tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersLake Ontario Ch. 02

Lake Ontario Ch. 02


We arrived at the Merchanson house and I was given the Master Bedroom. Jim found her Frederick of Hollywood clothes and told me to use the sluttiest outfit. I had already realized that I had better do as I was told and I found this frilly little lavender dress that flared and the hem was scalloped. I had thought Mrs. Merchanson was my size but this outfit seems real short. It must have been at least 12 inches above the top of my knee and with matching stockings and panties; I put on heels and came out of the room.

Jim was in the living room and motioned me to come over. He explained this house would be the house I entertained in and cooked and cleaned. The guys would come over and give me a picture. They would fill in the book at the door after my services with a rating and perhaps a comment would be marked on the photo and hung on the wall. They would leave their dirty clothes for me to wash and iron. Each day a different guy or sometimes group of guys would spend mealtime with me. I was to cook, clean and take care of cock.

I had thought Jim was going to stay here but he said he would be at one of the other houses. He warned me not to try to escape (where would I go). Then he instructed me to lie over his lap with my ass up. He was going to give me a "sample spanking" so I would know the consequence. "Just 10 smacks," he said, but these would be lightest I could hope to receive."

Obediently I folded myself down over his lap and felt his hand lift the skirt of my dress up and pull my panties down. "Oh, and don't forget when ever your punishment is through, stand up, curtsy, say "thank you sir" and then pull up your panties. In that order, do you understand"?

I nodded my head as a wave of fear swept over me. This wasn't the tender love I thought about as I sat earlier listening to "Romanza". No, this was something far different then my private thoughts over the years. But, this was what was happening and this would be my memory from now on.

OH.. OH.it hurt so much as his hand came down. It was hard.very HARD. My ass burned and by the time the fifth wallop came down, I was crying. Crying uncontrollably as he finally finished spanking me. I stood up the tears dripping down my cheeks falling off my chin and landing on my chest and curtsied. Saying, "Thank you sir," I pulled up my lavender panties and cried some more.

Soon they had left and I stood in the kitchen. There were boxes of food for me to put away in the refrigerator and in just a few hours I could expect the first of the beaus who would come bringing gifts of sexual pictures. On the refrigerator was a new list. It said breakfast at 9am, lunch at 1pm and dinner at 7pm. Only from midnight till breakfast would I be free, unless someone spent the night.

I had to plan dinner and wonder who was coming over. Or, how many were coming over. Each meal was to be made for four not including myself. I was to serve these meals and eat leftovers if there were any.

Well, what is a girl suppose to do. My feminine side was now out in the most bizarre way. Even though I shuddered, I also was titillated with the idea of 16 guys. I cooked dinner and heard the doorbell ring at 6:30 pm.

Walking to the door wearing the lavender dress and a still smarting bottom I opened it to see two bikers. They didn't appear gruff and said "good evening." I replied back and they came in and handed me two photos. Actually, the photos turned out to be one that was separated into two parts. I looked at the photos and could tell instantly that it had come from alt.sex.erotic.facials. I even knew it was from the dogfart series. It showed a pretty girl in the one finishing a blowjob and the guy had laid a thick wad of cum on her tongue. She was smiling as she showed off the white glob down the center of her tongue. His cock was touching her cheek and a small stream of semen dabbled her chin. One of his hands held her head and the other rubbed her throat as if the next picture would be her swallowing. I exhaled as I thought this would be me soon.

The other biker's picture was a guy just pulling out of the same girls ass. It was evident he had just shot his load into her since her still opened asshole shimmered with white cum. Her panties were down around her knees as his cock dripped a last string of cum which seemed head for the cotton crotch in her panties. My own ass squeezed as I held the photo.

"Would you like dinner?" I asked as I dated the photos and marked them with my initials to show I had received them.

The doorbell rang again and before another 15 minutes had gone by my book at the door had been filled with photos for the next several days. The photos with my initials and time for fulfillment were sitting in a folder on the table near the door. It was obvious from the pile that I would be eating more cum then anything else.

The two bikers, they didn't even tell me their names that time, wanted dinner. So, I made spaghetti and tomato sauce. (It was the bottled kind, but I put a little wine and garlic in it.) They sat at the table as I served and felt my ass under my dress. Rubbing my leg, the one biker talked about how soon, "you will be gliding your ass from my lubrication. It will make you walk even more girlie. Haaa.Haaaa."

