tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLapdancing Girlfriend Ch. 02

Lapdancing Girlfriend Ch. 02


Author's Note: It is recommended to read the previous chapters of this story if you have not done so already to better understand the storyline and characters...


Dan woke up the next morning after the worst dream of his life. Stretching next to his fiancée Jenny he turned towards her, surprised she had gone to bed naked instead of wearing her usual pajama attire of camisole and lacey boy shorts or one of her silky nightgowns.

The sheet was pulled down to her hips and he admired her naked torso, her firm 36D tits practically defying gravity as they proudly jutted forward as she laid on her side facing towards him. The morning sun glowed on her long brunette hair and he thanked God how such a good looking girl could end up with him. Dan then noticed a couple odd-shaped elongated shadows across one of her breasts; suddenly with appalling dismay he recognized them for what they were—light elongated bruises in the shape of handprints!

The previous evening's events came crashing back to him; it had not been a dream, it had been a awful reality as his sleep-clouded mind cleared recalling the previous day: his job in jeopardy; one of his properties on the market being the strip club where his fiancée worked; finding out the company interested in the property belonged to a sleazy adult entertainment organization. Then the ultimate discovery of finding out the company was owned by his childhood rival—Charles DeWight III, known to Dan as Chuck—who had ultimately bought the property and therefore was Jenny's boss.

Once Chuck had known Dan was the broker of the two nightclubs he was interested in, he had agreed to the asking price without any haggling. Chuck had always thought of Dan as a friend, so agreed to the price in favor of Dan; however, Chuck was not a true friend, being more the school bully and ultimately Dan's nemesis. Chuck was not purposely mean or intentionally treated Dan bad—he picked on him, but with both their families being friends, it was more of a sibling sort of teasing.

The problem was just Chuck always being better at everything they did. He had better grades, he was better at sports, he was even better looking. As such, Dan had always been intimidated by Chuck, so inwardly hated him for the stress he caused.

It was not until high school when the DeWight's moved away that Dan realized how humiliating and stressful Chuck's presence had been for him. With Chuck's absence, high school became one of the best times of his life, and it was where he first met Jenny. The next four years were the more memorable ones in Dan's life.

Things took a turn for the worse when Dan went to college, randomly meeting Chuck during freshman orientation. Chuck, always believing they were friends, suggested they room together, and due to how Dan had always been intimidated by him, had reluctantly agreed, even eventually joining the same fraternity.

The previous past returned, with Dan being in Chuck's shadow as Chuck excelled at everything. They had the same interests in most everything, so had taken the same courses, had the same friends, and went out together.

College was depressing enough for him due to Jenny breaking off their relationship. She told him he needed to date other people to be sure they were meant to be together, and that she would accept it if he found somebody else. Dan tried to date a few coeds; however, every girl he had shown an interest in ultimately ended up in Chuck's bed, as they not only had the same interests in school, but the same taste in women.

Chuck was only trying to be helpful buying the properties after finding out Dan was the broker, but Dan felt it as a hand-out—regardless of how much it helped him and Jenny financially.

Unwillingly he recalled the more intimate happenings of the evening. Chuck was so happy at seeing him after such a long time, he invited Dan to check out the two strip clubs just purchased. Dan, not wanting Chuck to know his fiancée actually worked at one of the clubs, instead found out Chuck would be going to the other club first, so had gone to Jenny's club to pick her up after her shift and avoid seeing Chuck.

Unfortunately Chuck had changed his plans, stating his favorite dancers—one whom happened to be Jenny—were working and he did not want to miss them. Finding Dan at the club he had treated him as an honored guest sitting them in one of the best seats in the club. Dan had pretended to not know any of the girls in the club, particularly his own fiancée, even though Jenny had worked there for a couple years and they were all friends. He still did not know why he hid those facts, other than he was trying to protect Jenny.

As just a guest at the club things had progressed beyond anything he could imagine. Not aware of any relationship between Jenny and Dan, Chuck as usual wanted to show off to Dan until it came to the point where his nemesis Chuck, Jenny's new boss, had her—or in her stripper persona Diamond—perform the most erotic table dance he had ever seen.

