tagBDSMLady Cat's New boy

Lady Cat's New boy


He stood before her, naked and stock still. His five foot nine body covered in salt and pepper hair. He tried to stand as straight as he could, but the beach ball on his belly restricted him from doing that. He stood legs apart with his arms straight at his sides.

She walked around him slowly inspecting him with her hypnotic brown eyes. Her black thigh high boots making a clicking sound on the grey granite floor.

She held in her hand a brown leather flogger.

She wanted to see how skittish this boy was. She walked behind him and let it fly in the air,


His body trembled a little.

She smiled to herself "A little skittish!"

She ran her hand over his cheeks. She felt him tremble once more.

"Are you cold boy?" She asked.

"No Mistress!" He replied.

She flung the flogger and hit his ass


"Did I give you permission to speak boy?" She half growled as smirk on her face.

He shook his head no.

She walked in front of him and stroked his face.

"You really are a good boy aren't you, little one? She asked him.

He started to nod his head.

"You have permission to speak now!" She said.

"I, I try to be Mistress." He replied.

"Good that is all I ask of my slaves!"

She ran him through some simple commands. Such as kneeling, eyes cast down, licking her boots.

"You did well boy and for a reward you may look at me and masturbate."

"You can cum but must lick up whatever mess you make." She said to him.

He said "Thank You Lady Cat.!"

So he sat on the floor next to her and watch as she spread black fishnet stocking encased legs spread apart, her crotch still encased by the red and black bustier.

He started to stroke his six inches till it was nice and hard. His eyes were full of lust as he started at her long muscular legs.

Harder and harder he stroked himself for her. He grunt and his cock exploded with his hot load.

Over and over his seed pumped from his spent cock,

He licked the cream off his hand and whatever else had spilled on his hairy chest.

"Good boy!" Lady Cat praised him.

"Thank You Ma'am for allowing me to cum" He said breathless.

"Now I will be out of town for a week, and during this week I have some tasks you must perform" She instructed him.

"Anything you ask me to do I will do willingly Mistress." He said with a smile.

"First you will remove all the hair from your body. " She said handing him a piece of paper with the hair removal product.

"Second, you will write my initials on your balls with a permanent marker."

"Third, you will masturbate 4 times this week but will not and I repeat NOT cum!"

"Is this understood pet?" She looked down at him as she said this.

"Yes Lady Cat!" He said

"If you fail to complete these tasks, you will be punished!" She said with hardness in her voice.

She grabbed his chin and looked in his eyes. Her dark eyes almost hypnotizing him.

"Now get dressed and go home, I will see you in a week." She said.

As he got ready to leave she stopped him at the door.

"One more thing pet!" She said. "You will make arrangements for a vacation from week the week after my vacation. 'Your Training will begin then. "If they do not honor your request you will quit."

" Is this understood as well?" Her eyes gazing into his once more.

He croaked "Yes Mistress."

She kissed him on the cheek and then opened the door, slapping his hard ass as he went out.

That whole week he all the tasks that she had given him.

His bosses let him have the week off as they were not that busy of late.

Every chance he got her would masturbate thinking about her and looking at her photos; but he could never stop himself before he came.

The next week he arrived around ten in the morning at Lady Cat's house kneeling at the door, naked.

She let him in and he put his clothes in the corner box by the door.

She walked around him inspecting him for hairs. She ran her hand over his smooth body.

"Nice pet, very nice!" "Now spread your legs wide!" She commanded.

He did what he was told and she reached down between his legs and grabbed his balls. She squeezed hard. He groaned a little

"You came when I told you not to"Did I not tell you any cumming?" She growled.

"Yes Mistress I am sorry!" He cried.

She went and grabbed an oak crop and slapped his balls hard.

He gasped at the first whack. She kept hitting him, He tried to bite his lips but he kept crying out.

"Well now that I have you here, you will not touch your cock and you will not cum." She yelled at him.

He just nodded, tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Did you understand what I just said?" She asked "Speak!"

"Yes Lady Cat I understand!" He cried out.

"Good!" "Your training begins now!" She said.

For the next 6 days she set him through his training paces.

By week's end he was a better man for all her mentoring and training. His body was sore from head to toe but it felt vibrant and alive.

His cum laden balls were ready to burst.

She finally allowed him to cum, some of the cum spilled on the floor and he knelt down and licked it off the floor.

"Stand!" She ordered him.

He stood and she brought over his collar. She slipped it around his neck and locked it in place.

"You are now mine!" She said with a smile on her face and a glint in her eyes.

He smiled as well and thanked her for being so patient with him during his training and for collaring him.

She just stroked his cheek and led him to the bedroom, where he lay on a blanket at the foot of her bed.

His new home.

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