tagRomanceLakeside Cabins Ch. 02

Lakeside Cabins Ch. 02


This continuation of Lakeside Cabin picks up where chapter one left off. Elizabeth is waiting for David to arrive for their weekend together while David is stuck in traffic, both are remembering their first time together....

As she stood from the bed he watched her, his gaze never leaving her body. She came to him without a word and pulled him to a chair.

"What do you have in mind?" he asked. "What..." her finger on his lips.

"Just sit...and wait...." she whispered.

As she watched him watch her she smiled. Somewhat out of character, she enjoyed him watching her move. She slowly pulled the blankets from the bed and spread them in front of the fire.

She sat on the center of the blankets and looked at him. "David?"......

"Yes Elizabeth."

"How do you do that?" she asked.

"Do what?"

"Just the way you sit there watching me makes me feel beautiful." she answered.

His smile widened as she extended an arm and wiggled one finger in that universal "come here" gesture. He slowly rose from his chair and joined her in front of the fire.

She whispered softly, "David, you have given me an amazing gift...in so many ways...you have made me feel alive, to feel wanted and desired...to feel beautiful."

As she moved to one side of him she placed her hands on his back and gently pushed him down. Lying on his stomach he folded his arm under his head and closed his eyes. Climbing atop him she straddled him, her hands on his back, and her thighs tightly against his sides.

She began to slowly stoke his back...his arms...his shoulders. As she bent to kiss his neck her nipples brushed his back...an electric thrill coursed through her.

"Tell me this," she said. "Why does this feel so right?"

"I don't know," he offered, "But it does."

They were silent as she continued to explore his body, her hands finding every part of him, kneading...caressing....needing. As she felt his body relax she crawled off of him and lifting his arm helped him roll to his back.

"You're clay, and I'm the sculptor," she whispered. "Stay where I put you and don't move."

She positioned his arms so they were straight out from his body. She gently spread his legs slightly apart. Crawling on her hands and knees she began to kiss his body. Starting at his left hand she slowly kissed up his arms, as she moved slowly higher she felt him quiver with anticipation.

Her lips found his chest, his neck, his throat...his lips. He returned her kisses hungrily but as instructed...he didn't move.

Breaking their kiss she began to move down his body. Her lips found his chest, in her opinion, a perfect chest, just the right amount of hair...enough to be masculine without being in the way. Her lips found his nipple; slowly she circled in with kisses before taking it into her mouth and biting down gently. His hiss of pleasure brought a smile to her face. Looking up at him she found him to be watching her, their eyes locked as she pulled away from his chest and moved lower.

She took her time moving down his body, certain of what she would find. To his frustration, she moved to one side and continued to kiss down his hip and thigh. The groan of disappointment made her laugh.

"Silly boy..." she said.

Her attention to his body was precise; her fingertips traced random patterns on his skin. As she reached his ankle, her eyes met his and she began to move up his other leg. She held his gaze as she slowly climbed ...his calf...his knee...his thigh...his inner thigh. Closing her eyes and bending her head as if to bow, she let her cold hair fall across his firmness, moving from side to side, her eyes closed, she began to lower her head...slowly...imperceptibly...she moved closer.

He felt her hot breath on him now. Her lips so close to touching him, his desire growing. Her tongue extended to gently flick his aching hardness. As she knelt at his side, perpendicular to his body, he viewed the most beautiful silhouette against the red orange glow of the fire. As she took him into her mouth she looked up through her hanging hair to meet his eyes. With eyes locked she moved lower, engulfing all of him within her...so wet...so warm...her lips around him.

"Elizabeth?" he asked.

She slowly raised her head while intentionally allowing her teeth to gently scrape his shaft, "yes David."

"May I move my arm?"

With a mock stern look she considered his request, "if you must, but only one."

As she returned her lips to his body, his hand found her back and gently caressed her skin, the tips of his fingers skimming across her. She slowly continued to give him, what she hoped, was a similar pleasure to what he had given her. She felt his body begin to tense, heard his breath begin to deepen...felt the tension building within her mouth. Slowing her tempo she savored every moment, to be able to cause such pleasure was enjoyable. Satisfying him was her only goal, giving without concern.

His hand tightened against her back, a sign he offered to let her know what was about to happen. He expected her to pull away, but instead she took more of him into her mouth...deeper...harder...all of his rigidity within her mouth and throat.

The tension in his body exploded, the moans from his throat reminded her of a wild animal. She received his eruption into her mouth. A salty sweetness ... evidence of the pleasure she had caused.

She relaxed to a lying position with her head resting on his thigh, her fingers tracing his fading hardness.

"I have an idea," she said. "Come see what I found before the rain began to fall."

Together they rose and she led him to the backdoor of the cabin. The rain had stopped and a fog was hanging in the cool night air. The hot tub in the middle of the deck was perfect. As they neared it together they found a small cupboard, within were a supply of candles and a CD player. She began to light candles and spread them on the railing of the deck while he brought the music to life. Quiet music filled the air as he turned to watch her, the candles casting shadows on her face.

They slowly entered the water together with hands joined. As they settled into the water across from one another she lifted her legs and brought her feet into his lap. As if he read her mind, he began to gently rub her feet.

"Elizabeth?" he asked.

"Yes David."

"Please tell me about yourself. Tell me about your hopes and dreams...your fears and your fantasies. Tell me what has happened in your life to cause you to be so amazing," he asked.

And so she did.

to be continued...

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