Lap Dancer

byRay McKenna©

I looked for my waitress, needing my next beer, courtesy of my wife. I watched a couple of dancers onstage, but they no longer interested me. I couldn't shake the image of my wife onstage, lap dancing. Every time I blinked, it was like a strobe light flashed in my mind and displayed a frozen moment of my wife's night. I was torn between wanting to preserve the memories forever and wishing to open my head and yanking them free. Going to a strip club would never be the same again.

"And now gentlemen, we have a very special treat for you tonight," the DJ's voice interrupted my thoughts. "For the very first time tonight, we have two of our very sexy ladies pairing up to put on a show for you. Let me tell you all now, if you could have seen the rehearsals, then you would know this place is about to explode. Gents, put your hands together for Tina and Tyler. Better known as T-n-T, because they are dynamite."

His cliché didn't stop there. The accompanying music was the AC/DC song of the same name. Then it struck me, he just announced my wife's name. I looked back up at the stage just in time to see my wife step out onto stage. Tina, trailing my wife, was the girl that had interrupted the conversation between my wife and me.

My wife and Tina were in matching pink bikinis. The sequins reflected the stage lights like diamonds. As they moved down the stage, both women mirrored each others movements. My wife strutted on the left, Tina on the right. At the first pole, both my wife and Tina embraced each other, their hands on each others asses. Their tits mashed into each other, encircling the middle by the pole. Both women slowly slid down the pole, Tina's legs on the outside of my wife's. They stuck a hand up above their heads, grasped the pole, and intertwined fingers. They pulled themselves up the pole, shaking their asses like slithering snakes.

When they we standing erect, they stuck out their tongues and flicked at the pole, never quite touching it. The effect was registered by the crowd which started cheering and whistling. And then the impossible happened. My wife and Tina's free hand went up behind the other's head. I watched, like it was slow motion, as their tongues found each other, and then their lips locked together.

I knocked over my beer bottle, spilling some on the tabletop. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing on the stage. My wife had often fantasized about being with another woman, but she had always said it was just fantasies. I never thought I would see her do it, especially in front of a crowd. I, like every other guy in the place, wanted to be on the stage.

My wife bent her knees slightly, pressing her tits against Tina's body. Both women let go of the pole, their hands cupping the other's tits. They kept grinding their bodies to the music. With their lips still locked together, they lowered the cups of their bras. My wife broke the kiss and dropped her head to Tina's tits.

Tina cupped her tits and presented them to my wife. My wife kissed and sucked on Tina's nipples until they were hard. Both women began taking off their tops. Once their tops were off, they separated and moved down the stage. This time, my wife was on the right, closer to me, and Tina took the left side of the stage.

Tina and my wife were bending over, shaking their tits over the heads of the men who sat at the rail. Both women grabbed their g-strings at the hip, separating the Velcro fasteners. They held the separated parts in their hands, rotating the straps in little circles. As they danced farther down the stage, the circles getting larger.

At the end of the stage, both women undid the other side. They turned back to back, bent over, and dropped their g-strings together. Before they stood erect, they pressed their asses together, rotating them in circles. Finally, they turned face to face and began kissing and caressing each other. Tina was the one who broke the kiss this time.

As my wife continued to dance at the end of the stage, Tina went to the rear of the stage. She bent over at the waist, shaking her ass at the crowd. When she stood up and turned she had some towels and a water hose in her hand. Capping the hose was a pistol-grip nozzle. As she came back to the end of the stage, Tina straddled the hose and sprayed a fine mist over the guys at the rail. The mist sparkled with the color of the stage lights until it landed on the cheering crowd at the rail.

Tina reached my wife, still straddling the hose. She dropped the towels on the stage. My wife spun around on her ass, spread out the towels and got on her knees in front of Tina. She slowly worked a hand up Tina's stomach, her other hand grabbing a hold of Tina's ass. Tina, with the nozzle in one hand, was rubbing her hand up and down the length of hose that was sticking out between her legs, like she jacking off a large cock. My wife, not to be outdone, stuck her tongue out and traced the length of the hose, burying her face between Tina's thighs.

