tagNon-EroticLaid into the River Ch. 02

Laid into the River Ch. 02


This is the second part of the story, this is based off of the first story. Once again, this story is graphic and it might offend people so if you're offended easily PLEASE don't read it. The characters in here may be under 18 years old but they DO NOT engage in sexual acts. The girl in this story is my cousin and she's 19 years old now and I thought I would dedicate a series to her. Feedback is very much appreciated, thank you!


A very strong white light blinded Jillian as she woke up. She opened her eyes every slowly and squinted as life came into focus for her. Everything was loud and crazy. Jill closed her eyes again. There were sirens everywhere. Her head ached more than ever right now. She opened her eyes again only to be blinded by bright headlights of a car. She was lying on the concrete as she rolled over onto her back. Jill had seen the car she was in and it was a wreck. It was in a big accident and Jill was thrown from the car onto the road.

Jill closed her eyes and she couldn't feel her body any longer. Sirens were wailing all around her. Jill thought she was going to pass away into the next world.

"Oh my god! I've never seen a dead body before! Oh my god! She's so young too! Oh my god!" Jill heard a woman yell.

Jill opened her eyes very slowly and moved a little bit. She didn't want to imagine what she looked like because she probably looked like she had been to the pits of hell and back.

"Oh, Jesus...she's alive." Jill heard a man say.

Jill couldn't move, she was in so much pain and felt like she was going to feel her soul rip away from her body. All of a sudden, Jill was being dragged across the ground. Jill screamed a very deathly scream and the dragging stopped.

"Don't drag her, you fucking idiot! You have to carry her! She's in so much pain? Can't you tell?"

"Oh my goodness, I'm sorry."

The paramedic lifted up Jill. Jill looked into the paramedic's eyes. The paramedic was about 20 years old. She had nice green eyes and brown hair. Her eyes were full of tears and by that, Jill could tell she was very worried. Jill then closed her eyes and sighed.

Jill felt so bad, everything ached. Jill's tears started to come out of her eyes. Jill opened up her eyes and found out that something really bad happened and now she's in a hospital bed. She then sighed and closed her eyes once again.

"What's your name, little sweetie?" The paramedic asked.

"Uhhh...it's...Jillian..." Jill said very quietly.

Jill opened up her eyes again and got another glance at the young girl's face.

"My name is Julia. Listen, I'm so sorry for dragging you earlier..."

Jill seen a few tears fall from her face.

"It's okay, I never felt it really. May I ask what happened?"

"Well...you're dad told the police that you and him were going out for ice cream. Then the vehicle you were in smashed really hard into a side of a building and you flew out of the car onto the street."

"Oh my god..."

"Is that really what happened, sweetie?"

"No...That's far from the truth..."

Jill felt so violated. Her family hated her for no real reason and now they were going to lie their way out it it. Jill thought about telling the paramedic what really happened.

"Julia...can you keep a secret?"

"For you? Of course, love." Julia responded.

"I don't think my family likes me very much..."

"What do you mean?"

"They hurt me, they don't care about me, it's like I don't have any feelings..."

"Are...you...kidding me?" Julia looked very shocked.

Jill shook her head from side to side very slowly as more tears slid out from her eyes. Julia then climbed on the bed and lifted Jill's backside up and gave her a soft hug. She ran her hand through Jill's hair and touched her cold neck.

"It's okay, sweetie, you'll be safe, I promise..."

Julia then hugged her tightly for another minute and got up. She went over to a desk and got out a piece of paper and starting writing on it with a pen.

"Please, Jill, if you ever have to run away from home, come to my home, you'll be safe..."

Jill noticed a silver inverted cross necklace on Julia's neck. Julia shoved the paper in Jill's hand and ran out sobbing.

Jill put her head back down on the soft pillow and closed her eyes once again.

"Hey, Jillian! Come to the park with me!"

Jill opened her eyes and seen Abigail.


"Yes, silly! It's me! Come on, let's go! I want to swing with you again!"

