tagRomanceLady Peasant Ch. 08

Lady Peasant Ch. 08


"CONGRATULATIONS!" roared her father as she descended into the dining room, startling poor tired Gwendolyn, "Your marriage is arranged at last!" the room erupted into cheers as the staff celebrated, no one noticed that Lady Gwendolyn's face had gone dead white - or if they did they attributed it to shock.

"My marriage?" she asked her father as he pulled her into his arms for a hug.

"Yes, dear Gwendolyn," her beaming father and Lord said, "And your good Papa has done very well by you!" Turning to the rest of the staff, he loudly announced, "On Sunsday Gwendolyn shall be married to the Prince! We have a future Queen among us! The day after tomorrow we travel to meet her husband!"

Sunsday was in only three days time she thought, her mind moving slowly through the shock, pretty amber eyes glazed. Tomorrow would be her last day at home... and her last day with Al...

Gwendolyn fainted into her father's embrace.


Fortunately for Gwendolyn everyone thought that her faint had been due to the shock and joy of hearing her illustrious future, and they made much over her as she was tucked into her bed. All around the keep she could hear the sounds of people celebrating, and that night at the dinner table she was pale white with a fixed smile frozen on her face while inside her heart ached unbearably.

That night she cried herself to sleep in Brandy's arms, head nestled against her maid's soft bosom as the tears fell from her swollen eyes. She sobbed brokenheartedly as she realized that tomorrow would be her last day with Al... and she'd have to say goodbye.


It was obvious something was wrong from the very moment that Gwendolyn saw him, because she immediately burst into tears again. With a very concerned look on his face he swept her up in his arms and carried her across the meadow and into the forest as her tears fell on his shoulder. Once they were in the clearing he sat and just held her on his lap until her shaking sobs finally slowed.

"Gwennie... my Gwennie... my sweet Lady, what's wrong?" fingers stroked her hair lightly.

Brokenly, with occasional sobs she began to tell him, "My father... my marriage is now arranged... and we are leaving tomorrow... oh Al!!!!" her tears renewed as he held her tight, a few tears springing to his own eyes at the sudden end of their stolen time.

Clinging to each other, they just sat there, the breeze flowing through the trees as they held each other.

"I still love you Gwennie," he whispered finally, "I will always love you."

"And I will always love you," she told him, then pulling back she kissed him on the lips, her eyes pink and swollen from crying, "I have something for you."

He watched, curious as she pulled a small tub from her skirt pocket and handed it to him. Opening it, he was extremely confused, it was full of grease.

"I want you..." he looked up at her as she stumbled over her words, "I want you to put your cockie in my bum hole."

"Gwen!" his voice was shocked as her cheeks blushed hotly.

"Oh please," she begged, amber eyes looking up at him imploringly, "I'm not a wench, not really, but I love you so Al, and I want you to have something of me... something I will never give my husband, I swear by my love for you... I want you in me and I want you to have me and for me to be yours... we can't have that but we can have something of our own!" she finished furiously.

"If it's what you really want," he said slowly, and she nodded, braids bobbing, "But Gwen, it will hurt."

"I don't care," she kissed him passionately, and then whispered, "It's for you, and so I don't care... it'll be just for us, I'll never let my husband ever put his thingie in my mouth or my bum, I promise... it'll be just yours, always yours and mine. Please."

"Whatever pleases my Lady," he murmured, and kissed her lips, tasting the salt of her tears. Gwendolyn clung to him, their tongues melding as they began to slowly undress each other.

Their hands caressed each other's bodies... slowly... knowing that it would be for the last time. Teeth nibbled at her breasts, sucking on her pink nipples tenderly, and she moaned into his ear as she held him close. Kissing each other all over, he licked and kissed her pink wetness, bringing her to a sweetly intoxicating orgasm with his tongue before turning her over onto her hands and knees.

Caressing her firm cheeks, he spread the lard over two of his fingers. Carefully, he positioned one in her crack, pressing just the tip against her hole.

"Are you sure," he asked from behind her.

Turning her head, amber eyes implored him to love her, "Yes... please Al... for us."

