tagIncest/TabooLainie Ch. 03

Lainie Ch. 03


Consciousness returned, how much later is anybody's guess. The drapes on the bedroom windows were drawn but it was undeniably daytime. Soft music filtered into my head. I was alone in the room. The telltale odor of sex permeated my brain. Sitting up was much easier than I thought it would be, because I had been sober for the better part of four days and had undoubtedly slept longer than any time in previous memory.

It took a few minutes for all the cobwebs to dissipate, allowing my whereabouts to register: Mitsy's bedroom. Fatigue has a way of dulling the memory process so I had to think back on the past couple of days to chronically organize how I came to be here. Slowly I put it all together and smiled to myself. Lainie and Mitsy are some pair.

I pulled my chinos on, and padded barefoot for the kitchen. I figured that if I couldn't find any coffee, there was plenty of beer in the fridge. Alas, a freshly constructed pot of coffee, with instructions written on a post-it note, stating the proper operation of the appliance, stood on the island in the center of the big kitchen. I mashed the button and waited until I heard the first pop from the coffee maker, then decided to have a beer anyway.

The cold brew tasted good going down, but splashed into a very empty stomach. I guessed that it would be a good plan to find a snack so I returned to the fridge and mad myself a big sandwich while the coffee perked away. Feeling human again, which is a challenge some mornings, I wandered back down the hall to catch a quick shower and find my bag to get a change of clothes. The music seemed to come from all over the house at the same time so I assumed it was canned into the rooms over a central music system. As yet, I could see no speakers sitting around. But, that's not unusual these days, as speakers can be very small, have great frequency response, and be cleverly tucked away so as not to be seen. I on the other hand, prefer monster cabinets with big woofers, mid-range drivers and high-range tweeters pushed by hundreds of watts of power, which allow you to vibrate the neighbor's windows no matter how far away they live.

The clock by the bed warned it was 5:30 in the afternoon. I'd been asleep for about fifteen hours, which is as much sleep as I accumulate in a full week sometimes. My energy would be boundless. I heard the phone ring and considered letting it ring, but curiosity reared its gnarly head and I picked up the fancy French style receiver.

"Mitsy's" I rasped into the phone.

"Daddy?" Lainie inquired.

"'Zat you, Lainie?" I questioned.

"Yes, Daddy," Lainie replied. "Are you all right?"

"Best I've felt in years," I said. "Where are you?"

"In my car." She said. "Can we come over?"

"It's not my house, Sweetie." I answered. "But I'm sure your mother wouldn't object."

"See you in a few minutes, then." She added, breaking the connection.

I wondered what would happen this time. Every time I've seen Lainie, we've ended up in bed and never got a chance to discuss our situation. And now with her mother's freshly renewed interest in my old bones, I had no idea what to say to her. I'll let her do the talking, I decided.

Lainie must have been in the neighborhood, because it only took her a few minutes to get here. I was in the kitchen renewing a cup of coffee when she waltzed through the front door and into the kitchen. An extraordinarily pretty girl followed her into the room.

"This is Sarah, my oldest daughter." Lainie announced.

Sarah did her mother and grandmother proud. She is cast from the same mold as Lainie. Standing behind them, you'll never tell them apart. They are within a few pounds of the same weight, with Lainie having just a bit more in the chest, which comes from twenty years of motherhood. The same corn silk hair and deeply tanned skin make them nearly twins.

"The pleasure is all mine," I answered, appraising my newly found granddaughter.

"Behave yourself," Lainie said to both of us. "Can we talk?"

"I'm all ears." I replied.

"I'm going out by the pool," Sarah proclaimed, leaving us standing in the kitchen.

Lainie took a seat on a barstool. I fished a couple of brews from the fridge and opened them. I handed one to Lainie and leaned against the counter facing her. She fired a cigarette and blew a plume of smoke skyward.

"You and momma get it on last night?" Lainie asked.

"We did." I said. "Is this a problem?"

"Not for me." She responded. "I told her you were still a stud."

"Thanks for the rating," I said.

"She called and asked me to look in on you," Lainie said. "She's not sure you approve of us."

"I gotta admit, I'm a little confused at the sudden interest," I stated.

"You can blame it on me, if you want," Lainie replied. "I didn't actually tell anybody that I was on my way to Florida to find you. I just said I had to take care of something and I'd be gone for a few days. I really had no intention of climbing into bed with my own father."

"But you did." I said.

"Yes, and I wouldn't take it back for a million bucks!" Lainie asserted. "You could leave right this minute, and if I never see you again, I'll always remember you. I know now, what went on in mother's head all those years. I'll never regret what we did. Besides, I think it's exciting."

"It's exciting, all right," I said. "But it's still a little freaky."

