tagNovels and NovellasLady in Red Ch. 30

Lady in Red Ch. 30


Jordan, Gwen, Steve, Charlie and the band were completely spent by the time they ended the show, after performing two encores. They packed up their equipment and drove to Marsh's Landing for a late meal. Many of their friends had gone ahead and saved a table for them.

"That show was incredible!" praised Billy's father when he came out to speak to everyone. "I can't thank all of you enough. Business has been booming all week, and the benefit was the best party anyone in this town's ever seen. Your money's no good here. Order whatever you want, compliments of the house. That goes for all of you. I may ask for a photograph or two before you leave, but other than that, I'll leave you alone. I'll try to keep people from bothering you."

"I can't believe how tired I am," groaned Jordan. "I've never put that much energy and effort into a show before. I hope the audience enjoyed it."

"Are you kidding? That was the most amazing show ever!" asserted Charlotte. "We volunteer workers kept hearing how great you guys were and how much the area needed a night where good things happened. There's a lot of bottled up anxiety around here. We've been attacked twice by terrorists. People are getting a little gun-shy, to say the least. I hate to think what it'd be like around here if either attack had been successful with the bombs. In case I forgot to mention it, Steve, I'll have your babies anytime you want. I'd be little more than a fond memory if it hadn't been for your decisive actions and straight shooting, twice! I owe both you and Gwen my life."

"As I recall, if your significant other hadn't pulled my sorry ass out of the river, I wouldn't have been around to give you those babies. I'd say that makes us even. You'll have to rely on Billy, or some other lucky dude, to fulfill your maternal instincts."

"Regardless, my offer stands. You've saved my life and I'll never forget it. A lot of people around here feel the same way. This is your town," declared Charlotte.

The group settled down for a quiet meal. They were all too tired to banter very much. As soon as the meal was over, everyone headed for their beds for the night. Gwen and Naomi left together. Steve was almost to his uncle's place when he felt his phone vibrate. He checked it and saw a text from Gwen. The message was short, but held a lot of promise.

"Meet me out by our swimming pool at three AM. You won't be sorry!" was all it said, and all Steve needed to know.

There was only a sliver of moon and it was low in the sky when Steve quietly let himself in the side door to the Anderson's pool. He was a few minutes early, so he sat down in a lounge chair and quickly fell asleep. Warm lips pressed against his slowly pulled him from his dreams.

Steve reached out and found nothing but soft, smooth skin. He kissed Gwen back as he ran his hands gently over her supple body. When she broke the kiss, Steve had just enough light to see her smile as she tugged on his belt. Realizing her intentions and not wanting to keep her waiting, Steve kicked off his shoes and pulled his shirt over his head. Soon he was naked with Gwen lying on top of him as they explored each other's bodies.

Naomi had heard Gwen's phone chime at 3 AM and wondered about it. She faked sleep as she listened to Gwen get up from the bed and quietly let herself out the door. She gave Gwen several minutes and before rising and going out to the kitchen. She saw a shadowy figure by the sink and moved toward it only to find Paula looking out the window.

"I was looking for Gwen. She left her room a few minutes ago and I don't have any idea where she went. The bathroom's empty," observed Naomi.

"I don't think she wants to be found right now," chuckled Paula softly. "She's about to be lost in sweet oblivion."

"I see what you mean," replied Naomi as she looked over Paula's shoulder to see dark shapes moving slowly on the pool deck. "I knew I should have slept someplace else. I've ruined the night for her."

"Does she look like her night's ruined?" asked Paula quietly. "Trust me. It's nights like this that lovers remember for the rest of their lives. Look how easily he lifts her up and how gentle he is. Oh my!"

Steve had stood with Gwen in his arms before gently placing her on a lounge chair and kneeling next to her. He kissed her breasts for a few seconds before he began working his way down her body. Soon his face was buried between Gwen's legs and she was clutching his head with both hands.

"We shouldn't be watching this. Gwen and Steve would be upset and embarrassed if they knew," reasoned Naomi, although she made no effort to move away from the window.

"Go back to bed if you like. I've warned those kids to be careful about when and where they engage in these activities. I'll stay awhile, just to be sure Gwen's okay. If she wants privacy, she shouldn't be doing this in public," asserted Paula.

"Well, in her defense, it's after three in the morning and it's pretty dark out there," replied Naomi. "Wow! He's really working her over now. How much of that can she stand?"

