Lapdancing Girlfriend Ch. 02


The problem, as they finally discovered, were the various and sundry 'fines' imposed in their contract for not doing their quota of table dance fees, tardiness, and whatnot. The threat of fining them for not dancing was just another issue that made them wonder if they had all done the right thing by agreeing to sign contracts.

Jen's contract was slightly different being the spokesmodel; however, she hoped some things such as the fines and such were similar to the girls. Even so, the bottom line was none of them could afford $500 for refusing to dance. In the end they still needed the practice, so resigned themselves to the inevitable as they all began applying make-up.

Brutus came in shortly. "Sorry girls, I know this is bullshit springing all this on you," he said with obvious remorse. "Mr. DeWight said he was not planning on being out of town and would have told you things to yourselves so you could vent to him, but..." he trailed off.

The girls reassured him they were not angry at him. "Don't shoot the messenger," Mary told him.

Brutus reluctantly looked at them, "Well, I have one more bit of bad news," he said.

"What, he wants one of us to fuck them?" Jemisha said angrily.

Brutus held up his hands, "Girls, what you do in private is your own business, long as you're not caught," he said. Even before Willie had been a manager he had turned a blind eye to a few of the girls performing 'extras' on the side. "No, but Mr. DeWight said he does not want anybody to leave practice until you have all averaged $300 in tips," he said, ducking behind the door.

"WHAT!" the girls yelled at once.

"Are you fucking kidding us," Gen said, "we have to work the fucking floor too?" she said. "I thought we were only supposed to do our routines," she glared at Brutus.

"Don't shoot the messenger!" Brutus held up his hands, repeating Mary's previous response. "Trust me, me and Tim don't like it either," Brutus said, mentioning one of the other bartenders who worked at the club. "In fact, we've already talked it over and are planning to hit the bank in a bit and help you. We're not happy about this any more than you are," he said.

Jen could not believe the generosity of the two guys. This was why she loved working at this club—it was more of a family than a working atmosphere, something she would miss when she left.

"That's nice guys, but we can't owe you money, you know most of us can't afford that," she told him.

"Trust me, it's on the house, no debts, this is family," he said smiling at the girls.

All of the guys had been the 'big brothers' of the girls. Not only had the bouncers looked out and protected them from drunken assholes during the nights, but all of them had helped the girls at some time or another—bailing Mary out of jail when she was still into drugs, helping Gen with a down payment on a car, if the girls needed rescuing out of any circumstance, they were there to help. Gen had once tried to pay them back, only to find her checks uncashed or returned until she finally accepted it and stopped trying to reimburse them.

"Hell, how do we know these mother fuckers even have $1800 on them," Denise said. How many are out there.

Brutus looked a bit ashamed, "Actually it's an even $2000," he said looking over at Jen. "Jen being the spokesgirl of the club is supposed to earn $500," he said, making a move to duck behind the door again.

"Fucking asshole!" Jen said, "Meaning Mr. DeWight, not you Brouhaha," she said, using her nickname for the large man.

The girls and Brutus talked about what was expected of them, but the bottom line was they had to do it. None of them wanted to owe Brutus or Tim anything, and they had six hours to 'work the floor' and make what they could.

"Hopefully we can get them to demand a few table dances and we'll be all set," Jen said after she calmed down, only to see Brutus shaking his head. "What?" she asked.

"We were told this had to be tips only, no house charges," he told them, not even bothering to hide at the bad news.

Again the girls went in an uproar. It was one thing to demand them to work when they were not scheduled, but then deny one of the things that helped earn enough cash to meet this so-called 'goal' was another. Table dances typically were $30.00, with the girls possibly earning another $20.00 or so in tips if the table was crowded. They may have been initially upset at having to make $300, but that meant only three or four table dances and two sets each to make that much money. To take that away mean they were going to have to work their asses off for tips.

"I need a fucking drink," Mary suddenly said, calling on the house phone for Tim to bring her a vodka and tonic—without the tonic. The other girls yelled out their orders too, Jen reluctantly a vodka on the rocks. The girls always drank during practice—nothing watered down either, so this was not unusual. As mad as they were, they all needed to loosen up a bit realizing it was going to be a long afternoon.

