tagRomanceLady Peasant Ch. 04

Lady Peasant Ch. 04


It was a bright sunny day when Gwendolyn went out to meet Al again, filled with excitement and anticipation. Blue skirt rippling around her creamy legs she hurried through the village, occasionally one hand drifting up to pat the kerchief over her brown braids. Amber eyes glinted gold in the sunlight as she quickly walked, a basket full of sweets in one of her arms. She wanted to have a mid-afternoon picnic with him... her father and Brandy thought that she had taken refuge in the coolness of the library - a past time which she had often indulged in. Taking the basket of sweets she'd told them not to worry if she missed dinner... barring some kind of attack on the keep there was no way that she'd be disturbed there, and no one had attacked the keep in four generations. Gwendolyn was giddy with the excitement of having the whole afternoon and a good portion of the evening free to spend with Al.

She ran across the field to meet him, skirt whipping around her legs as the basket and her pretty breasts bounced. Catching her up in his arms, he twirled her around and kissed her soft lips with a resounding *smack* as she flung her arms happily about his shoulders.

"My Lady has brought me something I see!" he kissed her again, and tried to peek in the basket, a little child looking for sweets.

"A reward for good service from my handsome knight," she told him laughing.

"In that case," and she shrieked as he swept her up into his arms, one secured behind her back and the other under her knees so that the basket could rest on her belly and her head (not so incidentally) on his broad shoulder, "I have found a small clearing where we may enjoy our repast."

Although she protested, he carried her the short distance to the clearing. It was truly beautiful, edged with flowers, and there was a small waterfall - the height of a man - the poured down into a charming little pond, full of clear water. Gwendolyn pulled the blanket from the basket and settled it on the ground near the edge of the pond. Stepping over to the clear water she looked down and saw that it wasn't very deep and the bottom of it was covered with sand.

"It's a spring," Al said from behind her, making her jump a little as he wrapped his arms about her waist and looked over her shoulder, "Clean pure water... good for drinking or bathing."

"Well," she said, giggling and tossing her head a little, "Bathing we shall not do!" and he laughed, squeezing her waist a little tighter.

They basked in the warm sunlight, finger-feeding each other the sweets... it made Gwendolyn giggle when he sucked on her fingertips as he licked the last bits of sugar and pastry off her hand. There was an exciting burning in his eyes when she returned the favor, nibbling gently on his fingertips and using her small pink tongue to lick the icing from his hand. Scooting a little closer to her he wrapped an arm around her waist.

"I think I've been deceived," he whispered in her ear, making her shiver as it sent delighted tingles up and down her spine, "You most certainly are a wench, no Lady would ever tease her adoring knight so without a chance of a kiss."

"One might," she said, utterly serious as she realized that she must let him know of her chastity and the need to keep her maiden-head... not that she could phrase it in such undelicate terms of course (the very thought made her want to die of humiliation. Amber eyes earnest as they gazed into his, she continued, "When a father wants to keep her dowry low."

A pause as he interpreted her meaning, coming to the correct conclusion that this was not a maid to be tumbled in the heat of the moment.

Smiling down at her concerned face he brought her hand to his mouth, "Then kisses it is," and suddenly moved his mouth from her hand to her lips, making her giggle as he pressed her down against the blanket. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he passionately and deeply kissed her.

Pulling away, he smiled and stroked her hair, "Perhaps you are a wench... my wench AND my Lady."

"Perhaps I am," she conceded, and wantonly grasped his hair to pull him down for another kiss, their tongues dancing in each other's mouths. Tingles were running excitedly all through her body as their lips molded together, his body hard next to hers, one of his legs pressing between her own, and she moaned a little as his grip on her tightened.

He pulled away gasping for breath, "A moment, please my lady..."

"But I don't want you to stop," the words were out of her mouth before she could stop them.

Smiling ruefully at her, he said, "We must... My Lady's chastity is of utmost importance you see... and she teases me dreadfully so that I must take a moment to compose myself."

"Oh..." Gwendolyn was at a loss for words, she really didn't know much of the ways between a man and a woman.

Al smiled at her, and his fingers caressed her stomach where his hand lay, smoothing the thin cotton cloth over her skin, "Gwen... Would this be endangering my Lady's chastity do you think?"

"Noooo..." said Gwendolyn, the word drawn out as she sucked in breath, her pink folds were getting wet beneath her skirt, already excited as her body was. Panting a little, she watched, completely enthralled as his hand moved higher, the palm cupping one cotton covered breast, and making her heart flutter anxiously in her chest as she stared at the fingers curved over her soft mound, the massaging tips making little darts of pleasure run through her.

"And this, Gwen?" his eyes were locked on hers, seeing the confusion and excitement.

"I don't know," she whispered, "Is it?"

"What do you think?" his voice was husky as his lips descended on hers, his hand squeezing her cotton covered flesh gently, making her moan against his mouth as the pleasure swept over her. Her other hand cupped her other breast, making her ache with need... although what she needed was undefined. Something hard was pressing against her thigh as they kissed and his hands gently squeezed and massaged her flesh.

When he pulled his mouth away they both looked down to see her hard pink nipples poking through the thin cotton, and he ran his fingertips over them gently, making her back arch as she gasped.

"I think..." her voice was shaking as she felt lightheaded, "I think we need to stop... just for today."

Al nodded, understanding. The complex emotions in her pretty amber eyes gave him an idea of what she was going through... she wanted more, but later. When she'd had more time to assimilate everything.

When she left to go back to the keep they kissed passionately, and she clung to him a little, her body aching pleasantly all over. Bending his head down, he kissed each cloth covered mound gently, making her shudder as excitement and arousal coursed through her veins. They agreed to meet again the next night, this time he'd meet her at the gate which she was not to leave until he got there.

Lady Gwendolyn snuck back into the keep and to her room, then down to the library where she emerged an hour later. Although she'd tried to read during that hour she'd been completely unsuccessful as the day's events kept running through her mind... he was so wonderful, so gentle, so charming... why oh why did he have to be a peasant?

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