"It's great sex, Daddy," She said. "I got so turned on watching you play music. Before we ever left the club, I knew that when you walked into that beach house in the middle of the night, we were going to fuck. I get so wet whenever I think about it."

"Yeah, me too." I said, quietly. "It is kinda wild, when you stop and think about it. Mitsy tells me things aren't so good at home for you."

"Things are just fine," Lainie insisted. "Dale does his thing and leaves me alone to do whatever I want. The kids are old enough to take care of themselves, which gives me a chance to take care of myself, now. Which included finding you, and getting to know you."

"Well, I'd say we made a pretty good start at that." I said.

Lainie stood up and came over to me. She put her hands on my arms and pushed herself up on her toes. Our lips touched for just a few seconds.

Staring straight into my eyes, she said, "I want to get to know you a whole lot better, Daddy."

"Right. Me too," I said.

Our lips came together. This time the kiss was a kiss between lovers, not father and daughter. Our tongues twisted together and our arms pulled us tightly together in a passionate embrace. I felt my cock bunch up in my pants. Lainie mewled in her throat, sending vibrations clear down to my gut.

I wanted Lainie.

"Oops. Sorry!" A voice squeaked.

We jumped apart. I turned my head to the side and saw Sarah standing in the doorway. She had come in from the pool. A bright yellow thong bikini covered only the most strategic areas of her young body. Lainie and I were only inches apart, but my hard cock made a big lump in the front of my pants. Sarah stared straight at it and smiled.

"Don't mind me," Sarah said. "I just came in for a Coke. Looks like grandma was right, Momma, he is a stud!"

"You march yourself right back out there by that pool, Young Lady," Lainie ordered. "We'll talk about this later."

"You go, Girl," Sarah beamed, giving us a big thumbs-up.

"Uh, sorry, Lainie," I said. "I forgot she was here."

"Don't worry, Daddy," Lainie whispered. "I'm afraid my daughter is already way beyond her years when it comes to men, and women."

"There is one thing," I said. "Tell me about Mitsy and Corrine. And you and Mitsy too, while we are on the subject."

"Do you want to hear about Sarah too?" She asked.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world!" I answered, eaten up with curiosity.

"There's not much to tell," Lainie began. "Mother has always had a hankerin' for the ladies. Even before you came along, she tells me, she had relationships with other women. I walked in on her with one of her lovers one night when I was in high school. They didn't see me, but I watched them making love for the longest time. It made me so hot that I just had to ask her about it later. She was embarrassed about it. I persisted and one thing led to another and we ended up together in bed. She taught me things about myself I could never experience with a man. And never have."

Lainie dug for a fresh cigarette and continued, "I experimented with other women at college and found I liked it. I also enjoy men. I guess I must be some kind of a bisexual slut, because I seem to find pleasure all around me and just can't say no. Mother and I have been doing each other for a long time. Corrine is just one of the many handmaidens that Mitsy has brought home to play with. This one is by far and away the most exciting of them all."

"You speak from experience?" I asked.

"Certainly," She answered. "Mother always shares them with me. And I share with her."

"She told me." I said. "Sounds like you're getting the better end of the deal."

"She must have told you that Dale isn't that interesting in bed," She said.

"Something like that," I mumbled.

"Do you think I'm interesting in bed?" She asked, grinning.

"Interesting isn't exactly how I would describe you." I said. "I'd say you were totally driven to pleasure."

"Now that's interesting," She chuckled. "Did you enjoy fucking me?"

"Absolutely," I said.

"Then I'm assuming we get to do it again?" She asked.

"I'd say we'll undoubtedly get to do it again," I answered.

The lump in my pants had to be adjusted. I did so, which drew a chuckle from my daughter. Her hand crept downward, whereupon she slowly caressed me through my pants. Her fingers found the tab to my zipper and pulled it all the way down. Reaching inside my fly, she pushed her fingers through the opening in my shorts, taking my hardness in her warm fist. Moving slowly up and down, she manipulated her fingers around my swollen member. It felt fantastic.

Lainie pulled my dick out of my fly and ran both hands over me. She turned around, leaned over the counter and pulled her short skirt up over her backside, exposing her soft ass cheeks to me. A thin band of purple satin crept from between her lobes and disappeared around her hips.

I reached under her and felt her wet panties with my fingers. Pulling the sopped fabric aside, I pushed the tip of my fingers through her outer folds into her wetness. Lainie ground her pelvis into the countertop, groaning loudly. She spread her legs wide, allowing me complete access to her exposed womanhood.

I replaced my fingers with the head of my cock and threaded into her hot pussy. Lainie was a mass of sensations, pushing back and rotating her butt to help me penetrate even farther into her depths.