The other biker asked me if I feel like having an orgasm when a guy cums in my mouth. I was sure I'd better respond appropriately and told him, "yes." He smiled with approval. When dinner was finally over they had me clear the table and meet them in the living room. I was to bring them a couple of beers. The refrigerator was well stocks with beers and next to it was several cases to keep filling it with. I brought two bottles of Bud with me to the living room and handed them to them.

They had put some music on and asked me to show them a sexy dance that would make them want to shoot their loads into me. I couldn't believe that I had to make them want to fuck me. But I did dance and soon their cocks hardened. I knew that because they unzipped and let their cocks hang out as I danced.

"Come here honey and suck this," said the biker who would soon be in my ass. I knelt down and felt my red lips push open as his cock slid in my mouth. The other guy rubbed my head as his cock dangled and bounced around my face. Finally, the guy with the cock in my mouth told me to pull down my panties and get my 'pussy' ready for some fucking.

In just a few moments I was in the position of the photo just 10 minutes or so before it was shot. I was sucking the one bikers cock and the other was banging in and out of me. I was oblivious to anything but cock. They were hard and throbbed and I felt like they owned me. I was writhing on them. Wanting their cum and suddenly I felt my asshole slithering wet as he started to shoot his cum. His voice shuddered and he moaned, "yeah baby have a little of this." But before I had much time to single out the load filling my ass the other guy spurted deep into my throat coating my tonsils. I swallowed and my own little cock looked to be rubbed but I couldn't do anything but take their cum and spin my mind.

When they were finished they had me lick them clean and put their cocks away and finally pull my panties up and thank them. I could feel his cum in my ass move as if my asshole was gargling with it. They finished up and then went and wrote on the photo and push pinned it to the wall and left. Before I could even go and read what they wrote, the doorbell rang.

Another biker was there. He came in and dropped some clothes on the floor. Then he took his photograph and showed it to me. It was from alt.sex.erotic.facials and showed a girls face with her mouth open. Her tongue was hanging out and a penis was still discharging cum into a puddle on her tongue. She had a small silver ball that had been pierce through her tongue and cum almost covered it.

Just then I felt a little cum leak into my panties. I wondered if he could tell. I was so self-conscious. Then he told me to come over to the table and he took out a kit and placed it on the table and sat down. He motioned me to kneel. As I did so even more cum leaked into my panties.

Opening the kit I could see several things and immediately knew it was for piercing. I began to say no but even before the word came out he slapped my face and said, "Just do as you are told." Within minutes I was wearing studs in my ears and my tongue was out. He sprayed my tongue and it became cold and then he pierced it and put a stud with a ball like the picture through my tongue. I was so scared then that I peed a little into the crotch of my panty. I could feel the warmth against my balls and my ass slippery from the cum coating.

He got up and said he would be back in the morning for his clean clothes and said I must smell his clothes before and after I washed them. "Put your nose deep into my briefs and inhale," he said. He didn't say why but he was emphatic about it. He also said he wanted breakfast when he came over and he would be serving me mine as well. Then he left. I cried for a while and then realized I'd better clean up since I was tired. The ball felt so funny in my mouth. It was just another thing that subjugated me. It made me more woman than man.

I went over to the door and picked up his clothes. There were a couple of t-shirts, socks and some briefs. The underwear was stained with brown in the seat and a little yellow stain in the crotch. I didn't want to smell them, but if I didn't then what. I held them for at least 10 minutes looking at them before I finally had the nerve to lift them to my nose and smell them. They smelled nasty. So did the socks and t-shirts.

The only way to get them done was to wash them by hand. I washed his shorts till they came clean and then put them all in the washing machine. Finally I was finished and went to bed. But even going to bed took an hour to take off the makeup, bathe and wash the cum out of my ass and then put on the sexy little negligee that Mrs. Merchanson had in her draw. I set the alarm for 6:30 and drifted off to sleep.

Brrrrriiiiinnnnnngggggg...Brrrriiiiiinnnnnngggggg. The alarm woke me from a deep sleep. I wondered if yesterday was just a dream but as I woke I knew it wasn't. The stud in my tongue was definite proof. And the mirror in the bathroom proved more with matching gold balls surrounding my ear lobes. I decided to make the most of it and bathed in a perfumed scented bath. It was so relaxing. I sat there and then realized that I'd better get ready since the biker who had pierced me would be over for breakfast soon.

