tagErotic CouplingsLacy Takes Care Of Me

Lacy Takes Care Of Me


We belong to a group of 4 couples who get together once a month, without kids, for adult time. Our monthly get together can be as simple as a restaurant and movie, a professional ball game, a picnic and swimming at the local state park. Any place without kids. The common thread among us is we all have pre school age children. Our mid November gathering was at my place for a pot luck, Mexican dinner.

After dinner, I fixed Margaritas for everyone and we sat in the living room chatting about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Every couple had plans to be with family for the weekend. One couple was traveling to be at home with their folks, another couple had family close by, and the third couple, Lacy and Zack, would be hosting their family meal.

I would be working 12 hour days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, taking physical inventory where I work. My wife and I, with our 2 kids would make the 3 hour drive to her folks house early Thanksgiving morning and I would return alone that evening. Her folks would bring the family home Sunday. It was a good chance for the kids to enjoy their grandparents. Since I would be working, I wouldn't see much of them over the weekend any way. Thanksgiving weekend physical inventory was a yearly event where I worked and I couldn't get out of it if I wanted to. Since I would be paid time and a half for Friday and Saturday, plus double time for Sunday, I didn't want to get out of the extra work. It would be hard, dirty and challenging work, but it paid well.

Zack had worked where I do for a couple of years and was well aware of the holiday schedule. My wife Denise was lamenting the fact that I would not have a hot dinner when I got home from work. I reminded her that last year her mom had made up a couple of dinners from the Thanksgiving leftovers for me to heat up. I have always packed my own lunch for work and gotten my own breakfast, so I couldn't see the big deal. She responded there will be no one there to make sure you eat well.

Finally Lacy piped up and said, "I'll take care of him for you." She continued, "Have your mom make up a meal from the leftover turkey, and I'll fix one for him from my leftover ham." I'll even come over Friday night and make sure he eats my ham dinner and packs a lunch for Saturday."

Denise thought about it for a moment and replied, "That would be nice, thank you Lacy."

After every one left I asked Denise about Lacy's offer. Denise had not talked to Lacy about the offer and was as surprised as I was when she made it. Denise thought I should enjoy a good, homemade meal and thank Lacy for providing it. I still wasn't sure about the offer and questioned why it was made. Denise laughed and stated maybe you will get laid too. That caused me to laugh. Denise had said more than once to take advantage of a situation with another woman if I had a chance to get laid. We had known Zack and Lacy for five years and there had never been a hint of sexual attraction between us.

The day before Thanksgiving I got a call from Zack. Their second car was giving them problems, could I pick up Lacy Friday night on my way home from work? I had forgotten the whole discussion a couple of weeks earlier about Lacy coming over Friday night. When it dawned on me what he was talking about I responded, "Sure, I'll be at you place about 6:45."

I picked up Lacy and her small cooler on Friday night. Lacy is about 5'2", barely 100 lbs, with small perky tits, nice legs, and a great ass. She had a skirt on that drew attention to her legs and ass, and a white blouse that buttoned to the neck. Her long hair was pulled back into a pony tail. She looked like a 16 year old heading to school, not a 25 year old mother of two kids. In the car we chatted about kids, the holiday weekend and how was the inventory going. When we got to my place I mixed us drinks and made sure she knew how to use the stove and micro wave. Then I headed to the shower for a long, hot shower to remove the grime and rejuvenate my body. I stayed in the shower a long time letting the hot spray ease the pain of my sore muscles. When I finished I dried myself off and walked into my bedroom naked.

To my great surprise there was Lacy lying nude on my king-size bed, her hair spread out around her round face. Her tits are not very big but they stuck out pertly from her trim body, and the nipples were hard. Her pubic hair was shaved into a heart and neatly trimmed. Her gorgeous, long legs were spread apart in an invitation my body couldn't refuse. My cock immediately started to get hard.

She gave me a very mischievous look and said "Come here, big boy."

I just stood there looking at Lacy's hot body and grinning. There was no way I could stand there for long. I finally leaned over the bed and kissed Lacy long and hard. I sat down beside her and put my hand on her firm breast and started feeling her nipple. I leaned over and took that hard nipple into my mouth and licked it with my tongue as I sucked on her firm breast. My hand wandered down to the tops of those sweet legs and started lightly caressing Lacy's lower abdomen and pubic hair. I let my fingers lightly trace the inside of Lacy's thighs. Lacy shivered and got goose bumps from the attention to her thighs. I pulled my mouth away from her tits and started to lick my way towards her pussy. A short detour at Lacy's belly button caused her to shiver again. I continued my journey to her pussy. As soon as I started licking her slit I could taste the wetness from her pussy. Lacy has a very sweet tasting pussy. I lapped her lips from her ass to her clit and back again. I slipped a finger inside her vaginal opening and found her sweet spot while I licked and sucked her clit. Lacy was shaking violently from my tongue and finger as her orgasm started to build. I sucked her large clit into my mouth and teased it with my teeth to drive her over the edge.

