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Ladies Night


The ringing phone caused Bob to jump slightly in his chair. He wasn't used to getting phone calls this late at the office. It was a Friday night and his wife Melanie was out with some girlfriends for a ladies night. Bob was taking the chance to stay late at the office and work on a big project that was nearing its deadline. He glanced at his watch and was surprised to see it was already nearly 9PM. His office was several stories up and he often lost track of the time after the winter sun had set.

"Hello, Bob speaking."

"Hi honey, it's me." Bob was relieved to hear his wife's voice. He really wasn't up for talking business at this hour.

"What's up?" Bob asked.

"I need you to do me a really huge favor." There was a slight slurring of her speech and he could hear Lisa and Kelly's voices and some loud music in the background. He guessed that the party had already started and that the drinks had been flowing for a while. Bob smiled slightly because he knew that when Mel was drunk she got very horny. He figured he would be in store for some hot sex when she finally did come home that night. Mel continued, "I left my ID in your car and we need that so we can head out to the bar."

"Doesn't sound to me like you need to head to the bar," Bob teased.

"Ohh, we're just getting warmed up. Whattya say?"

Bob thought for a second. He did really have a lot to do and he knew it was almost a 30 minute drive to Lisa's place. On the other hand, he could almost never say no to Mel. They had been married nearly 4 years and were very much in love. He grumbled to himself about being a sucker and told her he was on his way.

He knew he was probably whipped, but he didn't care. His relationship with Mel was, as far as he was concerned, perfect. They were best friends but also passionate lovers. They laughed at all the people who complained about how getting married eliminates the sex from a relationship. They fucked now just as much, if not more, as when they were first dating.

Bob quickly drove to Lisa's apartment. He hoped that he could drop off the ID and get back to work for a bit before the ladies were done partying. Bob knew the way to Lisa's house quite well. Both he and Mel had been there several times for dinner or just hanging out. Lisa used to work with Melanie but had since moved on to a new job. Despite that she remained close friends with Bob and Mel. Lisa was several years older than them and had been divorced for a little over two years. Lisa wasn't what Bob would call athletic, but she did work out a few times each week and kept herself in good shape.

Bob had nothing to base it on other than his instincts, but he sort of thought that Mel had a slight crush on Lisa. She had never said anything directly about it, but Mel often talked about how beautiful Lisa was and how she hoped she would look that good when she was older. Bob always thought that there was a special glimmer in Mel's eyes when she talked about Lisa, but he never knew if it was real or if he was imagining it. Lisa was a beautiful woman and, like most guys, one of his favorite fantasies involved he and Mel having sex with another woman. Lately, Lisa had been playing the part of the other woman in most of his fantasies.

He parked and quickly moved to the stairwell as the winter air bit at his cheeks. He climbed up to the second floor and knocked on Lisa's door. He could hear the three ladies and music through the door. Mel answered the door and greeted him with a cry of, "My hero." She threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply. Her tongue parted Bob's lips and she roughly explored his mouth with it. Bob could taste the alcohol on her and briefly let his mind wander ahead to the sex he was sure they would have later. They were interrupted by the sound of Lisa's voice, "OK you two. Get a room."

Bob and Mel parted and Bob started to talk about heading back to his office, but Lisa interrupted and insisted that he at least come in and get something to eat. Bob hadn't had dinner yet so he agreed and followed the two ladies inside. There was a large spread of food at one end of the dining room table and there were playing cards on the table at the other end. Two glasses of daiquiris or some other sort of blended drink were sitting near the cards. He started helping himself to the leftover food as Kelly entered from the kitchen, a fresh drink in her hand. They exchanged hellos and as she turned Bob couldn't help but take a look at her cleavage.

Kelly was several years younger than Bob and Mel and was fresh out of college. She worked for Lisa's new company and Bob had seen her a few other times at social functions. Her short hair was currently dyed red, but it had been a different color each time Bob saw her. Without a doubt, the most "eye catching" feature of Kelly was her large breasts. Tonight Kelly was wearing a tight, v-neck top that exposed more than a little of her generous cleavage.

The ladies returned to where the cards were lying and sat down. "What are you playing?" Bob asked.

"Poker," Lisa answered. "Care to join us?"

"I thought you were heading out to the bar?" Bob asked.

"Well," Mel answered, somewhat sheepishly, "we've changed our minds and have decided to just hang out here tonight."

Bob rolled his eyes and said, "So I left work and drove over here for nothing?"

"I guess maybe I was hoping you would stay and hang out with us," Mel answered.

