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Lana Lang Meets the Wizard of Oz


I do not own the rights to "Smallville" nor any of it's characters. This story is written purely for the entertainment of the reader and is in no way connected to the show, its producers or should in any way reflect on them.

* * * * *

A lone rider streaks across the open meadow, the powerful movement of the horse carrying the rider effortlessly. The rider leans into the sleek beast as its hooves pound the soft dirt of the Kansas prairie. At a full gallop, the rider and the horse seem as one. The full mane of the horse blowing handsomely in the wind as the opulent mane of hair blows out from the head of the rider. She sits upright in the saddle as she reins the horse to a trot. Slowing, she pulls the horse to a stop and props one shapely leg over the saddle horn. Absorbing the warm afternoon, she sits proud in the saddle and looks off to the West as the afternoon sun eases toward the horizon.

Behind the rider, a wall of dark gray clouds can be seen. A light wind is blowing at their backs. The horse's ears perk and his nostrils flair. Carried along the wind is the scent of rain. The rider becomes aware of the scent of the changing weather, her nose catching the soft scent of a summer rain shower. She knows that the unpredictability of the Kansas summer storms means she should find shelter as soon as she can. Turning in the saddle, she looks out over the treetops at the cloudbanks off to the East. Dark gray clouds with areas tinged with green, signal that the pending storm could be bad. The wind is already picking up and the air just a bit cooler.

She knows of a hunting cabin a mile or so from her location. Perhaps this place will offer some shelter from the impending storm. As lightening strikes light up the clouds far behind her, she turns the horse towards the south. A thought of making a run for home and the security of the barn flits through her mind briefly. But the desire and common sense not to be caught exposed to the possible violence of the Kansas weather overtakes the silly thought of trying to out run the storm. Spurring the great steed to action she leans in once more and urges him forward, seeking shelter a soon as possible.

She knows the layout of the landscape like the back of her hand and soon they have arrived at the old cabin. Surveying the dilapidated old structure, she has second thoughts. Perhaps being in this old run-down piece of history doesn't make as much sense as she originally thought. She has one more place of shelter in mind.

As the rain begins with some sprinkles, she turns back the way they came and seeks her alternative. By the time they arrive at the old smoke house the rain has begun to come harder. Though the wind has yet to pick up, she is relatively soaked. Coming to the entry way to the old long forgotten smoke house, she quickly dismounts and leads the trusting animal into the building. Built years ago out of clay and rock, the old spacious building was once used to smoke meat. Larger than most smoke houses of it's time, history had told her that the owner had smoked large quantities of buffalo and beef to offer in trade to wagon trains headed West through the area. The smokehouse owner traded his meat for whatever the pioneers wished to trade.

Leading Donetello through the doorway they were now inside the spacious room. Dark and dank with the heavy smell of smoke permeating the walls, it was still a solid structure. The four walls made of clay and rock they were almost three feet thick. The roof was flat, built with old railroad ties and covered with another two feet of earth. The entire structure was built to keep the smoke inside so as to cure the hanging sides of beef, deer and buffalo.

Just as she lead her horse inside, the skies opened up and a downpour ensued. As the rains began in earnest, the winds began to blow. Soaked to the skin, Lana Lang found the flap of her saddlebag, and reach in to pull out her emergency clothes. Finding the thick heavy sweatshirt she had placed in the saddlebag for just this occasion, she laid it across the saddle and stripped out of her western style shirt. She shivered as she stood there in her bra, her skin glistening in the soft light, wet with the rain.

She quickly donned the sweatshirt and hugged her arms around herself in hopes of becoming somewhat warmer. She folded her shirt neatly and placed it in the saddlebag and stood looking out the door waiting for the storm to blow through.

These storms were a way of life in Kansas. And in thirty minutes or so the storm blew over and the sun popped out into a brilliant blue Kansas sky. Lana lead Donetello out of the smokehouse and into the sunlight. The sweatshirt immediately became too much. She walked around the horse and reached into the other saddlebag and found a tank top. Knowing she was alone on the prairie, she dropped her normal modesty and swiftly pulled the sweatshirt over her head and pulled on the tank top. Placing the sweatshirt in the saddlebag, she led the horse out a way from the building and mounted him. She sat in the saddle for a few minutes relishing the fresh rain-cleaned air as the now hot and humid summer sun rapidly warmed her skin. Her bare arms and face absorbed the heat and she felt good for the first time in a long time.