"As my lady commands," and he bent to kiss her back as his finger slid into her tight hole.

Gwendolyn moaned... Brandy was right, the grease helped a bit but it still felt uncomfortable. Her muscles clenched around the finger as she tried to adjust, wiggling her bum a little. Al pumped the finger in her tight hole, letting her get used to its proportions before sliding the second finger in. She gasped a little as her hole stretched open around his fingers, it burned... but she also felt pleasantly full as his fingers slid slickly in and out of her hole... and it was for them. A thought which sent a warm flush of pleasure through her, making her relax even more - which also made it easier for her to adjust.

Finally the two fingers pulled out and she turned her pretty face to watch as he spread grease liberally over his very hard cockie, placing the tip of it at her slightly stretched hole.

Seeing the question in his brown eyes she nodded, "For us, Al... let me reward my knight."

"As my lady commands," and his cockie began to push into her hole. Gwendolyn turned her head back around as her tender asshole stretched open, burning a little as the head of his stiffie popped in. Gasping a little, she remembered that Brandy had rubbed her nipples, so lowering her upper body while leaving her creamy cheeks high in the air, filled with an inch of Al's dick, she leaned her weight onto one forearm while her other hand caressed her breasts. The pleasure she created for herself helped a little as Al began working his stiffie in and out of her bum hole, pressing another inch forward each time. Finally his hips were against her curves, and she heaved a sigh of relief. Uncomfortable, burning a little... but not exactly painful. And the fullness of her bum actually felt rather nice.

Slowly Al pulled back, making her shudder as his length began to slide from her hole, and then cry out as he began to push back in, burning a little. Gwendolyn gritted her teeth as she rubbed her breasts, trying to adjust herself to the pain in her bum hole.

The movements behind her slowed, "Are you all right?"

Gwendolyn nodded, and then thought for a moment, remembering Brandy and Ned, "Maybe if you rubbed my cunny," she said, blushing as she looked over her shoulder, amber eyes wide and face an innocent contrast to the rather dirty words coming out of her mouth, "And... rubbed my love button."

Al groaned with lust at the incongruity of her angelic face and wenchish vocabulary, and his hand willingly went around her thigh to bury his fingers in her warm wetness, rubbing his thumb across her little love button. Gwendolyn moaned with pleasure as his hand rubbed her, the pain in her bum seeping away as he teased her wet flesh, even the fullness of her tight hole starting to feel good. Sensing that the invasion was no longer painful, Al began to thrust in and out of her tight hole, giving himself over to the intimacy and wonder of the moment, cherishing her for this last gift to him. It filled him with gladness to know that he would have something of her that her husband never would, and the wetness that was starting to cover his hand let him know that she was enjoying it too - an even greater gift.

He began to move faster and harder as Gwendolyn moaned and began pushing back against him, tingles of ecstasy running through her dripping cunny, her nipples burning as she played with them. Biting her lip, she could feel him getting bigger and harder in her bum hole, really riding her hard from behind, and as his cockie began to pulse and twitch in her tight hole, she let out a wordless cry of pleasure as his fingers rolled her little love button and made her cream. Behind her, Al was moaning in ecstatic pleasure as his spunk shot into her dark hole, filling her bum up with creamy juices.

Slowly his stiffie began to shrink inside her hole, and he pulled it out with a small plop. Silently they went to the water where they bathed each other and kissed, caressing. The rest of the day was spent just murmuring loving words as they cuddled under the sun, stroking each other's bodies and pretending that the day would last forever in their little haven.

When he finally had to take her back to the gate, they clung together, lips not wanting to part. Walking away from him down the street was the hardest thing she'd ever had to do, and she constantly turned back to see him standing there, watching her. Finally she turned one last time and waved to him before entering the walls of the keep, bitter sobs swelling in her chest.

She took her dinner in her own chamber, although she didn't eat any of it. Being with the celebrating staff and her father was too much for her to bear.

That night, she cried herself to sleep again, bitter shaking sobs for the position her life had put her in.


note: don't worry the story isn't over yet of course. but please do vote and leave me feedback or comments!

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