When her orgasm subsided, she weakly said, "Fuck me, now."

I moved over top of her and plunged my engorged cock deep into her soaked pussy in one push. Lacy remarked that I was longer and bigger around than Zack and it felt really good to her. Her pussy was like velvet, nice and firm, almost tight, but not constricting at all. It was like putting on a well broken in glove. The feeling was fantastic. I started by slowly stroking that pussy with long, almost out to all of the way in, strokes. Lacy eagerly matched the rhythm. When I stated to pick up speed she kept up with my pace. Lacy began pushing her ass up off of the bed to meet my thrusts and get me deeper inside of her. I wanted to hit the bottom of her cervix so I changed position.

I pushed my knees up under her ass and pulled her legs up in front of my body. Lacy now had only her shoulders and upper back on the bed. The rest of her I had complete control of. I leaned forward and bent her in half. Her feet were over her head, and my hard cock was buried deep in her soaking wet pussy. Now I began slamming in and out of her wetness with my hard cock. I was hitting bottom and she was cumming hard. I continued pounding her to make her orgasm last. When she started coming down from the orgasmic high I moved back onto my knees so I could play with her nipples and clit while I continues slowly fucking her. I wet my thumb in her juices that covered my cock and her legs and massaged her throbbing clit. Lacy was softly moaning while I enjoyed her body.

Eventually I lay back down on her body and rolled us over so she was on top. She ground her pussy against my hips and adjusted her position until she had me where she wanted me and then started fucking me like crazy. Her clit must have been rubbing my pubic bone because she started cumming immediately. I played with her perky tits while she was having her orgasm. When she had had enough she lay down on top of me and rested. I was still hard and throbbing inside of her and took charge again.

I had her get on her hands and knees and got behind her. As soon as the head of my enormous cock touched her pussy lips she started squirming. I grabbed her by the hips and held her still while I very slowly slid all of my cock into her soaked, velvety pussy. I slowly pushed in and out of her while we were getting comfortable with the position. I picked up speed and crammed all of my meat into her time after time. She was having trouble maintaining her position because of the pounding she was getting. I reached up and grabbed her luxurious long brown hair and pulled her head back to help her. This increased the depth of my penetration and made her start cumming again. I released her hair and got my thumb wet again. This time I placed it on her tiny little rosebud of an asshole and slowly worked it inside. She exploded in orgasm and fell forward on the bed with her ass still in the air.

I had to move forward a little to maintain contact in her vagina. My orgasm started building with the change in position. I slowly resumed pushing in and out. I wanted to cum deep inside her so I pulled back on her hips. I could feel the cum boiling up from the depths of my balls so I plunged as deep into Lacy as I could. She let out a scream as I filled her with my hot, sticky cum. Spurt after spurt of my jism splashed into her soppy wet pussy. Lacy use her vaginal muscles to milk my cock dry. Weak kneed I pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed next to her.

Lacy lay down next to me and cuddled with me and said, "25 minutes, that's pretty good for a first fuck."

I replied, "I didn't know it was a timed event."

We both laughed.

After a couple of minutes enjoying the afterglow of great sex I told her that I was hungry for some good ham and candied sweet potatoes, and that it was time to eat. I put on a robe and gave her a long tee shirt of mine to wear.

Lacy fixed the leftover ham dinner that she had promised and we talked while we ate. She said she had wanted to fuck me for a long time. Zack had agreed if the chance came up to go for it. Lacy said they both had had other partners since their marriage and had no problem with one of them wanting another person. That made me feel a little better about the situation. I had been thinking with my hard on and not my head earlier. Denise and I had said the same thing, if a chance comes up go for it, but I had never done it.

After super Lacy pulled my robe open and grabbed my flaccid cock. How about some more of this, she asked. I replied that I probably couldn't get it up again. I was very tired after a hard day at work and some fantastic sex afterwards. She grinned and dropped to her knees in front of me. She looked up and said, "I know exactly what you need," and wrapped her lips around my limp penis. She sucked on the tip of my organ, licked down the side to my balls, sucked a ball into her mouth, licked back up to the head of my cock and sucked all of my growing erection down her throat. It took her talented mouth and tongue about 30 seconds to get me hard. She stood up, grabbed my now hard cock in one hand and led me to the bedroom.

