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I can see nothing but darkness, but I feet the cool silkiness of the binding on my wrists. Red silk. He has tied me with the silk shawl of my dress. I had only meant to sleep for an hour or so, to be able to tell my friends back home that on my vacation to Scotland, I had slept in the ruins of this fifteenth century castle. It would be a story, that was all...something to say I had done. I had climbed up onto the tattered four poster bed, long abandoned and moth hole eaten. The hike up there had been long and tiresome, and my weary limbs welcomed the remaining softness of the ancient bed. In moments I was asleep, alone and perfectly safe.

But I am no longer safe...no; this monster will surely kill me...

I wake to the sound of a whisper in my ear. Startled and disorientated, I try to sit up but find my hands bound behind my back. The room is dark and I panic suddenly that I have slept so long here. I am tied now, and my dress open.

"Please, whoever you are...I will leave, I swear it...I won’t say anything to the police, I will just..." I plead to a figure in the darkness. I can make out long, lean limbs and something about this man’s presence is strong and...unearthly. I see him move silently. I shiver from the chill that passes through the stone walled room. A candle is lit, then another and now a third near the bed. The room is dimly lit and he steps into the meager light. I gasp, not sure if I should close my eyes, for fear of my mind disbelieving what I am seeing. He is beautiful. He is dangerously sexy, and he is not human.

The words rolling from his lips like honey,

"I found you sleeping in my bed. What shall I do about this?" he is taunting me and through my fear I feel a wetness form between my thighs. I cannot believe I am allowing my body to respond this way! In truth, I cannot control it.

"I just...wanted to...I didn’t know anyone lived here...." "Yes, I know." He says gently and he reaches to me and traces a long, silky finger over my bare shoulder, moving the strap of my dress open even further. My breasts are revealed. I shudder.

"Tell me what you see when you look at me. I want you to know what I am, and understand that should you tempt me too much...you will be either my victim, or my companion for eternity. What do you see?"

What do I see? I see auburn red hair of a soft silkiness that cannot be mortal. I see pale, perfect skin. I see the brightest, ocean blue-green eyes that seem to burn with tiny flecks of light gold. I see...no, it couldn’t be...sharp pointed canine teeth. Fangs! Beneath the most sensual lips! His body is lean and muscular. His hand touches me and I think I made a whimpering noise. I cannot speak!

"I will untie you now, but know that I will touch you...that I will make love to you. You tempt me with your flesh, though this is no fault of your own. Careful then, not to tempt me with your blood."

And my wrists are free. He has not touched me to untie me. The binding just slips away. I gaze at him and he smiles then, his mouth looking beautifully fierce. I want him to touch me! The warmth between my legs, the wetness grows greater until it is an ache and he only touches my shoulders, tracing vein like lines over my skin. I find myself arching my back to him, pushing my breasts forward, wanting his touch. He obliges me and pulls my arms up around his shoulders, lifting me into his lap with uncommon strength. His mouth descends on mine, that fierce and wicked mouth that is so inviting.

His tongue snakes out and teases mine. I copy his motions and feel the sharp point of his teeth against my tongue. I feel him lift me again, but this time he pushes me softly back on the bed and the chill of the room no longer affects me. His hard chest is against me, beneath the thin fabric of his clothing, the small silver buttons of his shirt presses against my nipples. I am breathing wildly now, not capable of closing my eyes, for I want to see him too badly, though he frightens me terribly.

He kisses my breasts, pausing to suckle my hardened nipples and even tease me dangerously with the sharp teeth against the pink flesh. He slides down further, dipping his tongue into my navel and causing me to jolt unexpectedly. He smiles wickedly at this and continues his torture. He reaches my thighs and he quite suddenly spreads my legs open. I am completely revealed, opened wide and exposed! His fingers touch the dark patch of hair at the apex of my thighs and I try to hold still as he enters one finger, followed by another, into the tight passage there. I am in a feverish state now, feeling his fingers move into me and then his tongue placed at the center of my pleasure. He flicks the talented tongue against my clitoris and I feel the first wave of orgasm wash over me.

He removes his fingers and enjoys watching me squirm in anticipation as he slowly unfastens his pants and removes his impressive organ, hard and ready. I reach to him and take it in my hand, pumping it a bit ruthlessly as his hips undulate against my hand. I sit up and take it in my mouth, licking it from base to the head of it, loving the salty taste at the tip in a pearl of clear fluid. Finally, he positions me on my hands and knees on the bed and I hold to a post of the bed for support as he pushes the long, thick cock into me slowly, increasing his rhythm as he thrusts into me.

Again and again he rocks me, skewered onto him and helpless in a fury of heat and a wave of orgasmic pleasure. I feel his hands on my breasts, fingertips against my clitoris, and his hands even slapping my backside when I become exhausted and cannot keep up with his fervor. He grips me now, tightly and painfully and I begin to come in a violent series of waves, he follows, bending to me and holding my hair in his hand, kissing my throat with the other. I feel his hot fluid inside me, burning me with sweet, blissful torture, and his teeth rake my neck...fear ensues and I feel the sharp bite...feel it sink into my skin, my soul, my very being and begin to draw the life out of me.

My vision blurs and I see only darkness then. I wake with a start, my feet scraping against the wood of the bed. I am alone. I am dressed, with my red dress buttoned up the front and my shawl warming my shoulders. It is morning. I had fallen asleep here in this beautiful place, a ruin of castle walls and hidden chambers. I wash the dream from my head, hurrying to find the shoes I had left on the floor when I came here. The dream had seemed so real, so frightening, and so sensual.

I slip my shoes on and find my way out of the heavy doors. I feel sick, weak and cold. I tell myself I must have caught a cold sleeping in such an awfully cold place. The sun hurts my eyes more than usual. I stop to rest in a wooded grove, finding the tiny compact mirror in my purse to try and make myself presentable before going into town. I hold the mirror to my face and straighten...oh my...it can’t be...but it is.

My reflection is...fading.

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