"C'mon," interjected Lisa, "we've got plenty of food and drinks, and I'd enjoy your company." As she said that she gave him a playful wink and blew him a kiss.

Mel gave Lisa a quick slap on the arm and said, "Hands off, this one is mine." For effect she moved over to Bob, sat in his lap, and gave him a kiss.

The alcohol was definitely having an effect on the ladies. "Please stay," Mel whispered into his ear in a very deep and sexy way that she knew drove Bob crazy. Bob knew it was all over the moment she broke out the "bedroom voice", but he pretended to think about it for a few more moments before saying he would stay.

Kelly went back to the kitchen to fix a fresh round for Bob, Lisa, and Mel. The remaining three sat around the table and started talking. The night continued this way for a couple of hours. They each steadily consumed their drinks and were all getting pretty drunk. Periodically one of them would get up to change the music or get more drinks, but otherwise they all sat around the table talking well into the night. As they talked Bob picked up the deck of playing cards and was absentmindedly playing with them. Eventually the conversation lulled and Lisa said, "So Bob, you wanting to play some cards?"

Bob was momentarily embarrassed that he was caught "zoning out", but then replied, "Sure. Anybody else game?"

The other three agreed and Kelly asked, "What should we play?"

"I don't think I can concentrate enough for poker," Mel answered.

"Let's play blackjack," Lisa suggested. "It's quick and doesn't require lots of thinking." They all agreed and the cards were dealt. Kelly and Mel each held at 18 while Lisa got a 20. Bob tried to be cool and hit on 16 but ended up going bust.

Lisa gathered the cards up and said, "So Bob, as the big loser that hand I think you should have to pay into the kitty. Pay up."

"What are we playing for? We don't have any chips or coins." Bob answered.

The three ladies huddled together and Bob could see them whispering. At first Kelly seemed surprised but all three were soon nodding in agreement. "We've agreed," started Mel, "that we're playing for clothes. Pay up, hubby."

Bob was shocked. All three ladies sat watching him expectantly. He wasn't sure what to say or do. In all their years together Mel had ever even hinted at wanting to do something like this.

"C'mon Bob," Mel said, "we've agreed that we are all game. You in?" Hearing his wife say that to him was beyond anything Bob had ever dreamed about. He was nervous as hell but he would never forgive himself if he passed up this opportunity. He summoned his courage, said he was in, and removed a shoe.

"Awww," Lisa said with a slight pout, "we were hoping for something more revealing."

Bob's head was spinning. He tried to come up with a good answer but Mel beat him to it. "If you want to see anymore you'd better deal the cards."

The cards were dealt and several more hands were played. Each person lost a few hands, but everyone was still mostly clothed. Eventually Bob had to remove his shirt and he received several whistles and cat calls as he tossed his shirt to the floor.

Kelly was the first lady to have to remove her top. Her bra wasn't fancy, but it was cut fairly low on top and her breasts were practically spilling out the top. Bob pulled his gaze away from her chest long enough to notice that both Mel and Lisa were staring at Kelly's barely contained tits. "Geez," joked Lisa, "I'm surprised you haven't fallen out of that thing."

"This is one of my boyfriend's favorites," Kelly replied.

"I can see why," Bob answered as Mel reached over and gave him a playful pinch on the arm.

"We'd better deal the cards before he drools on himself," Mel said as she dealt the next hand.

Soon both Lisa and Mel had also removed their tops and Kelly had removed her pants. Bob's dick had been hard since Kelly removed her top and as the ladies continued to shed their clothes it was getting hard for him to sit still.

A few hands later Bob had to remove his pants so only his boxers were left. As he stepped out of his pants he knew his erection was now plainly visible to the three ladies. Both Lisa and Kelly were looking at his hard cock as it strained to be released from his boxers. He looked at Mel and she lustily licked her lips and gave him a wink.

The game continued and Kelly lost again. Instead of her bra she began to slide her panties down her legs. "Thought I would save the best for last," she joked. The other three were silent as they all stared at her newly revealed pussy. The hair was neat and trimmed. Kelly sat down quickly before Bob could see any more.

Mel next removed her bra leaving her with only her panties on. Mel's breasts were perfectly sized to fit her 5'6" frame. They weren't nearly as large as Kelly's but Bob had spent many nights playing with them and truly felt they were perfect. Bob noticed that Mel's nipples were hard and were noticeably standing erect. His dick twitched with excitement when he considered that the sight of two partly clothed women had gotten her so excited. "Maybe fantasies do come true," Bob thought.