As Jenny sat on Chuck's lap sitting right next to Dan—abiding by Dan's indication they did not know each other—Chuck had instructed her to not return from the table dance without an exorbitant tip, suggesting she allow the men to touch her above and beyond the club's 'no hands' rules during lap dances.

Jenny had been completely out of character. Although she had been mad at Dan all day and had purposely danced more seductively to customers to make Dan jealous before Chuck had even arrived, in Chuck' presence she was even worse. Ultimately she danced the table nude wearing nothing but a bright red pair of thigh-high leather boots, even allowing one customer to finger her to a climax as she straddled his lap!

The evening had only gotten worse as his rival and nemesis escorted his fiancée to a private room and ultimately fucked her. Dan knew this because he had watched the entire scene on the club's security cameras!

As the evening again played out in his mind, Dan felt a growing pit of despair fill his stomach, his heart clenching while he wondered what would become of his and Jenny's relationship. Evoking the image and resulting shock and horror of what happened—his fiancée bent over a table while Chuck fucked her from behind—he could not deny having the hardest erection in his life.

Even now he was tenting the sheet above him recalling what had happened.

Leaving Jenny to sleep in so he could sort out his own feelings, Den went down to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee, his mind in a raging turmoil.

He called work and took the day off. At first his boss gave him a hard time about his quota and jeopardizing his position, but Dan quickly explained he had sold both the club properties, informing him Chuck's corporate lawyers would be bringing the signed documents later this week. Once his boss was assured of the sale, he told Dan he had nothing to worry about in terms of a job and to enjoy his day off.

Again Dan began thinking about the day before. Instead of emotionally going off the handle, he tried to play Devil's Advocate in his mind and reason the events through. One of the secrets to his and Jenny's relationship was both being able to be very analytical in their thinking, even during times of stress. Instead of getting emotional out of control, they took some time to rationalize and think things through before confronting each other.

Even now, having his fiancée cheat right before him with his rival, he forced his emotions back, attempting to not let them control his thoughts. It was a testament to their relationship that this type of reasoning worked, as they rarely fought. Thus far the only argument they never could resolve—his discontent at Jenny stripping at the club—was due to his emotions getting the better of him and refusing to agree to the logical reasons of her being employed there. Every other problem they had ever worked at they typically could resolve.

It was obviously difficult to push the image of his fiancée getting fucked by somebody else out of his mind, let alone it being his childhood nemesis, but he eventually was able to think beyond the confusion, betrayal, and anger of the evening. Somehow he was able to force his mind to think through things and plan what to do instead of flying off the handle emotionally.

Several things were obvious in his mind, the primary being he was still in love with Jenny and wanted to marry her. Secondly the top action to be resolved was Jenny quitting her job at the club. Now that he had sold the properties, the resulting commissions would be enough for them to get by with their bills for some time without her working, even allowing Jenny to go to school for a better job. As a 'favor' Chuck had not haggled with the asking price of either club, both of which had high asking prices; however, the resulting double commissions meant they could also still plan their wedding.

The biggest thing in Dan's mind was getting both of them as far away from Charles DeWight III as possible.

Dan was not sure what had caused Jenny to behave the way she did. It was so out of character for her to even dance nude that he could not envisage her doing anything like she had without some external influence. For the few years Jenny had been stripping she had only danced down to panties or a thong. Although nudity was allowed, it was optional for the girls. More to the point, none of the girls went nude in the crowd, not only due to the inability to control stray hands groping them, but to stay within legal limits on what strip clubs could allow. Even with the two large bouncers—Brutus and Gregg—watching everything with an eagle eye, the girls would not have danced nude in a crowd as it would only embolden customers to want to touch them. Some of the girls did nude private dances, as that was a more controlled environment; however, in the public area it was just not done.

Jenny going nude—let alone allowing a customer to feel her up, or worse yet allowing her boss to fuck her—was completely abnormal.