When we reached the bed Lacy said, you start on top and when you are out of energy I'll do all of the work. We started with me on top, but I soon put my left leg outside of her legs and pulled my right leg between her legs. I moved my left knee up to near her ribcage. The second time was going to be slow and in control, not like the first time. This position change gave me greater access to her pussy. I could get really deep from this position, and it allowed me to easily suck on her tit while we were fucking. She seemed to enjoy me sucking and licking her tit. I slowly stroked her pussy with my hard cock and licked her tit at the same time. I reached under her hip and squeezed her ass cheek. That got her bucking against my cock.

I wanted this one to be slow and easy so I released her ass cheek and turned her on her side, ducking behind her without pulling out, so we ended up "spooned" together, with me behind her and my cock buried in her pussy. I could reach her tits and clit and still let her control the speed and penetration. Lacy liked the change and started to gently push her ass back at my cock. I played with her clit and let her enjoy the moment. She was pushing harder and faster against my rigid cock and I sensed she was working up to an orgasm, so I increased my pressure on her clit. Lacy started that soft moaning of hers. When the orgasm hit her I lay still and let her ride it out.

When her breathing returned to normal I rolled her over on the bed until she was face down on the pillow and I rolled on top of her. I was still buried in her pussy. I pulled her hips up slightly for a better angle to her pussy and started pounding her with hard deep strokes. My cock had remained hard thru all of this activity but I was running out of energy. Lacy was mumbling incoherently and cumming again. Finally I had to stop. My energy reserves were used up. I held her tightly and rolled us onto my back and told her it was her turn to burn some energy.

Lacy liked lying on top of me and seemed like she didn't want to move. I told her to get with the fucking. She slowly ground her pussy against my pubic bone. Lacy started to move up and down on my rock hard cock buried in her pussy. At the bottom of her stroke she would grind her clit against my pubic bone and slowly move in a small circle around my cock. She finally sat up and I could reach her fantastic nipples. I sat up so I could get one in my mouth again. I sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as possible and licked the nipple at the same time. This started her orgasm building.

I took over the speed part of our fucking. I slammed my ass off of the bed driving my cock into her pussy hard and fast. Lacy is not a very big girl and I effortlessly lifted her up in the air with my pounding. When she started shaking I knew she was close to another orgasm. I put both hands around her ass and squeezed her cheeks while I continued the pounding of her pussy. Her scream started low in her throat, almost like a rumble, and erupted from her lithe body as her orgasm overtook her. She was shaking so violently that I had to wrap my arms around her to keep her on top of me.

When the orgasm had subsided I lay down on the bed with Lacy on top of me. She was grinning from ear to ear. She said "I could get used to you." We cuddled for a couple of minutes until Lacy realized that my cock was still very hard and throbbing in her pussy.

Lacy said "I can't take anymore fucking, my pussy is sore and I'm worn out." She lifted herself off of me and lowered her head to my cock. She licked the pre cum off of the tip, tasting her pussy as well, and then started sucking the head of my rigid penis. In one quick move she swallowed all of my cock. I was amazed at how easily this tiny lady could deep throat me. Lacy pulled back so she had just the head of me in her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. My orgasm came immediately. I warned her that I was going to cum. She sucked harder. Stream after stream of my hot sticky cum erupted into Lacy's mouth. She kept sucking and swallowing until I had no more for her.

Lacy lay down beside me on the bed and we fell into a deep sleep. The alarm woke us up at 5:00 AM, in time for me to get Lacy home and be at work by 6:30.


Three weeks later our group had its annual Christmas party for our children. Santa Claus came, with gifts for all the children; there was good food and drink.

I hadn't seen Lacy or Zack since that Friday night after Thanksgiving and wasn't sure what my reception would be. During the evening Zack told me that Lacy wanted to thank me for the great time, but I hadn't had a chance to be alone with her.

Denise and I had used the overtime money as a down payment on a used car. As the evening wound down, Lacy asked me to show her my new car. We went to the garage. As the garage door closed behind us she said into the back seat and pull your pants down. Not one to argue with a hot lady, I did as I was told. Lacy climbed in behind me and immediately sucked my limp dick into her hot, wet mouth. In a matter of seconds I was getting hard. She sucked on the head of my cock until I started to cum. I filled her mouth with my load and she sucked it all down. When I finished she cleaned me up with her mouth and tongue so there was no evidence of her blow job.

Going back into the house I said "from limp to cumming in 2 minutes, not bad." Lacy replied, "I didn't know it was a timed event."

Lacy and I never had sex again.

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