Kelly was the first to remove all her clothes and very slowly and teasingly removed her bra. As she let it drop to the floor she briefly covered her breasts with her hands but finally pulled her hands apart and revealed herself fully to the view of the other three. Her nipples were very large and they too were erect. She sat back down but Bob couldn't pull his attention away from her. The conversation had long since stopped and the room was mostly silent. Bob knew he was about to burst and wondered where this was heading.

Mel was the next to be totally naked and then Bob lost and had to remove his boxers. He slowly slipped them off his hips and let them drop to the floor. His erection was standing straight out in front of him and he stood still for a moment as the three ladies enjoyed the view.

Everyone was naked now except for Lisa who still wore her bra and panties. Bob lost the next hand and there was a slight pause. "What now?" asked Bob. "I don't have anything left to pay with."

"Not so fast," replied Lisa. "You can't pay with clothes but you still need to pay up. You lost after all and you owe the kitty. I say that since Kelly had the best hand that round that you have to do what she tells you to."

Mel got a wicked look in her eye and said she agreed. Bob didn't know what to think but he was in no position to argue.

"Kelly, he's at your command. What do you want to see him do?" Lisa asked.

There was a momentary silence as Kelly stared at Bob's throbbing erection before she said, "I want to see him play with himself."

Bob felt like he'd been punched in the gut. Being naked was one thing, but jerking off as they watched? He wasn't sure what to do and sat motionless for a few moments staring in disbelief at Kelly as she smiled wickedly back at him. The three ladies all badgered him until he agreed.

He stood up from his chair and lightly wrapped his right hand around the base of his cock. He slowly stroked back and forth a couple of times before he moved his hand lower to his balls. He played with them and gently rolled them in his hand. Lisa was sitting directly across the table from him and as they made eye contact he saw her move a hand to her breast. He watched as she smoothly pushed her bra down and started rubbing her breasts and nipples. She had moved her gaze to his cock and was watching intently as he played with his balls.

Bob glanced over at his wife and was somewhat shocked to see she had her hands in her crotch. She appeared to be feverishly working over her clit as she watched the action wantonly. Bob quickly noticed she wasn't watching him or Lisa and was looking directly across the table at Kelly.

He followed her gaze to Kelly and let out a low moan as he saw her. Kelly had slumped in her chair and had her legs spread wide. Her right hand was busily fondling her pussy and she was pinching and rolling her nipple between the fingers of her left hand. Kelly was staring directly at his cock and seemed almost oblivious to Mel and Lisa.

This was more than Bob could take. He wrapped his hand back around his dick and began to stroke. He needed to cum and didn't care who saw him do it. He moved his gaze around the room and watched the ladies as they each masturbated while watching each other and watching him.

With a grunt Bob started to cum. He pumped wildly as he shot load after load through the air. Just after he started cumming Kelly moaned loudly. Her right hand quickly rubbed her pussy and she was pinching and pulling at her nipples excitedly. She moaned over and over as she came. She threw her head back and was lost in her own world as she finished cumming.

Bob pumped and pumped until no cum remained. He continued to slowly stroke himself as he watched Lisa and his wife. Mel had watched intently as Kelly came and Bob knew from experience she was close to cumming herself. Mel looked over at Lisa and they stared intently into each other's eyes as they each rubbed their pussies.

Lisa looked at the table where Bob's cum had landed. Lisa leaned forward and scooped up a large puddle of cum with her left index finger. She looked right into Mel's eyes and deliberately smeared the cum all over her erect nipples. She repeated this twice and after the third time she brought her finger to her mouth and licked the remaining cum from it.

That sent Melanie over the edge and she came very loudly and very forcefully. Both hands were working on her pussy as she cried out. As soon as Mel started to cum Lisa began to work faster on herself. The table blocked his view but it looked like Lisa was fucking herself with the fingers of her left hand as she rubbed her clit with her right hand. As the other three sat and watched Lisa brought herself to orgasm with a final cry of, "Oh God!"

After Lisa regained her composure the four of them sat around the table not knowing what to say. Bob's cum was still sprayed all over the dark wood of the table. They each looked nervously at each other and smiled. Finally Lisa said, "Well that was a fun night."

It was a silly comment but it helped to break the tension somewhat in the room. Mel, Kelly, and Bob each started to put their clothes back on and for a few minutes Lisa simply sat and watched. Lisa then started putting her own clothes back on and soon all four were again fully dressed. There was clearly some nervousness left as none of them knew what to do or say after the experience they had just shared.

"Um, I think I should get going," said Kelly.

They all agreed it was time to break up the party for the night. As Lisa showed everyone out she said, "Thanks for sticking around Bob. I hope you had fun." All four of them laughed and as they went down the stairs Lisa called behind them that they would have to get together again soon.

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