"It appears that she can endure quite a bit, doesn't it? I just hope Steve can still breathe. She's trying to crush his head. Look. He's picking her up again."

Oblivious to the voyeur audience, Steve stood, picked Gwen off the lounge and slowly lowered her onto his throbbing erection. Gwen guided him inside her body as she wrapped her legs around him and slowly began moving up and down, using Steve's shoulders to gain leverage. Steve helped by lifting and lowering her ass while plunging into her center.

"Is that normal," asked Naomi with awe. "Is it even possible?"

"I have to go back to bed now. Tomorrow's a busy day. Goodnight, Naomi," whispered an aroused Paula. She had suddenly decided to wake her husband and have her way with him while the vision of her daughter's love making was fresh in her mind.

Hours later, Gwen felt something drop onto her backside. "Use that towel to cover up. Lisa, Kate, Naomi, and Cindy Quick are watching out the window. It's after seven. Cover up and get cleaned up. Your father will be up soon. He doesn't need to see his daughter in such a state," scolded Paula, but with very little sting.

Gwen slowly became aware of her surroundings. She was lying naked on top of an equally naked Steve. Her breasts were practically stuck to Steve's chest. His cock was hard again and poking into her lower abdomen. His arms were draped around her with his hands on her ass and his fingers interwoven to keep from sliding off.

"We must have fallen asleep," replied Gwen as she stated the obvious while clearing her head. She started to rise, but Steve held her tight to him.

"Paula, could I please have a towel before Gwen gets up? I don't want to embarrass your guests, or Kate, or myself. I'd like to cover up as Gwen climbs off me."

Paula handed another towel to the couple but remained standing over them as Gwen began to rise. "Mom! How about some privacy? You're embarrassing Steve."

"I'm so sorry. I must have forgotten to tell you to be careful where and when you make love. You want privacy on my pool deck at seven AM on a Saturday morning? With four people watching you from the kitchen window? How thoughtless of me!" responded Paula sarcastically as Steve tried to quickly cover his morning erection, which had been left exposed by Gwen's rapid movement to gain her feet.

Gwen wrapped the towel around her waist, picked up her nightie from a nearby chair, and sauntered toward the kitchen. When she entered it, she was greeted by whistles and catcalls from her sisters, as well as Naomi and Cindy Quick.

"You should all try it sometime. It's really very refreshing, sleeping under the stars," stated Gwen with as much dignity as she could muster while making her way to her bedroom. As she reached the door she turned and cautioned the others, "But not with Steve!"

Steve clutched the towel to his waist as he gathered up his clothes which were strewn all over the pool deck. "I'm sorry, Paula. It was my fault. I just couldn't stay away. I'll get my stuff and head home. I'm very sorry about all of this."

"You're not going anywhere, Young Man. Your punishment will be to go and get showered with Gwen, but with no funny business. Then you'll have breakfast with us, and listen to every remark the rest of us feel like making. Any questions?"

Steve bowed his head and hurried toward the house. He found four women grinning from ear to ear when he entered the kitchen.

"You like sleeping under the stars, too?" asked Lisa with a chuckle as Steve maintained his course for Gwen's room. "Or is it more like you enjoy sleeping under my poor little sister?"

Gwen was in the shower when Steve stepped in with her. "Ouch! How do you stand water so hot? I think your mom is really pissed at me this time. She ordered me to come in and get a shower with you and then sit and listen to all the comments the girls will be making at breakfast."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Mom is so mad that she decided to make you shower with me to punish you. It doesn't look like Little Steve minds it too much. He looks pretty pleased about seeing me naked.

"I know when Mom is upset and believe me; she isn't at all annoyed this morning. She had to say something with so many people seeing us like that. Let's go eat. I'm famished from all that good loving you gave me last night."

When Steve and Gwen emerged from her room for breakfast, the kitchen was full of people! Diane, Will, Ted, Stephanie, Jordan, Charlie, Becky, and Ashley had joined the others and were sharing small talk.

"I understand that the fund raiser was a huge success last night," began Ted. "Your mother tells me that you managed to raise everything you'd hoped. You had a very fulfilling night. You benefited..."

"Okay! We had a good night!" interrupted a very red faced Gwen. "Is it in the paper, and on the internet, too? I never thought you'd be teasing me like this, Dad."