"And make them doubles," Mary said as she hung up the phone.

When Tim came in with everybody's drinks the girls looked at him in surprise. Normally a drink would be in a smaller Old Fashion glass, even a double vodka on the rocks like Jen and Mary drank would have fit in the glasses; however, the tray Tim carried in was full of highball glasses filled to the brim. "Sorry girls, with the bar all in shambles these are the only glasses I could get to—and from the sound of things, you need them," he smiled, setting down the tray and handing out the drinks.

Even though twice the size the girls gulped the drinks down quickly, showing how upset they were at the afternoon's surprises. The drink was both cold and warm to Jen's stomach as she downed her drink along with the other girls. Typically she would nurse a drink until the ice was melted; however, as with the other girls, she needed the reinforcement. She would be feeling a buzz fairly soon, particularly once they started dancing and her blood started pumping from exertion. She only hoped she did not do something stupid like fall, as they all got ready to file out to the stage, discussing their routines.

The girls brought CD's with them for practice—this was the perfect time to see if a new song worked with a routine or not. Often a song on the radio would sound great to have in a set, only to start dancing to it and realize it was too slow, too fast, or just a difficult beat to get into rhythm. With them actually working the floor, they realized they could not practice, expected to put on a full set. As such they needed to tell Gary, the DJ who manning the booth and getting ready for the evening, which sets they wanted.

"Uh, there's one more thing," Brutus said before the girls could leave the room. Immediately the girls glared at him as he held up his hands. "Damnit girls, this is NOT my idea...but I was told it was my job to instruct you all what was expected," he pleaded.

"Just fucking get out with it," Mary said, "None of us have the patience any longer," she said to him, the other girls nodding in agreement.

"Well, it's just," Brutus faltered, "Damnit, this is not my idea, but I was told to treat this like a private party," he said, "since none of the guys actually paid a cover," he said dejectedly.

Jen wondered if the drinks were taking their affect earlier, as the girls just moaned, but after so many demands and shit going down this afternoon, it was just par for the course.

What Brutus had just informed them of was he would be treating this as if it was a private party or one of the VIP rooms. Basically he would not be intervening if somebody groped one of the girls 'inadvertently' or even blatantly unless they notified him. Public decency laws did not cover private parties, so he was telling the girls to expect more 'touchy feely' than usual.

Jen recalled last night when she had been basically told the same thing by Mr. DeWight—to allow more groping than usual. As a stripper it was a hazard of the job. Jen had done several private bachelor parties where the guys had been all hands, and even the VIP booths were more physical in attention, so it was not something too unusual for her in her line of work.

She never told Dan about the intimate groping, as he worried enough about her just dancing. On the nights he visited and she knew he was in the Security Booth she made sure the guys kept their place.

No, the problem with her last night—beyond being drugged to dance nude in the first place—was allowing the groping in front of Dan. There were times she enjoyed the added attention, knowing men wanted her was a big turn-on. Even as committed and in love with Dan as much as she was and would never have cheated on him, there was something she loved about the raw lust in a man's eyes as they reached for you after seducing them with your body. It was one of the many personal reasons she enjoyed stripping, although she had never admitted that to Dan.

Despite the turn-on of being groped, she would not have gone as far as she had last night, even without Dan. A friendly grope of your ass or 'accidentally' bumping your tit was one thing, but having somebody get you off was entirely out of her normal behavior.

It made more sense knowing she had been drugged, allowing a stranger to finger fuck her to orgasm, which made her even more pissed off.

Even presenting this as a private party she could at least control things better, particularly by not being nude like last night. Dancing that close to a guy nude only urged them on—even the girls that did go full nude during their sets limited VIP rooms to topless only. In addition, Brutus was not going to ignore helping the girls if the men got out of line, he was still there to keep track of things, it just was with a bit more leniency.

Jen finished lacing up her ribbon-strapped sandals—having worn tennis shoes into the club—and stood up, briefly catching her balance. She felt a warm feeling in her lower stomach realizing the drink was hitting her already as the girls made their way to the DJ booth.