"Whoa, easy ladies," the DJ's voice came across the speakers. "We all don't need to go to jail tonight." By the cheering and reaction of the crowd, the show was probably worth the night in jail. The bouncers weren't going to stop the show. I looked back to see the one working the door was in the process of locking the doors.

My wife unburied her face and turned her head up. She had her mouth open and her tongue stuck out. Tina was looking around the room, smiling. The men in the room were chanting "Do it!" as loud as they could. Tina started the water slowly, letting it just drip out of the nozzle on to my wife's upturned face. My wife was flicking her tongue up to capture the water, and bringing her hands to her face to smear the droplets that didn't make it into her mouth into her cheeks.

My wife leaned back on her knees, arched her back, and let her hair touch the stage. Tina sprayed my wife with and continuous mist from the hose. The water must have been cold because my wife's nipples got instantly hard. I watched as my wife raised one of her hands to rub the water into her skin. She started at neck, outlined the contours of her tits, and let her hand drift between her legs. My wife rolled onto her stomach and pushed her chest off the stage, her arms pressing her tits out to the crowd. Tina sprayed down my wife's backside as my wife's legs scissor-kicked in the air.

Tina turned around and waved a hand. One of the other girls at the rear of the stage came forward with a plastic bottle in her hand. She threw the bottle towards Tina, only too hard. The bottle went over hand and landed in the first row of tables.

My wife saw what happened. Without breaking the momentum, she raised her hand. Her finger motioned the lucky receiver to come forward, a sultry look on her face. They guy, dressed in a business suit minus his tie approached. He had to lean over the guys sitting at the rail to pass the bottle forward. My wife grabbed his wrist and pulled him forward, wrapping him to her chest. My wife rubbed herself against him, planted a kiss on his forehead, and released him. The crowd again showed their approval. When he turned around to go back to his table, I could see the front of his shirt was wet.

My wife rolled over to her knees again and handed the bottle back to Tina. Tina dropped to her knees as well, placing the hose on the stage. Both women neared, their tits touching again. Tina raised the bottle over their heads and let the fluid spill on their tits. My wife leaned back, allowing Tina to spread the fluid on her body. My wife rubbed the fluid onto her skin, causing it to lather. Tina was the next to lean back. My wife grabbed the hose and misted down Tina's body. Tina rolled over on her stomach. My wife wetted Tina's back down and, instead of using the bottle, she lay on top of her and started writhe. The soapy foam escaped between the crevices of their bodies.

I have taken several showers with my wife and have never seen her look that sensual. My eyes' focus on my wife's body was precise. I could see the water beading off her skin causing it to shine under the stage lights. The soapy foam on my wife, applied by another woman, only served to remind me of how badly I wanted to spray her down myself.

Tina rolled over onto her back, her legs spread to the outside of my wife's hips. My wife grabbed the hose and sprayed the soap off their bodies. As she lowered the hose to the ground, my wife lowered her body to Tina's and ran her tongue down Tina's body. My wife started at her neck, slid between Tina's tits, and positioned her head between Tina's thighs. My wife's ass was up in the air shaking for all the guys to see on the opposite side of the room. Tina, as soon as my wife's head was between her thighs, arched her back and ran her hands over her tits. My wife's hands cupped Tina's rotating ass.

My wife raised up as Tina lowered her legs to the stage. My wife traveled the same trail back up Tina's body as she went down then Tina and my wife began kissing again. My wife raised up and knelt over Tina's face, one knee on the stage, the other leg resting on her foot. My wife lowered her pussy to within inches of Tina's face. The water dropped from my wife's body and onto Tina's face. My wife raised her hands and her fingers through her wet hair. Tina's hands were grasping the cheeks of my wife's wildly gyrating hips. Tina's tongue was in the air and I could see that it would sometimes split between my wife's pussy lips as they moved above her face.

And then, all the lights to the club came on and the music stopped.

"Gentlemen, after that show we are going to need a little intermission. I don't want any of you fellas getting a heart-attack out there." The DJ said to a crowd of groaning men. My wife and Tina stood up, unsure of what to do for a moment, picked up the towels, and left the stage. The crowd applauded their act. "Please stick around as the entertainment will be back in a few minutes after they dry the stage. Be kind to you cocktail waitresses and give them a tip, too. They are also working hard for your entertainment."

