 'beg for it'.

Lacie waited for the day's slap to fall, but it never came. She could hear Clarissa's breathing, so she knew the other woman was not very far away from her.

"Well, pet, I have some good news." Lacie could hear the smile in Clarissa's voice. Lacie suppressed a shudder. Clarissa being happy was never a good sign. "Your vaunted Master is still looking for you." Lacie's eyes flashed open as she gasped in shock. Clarissa was holding a tablet out in front of her. A newspaper article decorated the flat screen, Lacie's picture front and center. Before Lacie could even comprehend that, Clarissa jerked the tablet back, keeping Lacie from being able to read the text accompanying the picture.

"Of course, he searched my home. Kidnapping a claimed slave is still illegal after all, but fortunately for my brother and I, he has no idea this place exists." Clarissa smiled down at Lacie. Lacie didn't see her, her heart hammering against her ribs. Master was still searching for her. Hope soared through her body, lifting her spirits. A moment later, suspicion clamped down on the euphoric feeling. Clarissa wouldn't be showing her this unless she had something that would hurt Lacie. Clarissa was not the kind of person who cared about her slaves.

"Why?" Lacie croaked, her throat raw and sore from screaming. A croak was the best she could manage, her voice otherwise limited to soft, scratchy whispers and loud, piercing shrieks of agony.

"Oh, I just thought you'd like to know that while he's wasting all his time hunting for you, our company recovered. It's been three and a half weeks since the party, dear. His false data package was intercepted. It never got out. Our hackers retraced his entry and are busy at work destroying his finances as we speak. In little less than a week, he'll be broke, and you and your sister sluts will be fair game. I look forward to getting my little screamer back. You're fun, but you have limits. My pet, on the other hand..." Clarissa shivered, a cruel smirk marring the lines of her face. Lacie trembled, fear for her friends filling her chest with ice.

"Anyway, I'm off today to oversee the final stages of your wonderful 'Master's' downfall. I just thought you'd like to know." Lacie heard the vicious mockery in the other woman's voice as she sobbed with fear for her friends. "Oh, by the way, I have a little gift for you."

Lacie looked up through tear streaked eyes. There, only inches from her face, dangling from Clarissa's fingers, was Lacie's choker. Gasping in surprise, Lacie's jaw dropped as her eyes locked on the tiny strip of lace, the little ivory circle gently swinging from Clarissa's hand.

"I thought you might like to have this back." Clarissa sneered. Lacie nodded numbly. She couldn't believe that her choker had survived. She had thought that Clarissa would have destroyed it the moment she could have done so. Lacie's hands trembled, her weak muscles straining to reach up and take the choker. Just as Lacie's fingers were mere inches from touching the gentle curves of the ivory circle, Clarissa's hand pulled back.

"Ah, ah, ah. Not so fast pet. You have to earn it. Tell me what you want me to do, Pet. Beg for it."

Lacie shuddered, looking at the last covered machine, the ominous black shadow in the corner. She knew what Clarissa wanted. There was still one machine that Lacie had yet to test. A sinister black sheet still obscured it from view, hiding what lay beneath.

"You know, I'm surprised you've lasted this long. Most girls we bring here beg for us to use that last machine on them within the first week. They beg for the final degradation. The last torture. They want escape. All they have to do is ask for it, and when they do, we take them away from here. We let them have some freedoms. They get real food, see real people. Real sleep. They beg us to rip their innocence away so the pain will stop. I wonder why you still fight us. You knew you had lost the moment you first woke up here. I suppose it doesn't really matter. You'll ask for it. We both know you will. And when you do, we'll take that final step of your enslavement."

Lacie knew what she was talking about. Lacie knew what the last machine would do to her. Her purity would be ripped away from her by an uncaring machine. Lacie's mind whirled, balancing her fears with the need to have that tight black lace back where it belonged. Her eyes teared up, indecision ripping through her.

"I...I...I..." Lacie hesitated, her arms still outstretched. Lacie weighed her options. The drugs in her body made her thinking slow. "Please...Please just... let me have it...back." Lacie whispered, unable to take her eyes off the gently swaying necklace.