Not having prepared a set, she told Gary to just 'mix it up' for her and he nodded in understanding. Although the girls gave their lists to Gary and George—the two DJ's who manned the booth—on what they wanted to play, sometimes the songs would change on-the-fly depending on the crowd. For example, last night George had played a slower set for Gen as he knew her bee-bop set would not go over with the guys who were at the club. Sometimes the girls had additional back-up sets for just such occasions, but the guys also had a mix of different songs they would play.

It was just part of the job for the girls to be prepared for something unusual during their routines as the DJ's could get a better feel of what the crowd liked. There were even times when requests for a particular song were made for a particular girl.

Jen was telling Gary to play from his mix, hoping he did not pick anything too hard to dance, recalling one time when one of the guys had played an opera concerto as a joke for Mary—which she had pulled off perfectly, she smiled.

"Gentlemen!" Gary's voice came over the sound system after the girls told him what sets they wanted. "We have a rare opportunity to give you a Satin Kitty exclusive!" he announced.

Jen was immediately amazed at the difference in sound coming across the system, realizing Mr. DeWight had been true to his word, replacing the entire sound system.

Looking through the curtain by the DJ booth, Jen noted the stage had been completely replaced as well. Two mirrors had been installed on two of the three angled walls replacing the old blackened-grey curtains that had been there even last night. And the back wall was even more surprising, being completely covered by frosted glass tiles with lights shining through them. The glass tiles reminded Jen of the type sometimes in bathrooms. Those were not the only changes, as the stage had been completely redone into a large 'V' with three strip poles—one in center and the other two on the ends. The old stage had been small with only one pole as and Jen realized they would have to think of some three-girl routines to replace the singled and rare double ones they were familiar with.

"When the fuck did they do this?" she asked Denise in surprise, who told her the workmen had been there since closing last night to get it completed.

Gary's voice came over the sound system again, "While you work hard grinding to give our kittens a nicer lair," he said, a few guys in the crowd laughing at the little joke, "they have agreed to show their appreciation by performing and grinding this afternoon for your entertainment!" Gary's voice finished.

Cheers and whistles erupted as Lo Fidelity Allstars' 'Battle Flag' began to play across the speakers, filling up the club with music. Taking their cue, the girls began to file out onto the stage, the club erupting with the familiar shouts and cheers of men.

Jen looked around, surprised at how rough-edged the club looked. Carpeting was rolled up all over exposing plywood boards and cement beneath. The bar was empty of bottles and glasses as the sound of electrical sanders came from it, a cloud of dust everywhere. With the lights on, the club looked like some construction zone they had walked into. She could not believe it would be finished by opening that night.

The completed changes to the club looked remarkably good, even in their torn up state and in the raw white light. She had to admit Mr. DeWight knew at least how to present a club as she started to move her body to the beat of the song along with the other girls.

As the girls filed out onto the stage to the cheers of the guys, Jen looked at the crowd. This was definitely not the typical type of guys they danced for, knowing Gen's comment about blue-collar workers was right on the money. This was the type of crowd seen at the Slithering Lizard—another one of DeWight's clubs he had bought from Dan.

Whistles and wolf calls immediately came from all over the club as the girls began to seductively sway to the music on stage. This group of guys was definitely not the quieter crowd they were used to as several crude comments and gestures were shouted out. True to his word, Brutus just stood in the back, not interfering unless things got out-of-hand, just like private parties they had done in the past.

Jen strutted out to the new edge of the stage testing its durability as she gyrated and strutted, happy to feel no give in the floor—it was solid without any fear of falling. The other girls followed her lead, spreading out on the stage, all of them undulating to the music.

Jen noticed with a small amount of pride her end of the stage was slowly becoming the most crowded as the guys flocked around the stages. Several lewd comments came out around her, not only about how she was wearing too much clothing, but what they wanted to do with her—some of it anatomically impossible, she noted.

As a professional girl Jen just smiled, swaying to the music as it played. Typically the first and last songs of the night were performed by all the girls working that evening, so this was normal for them, it was dancing in full light and the crude comments which was different.

