Lady In Red


The Lady In Red (just for sex)

Friday night is my night out. I’m not married and I work hard all week. 9 to 5 is bullshit. It is more like 9 to 9 and sometimes 9 to 10 or 11. Then back home to bed. Sex is what I have only on the week ends. Friday and Saturday I go out. I hit the bars, gay and bi bars mostly. I’m bi. That way I can score twice as much as a normal person. Tonight I was looking for a woman. And I think I found her.

Betty was standing at the bar when I walked in. All I saw was her red dress. Not that her dress covered that much. Her face was okay. Betty was not a knock out but she was nice looking. I have seen her a few times but never bought her a drink. The dress was showing off her breasts. And she had a lot to show off. Down to her hips. Nice...... is all you could say. Then came her legs. And legs, and legs. Long , long legs. Her dress was more then half way up her thigh. I could see a garter belt and the stocking tops. Now I knew I had to buy her a drink. And more then one. I have a thing for legs. Not just any leg, but legs that make an ass out of them self’s. And Betty’s legs did just that. Many of nights I would think of her and wish that I could look at all of them. And I think tonight might be that night.

“May I buy you a drink”. I know that it is what all guys say. But then way try to act like I wasn’t? I sat next to her and just said it.

“Sure. I have been hoping that you would. I have seen you here a few times and was thinking that you didn’t like me. You do like me”? DID I!!!!!!

“Give the lady a drink, I’ll have a coke. And yes I do like you”. We sat a talked for about an hour or so. Since this was a Bi bar and some straight people come in Betty just came out and asked.

“Bob, are you straight, bi or gay”? The look on her face never changed. Looking right at her. And hoping that she would not leave. “I’m bi Betty. Is that okay with you? And if I may ask are you.......”?

“I’m bi very bi. And right now I would love to go for a ride with you. If that is okay with you”? Was it okay with me. I have been dying to get her in a car or alone for weeks. We downed or drinks and walked out. I had my small van with me and when I told her that we just jumped in. I has driving down Euclid coming up on E55 when I felt her had on my cock. I looked over at her and she just smiled. Her fingers found my zipper and down it came. Then I felt her hand looking for my cock. Her dress had come up to about 6” above her knee. Then I felt her fingers pulling me out. I just looked at her and then started to drive once more.

“I have a thing about jacking-off guys as they drive. I find it so sexy. The way it feels. The look on your face as I do it. Would you like me to stop”? Stop fuck no I thought. But then I could not say that. But I thought why not.

“Fuck no. Just do what ever pleases you. I might even run my hand up your dress and finger you as you .... say jacking me off”. I put my hand on Betty’s knee and started to move up. Her other hand went on top of my hand.

“Just hold on. I started this and I make the rules. Just drive and let me watch as I ...... jack-you-off. I do get off doing this. Okay”? All I could do was nod my head. Her hand felt great. I have had a few hand jobs and this broad could jack a cock. Her head was on my chest and was looking down watching as she jacked me off. I could hear her breathing. I could see her breast raise and fall. I knew that she loved doing this. Faster and then slower. Hard and then soft. Her fingers knew just what to do. I was going to cum. Betty started to jack me off faster. Then just when I thought I was going to cum she stopped.

“You like this, don’t you? The feeling of my hand. Should I let you cum? In my hand? In my mouth? On my tits? Maybe on my face? What would you like? Pull over and tell Betty”. Pull over I did so fast I thought I would fall out the door. When I came to a lot I pulled in found a space to park. We both got into the back. Betty had my pants down and off by the time I was sitting down. She was kneeling in front of me. Her hand back on my cock. Now using both her hands. One was jacking-me-off. The other found my balls. She cupped my balls in one hand and started to squeeze, pull and turn them. With my right hand I unbuttoned her dress. All I could see was tit. She must be 38 DD or bigger. I put one in my hand and felt her nipple. As Betty squeezed my balls I pinched her nipple. It was like a game.

“So you would like to cum on my tits? Or is.........”. She never got it out. I felt her squeeze and I knew I was going to cum.

“Betty. I would like to cum here”. I reached down and put my hand between her legs. I love your legs and I would like to cum right between them. I have thought of this all night”. That was a lie. I have thought of it since I first saw her. But why tell her that. Betty’s tits were out of her bra. I could see to large breast’s. I moved my hand down lower. Hoping to feel her.

“First...... You have to tell me. Man or woman”? Then it hit me. She could be a he. Is that why she asked if I was bi. Or is she a she and is just looking to see if I wanted a she-male. Or is she a she-male thinking I might like a woman. WHAT THE FUCK. Now I hand to think. And think fast. What should I say.

“I’ll let you look and then you tell me. I’ll pull my dress up and my panties down........ some. And then you tell me. If you are right we go on. If you are wrong. You pay....................... the price. Deal”?

Betty’s hands pulled her dress up. Her panties came down. But just to the top of what might be her pussy.