"I want you to beg me for it. That's the only way you'll ever get this back."

Lacie knew what she had to do. It was the hardest sacrifice she had ever had to make in her whole life. The hollow feeling in her chest that had been her constant companion in her cell, the hopelessness of her new life, blossomed further, ripping it's way through Lacie. Closing her eyes, Lacie took a deep breath and looked up at Clarissa's face, seeing delighted expectation lighting up the older woman's face. Lacie exhaled, breathing out her answer.


Angry surprise filled Clarissa's face. The delight that had filled her eyes turned steely, ice cold fury flashing as she gazed down at her defiant captive. Clarissa's hand whipped around, slapping Lacie across the face, sending the beautiful girl tumbling to the tiles with a cry.

"Fine, bitch. Have it your way." Clarissa snarled.

Lacie looked up, one hand rubbing her cheek as she beheld Clarissa taking a step back. The redheaded woman flicked her wrist, opening her hand as she did. Lacie's eyes locked onto the tiny fluttering strip of fabric that tumbled earthward, weighted down by the ivory disk. With a barely audible *clink* the choker hit the floor only a few feet from Lacie's hands.

Without even realizing what she was doing, Lacie began to crawl, dragging her drug weakened, exhausted, aching body across the tiles. Clarissa watched as Lacie pulled her body across the floor, contempt written on her features. Lacie fought her body, forcing her tired, battered body across the floor, intent on the tiny lace choker that rested just outside her reach. Finally, her arms couldn't hold her up any longer, too exhausted, too tired, too battered. Collapsing, Lacie stretched, tears falling from her eyes as she reached, her fingertips only inches from the choker.

Out of nowhere, a thin, red stiletto heel flashed into Lacie's field of vision. The scarlet spike drove itself downwards. Time slowed for Lacie as the brilliant red heel arced down, towards the floor. Immediately, Lacie saw what was about to happen. Lacie's screaming denial tore out of her throat just as Clarissa's heel stomped down on the delicate ivory, shattering the choker into a hundred pieces.

Lacie could only stare, sobbing quietly as she beheld the tiny, ruined piece of jewelry that was her last link to her former life. Tears trickled from her face as she stared numbly.

"You made your choice. Now you have to live with it, bitch." Clarissa hissed. Her hand smacked into the back of Lacie's head, painfully gripping Lacie's hair in a tight fist. Lacie barely felt it. Her eyes were still locked on the ruins of her choker. Lacie's mind reeled, unable to comprehend the unthinkable. Her choker was gone. Her final link to Master, only rediscovered moments ago, was destroyed. Agony, far more painful than anything else the siblings had inflicted on her, ripped it's way through her.

Lacie felt Clarissa dragging her across the floor, but Lacie was barely aware of it. Her mind reeled, waves of anguish threatening to drown Lacie beneath their dark pull. A soft ripping sound echoed through the room, and Lacie was only dimly aware that she was the source. Her choking, despairing sobs shook Lacie's body between gasped denials.

"no...no...no, please god no... no... no..." Lacie whispered. The room around her blurred into whiteness as Lacie's tears began to overflow. Dimly, she could feel Clarissa strapping her into one of the machines, but Lacie didn't fight her. There was no point to it anymore. Clarissa's hand flashed out, slapping Lacie time and again, the redhead insulting her, berating the bound girl. Lacie didn't even hear her. The only thing she could see was the sad little remnant of her last hope, her last tiny piece of happiness, now destroyed.

As the torture began, Lacie could hear Clarissa leaving. Lacie knew there wouldn't be any respite. No rescue. No hope. She closed her eyes and wept. Waves of darkness rose inside her, the agony her body was being subjected to echoing the torture in her heart. Lacie could feel the dark waves of hopelessness and pain lapping at her consciousness. With a soft, gentle sob, Lacie knew her life of happiness was truly and forevermore gone. There was no longer a reason to hold on. She let herself go, drifting away, letting the pain and hopelessness wash over her head, pulling her into the dark, deep waters of agony and despair.

She did not surface.

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