Chuck always made Dan feel clumsy and awkward, and Dan could never think straight when he was around. He still did not understand why he had not wanted Chuck to know Jenny was his fiancée, and now that things had gone to the point of Chuck having slept with her, he wanted to avoid Chuck finding out more than ever. The die had already been cast so-to-speak; they could only try to clean up the predicament that had been caused.

It had always been an odd relationship between the two guys growing up together in childhood. Again Chuck's actions were never done intentionally to undermine Dan, it was just Chuck never saw beyond his own satisfaction first, ignoring anybody else but himself. Chuck was Dan's natural rival and competitor, and after they had graduated college, Dan had moved away at once get Chuck out of his life and settle down with Jenny.

The last four years things had been happy, the physical distance putting Chuck out of his mind—only to have him re-enter his life not only as a customer, but again his nemesis. Dan had felt all the old feelings of humility, shame, and intimidation the second he heard Chuck's voice. And as true to the past, Chuck had humbled Dan, proving he was more successful financially and unwittingly proving he could out-trump Dan by fucking his fiancée!

Chuck had always bragged in college how he slept with girls before Dan, so Chuck finding out he had fucked Dan's fiancée would be the ultimate humiliation to Dan.

Still, Dan could not lay all the blame on Chuck or even Jenny; he was man enough to recognize he had an integral part in what transpired. If he had not indicated to people at the club—and Jen in particular—he did not know them the whole circumstances probably could have been avoided. He knew not even Chuck would have done anything with Jenny if he had known she was Dan's fiancée. For all of Chuck's competitiveness with Dan, some lines were not crossed.

Now things had progressed to the point where admitting anything would only cause further embarrassment. Things had gone farther than any of Dan's worst nightmares; if he told the truth now, the ultimate humiliation would be Chuck knowing he had once again fucked a girl Dan had wanted.

No, the only way things could possibly work out would be to have Jen quit her job and go to school for a more respectable job. They could then get married and put all this behind them, never having to deal with Charles DeWight III again.

The phone ringing in the kitchen broke his circuitous train of thoughts. Looking at the Caller ID he saw it was John, the bartender from the club.

Answering the phone, John's voice immediately started talking over the receiver, "Jesus fucking Christ Dan, I am so sorry for last night," he told him. "I had no idea what Mr. DeWight was up to," he said apologetically.

Before Dan could get in a word he continued, "Fuck, Mr. DeWight had given us bartenders some vitamin-energy shit to mix with the girls' drinks. He said it was to keep them perky and prevent them from getting drunk and keep them in shape. Fuck, it wasn't until after seeing Jen last night that Mary tried it...and fuck Dan, we think the shit was Ecstasy of some other shit," he said.

Dan abruptly remembered Jen telling him John was currently dating Mary—stage-name Kitten—and that Mary had a history of drugs. If anybody could tell what a drug was based upon the effects, it would be her.

"Wait, what are you saying?" Dan asked, John's words finally gaining meaning.

"Fuck Dan, we were told to put that shit in all the girls' drinks from now on—some sort of 'DSA' bullshit policy. Whatever it was, Mary still hasn't come down on the shit, wanting to cuddle right here on the couch, naked as a jay bird," John said.

"We were not to give the girls any watered down drinks any longer as well. Mr. DeWight told us Divine Satin's clubs gave girls full drinks so customers got what they paid for. That vitamin-energy shit was supposed to help keep them sober during their shift," John's voice said over the phone. "What I'm saying is Jen behaving the way she did last night was not her fault, fuck, I'll be surprised if between the drinks and that shit in them she even knew what was going on when she was doing her table dance last night," he said rapidly. "I'm just saying don't blame Jen for behaving the way she did," he said.