"It's pretty obvious that a lot of things have changed in the past year, but not my love for my daughters. That was a great show last night, and I mean the concert. You girls have teased and played jokes on me for the last twenty years, so when I get a chance to tease you, I'm going to take it," grinned Ted as he hugged Gwen and shook Steve's hand. "I'm very proud of you both and certainly don't blame you for finding a little stress relief. Your mother even woke me up..."

"That's enough!" cautioned Paula as she gave her husband a long, hard look. "I'm proud of you both, as well as Jordan and Charlie. Let's eat and enjoy the morning. Has anyone checked the morning news to see if they mentioned the fund raiser and how successful it was?"

A short time later, Steve found himself sitting next to Jordan off to the side, away from the other diners for a short while. "What's going on with my mom? She keeps saying nice things to me and looking your way all the time. Did something happen that I don't know about? She's leaving today and I need to know if I should be upset with her or hug her some more."

"I want you to hug her more," replied Steve. "We had some alone time the other day by the pool. I explained that you're the most wonderful, beautiful, perfect girl any woman could have for a daughter and she needed to be proud of that. I noticed that she seemed to feel she had to compete with you, rather than simply love and be proud of you. It isn't easy to stop being selfish and start thinking about others, but you did it. I think she can, too. Just love her and remain the special woman that you've become."

Jordan carefully placed her plate on a counter and quickly sat on Steve's lap. She wrapped her arms around him as she sobbed into his chest. Steve gently hugged her and stroked her back as she worked to regain her composure.

"What's wrong? Did Steve say something? Are you okay, Jordan," questioned a worried Paula as others gathered around her and Steve. Jordan slowly gathered herself together and looked up through red rimmed eyes.

"Yes, something's wrong. This big lug treats me way too good. He truly believes I'm special and keeps telling me that I am. I feel like I'm fooling him and everybody else that thinks that way, including Charlie. I've done bad things. I've hurt people. How can anybody think I'm special, especially Steve? He saves lives, risks his life all the time to help others. What do I do? Sing? Smile? Pretend I'm a good person?

"I've seen what Steve and Gwen do for people. I've heard them talk about helping others. It's real. They don't pretend. They're truly the most amazing people I've ever met, so when Steve tells me that I'm a good person, I feel like I've fooled him or something. I don't want to fool him and Gwen. I want to be like them, but I'm just not that good."

"Thanks for that kick in the teeth," replied Steve with surprising passion. "You think I'm an idiot? That I can't tell the truth from lies? That Gwen is stupid and you can trick her with a smile? If you honestly hold any regard for my opinion, and for Gwen's, and for Charlie's, you'd stop questioning us. We aren't talking about the Jordan that went into rehab hooked on drugs and alcohol.

"We see this amazingly talented, beautiful woman that gives so freely of her time and talent to help others. Sometimes we see an insecure girl that worries that her past will control her future. It won't. If you love me, if you love Gwen, and if you love Charlie, you'll admit to yourself that you've become a woman that we're all proud to have as a friend, a best friend, a special friend, or do you think we're just idiots, easily fooled by some blonde bombshell?"

"No! You're not idiots. You're the smartest, bravest, kindest people I've ever met. I just worry that I'm not good enough to be with people like you, that I'm only acting like a good person but I'm not really worthy."

"Jordan, do you trust me?" asked Steve simply.

"Yes, with my life. You've saved me again the other day. I trust you above all others!" responded the petite blonde.

"Then love yourself as much as you love me, as much as you love Gwen, even as much as you love Charlie. You deserve it. You're that good. You know I don't make mistakes about things like that, but you do. Trust me on this. If you ever doubt yourself, remember that my judgment is better than yours. I swear to you that you've become a wonderful person and a friend I'll treasure as long as I live. I don't lie. You know that. If you ever go off track again, I'll let you know so fast your head will spin. If you don't trust yourself, trust me. Can you do that?"

"Yes, I can do that! I'm going to trust you to tell me when I need to straighten up, when I'm not living up to your expectations, when I'm not being a good person. It's like you're being a father figure, and you're younger than I am."