This was the first time she had ventured out on such a journey since her leg was broken when the horse spooked that evening in the barn with Lex. The leg was healed and as strong as ever. Her brief encounter with Adam nothing more than a bad memory. She was young, full of life and ready for one of the best summers of her life. She was determined to close the gap that had grown between her and Clark. She regretted the comment in the hospital about needing to stay away from him. She put it off to the drugs. He apparently had taken her seriously.

Lana knew Clark was feeling guilty about the number of times interaction with him seemingly put her in danger. But he had always been there for her. She knew the risks of life and she accepted them. She truly didn't blame him for the incident with the horse. And the ensuing weeks of physical therapy had taught Lana something about herself. She was no longer the weak self-pitying child, whining for her long dead parents. True, she would continue to miss them as only a child would miss the parents who had been taken from her so young. But missing them and pining over something that could never be were two different things.

Once again, she relished in the warmth of the sun and the clean clear air. The quick storm and ensuing sunshine had brought other creatures of the prairie out into the open. A Kansas rattlesnake lounged upon a rock, soaking up the warmth of the afternoon. The snake had no idea that he was about to meet Smallville High's most beautiful coed.

Walking the horse slowly, gathering her thoughts and thoroughly enjoying the afternoon, Lana was absorbed in the day and her thoughts as the horse walked along, headed on a slow trip back toward the barn.

The lounging snake was suddenly aware of the approaching horse. Becoming instantly aware of his surroundings, he waited without movement. The horse and rider were getting closer.

In a split second a series of events occurred that would change Lana Lang's life forever. The rattlesnake sensed the impending rider and horse as danger and its tail began to send out a warning signal. The horse, being instinctively spooked by the sound of a rattler, reared. And Lana, holding loosely to the reins was sent flying unceremoniously to the ground. The hard landing knocked the breath out of her and her head hit a rock and knocked her unconscious. She lay unconscious on the ground as the horse's hooves came down perilously close to her head; its sharp hooves neatly severing the snake's head from its body. The scene played out in seconds.

Within minutes, Lana began to regain consciousness. She awoke slowly. She became slowly aware of what had happened. She had briefly heard the rattle of the snake but could not react fast enough to keep from being thrown. She took inventory of her body. Her head hurt but that appeared to be all. She cautiously raised her hand to her head. She felt a bump, but no blood and nothing else hurt. Her leg was not pained. Her back felt fine. She decided she would attempt to sit up. Steeling herself against the pain she was expecting she sat up. No pain. She did, as a matter of fact, feel pretty good.

Lana looked around at the scene before her. She saw the snake, its head neatly severed from its body.

Good ol' Donetello, she thought. He was always there to protect her. Raising her gaze, she wondered where her horse was. The sight that greeted her eyes caused her to shake her head, trying to bring things back into focus. Standing there with her horse, watching her intently while he stroked the horse's nose, was a man. A larger than life man with long flowing white hair and beard stood looking back at her with the kindest eyes she had ever seen. His physical presence was surreal enough, but what was immediately striking was how he was dressed. He wore a robe with brilliant bright colors infused in the fabric. Each color appeared to shimmer, as if alive, into the next color. It was almost more than her brain could comprehend. He looked for the world like professor Dumbledore of Harry Potter fame.

"I see the spill has left you none the worse for wear?" He said in a deep bass voice.

Ok, Lana thought. Now my hallucinations speak to me. Hmmppff. Wonder if that's normal?

"No, I am not a hallucination." He replied as if reading her mind.

Getting slowly to her feet, Lana felt no fear or discomfort at the sudden appearance of this man. She walked slowly toward him testing her recently injured leg.

Looking intently at this strangely dressed man, she said,

"Sooo, who are you?"

"My name is Morgan." He replied simply.

Lana's mind was now in full gear.

"Are we going to play twenty questions or are you simply going to tell me where you came from and why you're here?" Lana said matter of factly, her patience now wearing thin. She was NOT in the mood for games. She got enough games in her life from Clark.