As the DJ turned down the music to a normal level as the club lights dimmed, I sat in disbelief. I did not know where this night was going or how it was going to end. My cock was hard as steel. I had fantasized about my wife with another woman on several occasions but never thought I would live to see it. I looked down at my tabletop where I had spilled my beer, the neck of the beer bottle lying over a puddle. It reminded me to check the front of my pants to make sure I didn't make a puddle of my own there.

Chapter Five

I gambled I would have enough time to go get my ATM card after my wife left the stage. I knew she was going to redo her makeup and hair and get into another costume before returning to the floor. I was out of cash and still had more than two hours before my wife's shift was done. I made my way to the door.

"Hey, I'm just going to my car to get some more cash, is that okay?" I asked the bouncer working the door. He looked at me nodded.

I went to my car, opening the passenger door. I released the latch on the glove compartment, apparently too hard because all the paperwork and documents spilled out onto the car floor. I rooted through the paperwork in the dark, trying to find at least one piece of plastic. Finally, I had to reach over to turn on the dome light. I found three of my cards in the paperwork. I grabbed the papers and stuffed them into the glove compartment. I tried to put the cards in my wallet but my hands were shaking so hard from nervous energy I couldn't slide the card into my wallet sleeve. Frustrated, I threw my wallet on the passenger seat, shut and locked the door, and headed back to the club. I had one card, that was all I needed.

As I neared the club doors, Blue-Collar and his buddies were leaving. He was talking it up with his friends behind him.

"…that had to be the best damn lap dance I have ever had." Blue-Collar said, his head turned back towards his friends. "The old lady is gonna kill me for coming home so late but believe me, it'll be worth it. Best damn thing was the fuckin' dance was free." His group left into the darkness, the sound of laughter echoing through the night behind me.

I went back to the club doors. The bouncer let me in with a warning. "Keep your fucking hand off the girls or I will take 'em off for you." I acknowledged the warning and made my way to the ATM. I slid my card in, typed in my PIN, request two-hundred dollars, and waited. The machine responded with the cost of the transaction costing an additional five dollars. Everything in this club wanted money. I accepted the charge and took my cash.

I made my way through the maze of tables. The table I was sitting at had someone already at it. He was doing pretty much what I had been doing when I sat there, watching the strippers give lap dances. My beer had already been cleared away, so I didn't care that he was there. I found another table at the side of the stage, ordered another round, and left one dollar on the tabletop. The waitress brought me my new beer before my wife came back out.

I could see my wife exit from the back area and head over to where I was last sitting. Along the way, she waved to a few guys, stopped and chatted with a couple more, and ran her hand across the shoulders of others as she made her way over to my old table. She stopped short when she saw I wasn't there anymore. She looked around the club, finally locating me. She made her way over to my table the same way she had to the last table, always acknowledging some guy along the way.

"I thought you had left, lover," she said as she sat down. "Did you see the entire show? Did you like it?"

"Yeah," I managed to croak out, then take a pull from my beer. "It was hot, definitely not what I expected to see."

"How much did you enjoy it?" she asked as she slid her hand back down, encircling my cock. "Good. Tina and I got our asses chewed out by the manager, but since you enjoyed so much, it was worth it." She brought her hand back up above table level.

"Can we leave now? Really, I don't think I want you here anymore."

"Honey, I can't leave now. My shift doesn't end for another two hours. Besides, if I left now I would probably be fired. You wouldn't want that, now would you?" she said. "I can tell you like watching me."

We sat and talked some more. She was adamant about staying and finishing her shift. Finally, she stood up to leave.

"Listen, I need to get back to the crowd and mingle before I get in trouble again. Do you need some more money for drinks?" she said as she looked down at the single bill on the table. She pulled a twenty from the garter on her left thigh. "Here, have a few more on me. When you run out, you can get some more, provided I get some more business."