I hadn't had much to eat myself. Jim had told me I could only eat the leftovers off the plate with the same knife and fork. It was as if he wanted to completely humiliate me. Last night I had barely eaten a little spaghetti and a piece of meatball one of them had left. When I put it in my mouth with his fork my stomach churned. So I was hungry. I even weighted myself and had lost 2 lbs since earlier in the week.

I sat at Mrs. Merchanson's makeup table and made sure my nail and toes had polish on them. Soon I was looking very feminine as I put on a teddy and a robe. (again those instructions that I was to dress after I had cleaned up from breakfast. There were so many instructions.)

Then, I walked out to the kitchen and started to put away the clean dishes and fold the clothes I had washed. (I smelled them again). Finally, coffee, bacon, toast were ready and the eggs scrambled and ready to cook when the doorbell rang.

I went to the door and opened it saying "good morning Sir." He put his arm around me and felt my ass and then pulled the belt off my robe. So I was standing there with my robe opened showing my teddy and the two-inch slippers with little pink powder puffs featherlike appliqu s over the tops.

He had a small box with a pink bow and handed it to me. "This is from Jim for you to wear all the time," he said. I held the box and was happy to get a present. I wondered if it was jewelry but the box was too big for that. I began to unwrap it and when I finally opened it there was a butt plug in it.

"Put it in now, he said. Only a biker can take it out except from midnight to 8am when you are home alone. Then you can remove it without permission. Otherwise you have to ask permission to remove it. And, when you ask you have to explain why in a credible feminine fashion. What do you say?"

"Thank you Sir," I answered and then proceeded to work it into my ass and felt it finally position itself. I felt funny when I walked but he complimented me and said he would have 3 eggs scrambled as I started to finish breakfast for him.

I brought his food to the table and he instructed me to just stand next to him as he ate. Now and then his fingers would rub under my panties and touch the butt plug.

"Are you hungry," he asked.

"Yes Sir, I replied.

"Then why don't you get under the table and start with my cock so you can get your protein. Also, do you know why we pierced your tongue?"

"No, I answered as I knelt down and crawled under the table. Before I could unzip him, he pulled my head close to his pants and asked, "Did you smell my underwear last night? I answered yes and then he instructed me to smell again and I did.

He let my head go back and told me to unzip him and start sucking him.

"The reason is because it stimulates a guy's cock to shoot even a bigger load. As the ball rubbed along a cock it drives us crazy. So now you will be a 'great' cocksucker.

My red nails had just found his cock as he finished and felt it warm in my fingers. It wasn't as big as the cock the filled my ass last night but it was thick. My butt plugs filled my ass I started to suck his cock. He reminded me that when he came he wanted to do what the photo showed and that I shouldn't swallow it until he gave permission.

I knew that soon I would look the same way. As I sucked his cock he ate his breakfast. Every now and then he would put a hand under the table and pump my head on his cock. He was only semi-hard and after about 10 minutes he tapped me on the head and said, "let's go over to the sofa."

I crawled out from under the table and stood up. He smiled at me and said my lipstick was smeared and to put some more on. When I came back to the room he was sitting on the sofa with his dick sticking out. His pants were down around his legs and his underwear just above them. He motioned me to sit down and I did. He wanted to know why girls liked the taste of cum so much. I replied that it 'tastes good.' He laughed and then pulled my head down to his cock. Moments later I was between his knees with his cock deep in my throat. It grew fat and hard and pumped my mouth. He seemed to like rubbing it on the stud on my tongue and started to moan. Suddenly he pulled my head off his cock by my hair and had me open my mouth and stick my tongue out.

The first squirt was actually just a wet clear stream that hit me in the eye and nose. Instantly after that he started pumping cum on my tongue. It was warm and globby and puddled up on my tongue. When he finished he wiped his cock in my hair and held my head up with his cock under my chin and a hand on my head.

"Smile honey," he said. I did the best I could. And just as suddenly he snapped a picture. "Don't swallow sweetie till I tell you to," he admonished. I must have knelt that way for 10 or 15 minutes with his cum on my tongue, my bare knees on the floor and my teddy showing off with my robe wide open. Finally he tapped my throat and said for me to enjoy my breakfast. I swallowed his cum into my belly.

He got up and went to the door and wrote on the picture and hung it on the wall. He put the camera down on the table and told me that anyone could use it and they would develop the photos when the roll was done and match them to the photos to see which looked better. And then he was off.

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