“No hair. I like that. Smooth. That way when I kiss and suck I can feel just your skin. My I feel some”? I knew she would say no. But what the fuck.

“Put your hands on the side of my hips. That is all you can feel”. As she said that she let go of her panties. But just for a quick second I could see her....................... YES Now I know. My hands went to her hips. Then I felt her raise up. I went to pull them down. A smile on my face. She never knew that I saw the top of her pussy. She had it shaved and I saw a small opening. As I pulled her panties down I looked at her face.

“I know..... Your a woman. But man or woman I would suck you dry. Now I get to suck your cunt and finger it. And then if your lucky I might let you sit on my cock. Now show me”.

Her panties came down and I saw the top of her. What . Not pussy lips. Just a opening. But it looked like a pussy. Then it came into view. A cock. Tucked under her. Pulled back by a cock holder. What I saw was just a..................

“Wrong. Now you pay. Jack-me -off as I jack-you-off”. Her hand went back to jacking me off. I took hold of her cock. About 7” and started to jack her off as well. Faster and faster. We both knew what we wanted. To make the other one cum first.

“Do it. Faster. Harder. Make me cum. The one that cum’s first has to suck the other one off”. Now that is what I need to hear. I was jacking her off but not that fast. All I could think of was sucking her cock. The thought of sucking her as she wore that dress. In her garter belt and stockings. So I thought I would let her win.

“So you would like to suck my cock? I knew it. You like to suck cock? Then do it. just ask me”.

“May I suck your cock? Let me kneel in front of you and feel your cock in my mouth. Feel it as you fuck my face. Please let me please you”. We changed and now she was sitting and I was the one kneeling in front of her. Her hands now on my face. I took hold of her cock and licked the tip. I looked up into her eyes and felt her pull my face down. Down till I felt her cock on my lips. Now I was going to show this bitch that I knew how to suck a cock. One that was in panties garter belt and stocking. One that had a pair of tits on top. I could feel her shaved cock going in. Then out, back in, out back in , more and more of her went into my mouth. I could feel her soft skin. The smooth skin slide into my mouth. The soft head rubbing my tongue sliding down my throat. It was hard but I took it all. Soon I could feel her soft smooth balls hitting my chin. I pulled back up and felt it slide out of my mouth. I swallowed and took her back in. I could hear her breathing hard. I knew that it felt good. I always loved when someone would do a deep throat on me. And this one I was going to deep throat. I took it all back in. I looked up at her. Betty’s eyes were looking right at me. The look on her face told me she liked what I was doing. I felt her move and I knew that she was trying to get in a spot that she could face fuck me in. I let her lead. I let her put me in the place that would give her the most pleasure. I was half kneeling and half sitting. Betty was now in a spot that she could do what she wanted.

“You like this don’t you? You like sucking my cock. You like to look up and see a woman but feel her cock fuck your mouth. This is not what you thought it would be. But I know when I saw you. I knew you would please me. Now I’m going to fuck your face. Fuck you till the cows come home”. With that I felt Betty start moving. Her hips shot forward and the she pulled them back. Her hands holding my face in one spot. Then I felt it going back in and then pulling out. Soon it was in out, in out, in out. Now I know way woman like to suck a cock. It is the feeling you get when it is going in and out, in and out. I felt her balls slapping my chin. I could feel her move faster and harder. Tears came to my eyes. My mouth was full. But some how she got more in it.

“Open your mouth. I’m going to cum and I want to see it shoot out and land on your tongue. I want to see your eyes light up when I cum. I want to see it come on and in your mouth. Now...... Open now”.

Betty jacked-off her cock and I open my mouth. This was what I was looking for. The feeling of her shooting on me and in me. I looked up at her and then down at her cock. I could see her jacking off and then I felt the first shot. Right into my mouth, then one more. A long rope of a shot. Then she held her cock. It filled up and then she let go. One more shot hit my face. Then she just jacked off all over my face. A long cum shot on my face. She shot about a shot glass full. It was dripping off my face. I took my hand a got some. I licked it off and then I felt her push her cock back into my mouth. I sucked about two more shots out of her. I was looking into her eyes as I did. Her eyes never left my eyes.

I looked at her....... All of her. Her face. Her eyes. They looked like she was crying. The top of her dress was open. I could see her breast over her bra. The way I pulled her bra down. Her breast looked bigger. Down I went. Her garter belt and her panties. I could see her panties pulled down so her cock was sticking out the top. Her legs open so I could kneel. I took her once more into my mouth and sucked till she was soft.

“Betty. At first I thought ...... But then now I’m glad that you are a............... I hope that we can do this.......”. I was just looking up at her.

“Bob, I think I would like to spend the night with you. I think you need to fuck me so you and.............

And I did. Feel free to e-mail and let me know what you think of Betty. A nice looking lady. But what a cock.

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