Laine Goes to the Ball


It was fascinating to Laine how another woman's body could be so similar and so different at the same time. She was enthralled by every inch of Xanna. The tiny dimples on her belly and the birthmark under her arm were so wonderfully endearing, the imperfections making the whole that much more special.

Xanna unbelted her skirt and let it fall around her boots. She kicked it off into a heap on the floor. She finally removed her own dampened panties. She pulled Laine in closer for another rapturous kiss; their naked bodies rubbed together. A deep, lustful shudder passed through both of them.

Xanna finally gave way to the temptation that had been there all evening to touch Laine. She caressed the exquisite breasts she had been admiring ever since she got Laine out of that ridiculous pirate costume. The other hand ran over the red and roughened skin she had created earlier, sending a searing dose of endorphins to Laine's brain and body.

The hand on Laine's breast squeezed and teased her nipple until it grew hard. Laine let out a whimper in the back of her throat. Xanna squeezed tighter, sending another intoxicating dose through Laine's system. She gasped as it surged through every nerve.

"You know I'm bad for you, don't you Laine?" Xanna hissed in her ear. "I'm trying to addict you to pleasure like a drug dealer with a new customer. But I think you crave that addiction...and I want to feed it."

Laine felt a surge of fear that fed the dark fire Xanna had lit. Xanna was right; she wanted this. But it didn't feel bad at all. It felt more right than anything ever had in her life. She had never felt better.

Xanna's hand moved from Laine's warm, raw ass to her slick inner things. A finger reached towards the soft folds between her legs. She slid it around the wet lips of her labia. Laine was incredibly tense in that area. She took a second finger and began massaging her pelvic muscles in a circular motion. Laine had always been unaware of her own body. She had never noticed just how much stress she was carrying through her pubic region.

Xanna's whole hand was now massaging the struggling muscles. The tip of her index finger found the button of Laine's clitoris and began to rub. Laine threw her head back in shock. None of her boyfriends had ever bothered to try and find her clit. She bucked on Xanna's hand, simultaneously seeking to escape and intensify the sensations.

Xanna slipped a finger inside her wet channel and begin to twist it around. Laine gave a yelp and Xanna pulled her mouth to her breast to force her silence. Laine began to suckle on Xanna's tit. Her tongue played on Xanna's rosy bud and her lips sucked in the soft flesh.

A second and then a third finger joined the first inside Laine. Xanna was slowly stretching her until suddenly Laine spasmed and gripped her fingers tightly. Xanna didn't stop; she pushed Laine through the orgasm and continued the stimulation. Laine shook furiously as Xanna drew climax after climax from her formerly frustrated and now rapturously shuddering body.

Xanna took Laine's mouth off of her breast and forced her head down between her legs. "Show me how much you want to serve me. Worship me through my pussy."

Laine was momentarily thrown. She didn't really know what to do, but she wanted to make Xanna feel as good as she felt. She pressed her lips over Xanna's warm mound. She teased and probed with her tongue as if she were kissing. Xanna's moans told her she must be doing something right. The hand on her head tightened its grip and forced her face in closer. Laine increased her pace; lapping at Xanna's sopping wet petals like a cat with a saucer of milk. Xanna arched her back and thrust herself as close as possible to Laine's adoring mouth. Laine buried her face in Xanna's folds, exulting in the feel of her Mistress' juices running down her chin and knowing she was responsible for that wonderful reaction.

Xanna pulled her hair tight and screamed as Laine's loving ministrations brought on a thunderous orgasm. Laine felt the power of Xanna's release and her body responded with its own climax. They slumped into the couch, their sweat and pleasure stained bodies still entwined. Xanna gave Laine the lightest peck on the tip of her nose. Laine was filled with the greatest and purest joy she had ever known.

"It's getting late my dear little Cinderella and the Ball is going to end soon. Do I lose you like the Prince at midnight?" Xanna asked with something between a laugh and a sigh.

Laine thought for a minute. Tomorrow was Sunday. She didn't have work or school. She didn't have any homework waiting at home. Her friends wouldn't expect to hear from her before Monday.

Laine shook her head. "No Mistress, my schedule is free. Wherever you go, I will go."

Xanna's smile shined down again. "Well then my dear, follow me."

And Laine followed.

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