Again Dan could not get in a word as John continued, "And fuck, what happened in the back?" he asked. "I saw Gregg take a break, so figured you went back to the Security Room, I know it's none of my business," he asked. Jenny had worked at the club for so long, and knowing of Dan's unease at her stripping, she had worked it out so he could sit in the Security Room where all the private rooms were recorded to know nothing happened. Before he could even answer, John continued, "But fuck, Mr. DeWight came back after talking to Jen like a fucking Cheshire Cat saying she had signed on as the club's spokes girl. What the fuck happened, I know Jen had been putting him off all month and was thinking of quitting so you two could settle down, so what happened to change her mind?" he said.

Dan opened his mouth to try and give some answer as John continued before Dan could get in a word edgewise, "And DeWight took all the security tapes from the room after you and Jen left. Hell, right now there's a security group in the club replacing cameras and the whole system because Mr. DeWight said the resolution on the tapes was too poor with the previous set up, saying something about wanting to make sure he got his investment's worth," he babbled.

John was talking so hurriedly Dan could barely comprehend what he was saying, wondering if John was high as well, but after a few minutes he figured out the gist of things. He knew from both Mary and Jen's reactions to the drinks they got last night they had been not watered down, but now he knew they had also been spiked in some way, possibly explaining why Jen had behaved the way she was.

At that moment, Jen walked into the kitchen. She had put on a loose half-top camisole and lacey boy-shorts, barely meeting Dan's stare at her. For all his tumultuous thoughts, one thing was clear—she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he loved her more than life itself.

Although loose, the thin camisole outlined her nipples beautifully, and her flat stomach and long toned legs looked spectacular in the morning light shining through the kitchen.

John's voice said something over the phone, repeating it when Dan did not reply, asking if Jen was around. Dan handed her the phone and watched as John apparently told her what had happened, her eyes opening wide at the discovery of being drugged by her boss.

Eventually hanging up the phone, she muttered, "That fucking asshole." Looking over at Dan, she lowered her gaze, "Honey, I'm so sorry..." she started, but Dan interrupted her.

"Look, it's as just my fault as yours, I would rather we not dwell on it and instead try to get things worked out so we can put this behind us," he told her.

Jen was silent for a few moments before nodding. "How the hell do you know him?" she asked finally.

Dan got her coffee and they sat down as he explained to her who Chuck was. Although he had mentioned his rival before, Jen had never known the full story. Her sudden realization at him being Dan's childhood rival and her sleeping with him caused her to break down and cry, disgraced at what had happened.

"Look, I don't want to dwell on you making love to another man," Dan started to say before Jen cut him off.

"Let's get this straight, there is only one man I have ever made love to and he's right here in this room. What happened last night was me not only getting drugged, but fucked plain and simple. Chuck fucking DeWight fucked me after fucking drugging me," she said, her words full of vehemence. "Basically I was raped. You of all people should know I would not have done anything like that," she cried.

Dan reached out and held her as she continued to cry, asking him to forgive her while he kept reassuring her after finding out the facts, there being nothing to forgive.

After several minutes she finally composed herself and they sat down and talked about everything else besides the end result. Dan explained his surprise at Chuck being the perspective buyer of the clubs and how things had escalated with his stupidity in pretending to not know anybody at the club, particularly Jen.

"I should have told you last month Willie told us he was selling the place to a franchise company," Jen told him quietly.

Willie Johnson had been just the latest in a stream of owners of the club of the past couple years, but he had made the club successful, hiring only good looking girls and keeping the place clean and upscale.

Jen continued, "We met Mr. DeWight a couple weeks ago. I didn't want you to worry about me not working since that's what always happens with a new owner. I particularly didn't think it worth mentioning since Mr. DeWight told us he would not be doing any major renovations to the club and we would all be keeping our jobs," she said.

Dan also apologized, admitting he had done the same thing to her—knowing the club had been up for sale and even him brokering it; his reasons were the same as Jen's, the primary intention of not having the other worry about money, paying bills, or the possibility of her being out of work.

At that point they agreed to never hide anything from the other again, regardless of the best intentions. For all that had happened, Dan had never felt closer to Jen than this moment.

Jen agreed with Dan's thoughts, she needed to quit her job as soon as possible, that with his commissions they could not only plan the wedding but she could look into classes for some sort of other work.

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