Whether from the drinks or the raw visceral exposure of no club lighting Jen again felt warmth spread through her body as she did several slow pirouettes around the new pole to the lecherous comments and gazes of the men. She appreciated how well the pole was installed, no longer afraid of putting her full momentum on it as she swayed on stage.

The guys around her went crazy as the song came to its ending as Jen finished up with a slow body wave against the pole, her body moving seductively.

She noted there were already several dollars thrown on the stage, hoping it would continue.

"Gentlemen," Gary's voice came across the fill-in techno music played between songs. "The girls are here to make your workplace more enjoyable," he said to many cheers, "but Mr. DeWight reminds you of your schedule! Also please do not smash a thumb or cut your hand off ogling at the girls dancing for you while you work!" he laughed.

Several laughs came from the crowd, while a few began chanting 'show us tits, show us tits' over and over. Gary ignored their comments as he continued his announcing. "I'd like to start you off with our club's own spokesmodel, who will not only amaze you with her beauty, but her body strength on the pole!" he said.

Jen realized she was going to be up first and wished she had warmed up a bit more before they came on stage, but slowly walked to the junction of the two stages while the other girls picked up the money off the stage before moving into the crowd. Jen saw another new addition to the stage were steps placed on each side, something the girls had requested years ago.

As much as she did not agree with some of Mr. DeWight's policies, she had to admit he knew how to design a club to help the girls out.

As Jen was left alone on the stage Gary announced, "The Satin Kitty would like to proudly present the stunning and sparkling Diamond!"

Immediately a steady beat of thumping drums and solo guitar started playing as Jen recognized Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's 'Beat the Devil's Tattoo,' silently vowing to cut off Gary's testicles. It was a difficult song to dance for, but Jen realized it at least gave her a chance to warm up.

She started doing a few pirouettes around the pole, her steps in time with the beat of the song. Again she admired how well-installed the pole was as she began slowly swaying her hips to the song, grasping the pole above her head and undulating in front of the cheering men.

She did a few more body waves against the pole, then a slow fireman's spiral down to the ground where she performed another body wave against the stage, her body making the motions of humping the stage to the yells of the crowd. Jen moved slowly, allowing the guys a good glimpse of her ass pointing in the air as well as her tits hanging below her in her halter top as she undulated her body.

She soon recognized another aspect of performing in full light, being able to see everybody's face and gestures. Some guys were licking between their fingers crudely before her while others grabbed their crotches and others just clapped. It was an unusual experience as in the dark the girls may have known they were being ogled, but they could not see due to the lights on stage. It allowed them to distance themselves from the crowd.

Now she saw their leers blatantly as she danced before the no longer faceless crowd.

The blatant primitiveness of being so exposed made her feel dirty; not that stripping did not do that sometimes, but now, with broad daylight and the crude group of guys, Jen felt sluttier, the behavior of the guys making her wonder how many propositions for 'extras' she was going to get asked before the afternoon was over. Instead of being embarrassed she began to feel the stirrings of her pulse, the exhibitionist side of her gaining momentum. Sliding her hands over her body as she moved, she worked the crowd, feeling their own stirrings in response to hers.

The song slowly sped up and she began to do a few other warm-up maneuvers on the pole, undulating and moving her body with the beat of the song.

The crowd became even more boisterous as Jen looked out into the crowd, seeing the other girls doing lap dances around the club. She did not see anybody having a hard time other than a few gropes of their asses, affirming the guys were cruder than the usual crowd they danced.

Jen felt her blood begin to stir as the beat of the song became more intense, knowing she would soon be out here amongst the crowd as well.

She again felt a moment of pride noticing most of the guys in the crowd were more focused on her performing on stage than the girls walking amongst them. With the lights off and just the stage lit, the girls could never anybody, even somebody standing at the stage, the glare obscuring everything but their basic form. Sometimes they had been surprised finding out they had pulled a customer's wife or girlfriend into their cleavage mistaking them for a man—not that it ever caused an issue she smiled. With the lights on she could see everything going on in the club.

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