I started a steady rhythm in and out. Lainie's grunts, hisses and moans gave testimony to her pleasure, as I pumped into her from behind. I could feel her contractions when she drew close to her orgasm, so I slowed my movements to prolong her enjoyment. I tried to hold her back, to no avail. She surged into a series of howling moans when she went over the edge, pushing back against me and uttering a long unintelligible string of obscenities as she floated through her climax.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head toward the patio door, expecting to find Sarah spying on us. I was surprised to see the petite redhead, Corrine, leaning into the doorframe, with her skirt pulled up, and her hand pushed under her panties, frantically fingering her clit while she watched us fucking on the center island. Her eyes were closed so she was unaware that I was privy to her presence.

I tapped Lainie gently on the shoulder and whispered in her ear for her to look over by the door. As she did, I felt her tighten the inner muscles in her cunt, and shudder as an after shock from her recent orgasm bumped through her.

"Oh yeah!" Lainie whispered. "This is too good to be true!"

Lainie pushed herself up from her position on the counter and simply walked off of me, leaving me standing there with a full load ready to explode at any second. She tiptoed over to Corrine, put one arm around her shoulder and placed her other hand between Corrine's legs, covering the hand she had pushed into her pussy. Bending slightly at the waist, Lainie covered Corrine's mouth with hers. Corrine gurgled into Lainie's searching mouth.

As Corrine attempted to speak, Lainie shushed her and pointed to my steady erection.

"You want some of that, Honey?" She asked the startled girl.

"Oh My God, yes!" Corrine gasped, as she gulped for air.

Lainie led the diminutive girl to the center of the room, where I stood and helped her up to sit on the counter. She pushed the young girl back and pulled her panties down over her legs. Pushing her legs wide apart, Lainie bent over and mashed her face into the dark copper colored pubic bush between her legs. Corrine gasped as she sailed into a quick orgasm when Lainie found her engorged clit with her tongue.

Lainie stayed between her legs for only a few moments before moving back and reaching for my hand. Pulling me forward, she took my cock in her other hand and helped to position my cock head at her entrance. At 6'-3" tall, my cock was at just the right height to slide right into her hot pussy while standing flat-footed on the floor.

Corrine fit like a coat of paint. Her snug pussy resisted my invasion, but persistence prevailed and after several careful attempts, I was fully imbedded deep inside of her pulsing love nest. She wrapped her legs behind me and pulled me hard into her with her heels. I had been very near to coming in Lainie, so it was only a matter of a few short strokes and I was spewing a huge wave of thick semen deep into Corrine's center.

Corrine cried out, making me fearful that I was hurting her. But she pulled me ever inward with her heels, while she pulled frantically on the front of my shirt trying to pull me down on top of her. All the while, Lainie was squeezing Corrine's tiny titties and kissing her on the face and neck.

Corrine's pussy continued to clutch and pulse on my cock, long after I had finished cumming inside of her. Her legs stayed fastened behind me, holding me as close as she could get me.

I had been banging my old knees on the front of the cabinet doors, and they began to hurt. Damn, this getting old was for the birds. I felt Corrine relax her grip around me, letting me pull my soft cock out of her cunt. A huge glob of our mixed fluids followed me out and drizzled down under her onto the counter top. Lainie witnessed this occurrence and moved back between Corrine's thighs placing her open mouth over the exhausted girls pussy.

Best I could do was lean back against the counter behind me, and watch as Lainie wallowed in the aftermath of my journey into Corrine. My dick hung like a limp noodle out of my fly. I tucked it away and zipped up. Lainie had finished sucking Corrine's cunt and was helping Corrine to sit up on the counter.

"Nice finish," A voice announced, from the patio door.

Turning, I saw Sarah standing there, with Mitsy beside her. Both women were grinning broadly. Then they both erupted with applause, clapping their hands together loudly. I was embarrassed as hell. This whole crew was obsessed with sex.

"Everybody naked, and into the pool," Mitsy commanded, pulling Sarah by the hand back outside the house.

I followed, removing my shirt and dropping my chinos over the back of a lounger on my way. Sarah and Mitsy were already stripped and about to jump into the pool by the time I got there. Corrine and Lainie were inside the house for several more minutes before they emerged. They too were naked and joined us in the pool. I still couldn't get over how tiny Corrine was.

We stayed in the pool, floating around and passing the time talking about much of nothing. Until Sarah came went over to her mother and they had a hushed discussion.

I heard Lainie say, "I don't know, Sarah. Why don't you just ask him?"

Sarah looked over at me and with a quirky little smile she asked, "Will you play some music for us?"

I had expected something completely different from Sarah, but was relieved by her request.

"Momma says that when you play music, it makes her horny," Sarah added. "Grandma said it made her horny too."

I wasn't disappointed. The three of them were just alike. Like mother, like daughter, like daughter. I wondered if Sarah would get horny when she heard me play!

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