My wife began making her rounds through the throngs of guys. Finally she settled at a table of businessmen. At least they looked like businessmen. They were dressed in business suits, some with their neckties on, others with the top button of their shirts undone. A couple of the guys were really drunk. My wife had to remove their hands from her tits or ass on a couple of occasions.

One of the men stood up. He wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her off the lap of another guy. He pulled my wife tight to his chest, waved a fifty-dollar bill in her face, and nodded his head towards another corner. I looked in the direction of the nod. There was a door with a pink neon sign that read "VIP Room." A bouncer stood in front of the door. I looked back just in time to see the Suit taking a bow to the cheers of his friends as my wife was leading him towards the room.

I got up from my table and followed behind my wife and Suit at a distance. She talked to the bouncer and he opened the door, letting them in. The door shut behind them, leaving me outside of the room. I had to know what was going on inside.

"You want in there, stud?" a female's voice said from behind me. I turned around to see a short, brunette dancer dressed in a black bikini standing there. "It'll only cost you fifty-dollars. I'll make it worth your time."

I reached into my pocket, fumbled with my cash, and handed her the bill. She snatched up the bill and stuck it in her garter on her thigh. She took my hand and started to lead me to the VIP room. The bouncer opened the door and we stepped in.

The room was dimly lit, filled with six couches. At the farthest corner, my wife was giving a lap dance to Suit. Suit's hands were all over my wife's ass only this time she wasn't removing them. Her hands were playfully toying with his necktie. She undid the knot on his tie and ran the tie over her body. Finally, my wife ran the tie between her legs and against her pussy before holding it above Suit's head. Suit, smiling, reached up and snatched the tie from my wife. I wanted to be closer to them but my dancer chose the couch farthest away, probably for privacy.

"What's your name, sexy?" she asked me before offering me a seat. I told her as I sat down. "That's a sexy name, baby. Mine is Monique." I doubted that my name was sexy and that 'Monique' was her real name but I wasn't going to question it. I sat down, the palms of my hands resting on the cushions of the couch. Monique straddled my hips and started to grind against me. Her lap dance felt uncomfortable against my cock as I had had a hard-on for so long. I had to shift to avoid the pressure. Monique grabbed my hands off the couch and put them on her ass.

"Hey, baby. Eyes on me, ok?" Monique said as she turned my head to face to her. I apologized and Monique continued grind away. Eventually, my eyes drifted to the back of the room. I heard Monique sigh, felt her get off my lap and turn around, then continue her dance. About the same time, my wife also turned around. That's when she spotted me.

My wife turned around to Suit, said something to him and got up. She was walking over to where I was. I could tell she was not happy by the look on her face.

"What are you doing here?" my wife seethed at me. "How did you get back here?"

"Hey, Tyler, he paid his way in, just like everybody else does," Monique said for me, not helping my cause. At least she had stopped her lap dance.

"I'm not talking to you, Monique," my wife said to her. "Did you take out more money?" she said back to me. I nodded. "Give it to me, all of it. Including the card," she said, her hand outstretched. I reached beneath Monique's ass into my pocket and pulled out the money and credit card and handed it over to my wife. My wife stuck the cash and card into her garter. "Since you seem to want to break the rules, I guess I can too," my wife said as she turned around, walking back to Suit.

"What was up with that shit?" Monique asked?

"Umm…I am one of her regular customer," I lied. "She told me not to get another lap dance from another dancer as long as she was working. She said if I did, she would punish me."

"Oh, you naughty boy. No wonder you were looking over there all the time. If I knew you liked to be punished, Monique could have taken would have taken care of you," she chuckled and started her lap dance again.

I looked back towards my wife. She was facing suit, her top was already off. Her hips were working against Suit's groin at a blistering pace. Suit's hands had left my wife's ass cheeks and were grabbing her tits. My wife spun around to face me.

Her hand went down the front of Suit's trousers, this time stopping upon his zipper. She pulled the zipper down and then snaked her hand inside Suit's pants. She pulled out Suit's cock and began jacking it off. My wife slid her g-string clad pussy against Suit's cock. With her hand still on the underside of his cock, my wife rubbed her pussy against the length a couple of times.

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