"I'm taking you on a journey of your life, Lana. Quite simply, it has been decreed that you need to know some things about your life and some people in it that is all very important to the safety of the world as you know it."

"So, what is this? Am I dead or dying and this is the infamous flashing of one's life before one's eyes?"

"No, no." Morgan assured her. "You are neither dead nor dying. Perhaps as our journey commences your questions will be answered. At any rate, we must be on our way."

With a look skyward and a snap of his fingers, a white cloud formed and from that cloud came the most magnificent horse Lana had ever seen. Pegasus, the winged horse of mythology galloped smoothly through the air and landed, prancing proudly to where Morgan stood. With an ease that belied the man's looks, Morgan swung onto the horse's back.

With a wave of his hand he motioned Lana to mount Donetello. With neither fear nor trepidation in her mind and heart, Lana mounted her horse and together the two rode off and up into the clouds.

Riding smoothly beside the old gent in his flowing robes, her mind filled with questions. Surely she was unconscious and this was a figment of her fertile imagination. She was about to speak to him, when they were suddenly hovering over the bridge outside Smallville. Standing on the bridge was Clark Kent. Lana felt that telltale tingling of her body as she looked down on Clark standing there almost forlornly. Suddenly Lex's speeding car came into view.

In the now familiar scene Lana witnesses the swerving car hitting Clark and then in a totally unfamiliar way, she follows the car and Clark's flying body off the bridge and into the water. She feels sudden panic that she is witnessing Clark's death, as she believes she is seeing the future.

Morgan's hand touches her arm and she feels immediate calm. She can now clearly see the underwater scene as it unfolds. She sees that Clark is not hurt, in fact, he is ripping the top off the car in a show of complete strength and control. In seconds, he has Lex out of the car and laying on the riverside gasping for air.

The horses gently wheel and ride once more into the clouds. Over the next several moments she is transported to scene after scene where Clark is involved in some in-human feat of heroics that usually involves saving someone's life. She even sees the scene in which she is buried alive and Clark saves her from the coffin of death. All this time she had thought Whitney had somehow showed up and pulled her from the coffin. With the witnessing of this event directly involving her, she the conclusion that she was seeing the past was solidified.

The scenario continued for some time with Morgan taking Lana on a tour of events of the past. They centered on Clark and some of his extraordinary escapades; all of them showing some aspect of his abilities. She felt a pang of jealousy when she witnessed Clark's interaction with the female teacher during the fire at school that terrible hot day.

The more Lana was exposed to these events of the past the more clear an understanding of Clark came into her mental focus. That is, assuming any of this was true. Finally after showing Lana the scene where Clark was placed into the oven by the local baseball heroes, Morgan reined Pegasus in and turned in the saddle to come face to face with his young charge.

"Now, you're probably asking yourself what this is all about, I would imagine." When he spoke his deep resonant voice was tinged with an accent Lana couldn't quite identify.

"To say the least." Quipped Lana.

"Let's go grab a cup of coffee and I'll tell you what this little sojourn is all about." No sooner were the words out of his mouth, then Lana found herself sitting at an upstairs table in the Talon, a steaming cup of coffee on the table in front of her.

Morgan sat opposite her, watching her intently.

"This world is in trouble, Lana. Violence, sex, killings, gangs. People are getting discouraged. The world needs... no... the world MUST have a hero. Someone they can look up to for safety and to give them confidence in the law enforcement people."

Curiously noticing that no one was coming upstairs, Lana listened with most of her brain. The other part was toying with the scenes she had witnessed.

"Though you are not specifically involved with this world-changing event, you are very INDIRECTLY involved. It's no secret how you feel about Clark. You've always sensed that he was holding back, that there were things he wasn't telling you."

"How do you KNOW all of this?" She said plaintively. Once more the touch of Morgan's hand on her arm suppressed any feelings of concern, fear or dread. She simply relaxed and regarded his conversation with her as normal.

"Yes, I always HAVE felt Clark was holding something back. And I always felt it was more than just some high school boy stuff."

"I can show you the rest, Lana. But it may be painful for you!" Morgan said genuinely concerned.

"I don't understand. Why will it be painful to me? Nothing you have shown me so far has been. In fact, it's all been very enlightening."

