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Language Lust

bySyndra Lynn©

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fuck me with poetic words,
roll them gently ’cross my skin
then bite them deep into my flesh
leaving imprints shaped like consonants

cup my breasts
with well-turned phrases,
see your thickness
growing hard beneath my breath

reading your own words to you,
I draw your diction out, longer,
stronger, words as you intended them,
wet between my lips

fit them snug across my hips
and pull me down onto their meaning
rock me with your rhythm
slide me up and round your syllables

ride me hard along your rhymes
alliteration lover wrapping lips
around your lines
whispering kisses in my mind

use me well and leave me
breathless beneath
the weight of your words
yearning for another verse

~Many thanks to Kundalinguini for coaching me through the audio.

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bySyndra Lynn© 15 comments/ 16372 views/ 5 favorites

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by Anonymous

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by Sappholovers07/19/17

Such a beautiful, vibrant celebration of the eros of words.

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