Jill looked at her sister's face. She was standing over Jill's bed. Was this for real? What the hell happened? Jill walked along with Abigail. They walked through a field as Jill held her tears back with all of her might. Jill looked at the blinding sun, her eyes stung with pain. She looked over at her sister. She was wearing shorts, sandals, and a tanktop. Jill looked at herself, she was wearing jeans and sandals along with a tanktop.

"Abigail...May I talk to you, please?"

"Awww! Oh my gosh Jilly! What?!"

"Are you...really here with me right now?" Jill stuttered.

"What the hell? Of course I am! Haha! You joke around too much, Jilly!" Abigail said as she flung her head to the other direction. Her black hair flowed nicely with the small breeze.

Jill laughed and hugged Abigail. She then pecked her on the cheek to show that she was happy to have her older sister back.

Abigail gave Jill a very suspicious look.

They walked the rest of the way to the park and Jill sat on the swing. Abigail joined her. They tried to beat each other to see who can get the highest first. Jill pulled and kicked with all her power and saw Abigail laughing at her. Jill was losing by a little so she stepped it up. The sun was really really hot and Jill was really starting to sweat. Just then the chain of the swing snapped and Jill flew under to hit the hard burning sand. Abigail then jumped off the swing and ran over to Jill. Abigail dove on her knees and leaned over Jill to see if she was okay. Jill looked down Abigail's shirt to find a shiny piece of metal.

Jill opened her eyes in shock. She looked over at the doorway and found her foster sister Grace standing there. Jill looked away in disgust. She thought about the dream she just had. Grace walked over and sat on the bed next to Jill.

"Jill, I'm sorry, I'll seriously start treating you like a real sister, I'm seriously offended by my own actions..."

Jill closed her eyes and tried to imagine Abigail.

Jill had a severe headache and her joints all ached with bad pain.

"The side effects should only last for a few more hours, it was the only way we could stitch you up without really hurting you."

Jill wondered once again. What did Julia do to her? Who was Julia? Why did she have that dream of Abigail? Jill eventually got home and her mother gave her a hug with an apology. Jill looked in the mirrior and looked at the stitches. She didn't look that bad but she would have a couple of minor scars.

2 Years Later...

Jillian still couldn't get that dream out of her head. She was 16 years old now and Christmas had just passed. Her brothers had gotten airsoft and paintball guns. Grace had gotten a whole bunch of CD's and new jeans. Jill was given three tank tops, two pairs of jeans, panties, and socks. Jill was once again happy. It was New Year's for the family. Jill went downstairs to be with her two brothers.

"Hey, Jill, do you want to feel what it's like to be shot by one of these things?" Daniel asked.

"Does it hurt?"

"No, of course not, it's just a little pinch, no biggie."

"Okay, I guess so..." Jill said.

Jill stood up against the way and shut her eyes tightly. Before Jill knew it, her skin all over her body was being ripped apart from paintballs.

"Owww...oh...please...don't..." Jill was cut off from her pain.

Jason then walked up to Jill and pointed the gun right at her chest. There was about a 5 inch gap between Jill's chest and the gun. Jason pulled the trigger as Jill's chest ripped open. Daniel then walked up and unloaded on Jill's stomach. Jill passed out because of the pain. Her clothes were torn and she had bad bruises all over and even a few cuts.

Jill opened her eyes and moved a little bit but only to be attacked by very sharp pain.

"Daniel, Jason! Please! Help me!"

Daniel and Jason both placed Jill into her bed upstairs and let her be. Jill was in a whole lot of pain. She just closed her eyes and as soon as she closed her eyes, she saw the memory of the paramedic that gave her the note. Jill opened her eyes and inched over to her panty drawer. Jill flipped through her panties and found the white piece of paper. Jill unfolded and read the piece of paper. She looked on one side, there was an address and phone number, the other side, a message.

"Jillian, I don't know how to write this for my feelings cannot be put into words. You never knew this but my middle name is Julia. I wish the best for you if don't read this note. Jill, I love you with all my heart and I thought you were gone forever. Please my little Jilly, come see me, I need you so bad. Bundles of love from your caring sister, Abigail."

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