"It will be painful to you only if you let it be. You see, to gain a full understanding of your boyfriend Clark, we have to take a trip further back in time to when the meteor rocks hit Smallville." He paused waiting for the affect to clearly take hold.

Cocking her head to one side, Lana looked intently at her strange new friend.

"So, I'll see my parents again?" she asked hopefully.

"Yes, but you won't be able to interact with them. We will be there as observers. No interaction whatsoever."

Lana shivered slightly, though the room was not particular chilly. Her desire to put the matters of dissent between her and Clark aside to see if the relationship really would work was almost overpowering. She loved him with her very soul. Her body literally ached because she had been away from him for so long.

"Ok, if it's the only way. Then I can handle it." She said softly.

"Very good. Get some sleep now and we'll pick this up in the morning." With those words, Morgan disappeared and Lana found herself in her bed waiting for sleep to come. She drifted off to sleep with thoughts in her head that maybe now she would be able to come to grips with her feelings for Clark.

End Chapter One

A couple of hours after the fall from the horse, phones around Smallville were ringing frantically. No one had seen Lana for hours. And she wasn't answering her cell phone. When she rode alone, she always took her cell phone in case something happened. One such phone call came in the late afternoon to Clark.

"Clark, m' man." Pete's voice sounded light and joking, rather than concerned about Lana.

"So, what are you and Lana up to?" he asked, kidding his friend.

"What? What do you mean, Pete? I'm not with Lana."

"You're not? Seriously, Clark. What are you guys doing?"

"Pete! What's going on? Lana and I haven't been together for several days."

"Oh, my god! Clark, Lana is missing. She went riding hours ago and no one has seen her and she's not answering her cell phone."

In a split second, Clark was standing beside Pete outside the Talon.

"Yikes!" exclaimed Pete. "I will NEVER get used to that. We need to get you a little bell so I know you're coming before you get here and scare the hell out of me."

"So, what's going on?" Clark asked with concern.

Pete explained the whole situation to Clark. And Clark told Pete he was going to look for Lana. Clark spent the next several hours searching the fields and meadows around Smallville that were Lana's favorite riding places. He searched to no avail.

Later that night he and his mother and father were sitting at the kitchen table talking about the events of the day. It was agreed that Clark should continue looking into the night.

Lana awoke several hours later, refreshed and somewhat amazed that her brain was accepting in stride all of this nonsense she now thought was a dream. Consequently she was somewhat startled when she saw Morgan sitting in a chair in the corner of her bedroom. Half naked in a nightie that left little to the imagination, she grabbed the nearest thing to her. As she wrapped the afghan around her lovely lithe form, she berated Morgan for being here in her bedroom.

"Take no offense, Lovely Lana. You are among the most beautiful women I have seen in my travels, but I do not have the time to properly introduce you to your sexuality this trip. So be off with you. Take your shower and let's get going. We have lots to do if we are to finish up today."

A glimmer of hope ran through Lana. So she would finally find out why Clark was always so Clark-like.

Thirty minutes later, Morgan and Lana sat astride their horses. Lana waited for Morgan's instructions.

"I thought I'd show you some other interesting things before we take in the scene on the day of the meteor shower."

With that he wheeled and rode off. What Lana saw next was a now all too familiar scene; Chloe's house. Suddenly they had a clear view of Chloe's bedroom and a VERY clear view of Chloe Sullivan. She was lying on the bed, naked as she could be with one hand pumping furiously at her pussy. A couple of fingers of that hand were inside her.

Lana put her hand to her mouth and gasped. Morgan looked at her with a slight smile on her face. Chloe's big teen aged breasts were trembling as she worked herself closer and closer to orgasm. Suddenly she screamed out loud.

"Oh, God, Lana. Eat my sweet pussy. Oh.......Oh...yeeesssssss. Lick me, baby. Eat me up!!!!"

Lana was shocked. She had known that Chloe was fond of her, but to see her now laying on the bed fingering herself to orgasm, calling Lana's name was a shock indeed. Chloe continued to masturbate, with each stroke calling out to the imaginary Lana to give her pleasure. Her orgasm washed over her as she thanked her imaginary lover again and again.

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