"That's exactly right!" agreed Ashley. "Steve grilled Jim, that's Detective Dorn, before he let him take me out last night and he was a perfect gentleman. Jim told me that he was really pissed that he had to have Steve's approval until Steve told him that he was the one man on the planet that truly cared about my welfare. It's true. My father is dead and Becky and I haven't had a male role model for years. We're just lucky that we met Steve and he's willing to take care of us. Maybe it isn't fair of us to expect Steve to shoulder that extra responsibility, but he seems to be willing and he's certainly able.

"I guess I just want everyone to know that I love Steve. It's like he's a brother, a father, a friend, and a special man in my life. I know he's with Gwen and nothing can ever change that and I wouldn't want to, but there's enough love in his heart for all of us. I respect him and hope that he'll keep on watching out for Becky and me. He's the only man we have and he's our role model. I hope that's okay with Steve and Gwen. I know exactly how Jordan feels. I've screwed up pretty badly in the past, but Steve's made me a better person, along with Gwen."

"I never knew how much I missed Dad until I met Steve, and then Gwen's family," added Becky when her sister fell silent. "I was pathetic because I lost my hand. I wallowed in self-pity until Ashley brought Steve, Jordan, and Gwen to visit one weekend. Steve wouldn't have any of it. He made me get over it He took me to the best dance of my life. Since then, I've been asked out a couple times and I've made some great friends, mostly because I'm not such a pain in the ass to be around. Gwen stayed in my room and we talked a lot about things, and Steve just made me grow up and do things. He wouldn't feel sorry for me. I just hope that they'll always be my friends, no matter how rich and famous they get."

"I've been pretty stupid, especially for a girl that expects to be a doctor and was valedictorian of her class," confessed Gwen suddenly. "I never gave a thought to the three of you not having a father and how hard it must have been to grow up like that. You've all seen what a wonderful man my dad is. I'm ashamed to say that I've taken having a good father for granted. No wonder girls are so attracted to Steve, besides his amazing body and incredible looks. He's mature, understanding, firm, and responsible. He becomes whatever we need. He can be a father, a brother, a son, a friend, a mentor, and a great lover. I could have been a lot more understanding of the problems you girls faced growing up without a father. I apologize for that."

"I don't think we even knew what was wrong in our lives until we met Steve and then saw how your family dynamics work," stated Ashley. "I thought I was pretty normal, except I kept making poor choices in men. I hooked up with some pretty bad characters, as proven by the disaster at New Year's. I'm several years older than Steve, let's not say how many, and yet I find a great deal of comfort asking his advice and seeking his approval of my choices, especially in men. Now that I think about it, I'm treating him like a father figure, except for the way I tease him in my bikini and things like that. And that's just me trying to get 'Daddy's' attention."

"We'll have a real problem if you start calling Steve, 'Daddy'. He can be all the things you need, except your 'Daddy,' or your lover," declared Gwen. "Steve will not be asking you, 'Who's your Daddy?', so forget that."

"Is that the phrase I kept hearing around three AM this morning?" asked an innocent acting Naomi. "I couldn't be sure because of all the moans that drowned it out. I'm still trying to determine if I heard spanking, too."

"Rest assured that's exactly what you heard," interjected Cindy Quick. "It got quite noisy last night, between the ruckus at the pool and Paula's keening. I was up half the night."

"Yeah, Mom! You promised when you made me switch rooms with Gwen that I wouldn't have to hear that stuff," added Kate. "I was going to go out and sleep by the pool, but it was even noisier out there. I'm an impressionable young girl and shouldn't be subjected to all those suggestive sounds all night."

"Oh, my!" gasped Paula as her face turned beet red. "I didn't realize that we, that I, that you were awake. It won't happen again!"

"The hell it won't!" laughed Ted. "Kate'll have to get earplugs or switch back with Gwen. We know Gwen won't complain about strange noises in the middle of the night. I'm not giving up nights like last night so Kate won't be emotionally distressed. I'm not giving up nights like that for any reason!"

"This is embarrassing!" stated Paula and Gwen at the same time. Then they looked at each other and started to laugh.

"It sounds like it was an eventful night in the Anderson home," observed Diane. "You'll have to tell me all about it, when Stephanie and Kate aren't around."

"It's a little late for that, Mom," replied Stephanie with a big grin. "I can tell you exactly what happened. Steve and Gwen were out by the pool and Gwen got all excited and moaned and groaned. Steve spanked her and the sounds woke up Aunt Paula, who woke up Uncle Ted and..."

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